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The speakers discuss the importance of learning from the Hadith and Jesus, as it is an important aspect of our understanding of the world. They stress the importance of belief in a concept that doesn't result in behavior and how it can be revealed through actions such as drinking alcohol. The speakers emphasize the need for individuals to hold onto their emails and not fall into sin, and for them to find success in life by finding a person who is not lost and can hold onto their emails.

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buddies neighbors but maybe a bus why? Why No. Biden Ramadan I started a series of a hadith. Like the the topic that I chose, it was understanding EMA and I did think I think I did either eight or nine Hadith that talked about that I can't remember anymore.

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Now we cut off obviously for the pre Ramadan series and that'd be fun.

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I took a week off and now we're back. So I'm going to continue within that same topic. It's a large one. And it's not because I'm running out of stuff that are interesting to talk about. I think I think understanding email or under comprehending Faith

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is an extremely important and central aspect of our deen. And we don't actually I will item in my opinion, we don't spend enough time actually contemplating it is something we just take for granted. Because we're born into Muslim families. The United States is a word that is thrown around a lot so we feel like we understand it well and we just kind of go with the flow. But I don't feel that to be the case. I don't really think we fully understand what it means to have Iman and Allah subhanaw taala which is why I did the seven episode series wrote Ramadan that talked about facing disbelief. And especially if you're a university students or high school student, if you haven't listened to

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them, you should probably listen to them and maybe even offer feedback on them because they're designed for you. So tonight

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is what you've heard when you've heard you've heard it before for sure it's not a it's not a unknown Hadith but I think it's important that we take a moment and think about what it means is what he says he has sought to ascend that even he said I was caught up last thing I'm doing as an eco movement while I actually flew in yesterday Kuba who I mean when I Asha boo Hey Asha boo movement while I occurred to me.

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He said Ali aside to assemble a team had a few questions on this. So you'll see the the continuation of the Hadith where he said Allah, Allah to service that the servant does not commit adultery when you do Billa when they commit it or when he or she commits it in a state of Immanuel whole movement when the person actually has a state of of Eman, nor do they steal if they steal in the state of iman nor do they drink alcohol obviously or something is haram when they drink it in a state of EMA nor do they kill in the state of Eman Okada Equitymaster call to you have an outburst. Eva Yun zone Eman woman who Omen call BS I said oh, I mean IBAS how is it that Iman is removed from them? Call me

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no i Burson Kedah worship Bucha day in Siberia, Haytham Maharajah. So I said like this and he put his hands in this form, like they put his fingers together and clutch them together, and then he moved them into about the fee and then if he goes Toba, then it goes back in again.

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I find this to be extremely interesting. I was given a bus wouldn't have said that. How do you not actually learn that from the prophets of Allah Allah Himself? He didn't actually say that, but he wouldn't have used this. This gesture, have you not learned it from the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam himself because it's actually adding something to the Hadith.

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But this is an extremely important concept to understand that Iman,

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is not something that once you get it stays with you.

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You obtain it, and then you have to actually work on keeping it to where you want it to be. Or else it can also you can you can lose it. Because we can't we usually see Eman as a just I believe in something. I believe in La Ilaha illa Allah

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that's not changing throughout my day. Like even when I do something wrong, I still believe in La ilaha illallah great, that's awesome. That's not really what he meant is he meant it's more than that. It's more than just I believe in a concept because the belief in a concept that does not result in a behavior that is aligned with the values of that belief doesn't mean anything

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believing in a concept but but your behavior not reflecting the values of that concept actually mean doesn't doesn't mean anything. It's a meaningless if I come to you and I say I love you and then I slap you really hard on your face. And then every time I see you I say I love you when I punched you really hard in the gutter I take what your wealth or your press you are, then my words. I love you are meaningless to you. Actually, you hate me more because of them. You'd like at least be honest, at least telling me that you don't the words don't tell me something in that act. The opposite matter is actually very it's very problematic which is windy Falcon in which we talked about that

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before the Falcon such a horrible thing in Islam. Because a caliphate is at least honest. Gonna say I don't believe in any of this, which is why I'm not going to practice it. But I'm gonna have to come in because I believe in all of it and then they practice none of it. That's the problem. So Iman, is more than just believing in a an abstract concept. No, it's something more than that. Which is why the Prophet Allah is also receives when you do it. You don't do it when you haven't state of Eman. At the moment you're doing it. You lost your state of Eman. So maybe you believe in it but not strong enough to actually follow the meanings or follow the follow the articles of that faith or

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follow the commands or the rulings that are attached to it not enough. So you don't have it's not really there in you anymore. You lost it and then you can bring it back again.

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So understand that Allah said I was not interested in then just this idea of law as an idea that exists somewhere in space. No, no, Allah subhanaw was interested in it becoming Iman. Something that is going to generate is going to generate behavior, it's going to generate a certain way of life, which is what a man actually is.

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The man in Arabic, is when you believe in something so profoundly so profoundly, that's all you can think about. That's what Eman is, is, I believe in something so much that nothing will ever changed my mind. That's all I live for. That's what he wants to find a way to honor. The, the abstract concept, whatever. That's why when you say Yeah, can I go do what you can to change? You would only use it? He says, Fine. We'll see about that. At the beginning. Okay, that's been you've been a hobby that's between you and me. We'll see. We'll see you claim it? Let's see it. Let's see it. Can you personify it? Or is it just words? Is why the Prophet Allah is obligated this hadith, that Allah Hi,

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Simon said, No, you can you can Muenchen and perform. And he may Allah subhanahu Grinter. Stober can perform mistakes and sins, but when they are doing it, you're not really a movement at that moment.

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Well, how do I, what do I do? Exactly? That should be your question. How do I make sure that I don't lose it? So I don't. Exactly, exactly, exactly. That's exactly the questions you'll be asking. That's exactly what you should be looking for. How do I how do I not lose my Iman, so I don't fall into the same sin and keep on making the same stupid sin. I don't want to do it. Based on this hadith, what he's saying is that when you're doing that send, you're not really a moment. Well, how do I hold on to my emails? I know performance isn't perfect. Now we're on the right track. Now at least we're thinking in the right direction to actually achieve something because that's what we

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should be looking for. You got to read the email and we'll Hurry up so he and me I burst in fall for an abuse of Allah Allah, Allah Yasmine Abdullah as the whole movement. Well, yesterday, yesterday, people who are movement whether you're shabu, shabu or movement, whether you like to do a movement or a cream or pull to a basket if you enjoy a man who Minho mentality he Ba ba ba ba ba ba he was kinda Raja Matala in taba the fee for the coastal Allah is Allah Allah. immaculate condition Allah Allah Allah just thankful to Blake also Allah who was telling him about like, I'm gonna beat him Muhammad Ali, so I wish me luck.