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In this talk Sh. Abu Usamah advises on how we need to respond to matters relating to Islamophobia and the prevention thereof.

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No one is totally 100% good. No one is totally 100%. Bad. So what's the point in what's the message and moving forward 2016 in this community, in this country, this community, this country, moving the community forward, we have some big fish to fry, we have some serious issues that are on the table, some big fish to fry serious issues that are on the table, this issue of Islamophobia, the Muslim community has to address it. The issue of prevent many of our community members don't even know what preven is Ain't got time to deal with prevent, and try them. Those are issues that are on the table as it relates to challenges that are contemporary to this oma and this community, the double

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standards of the media, how the media reports concerning the Muslims in a certain way, and how the media reports concerning non Muslims in another way, all of those are serious issues, serious issues.

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So in moving the community forward, which is the message here today, we have to have good o'clock, everybody has a responsibility. religiously and ethically, everybody here without any exception, you have a responsibility to help Islam, the community move forward. It's not your job to get the hold of Juma. It's not your job to leave the salon. But everybody here in some shape form of fashion has to be responsible to take his piece of the puzzle to help his land and this community specifically to move forward a lot mentioned in the Quran showing there is no passive participation in Ellis land. Every Muslim has something to do. The older person, the man, the woman, the read, the one can

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read can't read everyone. He said in the Quran with the colon, which hatoon who will only have studied Iraq, everybody has been put on this path. So be early in the race to do your path. So his issue, how does he help the community, he does the Adhan. And his issue is, when he's not here, he does the event. And his issue is he gives every single week to take care of the mistake. And his issue as an elder is he's going to give advice in extreme struction. And this person over here, his issue is and on and on and on. Everybody has to find out, what's my lane, and I gotta get in my lane. So the man came, and he wanted to know jasola, what can I do to help his land? Because I don't

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have any money. I don't have any knowledge. I can't do a lot of stuff. What can I do, he said, help the community and do good by holding your hand back and holding your tongue back. If you feel you don't have anything to offer Shut up and get out of the way. Because we have a lot of work to do serious issues that are on the table. Our children in this country, our children, there's no time anymore for Muslims be playing around and playing games. And in communities like this communities that are up in the north, not the big metropolitan cities like London, like Birmingham, like those big cities, a lot of time in cities like this, we become very easy and complacent because the

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lifestyle appears kind of easy. But that doesn't take away from the fact that there are some serious issues facing the community. And it's our responsibility to take the community forward. And everybody has something to do. So I want to mention something here today. In that regard. I want to advise you encourage everybody get in his lane, and everybody do what he has the ability to do, and do your job and try to do your job well. And if you're one of those people who feels I can't do anything, then help by not delaying the progress, help by not being a distraction, help by just sitting on the sideline because you're helping us just not causing us to carry deadweight. But

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there's one characteristic trait that Ellis lamb came to eradicate. And this thing, it stops the community from moving forward. It stops the marriage from moving forward. Anyone who suffers from this as a problem. And I mentioned that very briefly the last time that I was here on my bond, but I get a chance to expound upon it. And it is critical when it comes to moving the community forward. Community Development

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and that is one of the things that the Quran and the Sunnah came to tell everybody you have to deal with this within yourself because everybody has this issue is the issue of being an individual who complains unnecessarily. Complaining unnecessarily would destroy the marriage. Complaining unnecessarily would destroy the development of

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A child complaining unnecessarily as a community member, being a person that complains and all you do is complain that prevents the community from going forward. It happened during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam to complain unnecessarily is a major problem, as you're going to see in sha Allah and everybody has it. Not only that, I'm gonna stop right here and I'm going to challenge everybody here right now. Everybody pay attention after Salatu. Juma inshallah, pay attention to the first person who comes to you and listen to what he says. And you watch how many people complain to you about things you don't have any ability to change. That's just the way that

