Can I Pay Zakaat Montly Instead Of At The End Of A Year

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Shaykh Abu Eesa explains

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I receive an income I know it every single month, I know how much I earn, how much I spend, can I take my expenses and calculate my Zakat on a monthly basis and pay it as opposed to paying it once, at the end of the year?

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This is an excellent question. Maybe this is for people who

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can't afford to suddenly be hit with a 500 pounds a cut bill, you know that once a year that once a year, of course, is the same date on the hingedly. A lot of people choose Ramadan, but it could be the first of Shabbat, or the first show or whatever it is, every single year. on that date, you look at how much money you've got, and you pay it. And of course, if you're very organized with your ends in house, then you know that that's roughly how much I'm going to pay. And if you are looking to try and minimize that, okay?

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The bill at the end, what would the reason be? Because you can't afford to pay what a sum of money in one go? Okay, then yeah, you can keep putting aside that you could on a monthly basis, calculate this account on what you've got, each month. Okay.

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And, but what what what what becomes difficult here, or becomes difficult here is that your account 2.5% is upon everything that you have. So, if you have at the end of the first month, for example, let's say 12 months, okay, you start the first month, and you've got 2000 pounds in your account. And so you take out 2.5% and you put it aside, then the next month, what's going to happen, you're gonna have the same 2000 pounds, okay, well, then you take out another 2.5%. But let's say at the end of three months, you got 4000 pounds, you're not going to pay on 2000 pounds, minus 2000, you'd pay upon everything that you have a four, therefore you'd pay on 4000 pounds, and then you'd pay on

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the next month, the next month. In actual fact, if you do it on all of your wealth every single month, you could probably end up paying more than what you actually need to pay. Now, if that happens, then at the end of the year, when you make your calculation, and you've actually overpaid your Zakat, then you can have a rebate for yourself if you like, as you can see, this is complicated. This is a complicated approach. The only evidence that we have of this approach, by the way, is a narration from of the webinar basler the Allahumma, he would assume that he would know not the monthly but the year amount that he would have on his whole date, his date, the hingedly date

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that he would pay this account on. And knowing that in advance, so let's say that he knows that I'm going to be owing 500. Okay, and knowing the kind of people that he's going to give it to, but he knows that also those people are irresponsible, they're going to spend it all in one go. So instead, I'm going to give them 50 pounds, like for example, 50 pounds a month. All right, starting from now. So that's something which is allowed to pay the cat to its recipients before you you have to pay it not after, because there are some people who calculate this account. So I calculate my Socrates 500 pounds, I'm not going to give it to the poor person right now. I'm going to pay it to them in

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installments over the next year, that's not allowed. What you can do though, is to work out in advance what next is the cut is going to be and you start paying in installments to the poll person now. And then when you get to you as a cut date, if the money it has a discrepancy, then you fix it. Basically, what I'm trying to explain is that in actual fact, it's not a clever way of trying to calculate your account every month, it's not the correct way. It's not the assumed way. And it's going to lead to inaccuracy. If you want to put a bit of money aside that you estimate that will be secured. So that later on then it helps you to put the sum of money forward, then fine, but I I like

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that. But if you want to calculate the amount so that you can start giving it to the poor early, then you need to estimate what you're going to be paying in a year's time. And then now divide that up into the installments and start paying it now. So one year to be paid in installments in advance, not post you actually pay zakat that's quite a complicated answer to a complicated question. Actually, you might need to listen to this answer a couple of times, but I think you'll understand otherwise. I have spoken about this in faith essentials, and in my class feel better. And Allah knows best. Hey, thank you for watching and subscribe so you can continue to get the rest of the

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