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Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The Prophet sallavi Alayhi wa sallam explains that the Islam path is the Islam path of Islam, with limits set forth by words "hasha" and "hashi." He advises individuals to stay straight to the path, not turn left or right, and warns them not to open a curtain until they have been hotel- eligible. The theory that the route to the Day of Judgment is linked to the straight path set forth in the hadith, with the woman being one of three types of operation and hit by a hook on the Day of Judgment, causing her to pass without injury.
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A Hadith narrated by

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Tirmidhi Regina, necessary for Sunon, muddy walk modern famous Nadi and half of them on the refectory, both are Hebrew and it's an authentic hadith it's been authentic authenticated by the scholars of Hadith. Narrated by in the West Agnes Amanda the Allahu Anhu

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that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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verb Allahu methylene Rolton was the crema.

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One generator is Rob to run

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him out of word one more Fatah

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Hello Hema, to to rule marhaba

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well Allah says Rob there and the other

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cool is the chemo Allah wrote well at our June

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HK Adeleke. And he focused throughout then yellow color Muhammad Abdul and yes the Hashi admin typical absorb

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all while again. Not attacking

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in mcinturff tackle eligible

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to foster America sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Kahala Amma Surat who will Islam?

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What a mil of warble MUFA Taha here Muhammad Allah

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wa must to rule marhaba to hear how do doula

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while mother Ayala says Rob for who will Quran?

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Why muda I mean folk Lee, for who or why the Allah He called we call the movement

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in this great Hadith, and this hadith requires a little bit of imagination from you to understand the example set forth the parable set forth by our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said Allah subhanaw taala set forth this example of a Surat a straight path.

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One generalities rots run

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on the sides of the straight path are two walls

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Pima abueva MUFA in these two walls, you will find open doors led him as the tune of Allah Institute on marhaba you will find curtains on these doors

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and at the start of the slot at the start of this road, Allah Soroti then

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you had all your calls to chemo Allah Surat well at our job, there is a caller at the start of this straight path telling you stay straight to the path and do not turn right or left do not look do not be distracted by these doors do not go there are right there or, or stick to the straight path that you have been ordered. And another caller from above

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is calling and saying

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whenever a person tries to open one of these curtains, open one of these doors. This caller from above tells him while ago that I've

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been lucky enough to hotel eligible

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Do not open this curtain. It will not stop there. And for if you were to open this curtain you will enter for sure.

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And so the Prophet SAW Selim explained that this straight path is the Islam the path of Islam.

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And these doors on the right on the left are the prohibitions, the Muharram of Allah

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and these curtains, or the Hadith the limits that Allah has set forth are you on the straight path in Islam and this color to righteousness, the prophet describe two colors. One of these colors is at the start of the path and one is calling from above. The one at the start of this path the prophets Allah Selim says is the Quran

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telling you stay straight to the path do not turn right or left and as Allah subhanaw taala says in the header Quran add letting hear a column

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with a folk Hadelich Colette Muhammad Abdul and yes Tasha I mean typical avoid will call away in a color of ink into for Telugu, there will be another color to righteousness in addition to the Quran, a color from above. Every time a person wants to open one of these doors. This color will whisper in his ear will call to his heart and tell him why like, do not open this curtain. Or if you open this curtain, you will surely enter it. And this curtain is the prohibition of Allah Subhan Allah is the limit set forth by Allah subhanaw taala. So it could be anything that Allah has made haram on us like Xena like Riba like

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backed by eating,

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like a lot of other prohibitions that people engage in, it will not stop there, you may want to think to yourself, I'm strong enough. I'm just curious. I'll open this curtain and take a look what's behind it, it will not stop there while again, let us tackle in the interest of fidelity, if you open this curtain, you will surely enter.

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Kill that curiosity.

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Do not think what is behind it.

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When Adam was told do not eat from this apple, Adam, not Apple, sorry, this fruit. So Adam may have thought in his mind, I'm curious what will happen. And then shaitan comes along and says, You will be an angel. You will be a mortal and he may swears oaths Wakasa Mahoma in Nila como la mina knows, hey, I you will be an angel you will be immortal if you eat from this fruit.

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And Adam fell in the sin and ate from the fruit.

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And it's curiosity that sometimes will get us let us open let us see I'm strong enough it will not hurt me. I will just see what's behind this curtain where you lack a lot of pain again after diligent. If you open it, you will surely enter it will not stop there. And it mergeable humbly

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connects this hadith with another Hadith. I'll conclude really quickly with this new connection says for sure.

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The straight path of Surat on the Day of Judgment is linked to the straight path set forth in this hadith as we all know the Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim authenticated by all the scholars. You'll dribble Serato Allah will raise your hand and there will be a path on Jahannam streets rot on Jahannam

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where the Quran will not hang Mohamed Salah Salem Oman Youjizz heard of Surat we will be the first of the Imam to come across the street bridge on top of Jahannam

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and everybody will come according to his deeds

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for Minho, man. Yeah boo hoo converter comin home, man. Yeah, I had one. We did five women home men yaka Alpha fair home for her car, we call them the heartbeat, Ruby, which does have a slot.

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At the end of the day, there will be one of three people passing the slot on the Day of Judgment, the Surat will have colorlib swings of hooks that hit people who try to come across it on the Day of Judgment, every single person will see these colorlib these hooks that sway and at the end of the day, all of us will pass through the slot and it will be one of three types of an edge and Musallam

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omec do some funerary Johanna, Salah Salem. And so all of us when we pass through the slot will be according to our deeds, one of three types. Either we are saved and we pass without injury, or we are injured by these hooks according to our deeds, but at the end of the day saved to the other side, or hid and fallen into the hands.

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So we said whomsoever enraged indulges in these Muharram on the sides of the Surat and does not make Toba and indulges in them till the day of his death, and certainly will be hit by the swing hooks on the Surat on the Day of Judgment.

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Row Northminster man V Hadith II and an OB SL Allah is Allah McCall. Burrup Allahu Methoden Ratan was the Pima one generator is robbed su Ron De himer of wearable in fact the whole pile of worby so to rule Muhammad, Allah says Rob, then you had all your tools, the chemo Allah strati wallet our Jew Woolfolk Adeleke, then the headrow could lemma hammer Abdon and you have to hashy and multifocal EdWeb call Allah Who way like a lot of pain like interpreter who religieux or fissara who SallAllahu Sallam maganda Surat will Islam when Al abueva molfetta Muharram Allah on the sutra Maha Abdullah one a day Allah that's a Strat who will Quran one day I thought who were worried Llahi call we could

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limit movement of cola COLA that was stuff we're all looking for stuff through in our formula Brahim was salam ala Muhammad in honor he was

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