Library Chat #11 – The Revolt of Mukhtār Thaqafī (d 67 AH) & Its Theological Impact

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Setup MADI Kumara Missoula here got a casual hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was so happy woman while I'm about. It's been a while since I've done a library chat and today, I thought that I would discuss one of the key episodes in early Islamic history that anybody who studies a hadith or studies, the early incidents in the time of the womb it is, they come across the mention of the revolt of matar. And this is something that unfortunately, not much has been written on. And so I thought I'd just summarize and introduce and derive some interesting lessons and the morals of the story, some of the benefits. And also, really, the main point is that these are the

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things that you know, when I began studying, you know, you come across these references, and nobody, I mean, there's no easy guide, like what exactly happened and where, you know, it's all disconnected. So one of the purposes of these types of discussions is to summarize for you basically a preliminary account of key incidents that every single researcher in early Islam, every single person dealing with history and also with regards to without, with sectarianism, is going to come across and you will also come across his name actually in books of Hadith as we're going to mention. So I'm going to begin with an incident or an anecdote that is not directly related to water, but it

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references him. And it's mentioned in the site of the Muslim rock, I'm allowed to add that it talks about in the year 73. Hydra, the famous Abdullah bin azubi, the humanist companion hit as you should be aware, if not, then I'll just tell you that Abdullah zubayr was revolting against the omega t had established his own Caliphate for a number of years, and in 1733, Hydra had judged urban use of the infamous governor finally basically conquered Urban azubi after surrounding Makkah for eight months, there was a siege of the people of MK the people were starving catapults were used the cat but was damaged. The people of Mk. Basically were forced to surrender by hunger, most of the followers of

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Nunez obey, were not able to fight him and as obeyed or the love of Thailand he visited his mother a smart Vinci bucket. So his mother is a smart writer his grandfather's hobo could have studied this is the famous Abdullah bin is a baby born in the first year of the higit a very fascinating companion have spoken about him in other in my entire lecture about him in my lives of the companions, and even as obeyed, visited a smart and asked her advice whether he should surrender or not. And a smart enough to be recorded the logline. Hmm. She encouraged her son to fight to the end and she said if you're on the truth, then don't worry about what's going to happen a lot as a

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surgeon will deal with your your enemies and so he fought he was vanquished. He was killed. And then you know one of the tragedies You know, there's one of the things we're going to be studying in this lecture and other lectures as well when you study further he was decapitated his body was put on a cross in front of the Gabba basically visual distance from the cabin when we say across by the way crucified, I should clarify we don't mean a cross like the Christian T, by what we mean by crucified is that he was his body was hung on a pole, and the point being to send the warning This is the result of those who go against the Omega so the body of Abdullah Nazarbayev was hanging from a pole

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we call it an English crucified doesn't necessarily mean tied to a cross and killed remember there's a difference between that so is the dead body was hung on a pole and now this is where the headache begins. Okay, this Heidi This is a Muslim, reported by a buno for the Tabori who said right to Abdo Levin is obeyed either activity activity in Medina that I saw Abdullah, various body on the path that leads to Medina from Makkah, basically the pathway that goes you know, the the door that exists towards the Medina side, I saw him over there, and Quraysh would come by him, you know, as they're going in and out, they would go and see this body until finally, Abdullah ibn Romo, the son of

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ermine, on the hop about the Aloha and the famous Abdullah bin Omar, he died 74 years ago, one year afterwards, right. So these are the the senior most Sahaba of that timeframe, you know, the earlier batches have obviously passed away, we now have the younger Sahaba are now reaching their elder the age in their prime. And this is now the last batch of that by Abdullah Abdullah bin Omar and others are alive and only a few are left and then all the majors so how we're going to pass away within a few years from now all of the major so how about you only have some of the more you know, the ones that were toddlers are not that well known who live on to another till 19 to like adolescent

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medicine one exception, obviously, but you have the final batch right now. So even your own mother passes by. And it's been Omar speaks to the dead body. Right so he's speaking to him. And he says a salam alayka Yeah. boho babe a Santa Monica. Whoa, baby Santa Monica is sending in Salaam about how babies the cornea of eminence.

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And then he says that I tried to warn you against this I told you not to go down this path. I tried to warn you against this. Even Omar of course was a political and he went did not want to get involved. He never sided with anyone group had been Omar radi Allahu taala. And he completely cut off from all over the Phaeton and even taymiyah praises him the most that this was the wisest course of action when the people are all fighting, you just don't do anything and you become completely, you know, apolitical when the Muslims are fighting amongst themselves. And so it's been Omar and Ibanez obey, they had a bit of attention, but still they they were on the same side, despite the

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fact that even Omar did not support Missouri if you get my point, right. So in a model, the other one, he is saying, I told you don't go down this path. I told you, why did you do this, you kind of remonstrating that, you know, this is now look how you ended up and then he says that, in any case, I knew you to be so wireman kawaman will Sula Rahim you used to be a man who was always fasting, always praying, always good to your family. Indeed any nation that you are the worst of them is indeed a good nation. Meaning even if I'm criticizing you, you know, if you are the worst, then we are a very good group of people. That's what he's trying to say right that you are very good even if

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I have disagreements with you and somehow look at the the wisdom and the compassion and the open mindedness and even Omar did not agree with the path that have been Zubair took still there was genuine admiration and respect, you have to agree to disagree and give the other person credit where credit is due. And then he made sure to head judge to basically bury him because the body was there for many days. Right. And so had judge had judged and took the body down and unfortunately, you know, buried it in a very evil manner. He didn't do a good job of it anyway, at least it was taken down and then had judge said bring a smart Binti Abu Bakar to me bring her to my presence right so

