This could be your last Ramadan

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The speaker describes the attitude of a woman who is supposed to approach Kateist with Wednesdays' feeling inside her. She describes her

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The fact that this could be your last or Ramadan ever on Earth.

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When you approach Ramadan with this attitude, and that is the case it could be, who among us is going to say that's not going to be the case could be our last Ramadan. This is the attitude you're supposed to approach Ramadan with Wednesdays this feeling is inside of you. When this attitude is inside of you, you know what happens? It creates another feeling and another special attitude inside. And that is the attitude of urgency.

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You begin to panic. And you feel that there's a sense of urgency within you to make the most of this month as much as possible because this could be the last time I live in these in my life. And this is why the Companions Alby Allahu Anhu when they were once with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam listening to an advice from him.

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The Sahaba were they listening to advice? And they said, have not offered min Hello University let me know that the advice of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was such that we began to tea we began to cry, and our hearts began to tremble and shake. And they felt the intensity and the depth of the advice of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So they said enamelware eva deryn. It was vous Aries. It's an advice from a farewelling person. Yanni, the gathering at that day was so intense that they felt like these are the last words of rasool Allah to us. So you know what they said. They took advantage of the moment when they felt this might be the last time in the vehcile

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Allahu alayhi wa sallam who talked to him to talk to them. They said, the info center, give us advice. When they felt this is the last moment we're going to meet. What happened. It gave them a panic, a sense of urgency. They took advantage of the moment and they said, Oh sooner give us more advisors advise us when nobody sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was doing his first and last Hush, and he felt that he might be the last time he sees his Oba and how

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he gave them a hope that summarized everything he has been teaching since the beginning of his dour. That's why hope has yet to lower their the hope of the farewell Hush. It practically combines everything in Islam that and nobody sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught over 23 years. And during the summer he said to them, Lila, come bother me Heather, perhaps I will not have a chance to meet with you ever again after this month, when he felt that with this was the farewell hubba when he felt that this was the last time to see his companions in how he took advantage to remind the people you see when you have the feeling of this is the last time you experienced something had from Allah azza

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wa jal it creates something within you that you take advantage of the moment. And this is why Annalise Allahu alayhi wa sallam would say to a companion when he advised him if they're Quinta Illa Salette when you get up to pray for suddenly select them what their pre the prayer of a fear will in person to imagine a person that is praying his final Salat. Imagine imagine a person now stands in praise. And he knows this is his last solid on Earth. The moment he makes this name, he is going to drop that. How will his solid be? What kind of who should be in a solid? What kind of honesty and sincerity is in this person's spirit? Do you think such a person would be distracted by worldly

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matters, and who messaged him and what's on the outside world. And when he's going to collect his money. And when he's going to finish his job, you think he's going to think of this, he will think about nothing of this house. None of this is going to be my concern. The moment I die all of this is not my responsibility anymore. Those who come after me will look after my jobs and work and my money and my phone and all that. For the majority of us unfortunately, we found through mobile and the main concern is I just need to get my phone over and done with

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for let's add a new dimension to our Ramadan and this is one of the first ways you're going to prepare with a right attitude. Cin one more Dean, the first thing of a farewelling person how is it going to be think that the first day of Ramadan think that this is going to be the last first day of Ramadan you will ever see in your life. Allah Allah, Allah He my brothers and sisters in Islam, no one is guaranteed the first day of Ramadan let alone the second and the third and the end of it and another ye Yanni into your living dreams when you think Allah next Thermoball now make the most of it you live in a dream really. So when we worship Allah azza wa jal with this feeling and attitude

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that it's our last little bomb this evening where he Tyler would enhance your worship and it will convert this worship of Ramadan from being a habit to being an actual worship that you want Allah soldiers pleasure from