Abu Bakr Zoud – This must be our attitude with the Prayer

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a woman who is leaving her children in a desert environment and is leaving them in a death regime. She describes how she talks to her children and advises them to stay strong and stay strong until she arrives. She also talks about the importance of provision for those who don't attend school and how it is a main reason for her success.
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Ibrahim alayhi salam, he receives a commandment and an order from Allah to leave his children in the desert and to go off to Philippine. Where are they? They're in Mecca. There is no living beam there. There is no animals there. There is no vegetation there. It's a hot, dry desert. And he's leaving his wife and his son, the baby is married in this kind of environment. And he is leaving him in certain death. That's how it looks like. As he walks out of Makkah, going towards Palestine, he makes it

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and he says, lobby, in a scan to mean valeriya t word in the sovereign in the Vatican. He says Allah, I have lived my family, I have left them when the wedding in a valley or even in a place in a valley where there is absolutely no vegetation. What's the first line he makes? He says a little better. Leo, Allah, Allah, allow them to be from those who establish a solid. Then after that, he says, what was coming out, provide for them some provision, so they can eat and drink. That wasn't his first draft for his family. He did not provide for them, I will not feed them, I will not rescue them and save them from starvation and thirst. That wasn't the first time. The first one would have

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been a Leo Peebles, Allah, Allah, allow them to establish the sonet and allow the meanings of solid to penetrate deep in the heart. Because if that's the case, our list is going to come, provision or come. You don't have to worry about that. When NaVi Sol Allahu Allahu wa sallam himself, was no different. When Allah azza wa jal commanded to him. He said to him what

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this celebrity was.

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He says to him and enjoyed, encourage advice, advice, your family, the solid was stupid. and be patient concerning concerning your advice and commandment to them have a solid learner's Look at his car. Note also, we do not ask you for any provision, you don't have to provide for anyone. No, no, no, Allah who will give our lives. In other words, a solid is one of the main reasons for why one earns his heroes. How does it make sense now, when one goes to work, or some of us are not here for sonet. Why because we're at work. molars are generally seen to a solid is the reason for your source of provision. And until you've turned the meanings upside down for those that don't attendance on

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it, and those that tried to bunch up over solo at the end of the day, you need a like your response your work and has nothing to do with that. For some however, we need to be very conscious of these meanings.

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