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Why did Allah inform us that he will test us?

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Abu Bakr Zoud

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Allah subhanho wa Taala in Sultan bacala, he said, Well enter blue and Nicole, we will surely test you. Why did he tell us that? Why might be the Lord inform us that he will test us so that we are prepared. So that when the test comes, we are not shocked, because Allah had already told us He'll test us. Now, you know, any, for example, if I was a teacher, and I walked in a classroom, and I said to the students, we have an exam today for everything we've studied. They're all in shock. No one told us we're not prepared. But imagine I told the students in a week from now, you will have an exam for everything we've taken. When next week comes. The students are not shocked if I was to say

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to them, here's the exam paper because they've been preparing. And I've already informed them. So Allah sosial has already informed us in the prior learner blower Nicole, we will test you house, meaning Don't be shocked when the test comes.