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the messenger came to a smart and says had judges calling you as much as I'm not going to go to him how after all Hideyoshi just killed her son so a smart been Tell me about Chris says I'm not gonna go head judge then says bring her to me or tell her I will be below the law. I will send to my guards to drag her by her hair in my presence or the villa This is a smart tip Bukka honestly when you read these stories, you know your heart had just just drops and your hair goes on and how can you treat a smart been tillbaka How can you treat this elderly lady 100 years old at this time in this manner so had judge says I'm going to order my thugs to take her by their her hair for not for

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Lux would you call it the braids and drag her to my presence? So when the guards came a smart said Go tell him Go tell him to bring the guards he's threatening she's threatening go tell him to do that I'm not going to go to his presence. So when the guards came back had judge then said Okay, give me my shoes I'm gonna go to he was sitting on his the one and palace. So he wore his shoes. And he went to a smiling TV worker, the Hadeeth goes on. Now this is in Sahih Muslim all of this right, that had judge had judge enters upon a smart and he mocks her and he says What do you think of what I did to the enemy of a long meaning. I built up an eBay and a smart TV worker the last one I said

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that I see that you have you have managed to destroy his dunya but at the cost of your hero. You destroyed his life I okay, but your cost was you had to pay you're out here to destroy his life. And then she said as an elderly lady. She's already blind at this stage. She has no guards and protectors. But so Pamela she has a man and she speaks to this tyrannical ruler, tyrannical governor and she says that I heard that used to mock my son by calling him the son of the lady of the two belts right that tender chocolates and you have no data nitaac Natal claim, you ever know that in pain that you should know that I am the lady of the two belts, and then she tells the story that we

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all know I am called the lady of the two belts because I had to split my own belt into two for one to tie my nakedness to cover my hour up and the other one for food for the professor's and Rebekah during the hidden under the words she slaps him like you're making fun of my son by using this term. Oh son of the lady of the two belts. Do you not know I am that lady do not know the story of the two belts. And then she tells him that story. And then she says and this is why I'm marrying this whole episode writer. The story is not about even as a debate. It's about what I'm about to say. And then she says indeed I heard the prophets a lot while he was seldom say that from the tribe of Latif,

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there shall come two people The first of them will be a cadaver lab will be a liar and ask for the and the second is going to be a tyrannical murderer. So the first of them is a cadaver lab and the second is going to be a Moby and Moby it is a tyrannical murder is a brutal dictator that kills okay like call him a war criminal let's say right there's the Arabic word will be it. Then a smart says

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As for the cadaver lab, we've already seen him and know who he is. And as for the morbier, then I have no doubt that it is you. And when she finished off with this powerful Hadith, Hajaj was completely silenced. And he just turned around and traveled away, never to see a smile again as my passed away, around 100 days after like three months after the death of her son, and so a smile or the loved one has also passed away in Makkah. Now, all of that introduction was for that one phrase, what was that phrase? As for the liar, we know who he is, if you look at the books of Hadith, the show the commentaries of Hadith, everybody says that this liar is mocked out of coffee. That's why I

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began this incident, that in the year 73 hedra, a smart been to be Barker quotes a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu. I sent him after the death of her son at the hands of had judge and says to head judge, I heard the profitsystem say there's gonna be a liar from the tribal thief. As for the liar, we have already seen a known and we know who he is, and that is matar coffee, which is what this entire lecture is going to be about Now, before I begin, so this is just the the introduction, this is the catch to make you understand what we're talking about here. Okay. Before I begin, understand that, anytime you talk about early Islamic history, you're walking into a minefield, no matter what

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you say, somebody is going to come and bring another construction, another interpretation and other alternative reading. And we have to understand you have to begin somewhere. This is a reading, this is a presentation. Everything depends on your sources. Everything then depends on your interpretation, as I'm presenting to you. One narrative history in the end of the day is always relatively subjective. What are your sources? What are your theories? What are your biases, what are your views. So to present one reading, is to basically enter in to a debate with all other interpretations and readings. And so to understand this is level one, this is a basic introduction.

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And I'm going to tell you my biases, my biases, I'm going to prefer the books of Hadith, I'm going to prefer the Sunni sources. And there is a bit of sectarianism involved. I don't want to, you know, preach any type of hatred of any other group. But we do need to understand that this issue of matar is one that divides mainstream Sunni Islam from most of Shia Islam some Shia as have other interpretations. And so I will present to you the Sunni narrative, factually, without any indication without any desire to provoke Sunni Shia acrimony. We have to simply discuss from our perspective and and acknowledge that they have a different paradigm for what they are doing. I never want to

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preach hatred of any other group we can disagree we can point out that we have differences of opinion, we can say this is how we view the truth and we firmly believe it to be the truth, but we understand that others have alternative viewpoints. Now, the name the person we're going to discuss is locked out. Even a beer obeyed even Masood Azhar coffee. And this person mocked out his grandfather Masuda coffee his grandfather was according to one interpretation referenced in the Koran when Allah subhanho wa Taala says and so does that why wasn't this put on reveal to one of the two great people loaded onto the handle for Anwar la Junior middle cadet any of them right, some of

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the early commentators some of the tab your own, they said that the one of these two people of course was from the right and the other one is from the tribal thief. The tribal thief is thought if the tribal thief is the tribe of Hajji but use of the tribal thief is that famous tribe that rejected the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and then the process of may do and they accepted Islam, the tribe of thought, if is the tribe of thief, the thief and Quraysh were sister tribes, they competed with one another. And Allah says that one of the people said over the horizon that why wasn't the Quran revealed to one of the two big nobleman either me or Masuda therapy, the grandfather or motto,

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this shows us that mortality is coming from one of the most elite tribes of the tribal faith, one of the most elite families sorry, from their family of faith, and that was to play a major role in his ascent to power. Everything depended on your pedigree on your lineage in that society, even though it was early Islam But still, as we all are aware that there was still a lot of you know, who your ancestors were at this point in time. That was one of the causes of the revolt against the mermaids. This this, the the buses, were preaching quality for all out of the non out of Mola and everybody and that was one of the points of contention. So Motown is the grandson of this famous mushroom,