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people are. The nature of the people is we complain, and that's what Allah said. That's what the Quran has said is well aligned and prophets are something authentic ideal. He said in the Quran, subhana wa Taala in Berlin, Salah hodaka Hello, and Mr. Boucher, Jesu

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Manu, verily mankind has been created in haste. He wants everything yesterday. This mistake right now as it is right now. It just didn't pop up like this. When this message was first started, when that mustard over there was first started, it just didn't pop up like that. So people came in the mystery was right here. It was a gradual movement until we got to this point right here today. And is it going to stay like this for five years? The next 10 years? Is it going to stay like this? Because we're just thinking of the mission as a place you come in, you pray, and that's it? No, we don't expect it to accommodate the community in five or 10 years, we expect we hope that this

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machine is going to grow, maybe this won't be the place we're going to be in in five or 10 years. The point is, mankind has been created in haste. If evil touches him, he starts to complain and he gets upset. And if good comes to him, he holds back. So if he doesn't have any money, if he loses his job, if you come sick, something happens, he starts to complain. And then when Allah gives him good health, when Allah gives him a job gives him money he doesn't get he doesn't know that I it goes to show from the nature of Benny Adam, and know who your sticky. He's going to complain. That's just how it is. Brother Mohammed mentioned in authentic hadith showing sallallahu wasallam.

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Everybody is going to complain.

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He says so a lot of it was setting them in the Adam and osobowych. Her. Carla has. We're in a sample birth Carla has. The son of Adam is a person who is hot. He's going to say hello. If it is cold, he is going to say has meaning what? No matter what his situation is, he's going to complain. If he has children. He's going to complain. If he doesn't have children. He's going to complain. If it's too hot. It's a problem if it's too cold, it's a problem. That's the nature of Benny Adam. Whereas I wouldn't it be in our assumed from his Salalah What do you send them is what Annecy pneumatic said. He said, If the food any food was put before the prophets of Allah what he was sending them. If the

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food was put there, if he liked it, he ate it. If he didn't like it, he left it alone. And he didn't complain.

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He didn't say it's too hot. It's too cold. Too much salt, too much pepper. If he ate he liked he liked it. He ate it. If he didn't like it in eatin our issue said when he used to come to my house, he would ask Hey, do you have anything to eat for breakfast? is close to the time yeah Isha had in the cache mill? Do you have anything to eat brunch right before lunchtime than anything we eat? I should say no, we don't have anything in the house. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam will say, Well, I'm going too fast. And for the rest of the day. He didn't say when his wife told him we don't have any food. you're lazy. Why we don't have any food. You didn't go shopping? What kind of way for you

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your problem. Instead of making it a negative thing. He turned it around and he made it a positive thing. He's going too fast. In the month Rama is gonna pass for the remainder of the day. He's not going to sit and create drama between him and his wife, because she doesn't have anything in the house to cook or to present. That's from his o'clock. rsap nomadic and this is a bit difficult to comprehend, because we know our own children and we know the reality of life. He said that I served the Navy Salah when he was 17 I gave him the head monk for 10 years. 10 years. Never once did he complain in 10 years, from the age of 10 to the age of 20. Not once did he ever say to me Did he

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ever complain and say to me about something that I did. Why did you do that thing like that? He never said that. And not once did he say to me in 10 years for something that I

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Didn't do maybe I should have done it. But I didn't. He never said, Why didn't you do like that? He didn't do that.

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I can't imagine that how we don't address these issues with our kids between the age of 10 and 20. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wasn't an individual who would complain unnecessarily, and is the point. The person hope, has a wife who complains, his kneecap is a muscular his life is a muscular the lady that has a husband all she does, all he does is complain, her life is a problem. And there are men who are like that. And there are definitely many women who are like that. The young man, the kid, the kid, he has a mother, a father, both of them complain, that's all they do is complain. Or one of them, they run game and all they do is complain, his life is going to be a

