99 Names – EP 27 – Addhahir Albatin

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Episode Notes

Ustadh Ammar Alshukry presents a series on the 99 Names of Allah with real life reflections.

In this 27th episode he talks about the name of Allah – Addhahir Albatin


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The conversation discusses the meaning behind "verbal" in various context, including "verbal" meaning "verbal" in the VA, "verbal" meaning "verbal" in VA, "verbal" meaning "verbal" in VA, "verbal" meaning "verbal" in VA, "verbal" meaning "verbal" in VA, "verbal" meaning "verbal" in VA, and "verbal" meaning "verbal" in VA. The concept behind "verbal" is discussed, along with "verbal" meaning "verbal" in the VA, "verbal" meaning "verbal" in the VA, and "verbal" meaning "verbal" in the VA. The "byproductive" concept is discussed, along with "immediate words" and "immediate persons." The "by the way" concept is discussed, along with "immediate words" and "immediate persons.

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, brothers, sisters, children of all ages in any aliens that might be watching too. If you haven't gotten that aliens reference please go back to an alcoholic and ask them Halloween, huh? Yes. Welcome to a discussion on the 99 Names of Allah we have here with us on moto shokri and yours truly without hon. What are we doing today? Today we're doing two names of VA hip and about in Avaya, Avaya, and about in the LA Halima hip. Yes. Okay. So how is the LA hit and the bothin What is that translated as

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the apparent button and the hidden yes okay.

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Okay be well bought they were thought they bout Botha noon okay that I left thought noon okay. Bill is going to make the the names appear spelled out on the edit

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this is not going to be edited very well. So

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this is

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already 2727 videos in don't expect don't expect don't expect subtitles either.

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Hey, any of you youtubers want to volunteer and submit subtitles even just rip this and put subtitles on it. You're more than welcome to and then upload it to Facebook. We don't care just go ahead put it out there, guys. I mean, yes, indeed. translations are welcome as well. Yeah, no doubt for sure.

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Go ahead, man. Okay, go ahead. I'm just providing the content you guys go have fun with it. Awesome. Yeah, so la hit is translated generally as the parent the en el botton means the hidden now as you can imagine, and as we've gotten used to all of these names, so when you see a parent and the hidden Yeah, so I mean, we're gonna have to dig into the layers of the word bias, right? That's just is the apparent in the science and hidden in his actual essence. Yes. Very good. Marshall. Oh, that was impressive.

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I was very impressive. Mashallah.

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Now, actually, you articulated better than I was planning on doing okay, so you say that one more time, let's say he is apparent in His signs and hidden in his essence. Very good. That's very good. Exactly.

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Okay, so let's jump into it's mentioned in the sailors name.

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It's mentioned in the same verse, sort of headed as the last two from the last video which is an open ended asset Yeah. Allah says who would owe to it after a while What about the law says he is the first and the last and not law here. And then sort of headed sort of headed verse which doesn't exist. Yes, it is sort of that Hadid okay iron. So iron the Prophet sallallahu Sallam He also made in the same job that we were talking about where the Prophet sallallaahu send them he says, until Oh, well, Felisa tabula cache says you are the first there's nothing before you enter a zero. Faris about the cache will enter VA hero, Felisa phoca cache until battiato fidessa Duna cache says you

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are avoided. There's nothing above you and Antal bar to do. There is nothing flightsim in doing the cache, it's hard to translate. We're gonna get to it inshallah. Tada, okay. Okay. And then the prophet SAW Selim would say, acadiana, Dane was Nina and he's praising Eliza this entire time. What's the actual request? He says up to date and the date he says, Dane Dane is debt, okay? Up down the date pay our debts for me. Okay. And alanine added * enrich me from poverty. Okay. Alright. So those are two powerful things that people stress about every single day. Yeah. Especially in debt based society that we live in now. Yes. Right. Where you want to remove yourself from debt and

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everybody wants to become financially free.

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And independent? Yes. So this is a beautiful idea to learn for those who want to know where it's found. It is inside Muslim. Now, what does a VA had mean? a va had, like we mentioned is translated as the apparent but it also means of the meanings of why it is the high. Is that why they call it the law? It must have been because they always heard exactly, okay. They were extremely literal, whatever the apparent meaning of the statement was, that's what they followed. Okay. They didn't go into interpretation. They didn't go into interpretations. They didn't go into effective causes. They didn't go to anything like that. It's just what does this mean? If it hasn't from Spain, for those

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of you who don't know? Yes, and that would have already before him even hasn't been revived? His Yes, metal one did alive. He was early. He was with the seventh a century. Yeah. Okay. Like my Malik's contemporary. I don't know if he was Malik's contemporary later.

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I don't remember off the top of my head. Okay. That would have already I gotta look him up.

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So who are you and Allah subhanaw taala and Coca Cola He is the one who is above every sing a lot as well as the one who's above everything. Okay. And a lot as to how does that relate to that which is happening?

