Daood Butt – Friday Jumuah Khutbah – April 9, 2021

Daood Butt
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of focusing on daily routine during busy months, including priority five and one daily preps. They stress the need for everyone to register multiple people in a household to avoid wasting time and money, and to keep registration for emails and not register multiple people in a household. They also ask for family members' information to grant them complete and forgiveness, and ask for everyone to be reunited with them and have all placed into the highest agenda different. They emphasize the need for everyone to register multiple people and do certain things that unfairly bypass the community, and express frustration over unfair advantage of the pandemic and mental health issues faced by Muslim communities.
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I do want to start a new one so whenever we'll be learning and to be unforeseen a woman say Auntie Nina when you have de la Fela mobila mama you will Deanna when I said when he

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said he cannot want to shadow under Mohammed and our Guru or soon know someone who is a he was he was he was sending to sleep with you. Or you

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will see come wanna see me Taco Bell here I saw john come up all of us have had a

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shape on me rajim Bismillah

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yeah yohannes ito

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Chanukah ko min laughs

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wafaa enhancer jaha we're better in Thailand Kathy Iran when is one taco Omar

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I want to be here a while or have in Nepal How can I lay

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my brothers and sisters we know that the month of Ramadan is just a few days away. I want us to try to shift our attention to no trying to seek out and benefit from this month of Ramadan. The profits of a Walmart it he was Salaam has listed many benefits of this month. Many benefits of fasting, many benefits of the course and many benefits as we learned in the past few weeks. And as we see in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam we will continue to mention them over and over as the weeks go on and the days dry out for a month of Ramadan. But today in sha Allah to Allah we want to focus on the importance of seeking forgiveness. Every single one of us has made mistakes. Every

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single one of us needs forgiveness from Allah subhana wa to Allah, I draw the attention in my own mind to myself, right thinking of the amount of times we've gone for Hajj, thinking of the amount of times we've gone for him, thinking of the amount of times that we have benefited from being able to fast and to stand and to pray and to recycle and throughout the month of Ramadan. Thinking of the amount of times that we made five daily prayers, when in fact if we try to calculate how many times we've done that it's too easy to figure out so many days of prayers over and over and over seeking forgiveness from some kind of winter hat and the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam reminds us Asana

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lateral comes well tomorrow even tomorrow. What am I gonna Isla Ramadan, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says the five daily prayers between the five daily prayers from Juma to jamara as in between June and July

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And from Ramadan to Ramadan, what happens in between them is forgiveness from Allah subhana wa tada so long as we are meeting those milestones, let's make sure that we reach the month of Ramadan and fast the entire month with what sort of belief what sort of intention, this is where the Prophet sallallahu ala usnm says once Ramadan Eamon and whatever rufio Allah

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whoever is throughout the month of Ramadan, observes the fast establishes their days around fasting.

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One samangan email in the server with full belief and conviction and Allah subhanho wa Taala sometimes people will say, especially young adults, teenagers, they might say, why are we fasting? What's the point of fasting I'm already praying my five daily prayers, belief and this is from a law and there's nothing behind it. We know so many benefits of fasting, not just the food aspects of it. But the fact that we learn patience, we learn self control, we learn to be more thankful to Allah Subhana Allah grant, we learned that others have less than us we learn how to give more to others and to make to with a lot less.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sama, Ramadan Ian and whitey Salah with firm belief and see out rewards from Allah subhana wa

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roofie Radha who

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forgets is upon that person

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for the sins that they've committed in the past

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only has to offer Well, first of all inevitable well for a while.

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Completely love your videos. I mean, we'll allow people to leave Modine also leave or sending an email Kareem alley of all sorta

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my brothers and sisters, we are all sinners. And we need this forgiveness is from a loss of habitat. In this month of Ramadan, with full belief that alone will grant us forgiveness. We just need to do our part. Leave the rest tool. You want forgiveness from a loss of power we want to add, you want to have the things that we've committed when you think of it every single day we should be holding ourselves to account. What have I done in my day? What did I do three months ago, six months ago, nine months ago that I forgot to ask forgiveness or that I sought forgiveness but don't feel I fully deserve that forgiveness.

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Trust a loss of how to avoid pain and in that and so the first thing that we do throughout this month of Ramadan is to focus on what is compulsory. My brothers and sisters many of us will spend our days especially throughout this week. We've spent countless hours countless hours throughout the day of the night focusing on whether the massage will be open. What are the nights? What will we do? How will it be? Are we going to go to the mustard or not?

