Adnan Rajeh – Islamic Core Value – Refusal of Oppression 6

Adnan Rajeh
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equalize the, the, the issue. So this person doesn't feel that you owe them anything anymore. That's what the HUD loan means you go and you figure out a way say how do I, you know, if I harmed you in this, how do I get rid of it? What do I need to do so that you don't feel that way anymore? So that I don't owe us you don't feel like I owe you something, what is it I need to offer you and dunya so I can do that for you. So do that to them Go and ask to be excavated or to be removed for exonerated from from this mobile amount that you that you owe Fabula and the Hakuna law? Do you know what I did? And before there's no time where there is no money, there's no gold or silver anymore for you

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to pay. Assuming that maybe the problem was going to require some form of payment to fix it. You'll come to a point one day where there's no nothing to pay with anymore. You have there's no currency for incarna Allahu hashanah tune. Oh, in Canada, who am I don't sorry, oh, he Dimon has on it for a bow.

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If this person has good deeds, than the result of those good deeds, which our hostages are taken from and given to that person, well, lemmya Khan and Doha Sadat hurry them and say to him for Hamina, ie. And if they if he runs out, he has no good deeds anymore, then it's taken from their bad deeds in his offer to this person. So what he set out to use autos for his end of his life is, look, you want to be very careful when it comes to a mobile AMA. When it comes to an octave oppression, when you owe someone something, whatever it may be, no matter how silly it is, if you owe them something on the Day of Judgment, you will pay it, we will pay back that. But what goes around comes

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around, there's no there's no exception to this. There's no way around it. If you owe someone something, their day is coming, their day of salvation, their day of justice is on its way, and you will and we will pay. So just watch out and Donia it's cheap, whatever it may be, because it's just going to be gold and silver, or it's going to be wealth or whatever it whatever it is in dunya it's cheap. It's when you go Yeoman PM, and you have to pay with the only currency that ever mattered, which is the currency of assets. And so yet, that's the currency that that hurts the most. They don't want to pay for a Muslimah with that pay for it with something and duniya because it's much

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cheaper. And the Prophet Alia says that I was telling you before before that time, go get rid of it to go into the halal COVID Now with this hadith comes like a billion questions. Well, what if this would have done? What if I did this? And what if he said that? I don't know? How about I don't know. Don't ask me? I don't know. I don't once you harm someone, I don't know. You can ask me as much as you want. I'll sit and listen to you for 15 mins. I'll say I do not know.

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It's a red line, you harm someone you're on your own. You're on your own. You have to go figure it out. I don't know. I can't offer you an answer that is Islamically sound that has evidence to support. It doesn't exist. The moment you harm people. That's why there's fluid. And then after that, you just have to go do the hello and they go well, how do I fix this for you? What do I do? I heart I said that? I shouldn't have said that. What do I do? They may say nothing, there's nothing you can do. And then you come back next year? I don't know. Come become be creative. Go. I don't know. No one does. So be careful because this is something this hadith isn't towards the end of his

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life. He said Allah salatu salam because of the the weight of it your way man, we will hurry up. So here we have a lot of the Allahu Anhu been burning abuse of Allahu Allahu alayhi salam McKennitt la Houma Malema to Leah Hayden VLD Hiroshi fell Yetta Halal woman who popular any Hakuna laude in our weather for in Kerala one hour or sorry okay the man has said it for a bow her well lemmya kula who Amadon Salah one okay that means the teaching formula highly sought after Rasulullah sallallahu Audiosurf ceremony

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