The Glorious Names of Allah – The Most Loving Al Wadood

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is eating? You know muhammad

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shah the name of Allah subhana wa Tada that will speak up today.

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Like yesterday,

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name was full strength

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might power

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and Allah's name subhanaw taala are categorized in such a form. Some names are like that and others with more merciful beauty.

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Compassion as the name that I've chosen for today.

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Able to speak of today is the name of Allah subhanaw taala Hello dude.

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It isn't the Quran only twice Some scholars say once

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the other one is a description or is it whereas the name

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of a fool where do they say there's another spot in the priority exists?

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See, this is the million dollar question

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His name is the name is once more in the price I just brewed it's really good in rugby, Raheem, dude. Some scholars say this is a description not not the actual name because of the way that the linguistic leaves but but nonetheless it's still there. The word we would

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have many scholars have explained avoidable, awful, hookbait one powerful law, the fee.

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It is the purest form of love.

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And the clearest form of love and there is no hatred that will follow it ever. Sometimes people will love one another. And this happens more often than we would like to admit. And then something happens between them and then that love turns into something much much different. But you say the word would that means it'll never be followed by anything but love will never change or turn into something that has vengeance or hatred within it. That's the concept of it would be you can go to the book of Lovelady mythology as he counts all the different levels of love starting with hover will allow in Java was shut off or shut off the whole team whatever they keep on going and it was

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just one of the highest ones up there on that list would

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what is the difference between Allah Subhan Allah Allah His name are between the concept of wood and help in the Arabic language because they're used interchangeably in English at least. But in Arabic, they're very different. And help is a feeling ill wood is an action.

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So I have feelings for you that are quite positive that is hug

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when I see you I feel happy inside that is hope. I smile in your face that is good. I get you a gift that is good. I treat you nicely. That is good. So Allah subhanaw taala His name is Allah dude, another Habib Subhana wa Tada. What else the concept would be more sentimental, really based on feelings and Allah subhanaw doesn't function the way we do so he would never be able to understand the name to begin with. But dude has a clear inclination. It's very clear what what it means. He shows love Subhana wa Tada. So we have a dude who already do either I bury him for your hip boom. So my hip Buddha, who we will include him, he is the one who will show his servants love

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until they love him with the with the totality of their hearts. He will show them love and continuously show them loves upon which they until they love him subhanaw taala with the full ability of their own hearts.

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What is the difference between his name into a dude and his name or Rahim for example, or other names that are similar to it? I'll give the example. As a human being going through life. Sometimes you are poor. So you're in need of provision. So Allah subhanaw taala presents Himself to you through his name on WhatsApp.

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Sometimes you're in need of protection. You're scared so he presents himself to us the pilots out there with him and I feel the wind movement.

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Sometimes you're weak. So he presents himself to us the pilot died and his name Rahim

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and so on and so forth. But what happens when you need love? How does he present himself to pilots out to you when you need love? Through his name? Well, we're dudes.

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parents take care of their kids.

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They need to provide for them food and shelter and education and a proper of

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Bringing, but there's something else that needs to provide for these kids that we all know that we take for granted. They have to provide for them love, they have to provide for them love. If they don't provide for them love everything else that they were provided with isn't going to do much for them. They can go at night without food. They can walk around with the same piece of clothing for four years if they need to. They could probably not be educated at all, and they will still grow up to be able to function in life properly. But if they grow up with no love, if no one on earth is there to love them, to show them what it means then they will not be able to function when they're

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older. They need they need to be loved just like you and I need to be loved. That's why I lost a pound and named himself named yourself in a dude.