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coffee. His father is a minor Sahabi he saw the Prophet system and he passed away his father converted to Islam migrated to Medina is considered a minor companion, and he passed away in one of the early battles against the Persians walked out himself never saw the profits of the law it who said them, he was born in the first year of the hedgerow, so he was in thought if he never came to Medina but

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The first 11 years of his life The process is in Medina. So Martha is growing up and the process is in Medina and Mata is in thought if and eventually, the family migrates to Kufa and without then grows up in the city of Kufa interacting allegedly with Ali rhodiola. One directly and with the family of ID, the other debate, and this is where his journey begins. That when it is said that in the 14th year of the digital, sorry, 14th year after the digital when it hasn't been added, or the last one was elected to be the halifa. We have now two different versions of events. From the Sunni side of things. Aloo matar allegedly, allegedly attempted to switch camps and he tried to hand in

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and has an IV nearly to the oma is radi Allahu taala to the omegas. And he was stopped from doing so. Now this incident is not considered to be authentic by the other side, but the non Sunni sides when the ahlulbayt started, you know,

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was a nice way to put this the LL beta supporters of it to the loved one. They of course, objected to yazeed. They objected to the woman. By the way, pause your footnote, listen to my lecture about Kabbalah. I gave a long lecture many years ago about Kabbalah. And our position is very clear that we are not on the side of ewz we are not on the side of the omae is when this happened. Our hearts are with her saying or the Aloha and our hearts are with the family of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but we view this as a political tragedy, not a theological one. I explained that all over there. Now fast forward to 60 years of the hero 60 Ah, and Matata still in Kufa, he's building his

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connections, he's becoming more and more powerful. And he is now switching sides back to the support supporters of it. The supporters of ideas were called shy to it. And at this stage from our perspective, the supporters of Isley were a political movement remember this is one of the points that is a point of contention for us the early supporters of it she add to it the early supporters of it were not theologically minded for them it was a political issue that we don't like this group we don't like do um I used to be in charge and they are not qualified and we are more qualified. And so I walked out began supporting these this group so much so that he was one of the daughters

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corresponding with her saying or the Allahu Allah and in Medina and her saying are the Allahu, and since his cousin will Sybil copied all of this I covered in the Kabbalah class. The cover of the lecture, he sends Muslim women out into Kufa and guess who houses Muslim women al Qaeda Guess who hosts him? It is this guy walked out. So mocked out is the one who welcomes Muslim women, okay, he's the one who puts him in his house. He's the one who makes him all the promises. Of course the oma is get involved you may intervene. You may execute Muslim and appeal and the oma years in prison matar for trying to help Muslim women are clean. So Motown goes to prison for the first time he's going to

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go to prison again. Now we get to our first twist, a lockdown his sister Sophia and mcdow sister Sophia is married to none other than Abdullah bin Omar we just mentioned him right and so a locked out and a bin Omar our brother in law's okay. In our model the Lauren's wife, her brother is water. So Sophia and Mata are brother sister, and so when Mata is jailed, he sends a letter to Eben Amato saying to Eben Omar, that hey, you know, I'm your brother in law, I'm stuck in jail. Can you write a letter to your xid, asking for him to release me? And so even Omar under some pressure from his wife in Omar sends the letter to the Z and Z then sends a letter to hufa and says just release more

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stuff. And so the governor of grudgingly grudgingly releases both he's not too happy but said the letter has come with what is going to be done. And he says to get out of Kufa, I don't want you to be in Kufa anymore. So matar comes down to Makkah, and he joins the revolt of Abdullah live in a zubayr. Now, okay, so he now switches camps and he goes to the side of Abu Zubaydah, and he stays with the bins obey for a number of years fighting bravely he was a leader. He was a politician. He was a statesman. He was a an army general, he was very adept. His family is well known. So even as he basically takes him makes him a lieutenant, and he fights some of the wars in the Battle of

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urbanism obeyed, and eventually even azubi manages to carve out and conquer Iraq. So iraq comes under Ignacio various territory apart from the omegas and here is where Moscow says, appoint me the governor. I want to be the governor of that the region of Iraq of Kufa in particular, and urbanism obeyed, blankly refuses, flatly refuses. And this is where a matar becomes angry, breaks his oath driven is obeyed, and then returns back to Kufa not being a supporter of urbanism.

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Debate anymore. And now he goes back to Kufa and he goes back to the supporters of it, right, the partisans of it, and he goes back to that camp, and he starts driving up with them that it's time for us to revolt against urbanism obeyed and against the oma years. And all of this talk of revolt. He's starting to get people to sign on to his program. Now urbanismo bay of jails him for the second time in Kufa, first dual majors jailed him now ebin azubi, who's in charge of Kufa jails him guess what he writes a letter to once again he writes a letter to him in our model de la Juan, and he says, Hey, even Zubaydah has jailed me Can you please get me out of jail? Once again, even Omar once

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again writes a letter to even azubi and Ebony Zubaydah then releases a matar. However, this proved to be at least a tactical mistake. As soon as an mokdad is released. He already has enough support from the partisans of Isley Brothers, Allah Juan, and from his thief connections, his nobility, and along with other groups that were already you know, on the side of the partisans of alley that he then stages a revolt against the governorship of una Zubaydah against a coup for being under the role of una Zubaydah, and he makes Kufa now an independent principality. So now we have three principalities, three political kingdoms at once. Basically, you have the Romanians, based in

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Damascus, you have Ignacio Bay based in Makkah, and now you have more tower based in Kufa. And this is why it's called the revolt of Al Motta that will no doubt declared an independent principality for a time, a year and a half. Maybe they are not that long, but still it was their independent, complete journey, you know, no subservience he is the person in charge. Okay. This is where our real story begins, at least why I am especially interested in it because of the mythos revolt is not just political. Now we get to the theology aspect. So I hope you understand what's going on. You have urbanism debate in Makkah, you have the oma years in Damascus. Now you have an matar, who comes from

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a very powerful family who has had connections with either the loved one connections with Hassan and Hussein rhodiola. One he is loved by the partisans of either you understand what I mean, here, he is loved by that group. And now he starts preaching a new message. And this message is to have a powerful impact in Islamic history. And in Islamic theology. This is where we begin to now talk about a different tangent. Now, again, I have to put the disclaimer that what I'm about to say is coming from Sunni sources, it is a Sunni paradigm, understandably, our she, you know, brother, and they are our brother in faith, even if we strongly disagree with them, theologically, we have to

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learn to discuss these issues without hatred, and without riling up I am Sunni, I disagree with Shiite theology, I think that they're incorrect. But generally speaking, Sunni and Shia are within the fold of Islam, unless a person brings a belief that is itself Cofer otherwise, even if they are people that we consider to be not correctly guided, and I will say this explicitly, we will not preach hatred, and we will understand that our two groups have been around since the very beginning of time. And we're going to have to learn to agree to disagree and also learn to dialogue with frankness, and with without preaching hatred. So this lecture is academic, it's not meant to rile up

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anybody to to feel anything negative or hatred against another person, you know, you can you can agree to disagree in a manner that is civil, and you can disagree passionately. But do not foment hatred against another person. It's just not healthy to do that. And it's actually frankly, not conducive to civil society to do so. So we have an interpretation of what's out. And I'm going to mention that interpretation. Obviously, the caveat is that the Shia group does not agree with this interpretation of an Mata. So with that caveat in mind, our understanding of history is the following from our books from the books of Hadith from our sources, you know, a buddy of Bella at

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the heart of inside. What else is there that we looked up on? The top Iranian will has a number of incidents they have they have a number of incidents in his so this the from our sources, the image is very clear. I didn't want our began preaching a version of theological political partisanship of alley that was hitherto unheard of, and again, I'm going to be a little bit more explicit, from our perspective, early partisans of it I mean, the Shia, early partisans of Alli was a political movement, not a theological one. We do not view a little deal offline and hasn't and present or the Allahumma as proposing a new theology, we do not view them as saying that Allah has told me that I

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must be the halifa or the Imam. They believe they were more qualified, especially your host and on the long run, there's no question he believed he was the one

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That should be the halifa. But he never said that a lot intended for me to do that he didn't bring theology into it. That's our perspective. That's mainstream student ism. Now, where did this come from? Then where did this notion come from, from our perspective, a lot out is one of the main if not the main key figure, to start introducing ideas that are now or that are then going to become mainstream in the movement that is known as the partisans of ID ld alaba. I know. And so, when he now takes charge of Kufa, okay, remember her Sandra Levin has been passed away has been killed in khutbah. So mortara then says, I am the representative of Who does he go to? He goes to another

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figure. Some of you have heard of his name. His name is Mohammed yBnL. Hana fee. Yeah, Mohammed Abner Hanafi. iya is the third son of Alito the loved one. So he is has an interesting his younger brother, but he is not from Fatima. He is from a lady from the tribe of Bernard hanifa. And so he's called Mohammed the center of the Hanafi. Lady, the Hanif lady. He is not from the descendants of the prophets of the Lord sent him his grandfather is able bodied, and his grandfather from his mother's side is some person from the tribe of Abu hanifa. He is not from the Al Bayt in the technical sense, he is from the furoshiki sense, but he is not from the descendants of the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And so, a matar said, he brought out a letter when he revolted against him no zubaid. He establishes himself in Kufa. He walks into the Grand Mosque of Kufa, he pulls out a physical letter and he reads it to the people and he says this letter is from Mohammed yBnL hanafy the senior most member of the island Bates family of sorry, of the idea will be along his family because remember, this has has an Hussein's younger brother, right? And so he is older than the children of her saying or the logline. And so Mohammed did not have a fear. He brings out a letter it was this letter is from Mohammed bin hanafy, who has appointed me to be in charge of the shadow

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ID. I am speaking on behalf of the Mohammed yBnL Hana fee. And he began preaching a hybrid theology where he started saying that ebenen hana fee is now this is another key point he is the MADI now from our perspective, again, this is our perspective, this term was not associated with the partisans of it until Motown came into introduced it so without is not introducing that if not had a fee is the Maddie and if that had a fee is the one that is telling me indirectly basically on your have connection with him to rule in his stead and in his name, and that Allah subhanho wa Taala has given the mammoth to ebenen hana fee. So he brings in a number of key points of them is the claim

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that Allah appointed a particular person to be the leader as we believe that was not the claim any of anybody before of them is the claim that that Abraham had a fee Yeah. Not only has been appointed by a law, but is telling him how to so basically super supernatural communications right. So he has the power to to convey to a lot out what needs to be said. And slowly but shorty matar continue to exaggerate until finally he began to claim that to jubran, eel and Mika he visited him and that he began to receive revelation from Allah subhanho wa Taala. In other words, matar began to claim essentially, even though whether he used the word or not it is disputed, but essentially he claimed

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he is nebby in other words used to claim that God is coming to him Mikael is coming to him, Allah is telling directly what to do. It used to be able to handle fear, no direct connection with a lot subhanho wa Taala. So this is why he's called the kozub when our prophets are some call somebody. We're not talking about somebody lying about money. No, that because that when the process of calls him is a liar about receiving revelation from a law, and that's when we say lemma elka that we have no mortar. I look at that. That's why in the Hadith, when a smart says the Prophet system said there's going to be a liar from the thief. As for the liar, we've already seen who he is, she is

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referencing a matar who claimed to receive revelation from Allah God, then Mikael coming to him directly, now walked out, took charge in the year 66 of the digital. And within a year, a year and a half, the first thing that he did was that he began to hunt down the remnants of those who had participated in the killings of Karbala against Hussein. So anybody who participated in that army, and they were well known, they were in that region in Kufa, in Boston, other places there were still there. Everybody knew them. So he began sending assassination squads, or you can say secret police or whatever you want to call them, to literally kill people surround their houses, bring them out,

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execute them, and he killed some of the most senior members.

