Yaser Birjas – The Most Beloved Places To Allah

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The best time to be at work at Allah Subablement taala is the time when everything is at a certain age. The importance of timing and choosing a place for work is emphasized. The success of protecting the marketplaces and the "ham ham" in the face of extreme weather conditions is highlighted, along with the importance of protecting one's heart and driving to the market places to avoid distraction from the "ham ham." The success of these strategies is highlighted as a result of the "ham ham" in protecting the safety of the marketplaces.
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Hello salon Bali Soho salon with a Steven cathedra from Amazon

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which is which part of the of the Earth is dearest to Allah subhanaw taala

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and which one is the least

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marketplaces where they find more people to Gemma

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massage marketplaces. So this is Hadith Ebihara Taraji Allah to Anwar Hadid number 1841 on the other side of Hain talara Salah he SallAllahu Sallam a humble Villa did Allah massage to work on Villa did Allah as well Carvalho Muslim? And this narration the prophets of Allah Allah wa sallam said that the response on the face of the earth near to Allah azza wa jal or the massage the masks and the most hated parts near to Allah azza wa jal or its markets raw Muslim

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question who created the earth Gemma?

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Who did

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you guys have doubt on that? So if Allah created the earth, how come part of it is good part of it is bad.

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So who has the right to classify something to be that good or that bad or that favorable or that least favorable? Allah subhanaw taala in terms of time, Allah azza wa jal made sometimes better than others.

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So like what out of all the 24 hours of your day, or the day we save time, which time is the best? The best time is a

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tough question. Some of you might say the time when I'm sleep, right, that's the best time Well, it's actually Fajr and acid. That's when ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says will Quran in February in the Quran in February Ghana Masuda and the recitation refriger the recitation of the Quran treasured time, because this will be witnessed by the angels and after us, because that's what Allah subhanaw taala says when you remember Allah azza wa jal book Ratan wa sila early in the morning around soldier time I'll sit after ourselves. And that's also the ages now alternate they take turns they go up and down. Carrying Allah Subhanallah there's commands and the deeds of people and so forth. So

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ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada made these times best times of the day. What about the night which one of the night is the best Gemma?

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The last third right before Fajr saga, right? Who made these times better than other times in the day and night? Allah subhanaw taala. Okay, out of all the days of the 30 360 plus days of the year, which day is the best day of all this is to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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the best day that Allah subhanaw taala call it the best the other 1am the greatest days of Allah azza wa jal, Yamaha

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100 has come in.

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Why is that?

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The amount of a VEDA, the amount of dhikr the amount of war worship, in his diversity, it is all very variations happen on that day.

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sigh they can tell via text via the settings of the Quran, that we are at a certain age, you know, people getting together as a community, all these things, all these things, it's very important that we keep that in mind. So who made this the best of all this? Allah Subhana Allah. So Allah azza wa jal is also he prefers people over others. So who are the best of the people of Allah subhanho wa Taala he created the MBR the prophets, among all the prophets, who are the best of them, they are the top five

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right no prophet knowledge CERAM Musa CERAM, Ibrahim Musa, Ace and Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam of all the five, who is the author the best to Mr.

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Muhammad Salah Salem and Ibrahim to have Allah Brahma Karela, he made him the best, right? And the Prophet says in the Hadith, that Allah has chosen me as college just like he chose Ibrahim as affiliate. So if ALLAH SubhanA wa taala, He is the Creator, He has all the right and all the power to select a time a person, a place to be better than the other one. And this is an example from the prophets of Allah Subhan Allah azza wa jal has chosen some places better than others, and the best of all places he chose Subhana wa Taala for everybody is Mecca, and Medina and Jerusalem, obviously, Holy Land, but then for us, the best place for us as well the massage is this place where you guys

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are in right now.

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And why was this place considered or the muscles considered favorable place or favorite place to Allah subhanaw taala Why did it Allah Zoda because of the amount of a bad and decay that happens

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hamdulillah Why did people have to drive all the way to come to this place? Why? Yes, I wanted to meet a brother but what did I do before before me that brother? I came on I made two and declare on Salah and antispy and Kurata Quran and listen to the Salas kala all these hieratic happens in one place.

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The prayers of Allah azza wa jal, this is the best place because when I go home, yes, I might pray sunnah here read Quran there, but how much of my time at home is occupied in a vida?

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How much of the space in the house is occupied for a vida? Not all of it. But at this place, the entire space is dedicated for the Reverend worship Allah subhanaw taala. Now in regard of the SWAK,

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the most detestable places to Allah subhanaw taala on Earth are marketplaces although they're essential source, right? You have to go to trade and make for make a living and purchase things and buy stuff in essential to life and so on. But why would these places to be considered the most detest for the last panel Madonna because most likely, a lot of deceit a lot of falsehood happen in the marketplaces. Like what is your man cheating, lying, swearing by Allah falsely, you know, false marketing.

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The brands are not genuine. In addition to that people Subhanallah they even chances for fit and happens when men and women expose them to the fitness of the of the marketplace and, and malls and so on. That's why the shaitan is just sitting there putting his banner just waiting for to come in.

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Everyone comes into the marketplace, he tags them.

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I got you, right. And then you're under the Mercy of Allah subhana wa Taala to protect you from this from this from the shutdown defeating of the of the marketplaces. So it's extremely important, you know, to protect ourselves, if a person or whatever Allah did not commit and haram, in the marketplace, you've seen something, you heard something, probably you sense you smell something. And if none of this, you know, handle it and deal with that stuff, you come out of the marketplace with a heavy heart.

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That heart is attached to the dunya whether the fitting of what you've seen, or at least you've seen some brands and some items that you wish you can afford them. And your heart is too heavy, that you don't have enough name of ALLAH SubhanA wa taka, to allow you to buy these things, no matter what condition you go into the market with, when you come out of the marketplace, and the mall if you have in the heart. And that's why these are the most successful places that Allah subhanho wa Taala so does that mean we need to start to go into the marketplace

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and you start seeing a handler for Amazon? Allah MONICA

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I don't have to walk in the mall anymore. Just go online, buy your stuff Shala from the comfort of your of your suggests that even 100 Right? It's not the same though. hamdulillah it says protecting us from going there. But the fit and of dealing and trading is still part of dunya that might distract you from the ACA May Allah subhana wa to protect you in your heart you're a Brahmin and protect your family to Allah we ask ALLAH SubhanA to make us among those people who are occupied their lives with higher and those who keep themselves in the place of that Allah subhanho wa Taala masa Ramadan, Allah Allah any questions

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Yes, cash

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will come to the magic that has to come to the Magic Wand at the same time there's a driver that you can look them up and that car books about current shallow data and even when you go to the marketplace, there's a drive for this to seek protection from Allah subhanho wa Taala looked him up on on these apps and these market these days DI box insha Allah Allah Spano Calamba 100 A Shadowland esta Virgo W Saramonic rahmatullah wa Rekha.

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