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Gender. There are two types of love that Allah subhanaw taala will show his servants and what they will do hos he will show general love to everything that he creates is a panel with those that love Him back and those that do not. And he will show them present them that without love through all his everything that he created. Everything he created subhanaw taala he put beauty in it somewhere. He made sure that there was beauty in it was a Yana Halyna who even made it beautiful to see will hide our beloved I will Amira little Kabuga was ina there's beauty in it for you to look at when you look at it there's something nice you don't need it's not just for necessity it's not just for you to

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benefit from whether it's food or its shelter or its clothing. It's also for you to enjoy the beauty so Allah subhanaw taala shows you shows everyone love through the way he created things you're legit. When he speaks of marriage watch either Boehner calm Muhammad Datsun or Russia and he put love and compassion between those who are married whether they are Muslim or not.

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I say Allah who is a unicorn well they know Lavina rd to minimum. Now what may Allah subhanaw taala make between you and those who are your enemies maybe he put love supine and without. That is a general love that is for everyone. So Malou house and then this specific love in that Davina, as Jeff pointed out in the Levina manual while I'm you know, slowly hurting so yeah J Liu Lahoma. Man who would indeed those who believe and do the Jesus they were commanded to do by Allah subhanaw Diadora human himself will create for them he will put forward for them, would you put love for them? He will establish between himself subhanho wa Taala and then would why would he try it? Why

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would he draw himself closer to observe and Subhana wa Tada and love? What does he need from His servants?

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Well, he could What could he possibly benefit from this nothing. Allah subhanaw taala the creator of all seeks out his servants and Love seeks out his servants for them to love Him to show them love when he does not need them. When they need him every single moment of the day, yet he is showing them love subhanaw taala

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when he talks about those who who will substitute the people who commit apostasy with what he describes them the first description, the only man who may alter them in command Dini for Sophia Atilla who good omen. You hit boom, boom. First he loves them. He started with himself Subhana wa Tada. He will love them and they will love him back.

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When he spoke of the prophets, Allah said, we were speaking to the prophets of Allah I said at the beginning of his Dawa, when things were very difficult, well, spear Lirac Mira beaker, and be patient is your perseverance until Allah subhanaw taala grants you as we grant you His judgments for in that Kirby Ioannina indeed, we have you within our eyes. This is a figure of speech of the art of language. When you love someone who loves their uni, I put you in my eyes. Of course, the English language just sounds really creepy.

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And the meaning is unclear. But in the Arabic language, it has a meaning of love, that I am willing to take my eyes out for you. That's how much I'm connected via union it's a figure of speech on behalf of Allah subhanaw taala How did the deen begin to all together? How did this holy Salah begin on nights that are similar to these? Jubilee rallies? Then we came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, what is the first thing that he did?

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For mother?

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Obama who? For them who he hugged him? Yes, it was a firm hug but it was still a hug. A hug is a hug. Whether it's firm or not. It's still a hug for them. He started with a hug. This Dean it's firm. Yes, it's a very firm one. Now but it started with a hug Subhana wa Tada with the Prophet Elisa to

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show him love to those who show him love back. Gelato is the difference between supplication and between between between dua or Chautauqua. The methodical way to do it was chakra chakra. I don't know I don't know how to translate this into English very well. Complaining doesn't doesn't sound nice.

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All, but it's a different form of speech that you have with God subhanho wa Taala with Allah, it's a bit different. Do I use supplication? You said you asked for things you're on by a bit of this. I am in need of this but Chautauqua is very different and you'll find it in the Quran. Check was different with the toilet in 20 Marana have been and when the wife of England said rugby in the adult to let go Murphy balcony Mahara indeed I have made sincere for you whatever you have put within my belly

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there is no door i There you didn't ask for anything yet. But the club Bell mini in the Qantas me oh golly. You know she made the dog go look except for me for now. Now Allah Azza wa Taala OB is what she said when she gave birth to the to the daughter money and money has set up in me while I do have I indeed have given birth to a female. Well Allah who are Allah movie My welder I did Allah subhanaw taala knows what she gave birth to. The Quran is commenting on it. He knew what she gave birth to she didn't have to say it but she said it anyway. Because this is the type of relationship she had with Allah subhanho wa Taala when you live with Allah subhanaw taala with his name you will do when