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How many of us spent that much time trying to calculate how many compulsory prayers we delayed, not missed but delayed throughout this year. Have we even spent an hour thinking about it.

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Focus on what's compulsory. First my brothers and sisters focus on your fasting throat this month of Ramadan. It's a pillar of Islam. Focus on your five daily preps we put so much emphasis on Tara when we want to come for tomorrow and we want to break the young the young Yes, but we can break them at home. This is the way of the profits the longer it was. Specially if we are in this situation that we're in where we don't have the ability to seek or to receive that registration for that night.

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Spend the nights with your family, not watching TV or satellite or anything that's there but spend the night standing in swala spend a portion of the nights reciting plan together, spend five minutes of the night learning a new Hadeeth together, pick up any book of heavy

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and learn something new every single day. Give a task so children that they have to teach us as parents something that they've learned throughout the day. empower them to be leaders from within the household, not just expecting them to go to school to grow up and reach a certain age where now they become leaders in society, but we at home still refuse to take some sort of leadership from them.

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My brothers and sisters focus on what's compulsory first. In addition to that, my brothers and sisters have a couple of things that we need to keep, yes, the Messiah will be open. Yes, the places of worship will remain open throughout this pandemic, so far throughout this stay at home order as per what the Ontario province has told us, but we have to do our part. We need to stop gathering in places, even outside of the musters, we know that this could cause harm to the entire community where the mustard could be closed down, or a certain number could be putting a more restrictive number could be put on the amount of people that will come to

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so my brothers and sisters, let's all do our part in sha Allah to add, one thing to keep in mind is that registration will be for one for email. So one person per email address. So if you are multiple people in a household, then try to make sure that each person is registering with their own email address. And if for some reason, somehow, Sunday, throwing them up on someone is not able to come and pray and handle it now. It's from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And lastly, I want to conclude by asking those who have written scripts, who know coding, who know how to, you know, figure out backdoors, to to, to register multiple people and to do certain things that unfairly bypasses the

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rest of the community as specially, especially either the in our community, who may not even know how to use cell phones properly, may not even know how to go on the internet properly. But they cry in a week to be able to come for tomorrow, my brothers and sisters, I see brothers and sisters who cry tears, they weep to be able to eat in our position here in the mustard right now. And we take unfair, unfair advantage of the fact that we have some sort of knowledge to figure out a way to register more people. And we do this in an unjust manner. Fear all of us kind of

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some of these people established massage it for us to be able to pray and they can't enter the door. Some of them don't even have cell phones. They don't even know how to do this. And we are taking advantage of it. feeling as though how I figured it out. fear of loss accountable attack. That's all I have to say.

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We can move by sending decent blessings upon the profits.

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Along the

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muscle later that Ibrahima where it brought he might have even forgotten either Mohammed Ali Mohamed Salah Ibrahim

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Ibrahim Majeed, a lot more filler word or something that was you know, a lot mobile is now Ramadan along the belly of Milan a lot muddier now Ramadan, we ask Allah Subhana which allow us to reach them of the Ramadan, two patches complete and full forgiveness to forgive us of our sins that have passed from less than a Milan until this one. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make it easy for us to stay away from major sins escalus accountable Italia to open our hearts to the poor and to submit to Him and just spend the nights in Ramadan praying, asking and begging from a wasp. How do

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we ask Allah so how we've had to have mercy on all of our community members that are sick, somewhere in the hospital with COVID are dealing with mental health issues, some of our suffering and with cancer and other illnesses. One of our boys young boy half an attorney may Allah subhana wa tada mercy on him and Brenton complete and full shifa colossal cannaboids had to make it easy for all of our community members who've lost loved loved ones, their parents, their fathers, their mothers, their children, their spouses, their brothers and their sisters. We ask about some family data to grant them complete and forgiveness and to make it easy for us to be reunited with them. And to have

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all of us placed into the highest level agenda different notes and in younger Annie in

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Italian, my inherited fracture

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when the rule was

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basic providing matters

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of law

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This picture is sometimes silent prayers prayers thoughts are left

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alone Hello

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You want

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Thomas is already

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being busy

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long long

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in our

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I tend to get people

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that he can handle on the way

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we are on the wall

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Said mRNA

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my brothers and sisters, please try to bring from st vine and bring your son. We do need to let the next company remember the province.

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The Muslim is the one who other reasons are safe from their hand as a physical

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abuse use as well as from the earliest

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one of us talking about a new set up

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