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problem. We got to be balanced. The community where we had individuals that all they do is complain, it's gonna be a problem. Hey, man, we got serious issues on the table contemporary big fish to fry for the community and moving forward, you find your lane and bring your piece of puzzle to table to help if you don't want to do that help us Lamb in the community by getting on the side and relaxing yourself as well complaining about everything. Why this and why got it like this. And like that, we have to address this issue and our attention resources are being dealt with you. And we need to be dealing with these big fish that we need to fry. So what complaining am I talking about? To make it

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clear, I'm talking about the complaint that's unnecessary. I walk down this main role here and Keith Lee, as I usually do, many of the white people, the non Muslims, they're looking at me and they're looking at my wife. Some of them are looking like we got marches come off to the moon. So when I get here and you say how you doing Abu? What's the benefit of Santa? He's white people looking at me, I'm complaining. What are you going to do about it? Are you the one I'm complaining to God and go and change all of their minds? Why waste time mentioning about an issue? You don't have anything to change? You can? Hey, the weather is really hot today. Oh, it's so hot today. It's really hot. It's

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what can I change that? The one your complaint? Can you change that something you can't change? Why wait that's complaining that I'm talking about? As for the complaining that a person has the right, I'm talking about that? And I talked about that? Allah mentioned in the Quran about this complaining mainly I cut Sonia Allah codility to JD to coffee, so Jihad with tequila La La who Yes, my old taharah Kumar. Verily, Allah He is the complaint of the lady who was complaining to you yeah, Mohamed and ally, here's your discussion, because allies are hearing and allies on seeing. So when the husband treated his wife back the treatment of the husband cause the wife to go to the Nabi

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sallallahu, cenla, cause the wife to go to the courts, cause the wife to go to Hawaii, cause the wife to go to the man cause the wife to go to someone to give her her heart. This is not the complaint that I'm talking about. That's permissible. She wants to get

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the band borrow from this man money. And now he wants his money. And the guy is running all over the streets. Every time you see him. He's running. So he goes, the people say help me to get my money. I'm not talking about that. I'm not talking about that. The Iraqis, the Syrians, the Palestinians, they have every right to complain. I'm not talking about that. They had every right to complain our children, they are right now in the holidays, because it's the summertime so school is out for five years, five years, the people of Iraq, the kids are forced holiday, they don't go to school, got every right to complain, Muslims in Kashmir, they have every right to complain that the world right

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now for the last two weeks, not even aware that Muslims in Kashmir are being killed, and that the problem has escalated. And the world doesn't even know about it. Kashmir has had to have to complain about that. I'm not talking about that complaint, that the one has the right. African Americans in America, we have every right to complain. They say to the American government, you people,

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your people are going all around the world telling people about human rights and telling people about democracy. When African Americans right here in America, we don't have any rights. You don't take your license with you to drive and a cop stop you. He may blow your head off because you don't have your license, because you have a broken tailgate. So they have a right to complain. We're not talking about that. We're talking about the complaint for the sake of complaining. It has no benefit. No claim, no fight either. This is the one that we're talking about. The one that after the hospital. Someone's going to come to you and he's going to say something

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Then when you look at him You say, Man, that is a complaint. That's what I'm talking about the one that happened to Benny's throat.

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Now you all know shala everything that happened to Benny Israel we're going to do it as the Prophet says of Allah while he was setting up the

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Solomon Cana tabla comb shaped Brahma Shiva was around Devaraj you people gonna follow what happened with the people before you hand spent by hand spin and spin by arm span. And when narration is said, if one of them were to have relations with his mother in public, someone from this community will do the same thing. If they go into a lizard hole, you're gonna go into the lizard hole. So everything Benny Israel did, we're gonna do so you got to do is read the story of billions in the Quran and the Sunnah, everything that happened is going to happen with us. They worship other than Allah. They went crazy. They went against their profit, they gave profit, profit, hard time back, everything.

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One of the things that happened with vinius, right?

