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AI: Summary © The concept of "the" in Islam is discussed, including the School of Hajj, School of Ioj, and the School of K Hadm. The speakers touch on the idea and its various forms, including the School of K Hadm. The concept is broadly discussed and used in various religious practices, including the School of K Hadm. The speakers also touch on hedge and its forms, including the School of K Hadm. The concept of"has" and "has" are discussed, along with the importance of praying before entering the state of the law. The segment ends with advertisements for coffee and a drink.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa Catherine, the others as he and

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I'm we're coming into this new series, it's about hash. I call it moto such as the School of Hajj. This is mainly for those people who are going to shallow to Allah for Hajj, or those preparing to go for Hajj or those who are still thinking, you know whether they should go or not go or because you see I call it mother's attention with Subhan Allah it comes right after the other school, the Ramadan ik school, so you have Ramadan, and then a couple months later you have Subhana Allah, Allah, and then is hikma, then is hikma in there, there is a wisdom in there. You know in Ramadan, what do you learn in Ramadan? Ramadan is a School now we call it the metallic school. And some

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organic school you learn a lot of spirituality is all about teachers, really, the teachers, the Spirit teaches, you know, your how to

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how to control your whims and desires. And then after you graduate from the romantic school, comes the hedge school, how to hedge it moves from the spiritual side of things into the physical stuff of things. So how am I because a hedge is lots of activities, lots of physical activities. And sometimes some people may ask, we do things but we don't even understand as to why we do them. Sometimes not Muslims, they may ask questions such as Why do people take a stone and hit the stone? Why do people go around the stone? Why do people remove your clothes and put in like towels has teaches you full submission?

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And is this lab

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so in Sharla hota Hana in this, you know, maybe couple of series

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I will talk about the School of Ramadan, we'll talk about the the the virtues of Hajj and also of course the rituals to explain the rituals of Hajj inshallah dad, the prophet Mohammed it is subtle Selim, he says and hate to the point of a book a Muslim, and how it is written by our holy men hazard for them yet fourth one and we have So, I was actually on

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the prophet SAW some says whosoever perform hush and we doubt uttering obscenity and committing sins He shall come back as if as the day his mother bore him as the day as a newborn baby had it is afforded by a Muslim.

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But here the two conditions you know doing hash and and not uttering obscenity, we will talk about this and also not permitted since because a lot of people go for Hush. But who does Allah subhanho wa Taala accept for

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some people, they go for Hajj and some people they shop before going for Hajj? It's all right. They shop for the best deal and the base package and this and that and whatnot, you know, let me tell you how she is not about really, I never think I don't believe that has it's about money, whether the person has money to go with hedge or not, I really believe because I've been going for so many years, I believe that has is to fit when Allah has is is really tough. If Allah subhanho wa Taala chooses you to go for Hajj, you shall go even if you don't have money of love would make a way out for you.

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And people who do have money so Pamela, but Allah did not choose them to go for hash, they will not go for cash or they will not be able to go for cash.

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So here is this beauty of this model as a matter of sort of hash.

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Has there are in all three types of has altogether.

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The the we call them, you know, has

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a fraud.

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And then what the damage is the one that we all do, a lot of people do, in fact, especially as living in the West, you know means performing the AMA, and then doing the hedge rituals in the day of the Tobia and we'll talk about the delta V. So you combine you know the AMA with hedge This is called testamentary. And then you have the other type of hedge is called the Karen. Karen is a combination with has an umbrella, but this person when he declares or the hedgy when that person declares the intention to perform. Both has they will say you know we'll talk about

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The statement of Silvia that they will, they will perform Hama and has combined Karen, without removing Yeah, I needed help, they would be wearing that Helen and keeping the estimator you did your Allah and once you finish your ma you take off your alarm. And then on the desktop via you start you know, again you go back and you with your ROM and then you're you know, you go with Silvia to you know, Mina and other times they find what now this is what the mentor, but Karen, you perform your mama, and then you stay with your with your with your mom until the day of have hash. And then you may tell via going for this, especially for people who don't know the comedy travel, and then

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somehow because of the time limit, so they just come that say, the Tobia starts on the eighth of the Asia. And then these people they come let's say on the sixth of them, his or the seven of the Asia, let's say or even the eight. So what they do, they go and they do their umbrella, and then they stay within the harem, and then they go for you know, to perform Hajj. So they call it's called para,

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although the prophets are still did this type of hedge grant, but he encouraged us to do damage. And then the last type of hedge is a flood. It hasn't been a flood is this is the only No, this is the type of hedge whereby the hedgy declares his intention for hedge only

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the mathematical, the hedge, he declares the intention for the AMA then has after doing you know afternoon de mettre well as the Quran is the has you declares the intention to do both and has without matter. And the last type is if a lot just to do Hajj, and is mostly people who come from let's say they live in Makkah. So they on the night of the hijab, they go straight to alpha. And then they go make Intel via for hash this is you know, mostly for them. But in for us mostly, like I said, those who live in the West, we mostly perform has ultimately