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you speak to him, you explain to him what is happening. You converse with him subhanho wa Taala on a level of love that is different than what you're asking for things. When he says that God will he goes on to say And Europe as you know, males are not like females when it comes to putting them within the need. The holy mosque does serve you when needs are made to harmonium and indeed Jana I have called her Miriam

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explaining things that teachers need to explain to Allah subhanaw taala because it's a different type of relationship you've already set up

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when he's talking to Allah subhanaw taala of being

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in the mystery of birth, indeed I have been I have been harmed by difficulty and hardship, who ends the Al Hamra immune a new Europe as we all know are the Most Merciful of those who are merciful. That's it. Where does the auto grant me Shiva and grant me out here he gives me nothing of me. Miscellaneous shadeland will be no spin on what I love Indian Shangela and has harmed me with difficulty and and punishment and pain. That's it, you want to solve but talk we took him out of the the belly of the of the whale now. There is no deity but you Subhanak you are the exalted in the continual volume however I have been impressive there's nothing not asking for anything. I just

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thought to some walks out of a thought if he sits Ali associated with the blood still coming from his from his legs, puts his hands up Allahumma Ecash school to you why complain to to you I don't know a better word by complaining some of them can get can offer me please do. But in Arabic that's what it means like well I've got over tea welcome letter here let you have any other nurse, the weakness of my strengths, the little I can do and the lack of respect that people show me in the long Hadith that he or that he made I

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want to give a few examples.

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He says so Allah Allah the Voodoo Allahu Allah Subhan has the following Mustafa la yes Shiva Ron Jaco Rob to La he the era he who draws himself to me as much as the the length of the wire of the spread of an end to corrupt today he the law and I'll come close to him that the length of an arm and he's all figurative Allah subhanaw taala is not in the same realm that we are in that he has not 3d And he is not with subpoena which is agenda and that he goes this way. But he is speaking subpoena which is a way for us to understand if you bring yourself close to me a bit I will bring myself closer to you much more. Oh my god, I mean, the whole of today Heba I'm if you come to me the

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length of her arm I'll come to you about a longer measurement of distance. Woman a tiny yam she and he who comes to Me walking I take you to Hawaii I will come running to him. John Legend aroma jacket this Allah subhana wa Tada within the

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the Old Testament there is a there's an aeration on the with dough dollies and with David peace be upon him this one is slightly yet when Allah Subhan Allah calls upon him and says yeah who would know yeah and I wouldn't want to be rude I name shows the fee oddity him What are the but he Fito but he him lega boo hope believe has the hero but tiefling would be in the hood for case I'm Huberty and mobility and I really owe the wound if the people who were given turning their back to me walking in the opposite direction knew the love I had for them to come back and the desire I had for them to come and rebrand to draw themselves closer to me and then they would Melton their love to

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for me. This is how I this might desire for those who are walking away from me. Imagine my love Yeah, there will be those who are coming close to me.

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Subhan Allah, Allah Allah he was setting them up

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Imagine a young will pay about nerd Allah on the Day of Judgment Allah will call upon His servants to have a boon as he generally were the ones who love each other within my spirits and for my sake, will little Julio Murphy will the young woman l will, will lead today I will share them with my shade on the day where there is no other shade. If it wasn't Allah Hardy was setting them mommy knows you they need to have bath Illa Illa Ghana AHA Boomer eat Allah He ushered

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in Lakota Maha Guma in Allah I shall do whom I hope badly for Hebei he there are no people to people who love them who love each other for the sake of Allah except the one who loves his brother more is the one who was loved by Allah subhanaw taala more. You have a brother whom you love for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala the more you love him, the more you are loved by Allah subhanaw taala more

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experienced His love subhanaw taala at every moment of the day, if you can't experience it, there's something missing with the with your radar. If you don't want to experience and feel his gestures of love subhanaw taala every moment of the day that you have to revise that your kudos Allahu alayhi salam Hadith you remember Muhammad a very beautiful one. They say after Allah Subhana Allah revealed Yeah, are you a Latina Manu latest Alwan, Usha intubate telecommuters, who come to us for those who believe about things when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has given the Quran Do not ask me questions listen only and this harm the Sahaba because they enjoyed asking questions. And the problem is I