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When they got out of bondage, and they went and left Egypt, and now they have challenges that are in front of them, challenges on the table, and they have to build their community. After being in bondage stuck in the mud. They had to build their community. One of the first things that they started to do was to complain to Moosa, one of those is to tell that story is the statement of a level of data or if quote to me, I'm Moosa leanness para Turan in wahida. Further, Lana, Rebecca yo frigiliana Mattoon aeroadmin back we have our formula, our buffer Nia, remember Benyus, ra l, where you said to Moosa, hey Moosa, we can be patient eating the same food all the time, when they were

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taken out of Egypt. All they can eat was a bird called sanwa. And another delicacy That was delicious call and manna. So you heard the name of the girls cell what is a succulent bird belling chicken better than any bird you can think of. But those were the only two things that they can eat. They got upset and they say hey Moosa, we want you to make dua to your Lord. Ask your Lord and make dwad We are tired of eating the same food. We don't want to eat the same two foods. We want to eat onions, we want to eat lentils. We want to eat herbs, we want to eat, we want to eat cucumbers, we want this we want that. Some people read that. And they think that that is talking about the dietary

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law of Benes, right.

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It's not talking about the dietary laws, Australia, that's talking about the complaint of Benyus Raphael. Hey, Ben is ill just recently you were over here in bondage, and you were in the dirt. You didn't have clothes to protect you from the sun, the clothes were ripped up. Not only that, worse than that, worse than that, for own use to kill your sons and he's to leave your girls can leave. Why did you leave the girls to lead so that if around, or the was zero frown, or the army man or frown, if you want it to come to take your wife, your sister, your mother, your auntie benezra only has to do is take your 16 year old daughter, 13 year old daughter, and none of you can do anything

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about it. Because you don't have any clothes. You're weak and you're in the mud in the dirt and your work. What work you're working all day. That's your condition. That's your condition. Yes.

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That's your condition. Moosa came by laws permission. Moosa took them out of bondage by laws permission, when they went through the Red Sea, each tribe had his own lane, stay in your lane, know your lane. each tribe the Quran said each tribe had his own lane, bring your piece of the puzzle, worry about Jolene, about what you can do. Don't worry about the guy way over here. You do your job. And they went to the other side. They turned around and here comes around. And here comes his host his army. Allah killed them. So why are you telling us right now? If you want cucumbers and onions, onions, you want this and you want that? What you have to do is compare your life how it was over

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there, Egypt, if you think is too hot here. What about the heat of Somalia, Eritrea, Sudan, the Gulf states Kashmir, Pakistan. It gets hot here one two days, and the people start jumping up and down saying it's too hot. It's too hot. And when it gets cold, oh, it's too cold. It's too cold. What about the heat and the cold? The cold up in Alaska? You gotta be like that. That's how the Muslim is. He's gonna compare this situation with Benny Israel. That's what that story is. That's the complaining that we're saying is not permissible. We're trying to move forward and we're taking things forward. And he is this individual. All he does is

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The microphone is too loud.

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We shouldn't have brought it from this company. Why did you put this window there as opposed to the other window? Why did you hire him as opposed to him? And that's all these kinds of people don't.

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I say, No one should be eliminated the Iet when they call in which had to normally have for standard error, everybody has his piece of the puzzle. So get it and be in a race to do the best that you could possibly do a lot can be said at 20 but I have to wind this up. And before you start complaining that I went past the time. Let me just make this point very quick, very quickly before you complain.

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There is a min Hajj in less than a minute how to do everything. The hook Baba Juma the Imam has to know what is the main Hajj of delivering the hook. But do I come here and start talking to the people about something that's above the ability to comprehend? Do I come in and start talking to the people about something that has nothing to do with the price of peanuts. I'm going to talk about a hopper that happened in Baghdad 600 years ago. And right now our kids are leaving.

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Everybody is a min hij how to perform the Friday prayer, taking a hustle wearing nice clothes putting perfume on Welcome to the Miss Jacob Trevi thing. as relates to complaining, there was a min hygiene Ellis lab can't get all into it. So I'm just going to give you the general rule. Don't be a person who complains unnecessarily.

