The Black King – Al-Najashi (RA)

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Jafar tells Najafi that we're leaving. Jaffa says Our Prophet is now safe. He is in Medina he has won over his enemies. We are going to go back to Medina. Jaffa tells him that this is a very sad moment for Natasha, of course because he's going to miss his Muslim companions.

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Jaffer says, Can you help prepare us for the journey? So, he prepares the journey. He prepares the camels he prepares the supplies. And then he sends a gift to the Prophet Salaam and he sends a person as his representative to the Prophet Allah. So it stops on him. And then he says as Jaffa is leaving he says to the to Jaffer that tell the Messenger of Allah also what I have done for you what I did for you guys, and here is my gift and this is a person that I'm sending on my behalf and tell him that I bear witness that Allah is the one or Anna Chateau La ilaha illallah wa rasuluh Rasulullah for Kula who is still fully tell him that I am a Muslim asked him to ask Allah to forgive

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me. And when Jaffer came back, the prophet of them, greeted him and hugged him and said, I don't know what makes me happier seeing you Jaffer or the victory at Hiber. And then the Messenger of Allah was told by Jaffa, that this is what an Joshy did for us. This is how he took care for us care of us and he's a Muslim and he asked that you make dua for him, and you seek Allah's forgiveness for him. So the messenger of Allah for karma Rasulullah he's awesome for Tada, the Messenger of Allah stood up and made will do the Madatha Murat Allama, fill in the Joshy and he made there are three times oh Allah forgiving the gesture. Oh Allah forgiven the gesture. Oh Allah forgiven the gesture.

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Bacala Muslim una mean. And then the Muslims all the Sahaba said this was the great