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Sh Abu Usamah advises on how we should deal with London & Manchester attacks. This talk was delivered at the Green Lane Masjid.

2017-06-04 – Ramadan 2017

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And that's because the Quran has mentioned many things about the dates and the authentic suit of the prophets of Allah. Why do you send them as mentioned many things about the dates, I'm not here to get into all of that. But I will bring to your attention the fact, as a revert to Islam before Islam, I didn't know anything about a date. Now, if you can imagine those people embrace Islam in the Scandinavian countries, and in those places, we as cold Iceland, Greenland, Alaska, Finland, Norway, the white person over there becomes a Muslim. He doesn't know anything about a date, there's no dates in the part of the world. But when a person becomes a Muslim, Ramadan is going to come to

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him. He's going to learn about Ramadan, and he's going to learn about other things outside of Ramadan. For an example. I think the vast majority of us will agree that our children when they were born,

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the very first thing that goes into their stomach is the date. And you are from Greenland and Iceland, before the baby drinks from the milk of the mother is going to eat a date. And that's because when the companions with Juan on Long Island were blessed with children, they were bringing their children to the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he would take a date, he would eat the date, and he will take the part of the date that he chewed, put in the mouth of the child, that child will eat it, because he knew way back then that that date has some additional value for that kid. So when a kid comes out, his bowel movement, a chromosomal like the beginning is black, looks like tar.

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He is that date is going to help develop his digestive system, just like the woman who has a baby, Elijah, Joe told Miriam to go to the date tree, and to shake it, and the root of day, the moist day that the Prophet is to break his fast with sallallahu sallam, it's going to come down to you and eat it. So that helps us understand the woman has a baby, she wants to replenish her blood. She wants to get a strength back, someone had an operation and lost a lot of blood and want to replenish the blood, then eat that root of date, not just the Ramadan. The date has something to do with the Muslims life part of his life. So his kid, as I mentioned, eats the day before he drinks the milk of

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the mother and he's from Norway, white man from Greenland in Alaska. And that's because the Muslims love the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. He lay we love the sinner. So we know when we have a baby. part of the process of work welcoming the child is bad technique, eating that date giving it to the child.

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So the date is important in our lives, vast majority of people they like dates.

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And it also goes to show the virtues of the Arabs as well.

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The Arabs have a place in our religion is because of where they come from the date means something to us, Pakistanis, Africans, different people have different dietary things that they eat, and they do, but we're not doing those things, because not from the religion to do those things. But there are things that were peculiar to the Arabs that were doing them on the strength of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was an error. The last revelation is in the language of the Arabs. the bedrock of Al Islam is in the land of the Arabs, I'm sorry to say, if you take your finger, and you put your finger on the Arab world and the map of the Muslim world, you pick your finger up is going to be

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dripping blood, blood all over the place. And that's because the Arabs, the Muslims, we've gotten away from following our religion correctly. The point here, as it relates to these other days, or what happened yesterday and the day before in Afghanistan, what happened in Manchester, all of this drama, and what's to come in terms of fitna

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the nibi of Islam told us in an authentic hadith sallallahu alayhi wa it was seldom enema method, Minh can method and nationality, my minha misshapen, Elana Attica. He said that the example of the Muslim is like the example of the day tree, the date tree, whatever you take from that tree is going to benefit you.

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So, the Muslim was sitting in front of me on the side of you behind you, above us, the one who's on the other side of town. His example is like the example of the date palm tree that we referenced, and we honor our religion and our lives.

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Whatever you take from the date tree is going to benefit you.

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So if you can imagine, I'm sitting under a tree and I put my back against the tree to give me some stability and I get benefit.

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I take the data off of the vine and I eat it and I get benefit. I take the seed I planted, it comes into another date tree.

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I cut the tree down. I make furniture with the bark. I make firewood with the bark.

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I take the leaves and I utilize the leaves. So just as our prophet SAW Selim is the CEO of Benny Adam, as he said, and say you do Benny Adam when I

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am the best the master of Adams children the best one and I'm not bragging. The date tree is the senior us job. It is the boss of all trees in Ellis land.

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Because from the top to the bottom and all around his benefit, there's nothing about that tree that doesn't benefit. And the Muslim is the same way. He's supposed to be the same way.

