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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim in Alhamdulillah una star in wanna stop below now who will let him introduce the unfortunate woman say it I'm Elena Mayor de la palma de la ilaha illa quassia en la la la la la de la sharika wash Mohammed Abu rasuluh I'm about to fight in the Federal District of La we're headed headed in hamedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Chevelle Morimoto says to her Baku llamada setting with our local Aveda in Delilah popoola the Latina brothers and sisters in faith Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu I welcome you all to the fourth session of Islamic online universities. new semester, new semesters began and hamdulillah you're already into your

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second or third week of acquiring knowledge of the deen acquiring knowledge, which is going to help you both in this life and insha Allah in the next life as well. Insha Allah in today's session of mine, I'm here to discuss about the method that you can adopt in your learning and Islamic online university. So what I'm going to do is I'm not going to make it too long, I'm going to make it too short, inshallah. Well, not really too short, but I'm just gonna try to not make it too long. In order to ensure inshallah, that you are able to take back the message, and you're able to get some kind of an order and discipline in your learning and Islamic online university. Now the first thing

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which I wish to let you know, is that the knowledge that you're going to acquire an IOU is built on three pillars. And these are the three pillars that I'm discussing today. The first pillar is the academic aspect. The second pillar is the aspect of your worship your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the third aspect is your Allah your adapt that you display when you are studying at Islamic online university. So let us begin with the academic aspect. As far as the academic aspect is concerned, you're learning to use concern, you must become familiar with the system that is being used. We're not here to interact in a classroom environment where there are 60

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students sitting and the instructor is there and then you can raise your hand and ask a question. We don't have that live classroom internet interaction. This is not a resident University, but rather it's an online university. So what we have done in order to ensure that your education is complete and your knowledge is

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complete, we have introduced a video lecture. So for every course, we have an instructor who has recorded the video like we do sessions, there are 30 modules on an average with any course and every module is a duration of 50 to 60 minutes on an average. What you as a student needs to do is firstly, become familiar with the syllabus of the course that you have taken. So there is already a syllabus file, and the syllabus file breaks down as to what content is being covered in each module. Not only that, the syllabus file also tells you what is the relevant material, which you need to refer to for a particular module, and from which page to which page you need to study. So not so we

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are already doing hand holding sessions here. And in fact, this is also a part of the hand holding session. That is the orientation session. So the syllabus file is the first step of your candidate knowledge you must become familiar with the course that you're doing, you must have a knowledge of the course objective, you must know what will be your end result of taking up this course, after having done that, this next step is to go through the video lecture of a particular module. So when you start off with module one, module, one may have three parts to

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to the video session. So module one, A, B, and C respectively. Go through the video lectures. And please make sure that you make notes as you're listening to the lecture to the instructor the way you would have done if you were sitting in a classroom environment. Generally students just listen to it or they put on the audio of the lecture. And they keep on fidgeting with their mobiles playing with the Facebook tabs and watching the social network and programs and urine they're interacting with family members on the left and right while the video is running, the audio is running and at the end of this one our you feel that you have accomplished something though in reality you have not

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accomplished much. So what I tell you is when you sit down for your session, make sure your mobile phone isn't switched off mode or in silent mode. It does not disturb you for that one as though you are in an invert university environment. So that is a dedicated time for your studies.

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Having gone through the video lectures and having need your notes, as I mentioned to you, you're running notes, you know the shorthand notes, quickly make those notes, inshallah, and have separate books kept for each of the courses. So for fic 101, you have a separate book, separate notebook and you make your running hand notes in sha Allah. Having done that, you have already finished a study of a module, what you have to do is go through the live session schedule, there is a live session schedule.

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Old courses do not have weekly live session.

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But rather, there are pre recorded live sessions which have already been uploaded. When you go to the live session schedule, you will get to know how many modules have been covered in each live session. So when you see live session one, you see that it covers Module One, two, and three respectively. For example, that should give you an idea that after the third module, I will be able to revise through all my three modules. So what you do instead is study module one and module two and Module Three. Having done that, at the end of module three, you will find a link to the pre recorded live session, which covers the discussion on these three modules. Go through that

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discussion. Module One, two, and three, you've studied through the videos. Now you go to the live sessions for these courses. Having gone through the live session of these courses, You are now ready to quickly run through the study material, the textbook, just go through the study material, read through it once or do skim reading. Skim reading is where you don't read line by line, but you just give it a look around you just look through it and inshallah you get a fair idea as to what the study material was talking about. You already have the knowledge of what the instructor spoke in the video lecture. You already had a summarization of the video lecture. And you've already gone through

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the textbook and the materials, you're now set to appear for the module one examination, sit, give the module one exam, give them on YouTube, give them module three and then come back and start studying again with your module four. This is how you should continue as far as your kaktovik learning is concerned and insha Allah, if you go through the guide, which has been given in the student support the FAQs, you will get a good idea about how to you know put this in perspective.

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Naturally, as you are studying, you will keep coming up with different issues and queries, it's possible that things may not be clear to you, in spite of the video lecture, in spite of good listening to a pre recorded live session. It's not the end of the world for you. Immediately, you can raise this question in the student forums which are there, we have asked the teacher forum where you can raise the question and the teacher will get back to you. Or you can raise it up in the student discussion forum where the students can share their knowledge with you. And I invite each one of you He is when you see something up on the student discussion forum share knowledge, you

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don't have to wait for the teacher to respond to a student in a student forum. It's a forum for you people to discuss and interact with one another. I find many students sharing on the student discussion forum. Please send me your number on WhatsApp and I have created a study group.