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All the armies that had attacked her center the last one, including shimmered even,

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even if the dish showed evenly the josha village ocean shimmer Ebony Abbey sorry shimmered Ebony village ocean sorry, shimmy Ebony village ocean. Shimmer is the one that are the villa allegedly was the one who dealt the death blow or the villa with an evil eye. Again Our hearts are with her saying rhodiola one and our hearts cry. And we feel this we one of the greatest tragedies of early Islam who can possibly defend the killers of the grandson of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so matar then goes and gets involved in,

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in assassinating those that were involved with the murders of her St. Paul the Allahu taala. And who so he assassinates or he kills shimmered. He also sends a group to kill Rome or even sad even a B will cost a rumor even Saturday, it will cost the son of Saudi Arabia will follow the law and the son Omar, who was not to Sahabi the son was also a very high Lieutenant or army general in that army, and so in the army against Hussein, and so he also again that the story is pretty tragic. Like he promised him I'm going to protect you or whatnot. But then you brought him out in the executed him. And so he kills him would have an assignment of he will pass and rubedo lab knizia does well

00:31:21--> 00:32:02

who was the governor, there'll be the Lebanese yet even be the famous or with him is yet he was the governor of the region under a judge. And he sent like 4000 men because he was surrounded by an entourage you sent him to basically execute him and he kept on so for like a year or so he's executing all of these people. And he appointed a particular person of a Persian background or non Arabic background by the name of K sun, he appointed k sun to be in charge of this military unit of this thug unit and case and became feared in the entire city. That whenever case son's name is basically a case and is associated with assassinations of killings of the people. And for the next

00:32:02--> 00:32:49

year or so. Moscow basically worked up a frenzy of killings. Anybody who was famous, or infamous, I should say, was executed many dozens of people were killed by mocked out to defend the honor of her saying all the Allahu taala I know, and he actually after he assassinated or killed or whether that even is he? He then sent the head in a package. This is unfortunate way to read this lots of heads being chopped and lots of ads being shown to other people. He sent the head of a radio live in his yard to the family of the descendants of the prophets of the Los Alamos in Medina as retaliation to the omiya that when they did what they did to assemble the laquan Hussein's head was presented to

00:32:49--> 00:33:31

obey the lab to Ziad first and foremost with a bit luck right again the this is very sad chapter of Islamic history that they would actually present the head and show the head that we've done this deal. And so the grandson of a prophet sallallahu I sell them May Allah Nana beyond those who killed and harmed him, the grandson of the prophet SAW sent him His head was shown to be the Lebanese Ziad when he was the governor. Okay, fast forward a few decades later, and a matar kills raiditem Ziad and sends his head to Medina to so that the LL Bates can see now look, this is what I've done. And this is where again, some of the island baits maybe they sympathized with Motown because he is you

00:33:31--> 00:34:12

know, I mean, he's doing a good deed from their perspective that to get rid of all of these these people and it is because of this by the way that matar generally speaking is viewed as a hero by mainstream sheer ism and without is honored and respected by most modern Shiri clerics, even though historically By the way, there was a dispute about him without even within mainstream tourism because his views are so you know, extreme as we're gonna I mean, obviously, he's claiming God comes to so those who respect him amongst the Shia they say that this understanding is wrong. They don't believe that God came to him they believe this is a fabrication by Sunni so we have to be clear here

00:34:12--> 00:34:49

that their respective walked out is not because he claimed to be a prophet mainstream she I don't view him as having said this whereas for us he clearly said this is very clear in our literature. Mainstream Shia are not happy with the fact that he did not side with the right version of Shia Islam he has his own version of shear ism, which we're going to talk about but they say that he was a misguided she I within D within mainstream within they're not mainstream within their understandings of supporters of the debate, the By the way, Iranian TV, produced a series on without in the Farsi language around about five, seven years ago or something like that. And it was very

00:34:49--> 00:35:00

popular in Iran, and Moscow is portrayed as a hero so all of Iran is really you can find this online. Think of it a little by the Turks, right every society, they have those icons and they produce a

00:35:00--> 00:35:23

series about them and then you're supposed to mean it is what it is. I'm everybody does it it is human nature you, you, you know, it's through a series. I mean, I've never watched it by the way, but I mean, I'm sorry to tell you it's not real. In other words, it's all the fantasy or it's all the romance or whatever you can like it i'm not saying is good or bad. I'm not saying historically it's not true, there is no, we don't have any information about our dual role at all and whatnot. Anyway, so the point being,

00:35:24--> 00:35:59

Motown is portrayed in a very positive light when it comes to a modern day Shia Islam because of his having hunted down, especially, you know, the killers of Hussein or whether to the other and others and so groups are willing to excuse him for what he has done and to be fair, even in our own books, right. It is mentioned that even like even ibisworld the last one at the beginning was like somewhat sympathetic and even Omar we know was somewhat sympathetic and so you know, there's a lot going on maybe his true colors are not fully you know, shown so

00:36:00--> 00:36:25

along with Stan is one of those crazy times of you know, of the of the we just have to deal with with reality as it was portrayed to them. So, back to our story, as matar controlled Kufa for around a year, year and a half in the name of a little bait than the name of Shiatsu IV, and in particular in the name of Mohammed Hanafi, as we said, and slowly but surely, in that year, and year and a half, he went from from crazy to even more crazy.

00:36:27--> 00:36:29

Yes, this is my water cup, and I drink a lot of water.

00:36:32--> 00:36:34

I try to drink at least two or three of these every day.

00:36:35--> 00:37:16

Now, as we said, was ruling in the name of yBnL hanafy. And he went from bizarre to even more crazy and bizarre. He constructed a chair a beautiful chair and decorated it with silk and brocade and said, this is the chair like a throne. This is the chair of Ebner hanafy, this is the chair of Mohammed, Mohammed bin Hanafi is in Medina, well thought is in Kufa, and he is saying that this is his courtesy, and he would bring it out into the battle. And he would say that he's telling me what to do from the courtesy and the chair became an icon of Revelation, people would you know, basically give things to the chair and blessings taken from the chair like you have these, you know, weird

00:37:16--> 00:37:52

rituals that are syncretistic and paganistic. And remember, by the way, a lot of these people that were following him were brand new Muslims, from Zoroastrianism, from Buddhism, from strands of religions that no longer exists. So a lot of these are new converts. And these weird, bizarre practices are not that alien to them to venerate a chair and to think that Mohammed and Hanafi is you know, somehow connected to this chair and whatnot. And when news reached Mohammed bin Hanafi, or what's going on, it is said that he wanted to travel to Kufa to basically start preaching against water because he's still alive is in Medina. And one without heard this Pamela he thought of a very

00:37:52--> 00:38:35

ingenious plan. He said, that shale clean are going to come and pretend to be Mohammed evenin. hanafy. And if anybody sees a person that they think looks like Mohammed bin Hanafi Yeah, I will tell you how to tell if he's JSON or not, because Mohammed didn't. Hanafi is the Imam from Allah, and Allah has guaranteed to protect him, and there's no way that he's going to be harmed. So if you see somebody that looks like him, take your sword out and strike his neck. If it is shavon he's gonna die. And if it is Mohammed bin hanafy, and invisible shield will come and protect and your sword will not harm him. The message being ebenen hana fear is not welcome. And if anybody were to

00:38:35--> 00:39:16

see him if he understood that this is a veiled threat, that if I go there that I'm not going to be basically left alive, and so even Anivia did not explicitly stand against McDowell. Now, we don't have that much information because again, it is it raises questions, why didn't he do more but in any case, it appears that Mohammed Abu hanifa wanted to live a very quiet pacifistic life he didn't get involved in anything and so he didn't make a strong stand against a lot out in his own lifetime. It is said that after matar passed away that he then you know, reattach with the oma yards and basically said I wasn't on his site Allah knows best, if not Hanafi is basically not directly

00:39:16--> 00:40:00

involved in the whole story to be honest, and without is the one using his name. And we have another headache than was the amount of mud that reefer Kobani says that I entered upon matar, so I entered upon it and walked out. And he threw to me a pillow. And he said to me that were it not for the fact that my brother God, were it not for the fact that my brother gibreel just stood up from where I am sitting, I would have told you to come and sit with me. So at most out is telling this visitor that you know, you're not going to sit on my podium, I'm going to you sit on that you throw my rug you sit over there, you can't sit next to me generally when a visitor would come in

00:40:00--> 00:40:37

Welcome, come and sit with me. So and without says, I can't have you sit here, my brother juby, who just left so I cannot, you know, cause you to do that. And so he says that I was about to execute a matar when I heard this from him, I was about to execute him. But then I remember the Hadith that my brother narrated from the profits of the la vida, he was sent him. So this was in the Muslim movement, that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that anybody who takes an oath from another person, and then executes him in spite of that oath, that I have nothing to do with him. In other words, don't be a traitor. Don't be a Treacher that don't be treacherous. If you made a promise, you

00:40:37--> 00:41:12

cannot, you know, go against your promise. And so he had made a promise that, hey, I'm here peacefully. So he said, we're not for that fact. I would have executed him. So the point being that blocked out according to most of the AMA, ama, this is our sources here without saying I just saw Jubilee Jubilee was sitting right next to me. And it is also reported in the books of history that even are modeled the long run eventually also cut off from you remember when Rama wrote him two letters to shove out to get him out of jail? Eventually, we're gonna have to cut off from him that eventually somebody came to me and said, Don't you know that Animoto is claiming that why he comes

00:41:12--> 00:41:48

to him? And so it almost said he is telling the truth. So the man was shocked what how can you be telling the truth? And a bit more said Don't you know what Allah says in the Quran? We're in a shell Tina Lu, una de la Olia him, that child teen inspire their allies, meaning more doubt is getting watery, but it is not from a law it is from the child. So I've been on one had to cut off ties from him as well. And another Senior Companion that was still alive at the time is a different outcome as a given outcome was the one whom the processor who said his two young daughters participated. So he was too young. He was rejected or the now they they wouldn't call him as a very elderly man. So

00:41:48--> 00:42:32

David zeeman outcome visited Kufa, he visited a lot out and tried to impress a different outcome. And then matar said that, oh, Omar is is going to Omar that If only you could have seen me I was just with Gibran and Mika uniformly could have seen me okay a little bit earlier, you would have seen job right and McCann with me this is what are claiming that job right and MCI are with me, then say to him as a as an outcome said to him, you have lost and deceived yourself will law he you are more you are less insignificant in the eyes of Allah, then to have angel sent upon you. You are a cadaver lab and you are somebody who is blaspheming blaspheming against Allah and His messenger. He

00:42:32--> 00:43:09

said this to him publicly so matar was refuted at the end of his life even by a bit more than everybody they cut off from him. And again, this is coming out at the end of his life. What was the end of Immortal eventually, Abdullah Zubaydah, sends another force with his younger brother Musab urbanisme obeyed So even as obey sends his younger brother another urbanism obey and just says deal with this guy. So remember, we have now three entities or you have the umayyads you have Mata and you have Nazarbayev and Alamosa revolted against urbanears zubayr after he was given as a very concrete Iraq and certain lockdown basically, even as obey then sends his younger brother to deal

