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The speaker describes a conversation with someone who talks about "three searches," "three years ago," and "has been praying for a machine for five, six years." The speaker describes how the person talks about "three words" and talks about "three searches," and how they are focused on "three ways" to manage data. The conversation is difficult to follow and the speaker suggests that people should not focus on "three ways" to manage data.

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and you know what, you know, I tell you this, I'll tell you this, you know, 20 years ago, extra years ago when you would read the Hadith that a time will come when the people will not know what anything at the end of the day is all about the end of times. Yeah, yeah, that they will say. And they will say, you know, I remember that my grandmother used to say this and all of the various generations. I remember being in Dubai, Muslim country, in a masjid and a person made three searches. Okay. And I thought miskeen is made a mistake. And then he stood up a second ago. And then he made three sentences again. So I thought this is some sheer Flexi on a next level behavior. But I

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was watching and he did Papa Salaam and everything and you know, with my jaw, and then he prayed another prayer, and he did the flip insane. I smelled bamboo sometimes. So I didn't know about that school of thought. Did you?

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Miss this? multi dimensional wait. It's not embroidery, and it's not whatever, blah, blah, blah. Okay, he was Arab. No, he was from Uzbekistan, or something like this, okay. And so I thought, ah, then he goes on I go, how long you been here? Because I've been here for five, six years, I've been praying this machine for time praying this machine for all this time. I said, You know what? You did such as three times? He goes, Yeah, of course. Yeah. He goes, I'm hungry.

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Oh, that explains it.

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I said, Well, he goes, Yeah, we follow up honey, first method and just that whatever. I said, bro, want to take something? I'm a teacher? If you've had, this is not enough. If

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there's no such thing as research this. He goes, Are you sure? I call 900% on the other hand.

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And that was a real lightbulb moment. For me it was and that I'd like to say that. I never saw anything as crazy as that against an extreme example. No, no, no. That's my whole point. Even basics, I can tell you working in the city, the types of questions and issues that people have the fasting. Oh, when the sunrise is yeah, you know, these type of things. That's when you start fasting. Okay. When is darkness that means that's when you break your fast things we

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I'm saying generally the type of issues they have, what they don't know how they're disconnected. From basic things. It's scary, which is why I said it's not about content. You saying to me flooded with Yanni your content, or the scholars know, it's about dealing with all the content that's already there. It's methodology. It's the filter. I mean, I don't want to bring the conversation down to that level. But if you look at some of the most successful deals in recent times in terms of apps, yeah, the one that made one of the kids like a 12 year old

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multimillionaire, I think it was Yeah, who who bought it or someone else was the filter system that filters the news. The money that's being invested is in how to filter content, how to manage data, that's the big growth area. Yeah, because there's so much of it right? And how can we so our biggest problem is dealing with the knowledge