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Why? What is the need of a study group and I'll use already given you a superb platform, a student discussion forum platform where for each subject or each team that you wish to discuss, you can create a subject and start a discussion. Not like a WhatsApp, where you just keep on discussing from head to toe anything. No control. No, here Masha Allah we have given you a discussion forum to please refrain. Firstly, from sharing your mobile numbers and wasting your time creating groups on WhatsApp. It's absolutely needless not required. Do it in the discussion forum. We are giving you a lovely format hamdulillah. Use that use the forums, send emails to the teachers if you don't wish to

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ask the question to the teacher in the forum, you can send a personal email to the teacher the contact numbers are already uploaded with the post details.

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So that as far as your method of learning and the IOU is concerned, from the academic aspect, the second aspect is the aspect of ibadah worship. My dear brothers and sisters in faith. We must sincerely seek repentance from Allah for our sins. As we acquire knowledge of the deen we must continuously strive to seek repentance for the sins that we have done for every son of an Adam has a share of sin, but the best of his he he Who comes back to Allah and seeks repentance for his sins. As we acquire the knowledge of the deen. We must make sure that we humble ourselves before the creator before our Lord before our wrap up. Not only that, you must increase the zip code of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala you must take every possible step to please Allah because it is only Allah who can put

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Baraka in the knowledge that you again, not only that, my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, you must make the art to Allah to make this knowledge beneficial. Without supplicating to Allah, you can't expect miracles to happen. Now of course miracles do happen by Allah's Will and permission, but you must make the art to Allah and tell him what you want from Allah. When you are acquiring the knowledge you must make dua to Allah, Allah makes it beneficial. Look, you might be spending our studying at IO U. But if you don't make the art to Allah, and if Allah doesn't put Baraka in your knowledge, that knowledge becomes of no help on the Day of Judgment, it may benefit you in this

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life, but in the day of reckoning, in the day when we shall become accountable, this knowledge will not be of any help. However, my dear brothers and sisters, the good news is that if Allah puts Baraka in this knowledge, he makes it benefit, he makes it beneficial, and only he has the power to make this knowledge beneficial, then this knowledge can become a source for you and me to enter gender.

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The ultimate destination, the place of final rest.

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So my dear brothers and sisters, making dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala, increasing the seeker and seeking forgiveness becomes the second most important pillar of your learning at Islamic online university. And the last and the most important pillar, my dear brothers and sisters is your mannerisms, your follow up and your adapt, in fact, Subhanallah we have a course on Aflac and adapted Islamic online university. For the students of Islamic Studies, they will know what I'm talking on. But of course, many of you are new here, or most of you are new here and the orientation session, you might very soon get accustomed to it and come to know about this course. What is the

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purpose of manners? Look, students of knowledge must display exemplary quality. And one of the most exemplary quality that student knowledge has is humility when he talks to his teacher, humility when he talks to the back office humility when he interacts with anyone at IOU whether it is the teachers, whether it is the back office, whether it is the it or whether it is your fellow students with whom you're interacting, you may have differences in opinion, and Abdullah may have a difference in opinion with Abdul Rahman and Fatima may differ with Ayesha but both of them should discuss and interact and share opinions with humility and with respect for one another. You look

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humility comes when I respect the person and the other end. If I have no respect for the person in the other hand, I become arrogant. I lack humility. So my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, please interact with humility and IOU. When you interact with your teachers. When you email your teachers, through the forums, through the emails, please make sure that you interact with humility, you maintain the rules you maintain the regulations you maintain the discipline you maintain the order which has been set out the rules that has been set out. Often we come across students who are not happy with the marks that they get in the assignments and they tend to reflect it through males

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stinking males to the teachers literally a stinker mean you know in corporate world they say a stinker male is a male which lacks politeness, curtsy, it's a rude male and some handle law. Some of you might have brothers and sisters end up doing that with your teachers. However, this is not how students of knowledge interact with people who are giving whom Allah has selected, whom Allah has selected to be your teachers. This is how not how we interact, you may have knowledge you may have experienced, you may have age by your side. But the reality is that I owe you Allah has selected a teacher for you, a teacher, start a shift for you, and you must know how to interact with that

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So my dear brothers and sisters in this now, I don't want to take much more of your time, you are going to see a lot more of me in the university. inshallah, I just leave you once again, with a summarization of what I've shared with you, I have shared with you the method of learning an IOU and I've tried to simplify it into three parts. The first is the academy path and I have told you how you can go about your knowledge, acquiring of your knowledge inshallah. And

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the second aspect which I have shared with you is your, your ibadah your worship with a law, your relationship with Allah make your relationship strong with a lot as you acquire this knowledge in sha Allah. And lastly, the third and the most important pillar is your manners, your morals, your etiquette of interacting with every stakeholder an IOU whether it is the teachers, whether it is your fellow students, whether it is somebody in the back office, whether it is through the official Facebook page of ours

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you interact with the administrator, anybody whom you interact with, you must be humble in your interaction. You must have courtesy and politeness when you interact with one another.

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With that I wish to leave you my dear brothers and sisters, and I wish and I wish you all the best. As you acquire the knowledge of this Deen we make the audit Allah subhanho wa Taala makes this knowledge beneficial for each one of us to kind of go along or be handed a shotgun dialogue Lantus, the farofa were to boo la wa Salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh