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Am I Being Punished Or Tested?

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Yasmin Mogahed

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How do I know if I am being punished? Or I'm being tested? This is a question that so many people ask many people when they go through difficulty in life, they're there their biggest concern is, is God angry with me? Am I being punished? Did I do something wrong? Or is this just a test? And this is a question where, you know, some people start to doubt some people start to become very, very scared that way, am I going through this difficulty? Because I did something to anger last panel data? Well, the answer to this question is actually quite simple. And that is that we can determine the answer of Am I being tested, or am I being punished by looking at our response? So if our

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response to that difficulty, say, if our response is that we became closer to Allah subhanaw taala, that we that we purified ourselves that we strengthened our faith that we did more towards Allah subhanaw taala than in fact, that difficulty is not a punishment, but rather, it is a test. And moreover, in fact, it's a blessing, because even though it's something that we're struggling with, it is purifying us, it's bringing us closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And in other words, it's bringing us closer to success. And so therefore, even though on the surface, it appears to be something bad, but in fact, it is actually something good for us because it is bringing us closer to

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Allah subhanaw taala. If, on the other hand, whatever it is, that we're experiencing, of difficulty is taking us away from Allah subhanaw taala. And moreover, any experience, whether it is prosperity, or difficulty, if it takes us away from Allah subhanaw taala, then in fact, that is not good for us. And in fact, that may be a sign that we have to change internally. Rather, it is a sign that perhaps there's something within us that needs to be purified. So again, how do I know that? Am I being tested? Or am I being punished? The answer is by how you respond. If you get closer to Allah subhanaw taala then you know that that's actually a blessing that you have passed the test. But if

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it takes you away from Allah subhanaw taala, then you know that that's actually an indication that you have you need to change something internally. Now, how do we cope? The question of coping it throughout life, we are going to go through these trials, what I'm going to talk about, among other topics, in this class transformed, I cover coping mechanisms I cover, how it is to heal, how can we heal, how can we deal with the struggles that we face in life, not being able to deal with these things properly, it actually keeps us from being able to, to get to our destination, we have to be a people of resilience. As you know, life is a marathon, not a sprint, we have to be able to get

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through hurdles in order to be successful. And in our return to Allah subhanaw taala. So my name is YesI Mujahid. I'm teaching this class transformed online, it is no longer available on site. This is the only opportunity to take this class. It covers generally principles of spiritual development. And I urge you to sign up before the closing date. Again, this is the only opportunity to take this class. And it's something that's extremely relevant. It's something that I've found has helped 1000s of people all over the world. The topics that we cover here are are something that we deal with every single day of our life. So I encourage you to sign up before it's too late.