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is an iron in the Quran in surah Ibrahim is number 25. Along with Todd I mentioned lm Tara key for dorabella who method Karina tend to yeva tinka sheduled into

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a slew her therapy to Pharaoh has this summer to tea Ocala Hakuna Hainan be in Europe behind the United see Muslim Did you not contemplate Do you not see how Allah has given you an example of the good word? the carrying of Thai diva? the carrying of tayyiba is anything and everything you say that's positive insha Allah Masha Allah Subhana Allah jazak Allahu hiera no hibou Kofi La, La La all of that. All of that. The best Kevin Murphy but is La ilaha illa Allah in the month of Ramadan with one new things, the one who says La hawla wala quwata illa Billah every time he says that there is a date palm tree planted for him in gender every time he says that in Ramadan outside of Ramadan. The

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point is that Kadima tidy but anything you see that is good. Is the Kadima table, start for Allah, anything. But the best kaeleen pica is La ilaha illa Allah. So the I said, Do you not see how Allah is giving you the example of the good word? The good word is similar to the good tree, the sheduled Athena, it is firmly rooted in the ground and its branches go up to the sky, and it gives its fruit in every season. beneficial that day palm tree.

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The fruit is going to come into summer, winter, spring fall.

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And the Muslim is the same way. He just doesn't benefit in the month of Ramadan. But in the month of Ramadan, he takes it up a notch. He's going to give more sadaqa to the masjid, he's going to give more In fact, when the people come around, ask him for money every night. He's not gonna huffing and puffing move around like that is gonna say, unlike the date palm tree, let me help the community. Let me help other people. I'm going to bring the water I purchased the water. I'm going to give the dates today, this Caspian pizza place these people gave boxes of boxes of pizza. That's the day palm tree that's the Muslim.

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He gives us fruit. Now as it relates to Manchester as it relates to last night as it relates to Afghanistan, is that benefiting the community.

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If Muslims do actions like that, we are being a burden on the community. We're not being like the date palm tree. We're being like the cactus tree. The cactus tree that stinks people puts needles in people hurts and harms people. Like the humbler. It is so sour, that if you step on it with your bare foot, you can taste the sour taste in your tongue. And that's why the Prophet said some of the love while he was setting them that the example of the believer who reads the Koran

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is like the Rihanna. It has a nice smell, has a nice smell and has a nice Chase. The Mona Lisa, who are the cat doesn't read the Quran. He is like the humbler. It has no smell and it has that sour bitter taste. That's how we become

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right now, honey. I don't bite my tongue. I tell you all the time. We are not second class citizens.

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We are here and we're here to stay. But we came from outside most of us. We came from outside

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We are first class citizens but we have to consider we came from outside, come in from outside, and we came into this country like everybody else. We can't be a burden on the welfare system. We can't be problematic. You youngsters, our kids can't be the ones who are selling drugs getting high. Our kids can't be the one who's killing people.

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Right now, since the beginning of Ramadan, I know of 10 situations where Muslims have killed other Muslims, youngsters, gangs, crimes in the city where I have 10 Muslims kill each other. And from amongst those who are killed, a Muslim girl, a young Muslim girl, we are a burden on the society. And we're supposed to be people helping the society. Our youngsters being in school, they're the knuckleheads in school. They're the troublemakers the underachievers

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where the Prophet told us Salalah what he was selling them where it's supposed to be like the date palm tree, given our produce and our free our fruit all the time, being people who the other community looks at us and they say, Mashallah, we have differences with those people, but look at them, look at them.

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So all of this drama that's going on, we're saying to our youngsters, Hey, you guys need to pump your brakes, you need to relax. Our religion does not condone or endorse this nonsense that's going on, and we cannot sympathize with it. Now, granted, I don't believe everything that the media says about this and this and this and that. But I still think is insane during I think it's insensitive. I think it's inflammatory. For people to say this didn't happen and that didn't happen. People have lost their lives. How would you feel as a Muslim if someone came to you and said, Kashmir is a figment of the media's imagination? What's going on in Palestine? That didn't really happen that

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instilled inflammatory

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you wouldn't appreciate it.

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Which brings me to the next point.

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The example in the similar tool between the Muslim and the danger of punching a meanie you got all the time in the world to deal with this but I want to mention the second issue is what a lot of said in the Quran about the dates in Surah Arad the thunder in the beginning of the surah, he said to barakaatuh Allah will fill out the data we refer to jannatul minab was when I feel sin 1061 you scar the man in white one no * do Baba and Abaddon fill in the Vatican II in the comi archelon. He said in the earth, next to one another, you will see the earth changing different tracks. You travel from here to Liverpool from here to London. When you look to the right and the left, all of the

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landscape is not the same. It changes different colors, different plans, different different textures.