00:43:09--> 00:43:48

with and warthog after a sees that last for four months or more without his followers began to drop like flies until finally animada. With a small group of men, it said nine people or 10 people eventually were forced to fight and obviously you're not going to win against an army and so on matar was killed in the month of Ramadan in the year 67. hedger at the age of 67. Remember, he was born one his son walked out is killed at the age of 67. But that was not the end of and walked out his right hand man Remember him? The Persian guy remember him case on his right hand man continued to spread bizarre ideas, so much so that eventually the followers of Motown, who live for at least

00:43:48--> 00:44:28

another 200 years, they're initially called ulmaria eventually, they began to be called the K saniya. And the case Ania are the followers have walked out after the data model and the case Ania became the first of what is called the extremist sex of the Shia. So the Shia have three main trends Okay, they have the ones that are the closest to Sooners are from our perspective, and that's for example, sadism and then they have those that are mainstream twelver and then they have that which is called the whole acts and the whole lot are even even mainstream twelver Shia Islam views the whole lot as being too extreme too far out. And this is something that you can find even in the

00:44:28--> 00:44:59

shadow books like a nobody has his famous book on heresy ology, and no Buffy is a Shia author and an obok the mentions the case any has been from the whole lot so even she are the mainstream Shia view the case Ania as being outside the fold of Islam the case Ania are the followers of case on iE mortalis followers as they continue down the line for at least around 200 years. We have references of the case Ania now the case saniya started spreading ideas that were considered a whole lot at the time.

00:45:00--> 00:45:50

From our perspective, they were adopted by mainstream partisans of it. That's the whole point of why it's so important for students of theology and students of history to understand who this person walked out is when Mohammed did not hanafy or died at 100 pause, you don't get confused. Both our died 67 his group continues, they go underground, Mohammed didn't hanafy dies in the year 81 higit, another 50 years later, right when Mohammed hanafy passes away the case saniya start to claim and this is where it gets very important. Number one, if not hanafy did not die. He cannot die. He is the Imam. Number two. If none Hanafi has been appointed by God, this is nuts. Number three yBnL

00:45:50--> 00:46:38

Hanafi has gone into hiding labor. And number four evenin hanafy, I shall return towards the end of time Raja. And number five, if not, hanafy is currently somewhere in the world, controlling the creation, everything that happens he knows and he controls giving him powers of almost supernatural divinity almost to that level right now, these five things that the K saniya said, were considered all that, from our perspective, they were adopted by other segments, the 12 verse segments now pause here again footnote, the K saniya can be called for shear ism, because they considered hesson sorry, hydro, the last one and then hesson. And then her saying and then Mohammed bin Hanafi, and then

00:46:38--> 00:47:14

stop. This is for Shiism, the Z. These are feivor Shia and this is a these are the sect that is basically in between Sunnis and Shias in our times of Yemen they're kind of sort of you know, the the twelvers consider them. So neither Sunni is considered them she because of how they define soon as a mature ism. So sadism is fiber shares and then you have seven or Shia Islam, which is married ism, right. They believe in the seven Imams and then the split occurs from the seventh Imam. Then you have twelver Shia Islam, which is the mainstream Shia Islam of Iran and Lebanon in Iraq, that twelver Shia Islam, then you have a whole lot Shia Islam, which you know, in our days, the original

00:47:14--> 00:47:56

hula do not exist, but you still have the bachata shoes, and you still have the Druze and others of that nature. So you have the whole lot, Shia, the case saniya were the first of the whole lot. And from our perspective, they introduced a lot of doctrines, some of them and this is the key point were adopted by groups that were non holiday, right? The claim that it is by Allah that Mohammed Abu hanifa was appointed. This is nice, right? The claim that that he has not died, he is hiding. This is labor. Again, nobody before had mentioned this claim of labor, the claim that there's going to be a return or a job they're going to come back towards the end of times right you can add here even at

00:47:56--> 00:48:36

a six one the claim of the mat the being the Imam so the mat the and the mom merges into one from our perspective that was not the claim of the followers of alien has an impersonal the although I know the earliest partisans of it did not use the term Maddie when they're talking about the Imam but the case and he introduced this term, it was then adopted by the other mainstream movement and then the claim that the Imam is controlling the creation basically and basically nothing happens without his will. And he's going to return towards the end of times. All of these were propagated by not mocked out directly but the followers of Mata okay matar started the trend and by the way for

00:48:36--> 00:49:14

the advanced students here, k sans main student is beyond even some on and beyond Urban semaan taught people like jam have been so fun and others right and Banda bin Salman has some really weird theology. I'm not even going to say it it's so bizarre and Cofer and rubella but I'm not even gonna sit here look it up in the ancient books of the earliest books ever received all legitimate look at what ban have been some acid banned him and said that is from the case idea. And he is the leader of the case Ania of the next generation. So bottom line, as marked out as revolt began to something political, which was then infused with theology, which then took on a level of like, you know, a

00:49:14--> 00:49:49

Prophethood even that allows communicate with him directly. And then after his death, those ideas continued to evolve under k sun and then the K sand knights and then some of those ideas were then adopted by other strands of the partisans of Ivy as well. And before I conclude with my benefits, I just want to show you most of you know, I'm a numismatists. So I have a number of coins here that's very interesting. I think my I think as far as I'm a coin collector, I have a coin here and if you guys can see and this is from Abdullah and azubi. So this coin I have it is from Abdullah Zubaydah. I don't know if you can see it or not.

