Abu Bakr Zoud – The Prayers are like a pillar in the building

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the meaning of the word "up in" in Asana, which refers to the use of a solid in building buildings. The speaker explains that the word comes from a century old grandmother's teachings about the use of a "alygram" in building buildings, and that it is impossible to move a pillow without proper foundation. The speaker also discusses the meaning of "up in" in Asana, which refers to the use of a "alygram" in building buildings, and how it cannot be moved without proper construction.
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Every time the commandment of a solid came in the Quran, it always came with the word up in. It was never suddenly prayed. It was always established the prayer just in one place, which is solid Cofer in nanoclay natural COVID for suddenly little Beckenham but every other place in the Quran, when the commandment of a salad was being said, it always came with the word up him and Lavina up Muna Sala while morphine solid out even slightly DeLuca shams, yada, yada. What is this word out there? What does it mean? Does it mean to make an appointment?

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stop praying, locked in a solid doesn't mean that this is part of the meanings of Optimus Sala. But this is what it means. And this is what he's teaching his son. There are two implications in the word up in Asana. Number one, the word alchemy comes from a karma you came up came, it literally means it's used in building when you make thumbs, that something stand a building, it stands on foundations and pillars, if there are no foundations and no pillars, impossible for a building to go up. So when he says team Aquino sada, he's saying to him, my son, your foundation of your email is going to be a solid, if you do not have solid pillars in your life, and there are five pillars, if

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you do not have them in your life, impossible that you can grow a relationship with allows origin. What are you going to build upon? If your solid is not there? How are you going to build your relationship with Allah impossible, say he says them out in a sauna. Understand that a solid, after you understand that Allah is watching of all things, begin to establish your solid, put the pillars first, then the other implication is this. You know, in a building, everything can change. He can change whatever you want, except one thing and match the pillars. And in other words, this the member is here. If I wanted to move the member, I can pick it up and move it all the way to the back

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simple. At the microphones here. I can pick it up and move it that projector is there, we can unscrew it and move it to the back. But there's one thing you can never move in a building. And that is the pillows itself. You tried to move a pillow you see what happens. The whole thing will come crushing and crumbling down. You know what he's teaching him when he says

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he's saying to my son, your day in your life is made up of appointments and everything in your day and you and I can move around your doctor's appointment, you can delay it, your gym time, you can delay it, your lunch time, you can delay it, your sleep time, you can delay at the appointment in the day, you can move them however you want. But there is one appointment you cannot move. Well that is the times of solid and that's why it's wrong when someone goes to work. And then he says well Bob also shot or prayed at night because I'm at work and I cannot pray them here on time. How about the trauma if you did that you did not establish the words of Allah arcane Asana. Asana means you do not

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move the solo ad from the times. This is the only one appointment you have in your life that you cannot afford to move it. Even if you are sick. You pray it as you are. Even if you're a traveler, there is a special slot for you. Even if you're in fee, there is a special solid solid health. It does not drop in any kind of circumstance. You need to understand these are the meanings of Optimus Sala

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