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Allah said in the earth, our gardens of dates and different vegetation, and in the earth, our date palm trees, some date palm trees, they come in clusters when you take them down their clusters, others other than clusters, like the days in Libya, the dates in tunings, you know, the one on the vine, pick them off, they're different. Allah said,

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they all come from one water that hits them. They are different, just like we're different. This one is Arabic as non Arabic, one black, one white girl, that's a boy that was educated, not educated, were different. Not only Muslims, some are Muslim, some are kafar were different. Everybody is not the same. Allah said in in those different days, they come from one water. We all come from one heart, one rub. So we have to learn how to embrace and celebrate our differences and that despise and hate each other with racism. Even with the non Muslims, even with the non Muslim, there is a way to deal with the da muscleman la slang and we don't find a Mustafa sallallahu wasallam killing

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people. We don't find that line in wheat, disrupting life

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sacrificing the stability for a few people who have crazy ideas we don't see that. He said that if we make some of those dates tastes better than others. There's a hadith that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam anyone who wakes up in the morning and he eats seven Igawa dates of Medina seven from Medina in the morning. He won't be affected by poison or magic

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every day

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It is not like that. You have the rotor update that I told you the moist when you have the dry when you have the sukriti you have the Iowa and just says you have all those you have differences amongst ourselves. The imams today. My first time praying here is their recession. They recitation the same all of them. Is it the same. First was recitation is different from the second one is different from the third. They're all different. Some of us are in the audience. I like the first recital. I like the second one I like the third one. This one cries this one cries as a result of the drama that one cries as a result of the canal mavala were different, and that nobody doesn't cry.

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So with those differences, the Muslim has to understand, listen, we're in a community right now. I wish that the recitation of the Quran was longer than the dua one a short, long quote on this one, he wants us to read a whole Jews every night. So as soon as the sooner this one over here, he wants it even shorter. Now if I expected Abu sama, that this Masjid has to march to the beat of Abu Assam and everything I want, I'm going to create problems, I'm going to be a problem.

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I'm going to be a problem. Listen to what the prophet says. So a lot he was said about Agha, he said that when Allah created Adam, he took a cup, or a handful of dirt from all over the world, every kind of dirt you could possibly think of from the white dirt, the yellow dirt, the red dirt, the black dirt and everything in between that.

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He said and this is why Adams children come out white, black, red and all in between. and some of them are tidy, and some of them are beef and some of them are subtle, and some of them are as in some of Adams children are good, pure, some of them are no good. No good. Some of them are easy to get along with others are complicated, then individually very complicated. The point is we are different, different. So with being different comes the next characteristic that I gotta bring to your attention and that is the day palm tree is the most patient tree on the face of the earth. It has suburb a suburb, a finds itself in the middle of the desert where it doesn't rain, and it stays

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there. So the Muslim may find himself in an environment that is not exactly conducive to what he wants to be about. There are some trials and tribulations.

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How does he deal with it? He deals with it with sobor

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he deals with it with sub and takes it easy. Now because of the actions of a few people from amongst us. These people are going to come down on our communities make things tough for us. And a probably will get worse before it gets better. So how do we deal with it? Like the day pantry? We have to have supper?

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Do I say Serbian we just sit like this total in our fingers know what like this is the month of summer.

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This dwad that we just made there's an ayat of the Quran I want to bring to your attention on the to the slam. Allah said in the Quran will levena jaha do finger the NA de su balena. Those people make efforts for my cause anyone who makes effort in my calls, I'm going to guide them to the right way. So you mean to tell me that while we are fasting all of these hours, making sacrifices doing all of these things with sincerity making efforts come here making do during the winter praying Canute. You mean to tell me we're being patient every night doing this with sincerity, that Ally's just gonna let the system overwhelm us. Blow the light out of Ellis land?