00:49:51--> 00:50:00

And this is a coin from obedia lab museum and who is the governor Okay, so this is I don't know if you can see that or not, you know what, let me spend some try and see if I can show this

00:50:00--> 00:50:36

To see so this is assassin coin. This is assassinate coin you see the Emperor here? That was then Islam is sized by way the labneh Ziad Okay, so this is the coin of away the lightning. Zia. Okay. And when he was the governor, let me get this clear back again. Is that clear for you guys? Okay. Yeah. So that's one of the reasons I'm a coin collector is that when I was reading all these historical things like man, I can actually own a piece of history. This was the coin that I loaded up the liveness Hubertus era minted and used right and again, this is also assassinated, by the way. So both of these are if you look at them, you think they're the same, because these were coins that

00:50:36--> 00:50:41

were introduced by the sassanid Empire. This is before

00:50:43--> 00:51:22

abdiweli kibin mode ones actual coinage became common. There was a timeframe when you had the sasanid coins that were islamize sized, right? So you have the Persian coins that were then just Bismillah was put on to them or maybe just put into circulation from the governors and from the regions and so even as obeyed did not mint his own coins, he took the Persian coins. And the same with who made that news yet of course eventually Abdul Malik had been but one would then mint, his own unique coins. And of course, I have plenty of those as well, which is the first coinage of Islam. Anyway, that's all the separate numismatics point. To conclude, this was a class that are a

00:51:22--> 00:52:01

topic that is essential for any student of Islamic history to know it is something that you need to understand the revolt of and water and the theological implications. And for me, what are some of the benefits? Well, obviously first and foremost, I mean, you need to know this stuff if you're going to study Islamic history and study the books of Hadith to know who is the cadaver who is Matata was going on another point to benefit and I always say this when I talk about history is that history matures you like no other discipline, history matures you like no other discipline, history is brutal. History is raw history is violent history is very human. If you read the stories of

00:52:01--> 00:52:41

actually sanitize this era, heads are being chopped off. You know, assassinations being done. political turmoil is backstabbing, insurrections. fightings. And we have to understand many of these people that are following some of these people are famous and well known out of respect, I'm not going to mention too much details. But when you study history, you realize that our religion is divine, our history is human, our religion is divine, our history is very, very human. And when you study history, you can no longer be simplistic or naive or romantically utopian, you can't you because you when you understand the earth, especially early Islam, and you understand what's going

00:52:41--> 00:53:15

on here, you know, you can no longer have this simplistic notion that all over the self, you know, that movement, all of the seller for all together and unique and want no, they would disagree amongst themselves. They supported this they did that all of this is a very, very, it's a kaleidoscope of ideas of understandings of theologies, things are happening. It's a very dynamic, you know, timeframe. Also, there are movements that are talking about if we had a caliphate where there would be no turmoil than you know, I don't know what books of history they're studying. I mean, I'm not denying that having political power in the earth is something that's very good and

00:53:15--> 00:53:49

great. I'm not denying that. But you know, there are movements that they literally think of a caliphate as a type of God that if we had it, we'd have no problems. And I'm wondering what books of history are they studying? This is when we had one of the most powerful caliphates. God, when my kids were basically whether you agree or disagree, they actually were a powerful dynasty, the first dynasty of Islam, and all of this bloodshed and insurrection, and backstabbing and killings and mcos being surrounded, the God was being destroyed at a urbanism debate is being you know, crucified in front of the this is happening at the command of the halifa, right? So you kind of floated down to

00:53:49--> 00:54:25

earth, like a caliphate is not going to solve, it's not an end all be all, it's not going to, you have to, you know, deal with yourself and do what you can. So, history matures, you history makes you a broad minded history, you cannot be a simplistic fanatic of any trend anymore, because you see the diversity and you learn from the mistakes, also one of the points of today's lecture, and I kept on emphasizing this, but I wasn't able to go there is the importance of understanding different perspectives. I presented to you a narrative, it is the narrative, I actually believe it is the narrative I'm sympathetic to. But to be fair to everybody else, we have to understand that other

00:54:25--> 00:54:59

groups, and particularly the partisans of it, they don't view this era with the same lens that we do. Their sources are different. And they don't agree with certain things. They don't believe that more thought ever said that a lot inspires them, for example, because if they believe that then that's obviously that is referred to believe if somebody says this and you respect him, that's awful. So they don't say this. So they have a different interpretation. So keep in mind that whenever you study history anywhere, anytime, especially early Islamic history, you have to know your own sources, and then realize which sources Am I going to trust or not. And of course, one of

00:54:59--> 00:55:00

the main points of

00:55:00--> 00:55:38

During this timeframe in this episode in this incident in particular, is to emphasize the development of theology, and how historic evidence is added ideas that impacted various groups, sometimes even our own, which I didn't talk about today. That's another topic altogether for this lecture, you know, specific notions of Imamate of nos of the malady of the powers of the Imam of labor of Raja, these notions were all introduced by the case saniya by Mata and then gay son, and then the people after him. And initially, they were rejected by the mainstream partisans of it, like the followers of eight

00:55:40--> 00:55:50

which is the fifth the fiver basically, like the father is of eight they did not accept that strict interpretation. And for us that interpretation is in fact mainstream

00:55:51--> 00:56:26

partisans of it shear ism. Nonetheless, historically, that movement became this a these and then these ideas were then adopted by what was to become a 12 volt shears. And that's from our perspective, obviously, from their perspective, they will argue all of these ideas go back directly to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam into the Imams. And of course, that is where we have to agree to disagree and we say that that is not our understanding and interpretation of events. Without open Charlotte was something of benefit to know the history of Motown and other such early episodes. And in Charlotte, let's move on to another topic. Next time, Michelle. Oh, Todd is stuck below hit leave

00:56:26--> 00:56:49

your comments, give me ideas, what you're interested in about what specific topics and also by the way, again, I don't know these topics are something I personally am interested in. I'd like to hear because these are not these are things I'm doing on my own. So whether you like this type of material or not you and have other materials of this nature, where you have other topics, feel free to leave in the comments and inshallah until next time said I'm Mike markkula. He wabarakatuh Yeah.