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said to him once he said in Allah He bad and they will be Ambia or whatever shahada, he has a bill to whom will envia overshoot? Or meet him mean Allah he'll Millenium indeed there are servants they are not prophets and they are not marchers. Yet the prophets and the marchers will be jealous of where they stand from Allah subhanho wa Taala on the day of judgment so Allah be Avenger we just entered the masjid we heard this guy very excited because he knew he was not a prophet. He probably wasn't going to be a martyr but he liked what he heard if I thought they also will Allah via the UN double O mean, so for whom Lana, he got on his knees, they said, Yeah, Rasulullah please I beg you

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tell us who they are, and doesn't have our happy fight because he didn't know the ruling. So you could ask the question, but if I step shot our jurisprudence Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in his face was was lightened at least to someone who when he got the question he was hoping for the question for five Allah in the home a burden minibar dilla min bull Jana shut woman Baba Illa shut

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Leigh Sabina whom are harmoniously Luna with duniya Tada Luna They are servants that come from different countries and different races and different backgrounds. There is no rahem between them for them to strengthen and there is no dunya that they're working upon and that's why they're together to have boo fi Rohilla they have loved one another through the spirits of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada so yeah, I don't love whatever new currency would you hate him Yeoman piano Allah subhanaw taala will light in their face on the Day of Judgment. Well, I know Manabi I mean Lulu, to dam and nurse and they will be on Monday but remember, made of Lola pearls in front of people lie on zero

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and they are not taking off it were half on us we Omaha half moon and people on that jet and that they will be careful with a fearful but they will not they will not have any fear.

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When he was asked so I sell them highly sought was to me was asked when is your MILFy I'm a polymer I did tell her. He said whatever you prepared for it. So the man said I prepared for the love of Allah Subhana Allah and His Prophet of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and Martoma Iman have indeed you will find yourself human again with those who you love. I mean a Nassima you're definitely doing and doing Allah hindered and you're gonna hunger for Billa and some people will take besides Allah subhana which either those who they will love as the love of Allah or equal to the love of Allah. You're a boy in Hong Kong Billa well lady in our menu however those who believe I

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should do familia Allah they will love Allah subhanaw taala more than anyone else

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will include them to a boon Allah say if you truly love Allah subhanaw taala But Debbie Rooney your Forgiver Kamala and follow him so Allah Allah said Allah and Allah subhanaw taala branch is love.

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What can we do? How can we live with the name who would do

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three things. Number one,

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love him subhanho wa Taala and experience His love.

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fill your heart with his love subpoena was the only thing that will close that void and fill that gap

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and keep that heart calm and still is the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala fill your heart with it and experience His love coming to you every day and you will see a difference within your life that is unparalleled by any other action that you could possibly do. Number two, draw yourself closer to him through love. Just like he draws himself closer to you through actions of love you do the same draw yourself closer to him through actions of love as He says so Allah Allah you sent him a hug good Eva de la Allah Our hug goodie bag Allah he'll Allah and unfurl homely Eva de o invariable nearly the most beloved of servants to Allah subhanaw taala are those who are the most beneficial to

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His servants or to the or to his creation.

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To draw yourself closer to Allah Subhanallah through actions of love and number three, love with all your heart.

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The whole point of learning of his name subhanaw taala, we will do and reading. When you read the Quran and you read the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam it makes it seem as if the only thing that you're required to do is to love him subhanho wa Taala back the way that he began loving you, gentlemen, from the beginning, it seems that if nothing else is required,

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why because you have to learn to love with all your heart. Not not half love, a bit of love but a full open open hearted love, and I hope that Jani is something we can all learn to do with an Ramadan because what is Ramadan besides a gesture of love from Allah subhanho wa Taala Subhanallah Hamdi Michigander either to me they are some Allah who was selling them over. But he also