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No, well lie. Allah doesn't break his promise. But what we have to do is we have to go back to the source like Allah described that tree and sort of Ibrahim a slew had that bit. It has roots, it has a soul has a religion, we got a religion, where we do things a particular way. As a Christian, they used to tell us on Sunday, we would go to church on Sunday, they will break out the wine, real wine, not Kool Aid. Not Lucas ate real wine, and it was up to you to give it to your child or not. And it was supposed to be symbolic of the blood of Jesus and you hit it. And then you say can I get another one? Can I get another one and someone drink 10 some drink 15 some is enough with one the religious

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ones drink one. By the time the ceremony is over people are drunk in high

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Now in that in their religion, they illiberal. They can do that. But in our religion, we have assumed a way of doing things in everything rabada we're not going to anything except that which has the Leland the companions didn't aqeedah we're not going to believe anything except that which is establish everything, everything. I got a phone, a mobile phone, what what's up, I get a What's up? They showed me on what's up, that there are two women looks like their hair is covered. To white people are throwing white powder on them. The Muslim sends it to me and says, Look at how they are attacking to sumati girls after Manchester. But then when you go to the source of these fake

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WhatsApp thing, they were to Romanian people tried to steal something from the guy.

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So why am I going to send that out just like that. I have a soul in my religion. I'm not going to send out everything. I'm not gonna believe everything.

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Everything somebody tells me about someone else, I'm just gonna believe it.

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Then we'll ever mix together when it comes to a shadow under Mohammed Rasul Allah, I see some people kissing their thumbs in a lie. What are you doing that for? If you do that, you won't go blind? Do you mean to tell me? Where did you get that from? Wait, wait. He doesn't know where it came from. The point is, the point is not to put down that person or those people do that. The point is, don't do that. If you don't know where it comes from, you mean to tell me Prophet Mohammed. So someone forgot to tell us that thing which will prevent us becoming blind. And you came to that conclusion.

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Our whole religion has to be like that our life has to be like that. We have to have knowledge of our Deen to be able to navigate through all of this. So with that being the case that when we're asking you, we have to reclaim our kids from the streets, because the streets are not a joke. The challenges that are in front of us right now not a joke. And we don't have time as communities to be babysitting, everybody who has something to say or his feelings get hurt. We have to be bigger than that more mature than that. This mischief right here. This machine has a big job to do. And we don't have time, we don't have time in emsg to have to pay attention to everyone who's disruptive because

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you expect everything to go your way. Sometimes a Huck is with you. But you can't force it down people's throat because everybody is on different levels. My bro we Auntie is different from me. But I know she's different from the one who's an Imam and he knows what he's doing. So I'm gonna deal with her accordingly.

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I'm from Allah, Allah Hadees. He's from Allah, Allah, Allah de. Well, this another Hadith is religious, and that one is not religious, and that one is knowledgeable and that one is not knowledgeable. And this one prays and that one doesn't pray. We are different. Everybody is different. So we got to learn how to tolerate each other and we have to learn how to get on board and get on the same page. Because right now

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people are playing hardball and a Playing for Keeps. Now I don't want you people in concluding to be of the people who as I said earlier, I am encouraging you guys tomorrow after tomorrow. Break your fast only on dates. That's it. And then after Maghrib go ahead and do what you have to do get your grub on no problem. But Alicia said I broke my fast the way the sooner was just saying I'm gonna and I would advise greenlink when they give you food to break your fast Mashallah I came today we had pizza, we are one of them, and we had no problem as good, but maybe they should put off to the side or corner place just dates. Because if you sit in in China just eat dates and in some cases D as

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well, and it's there and it's gonna be hard. After fast and all these hours, you're gonna sell booze. sama was bugging he was bugging allies, gentle allies. Man, Eliza Rahim. He said in the Quran. Allah wants to make things easy for you. I will say Am I making it hard? No.

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Just eat. Now when I don't want you to do and this is the point. Don't be that person who's inspired by doing that action of the sooner? Yes, the sooner the sooner is important. But you're not inspired by the idea. There are more important Sooners than just eating dates before you break your fast, like the sooner have taken our community forward. Like the sooner you putting your hands in the hands of the people in this Masjid, to take this whole community forward, because it ain't easy. And if everybody is on a boat unto himself, we're gonna have problems. This is what I want to present to you guys and I'm asking allies to help us to help us with what

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We have to do and we're gonna make mistakes. We're gonna have bumps on the road. But again, so many so many characteristics that are in the date farm tree that are inside of us. All we have to do again is know our religion and we'll be okay in sha Allah. Hi, that was a little low. We'll send them a bidet got in the beginning while it was highly germane Santa Monica to learn more about her cat