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what are the pillars of umbrella? And what are the pillars of hedge. The Pillars of umbrella are very basic, and we'll talk about them and then you have up the life and then you have a saying these are the three pillars of Alma, but the pillars of hedge include one last pillar which is alpha, which is alpha and alpha like the Prophet Mohammed. So some says and has some alpha. So you do the harm and we will talk about each pillar inshallah Allah azza wa jal, this appears What do we mean by pillars pillar is a state is a is something that if you were to miss your hash, or your armor would be invalid, but yeah, so this is the difference between, let's say, a pillar and then and then the

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Sunnah. Or

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what? Again, as soon as something that if you were to do it will not go into or not do it will not notify you has worked as a pillar. It's something that if you were to miss it will notify your hash hook, we call it token,

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open the hash. So you have RAM and tawaf and OSI and then

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and then

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the others are not Peters and I will talk about them like you know, was dettifoss like the Hulk, like the shavian and the short need, those are not pillars, those are conditions and I will talk about those as well in sha Allah Whoa, dad.

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Let's start with the first pillar of what is about my dear brothers and sisters.

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It is the intention to enter into the two sacred rituals has been

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accompanied by the removal of the normal clothing and then recycling the tibia.

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Let me briefly explained some people they say, once they wear that hat on towels, they think that they are emotional. They are not

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what is the state required emotionally I need the state of how once you know you have to wear those towels, you know, you remove your clothes, and you wear what I call the coffin. So Pamela is like the coffin, which means you remove your clothes altogether from brothers of course for men, and then you put in the those towels like the two shrouds like the coffin, as if you're going to be

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buried may have less power than a savior. So remove all your clothes that you put in the house. And then once you reach once you reach the boundary

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We'll talk about these boundaries, you know, the professor self appointed the five boundaries, the mere fact we call them they make art, and then you utter the 10 BIA, then you become,

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you become officially Mohammed. And then once you become Muslim, there are certain things which you cannot do while you are in the State of Hawaii. And those things, if we were to do some of them may nullify your armor altogether, or your house altogether, altogether, or some if you were to do by mistake,

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some of you may have to offer them, or some that if you were to do intentionally, you may have to offer them and that means a slot to slaughter, you know, to slaughter a sheep or a comment or whatnot. And I will explain in shallow time. So it is the intention again, you know, the intention is in the heart, man, but is that state, you know, when you entered the two sacred rituals has an unlock, accompanied by the removal of the Norma Goldie, and then you decide the tibia. I always tell my judge the half of the height, it's very important before the half of the Bible, what's the head of the heart? some, you know, like I said, You know, I said, you remove your claws, right? And then

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you are entering into this ritual, you are entering into the, into into this sacred ritual, you know, how are

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you willing only two towels, and these two towels, they have no pockets, as the few somebody is dead. And then he says up bills, you're only the only female but what I learned but they give me back a lot brings you back security, you are now saying the biblical law made a big difference the baker Nash and you can bake

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I don't have the heart, before the hand of the button, the hand of the tank, understand what you say. It's a state. So there are some students like the Prophet Alice or Sam, you know, and some obligatory actions, the obligatory action is to assume that hell from the market, right? Once you reach the mere fact, let's say you're traveling by plane, normally the, the pilots, they do mention, you know, few, like maybe 1520 minutes before the original content that they make that announcement that will be reaching the market so that people get ready to start making the tibia right. So once you reach that appointed boundary, and you start making the tibia you have entered into into the

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state of a heroine before that you are not a Muslim entity, you will reach the macaques, very important once you reach the mailbox, once you assume that hand from the macaque that you are officially.

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And then

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the other

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sunon of Heaven is that you do a Muslim before you put your hand on before you put in your towels. And this applies for both brothers and sisters, you do even for women with postnatal BD, they all mean masturbation, according to the Prophet Mohammed as a sin which is headed to the porters by Muslim that they they have to do to the host need to take a bath and your bath just like a proper bath. You these are the students of it's not like a must but this is what the system used to do. Keeping the nails and applying a perfume of course for men, for women or for a knock a clip in the list this is for both men and women. And they had it is reported again in by enumerated by I shot

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and reported by Bukhari and Muslim also trimming the the mustache for men

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shaving the hair of the armpits and the public area for both men and women is an old son of the harem wearing white hat on it'll go styles for men, for women, they do the harm in the clothing

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you know because remember how is to enter into the state of of that ritual of the law. So for them they were there. They stay in their in their clothing but for men, they have to remove their clothing and put in those tables. And then after that some people they say I have to pray to like a

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lot of people they get it wrong. The tour cat is in fact the Prophet as a slum. He assumed is it haram before solid no it was a skeleton obligatory Salah. So he went and then he prayed that Sunnah but if you want to pray talk and it's all right maybe a little do you make a little as you have done your your shower and whatnot you put your head on and then you can pray to Allah inshallah Allah and even if you miss that Taka that does not nullify your heaven. What are some of the things that break your arm or notify it was talking about the Mashallah tala into the next episode, the other zazzy Moloch. Alfie Kohn salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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wa barakato.