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And how do you do that? Prophet Mohammed told us a lot he was telling them in Canada Billahi min ash and Filippo Haman ODS moot. Anybody who believes in the lung the last day, let him say good, or let him be quiet. Let him speak what is good and no, be quiet? Actually, I see you're frowning today. Are you okay? Are you okay? Let him speak good. Or let him speak quiet. What is speaking good. Another Hadith from his Sunnah. He said, If anybody is suffering from something, something that's bothering you, and someone asked you, how are you doing? What's going on? You should say Alhamdulillah Allah.

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And hamdulillah Cooley ha ha ha see your friend. What's the man is everything okay, you look sad. You have your head down. You look, what's the matter? He says with sincerity Alhamdulillah Allah.

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And the one who hears that he may know there's a problem we may not know. But for the one who is a complainer, he can say this, but he's still complaining, hey, you look like you have a problem with you. Okay, is everything okay? He says like,

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of the land. So that's the complaint in and of itself, that in how we say it, you say really believe in it, and handle the law. Because it could be worse. Because putting in perspective is cleaning me up. If I'm patient, I know that with difficulty is going to be easy. This thing will be on me forever. And on and on and on and on. So he says good, he says good. And he makes that thoroughly and lastly thoroughly and lastly from the seven points that we can mention thoroughly. And lastly, is the main hedge of the NBA. When they used to have problems like what happened with yopu Salawat de la he was cinema why they worship the Muslim do when he has something to complain about the

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brothers of use of came to school they said hey, your your son Binyamin yes and being me he stole the the cup the vessel of the king they found that in his saddle, he was a thief so they kept them back then you're told knows his son, he knows that's not true. No way in the world My son is gonna steal he knows his son. So he didn't accept that story. He said to them well, so when it comes

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to Subaru Jamil, he said this is something that you came up with, but I'm gonna have sub button Jamil pay attention. Sub boom Jamil has been mentioned in the Quran twice for spirit submarine jameelah Be patient the beautiful patient Yeah, Muslim. What is the meaning of subway? Jimmy sobor Jamil is not the suburb that we did Ramadan, that's not Southern has different levels, different kind of sub

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fasting 18 and a half hours being patient that summer. Not talking a lot being careful how we weren't that summer, but it's not suitable to Jimmy sebata Jimmy is when a person has something he could complain about. But he doesn't. He holds it in and he only complains to a lot. He doesn't complain to anybody else. That's what Yaqoob said when he explained it. He said in a school bus he was leaving it alone. illallah wa animal min Allahu Allah tala mo I only complain about my sorrow, my sadness, my problems. I only complain to a lot and I know from Allah, but you don't know

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Jimmy got something to complain about, then you only complain to Allah. As for that lady, who every time she sits with the other ladies, she starts lifting up her IRA. Why? Because she starts saying, my husband did this, my husband did that my husband did this, my husband in that, and she's just telling people about that cut out

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that people are going to help her people gonna go to other people and tell them about it. As if she just realized the power of showing people her out of the out of her husband in the house, a big problem in our community, big problem in our community. So those things you have that you can complain about, then complain to Eliza gel, complained to Eliza gel, or complain to someone who is a trustworthy person, a person who is I mean, we do need people who are trustworthy because if you keep stuff in forever, and there's a problem with our coaches, where we come from Africa, Pakistan, Kashmir, you got to be a man gotta be a man. So he tries to keep everything go. And then he goes up

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like a volcano.

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He gets a heart attack and a stroke. Because he can't tell nobody. No, you have to tell some people and this is why you have to get a friend who is mean that when you tell him and you complain to him, you let the steam out. But this man he has your back. He has your he has your secret is going to hold that secret for you. But for the most part, just remember, if you tell two people something if you talk to people you told 11 people this the time we live in it you told 11 people not to you told 11 you told 11 so be careful about complaining who you complain to a pool of Cody. Hi there.