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Well like I said it's not necessarily apparent is not the root word that we're

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apparent is not the root word that we're extracting from a we're extracting from the Arabic word which is la hit and one of those meanings is apparent. Okay? Do you see I'm saying so here it is not the base so this is where I go into my fun little tangents of Okay, what else does allow me exactly that's what we're going to do so of the meanings of a BA head is the high okay a lot as it is above everything else. Okay, so a lot as I mentioned in many verses of mine I lost your Stella Eliza yet rose above the Throne a lot as good as above the creation I'm in tune. Memphis Emma, Allah says are you do you feel safe that the one who is innocent not the one who's innocent I mean yeah above this

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Mr. Yes. If I become an adult that a lot as an adult would make the earth collapse under you or, or what do you call this? Yes. If

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what? Putting the earth in flip it upside down something like that. So if I ask

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Allah as he did, he also says your world inside out, turn your world upside out.

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Okay, yeah. So a lot of witnesses you have fallen out of bombing, FOCA him, Allah says they fear their Lord from above them. And there's so many evidences that indicate that a lot as we get is above us. In fact, even there's a this is go back to the same Bedouin analogy where they're talking about the Jets, they're gonna tear the country apart. And how are they well, are these jets above the lower? Everybody understands just naturally that God is above them. It's not even an Islamic thing. People when they pray, they don't pray facing down. They don't pray face it, they pray facing upwards, right? They lift their hands up, nobody lifts their hands in any other direction. So this

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is just something that's innate in us that Allah has no agenda that God is above us. Yeah. And so of the meanings of our head is the one who's above us, the one who was the most high, the one who's the most high for sure. So as we go into sujood Yeah. And in our sujood when we lower ourselves, we say Chicago bid either go up to the one who is the most high, so avoid different. Yes. Okay. a va here is one of the meanings of a VA hit is an either the high, that's one of the meanings, but there are other connotations in this word. So what are the other connotations of them? The one allele Avada europeu aka ha ha. He The one who overpowers Oh, okay. Right. He overpowers alcohol. Yes, but it's a

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via so for example, a lot it says famous verse who says he will lady or salado Sula, who bill Houdini and help de Lille the hero who added the liquidity okay. Eliza just says he is the one who sent His messenger bill Hooda with guidance and the religion of truth to overpower all of the other religions. Okay. Leo's hidoe to make it the most high the most high or Tiger above okay to subdue with it all of the other religions okay, right so this is the hood a lot as it says faint intruder what is the verse allies are just as in sort of,

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for in allow ammo loaded up low side meaning when melodica to bad Attica we're here we're here. Allies agenda is talking to the wives of the prophets of the Lyceum who had plotted against against also loss of life sentiment sort of the term you can look it up. But he says to them, that if you go back to what you're doing, then Allah is his molar. Allah is the Protector of loss of loss on the lightest enemies supporter. Yeah, in the LA Mola huiji video aside from meaning, and gibril and the believers, they're all behind little sort of lost in the lies and then he says on melodica to buy the delegable hate and even after all of that, the angels to have his back, but here they are also

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with him, they're the force that's with him and all of this is indicating of that they overpower anybody else.

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Yes, that's of the meanings as well. So this this concept of He is the one who overpowers Okay, a lot as it is physically, in his essence, the high also he overpowers everyone else, and his religion overpowers every other religion as well. And then at the same time you have albertan or Barton means and a lot as well as the apparent like you mentioned through his science. Yeah, people understand they come to realize that there is a God. There's no arguments that you need really to establish the belief in the the, the belief in the presence of God or the existence of God, like you want. It's rare that you would find a an atheistic farmer. You're not going to find an atheistic farmer that

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you know the famous story of the Bedouin even conceded mentions that a Bedouin was asked, How did you come to know that your Lord existed and he said in Nevada, let's have a look at his burial. He says when I see a animal dropping it indicates but it indicates that I have some license

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Like I passed by, yeah. And footprints indicate that a person had to walk by Yeah, so a sky that's built without pillars and an ocean that's filled with waves and, you know, all of these trails between mountains and valleys, doesn't all of that indicate the presence of a thief the subtle of all knowing, like, he did it in poetry. It's just like, what the better one was pulling it. Yeah. Okay, I mean, that's without

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anything people, you can be a better one and talented. They didn't need to be

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imagining somebody who's better when illiterate on that they can be just as talented as anybody else. Okay, you know, I mean, how many poets and creatives didn't necessarily go to school or you know, go right even in those types of Okay, so the prophet SAW the light as a lump so you have a bath and then you have a bath in an albertan is the hidden okay albertan is the hidden so hidden meaning that he's not seen? He's not he can't be sense. He's beyond our senses. Okay. That's a delicate house. And a lot of this has led to the liquid upside Eliza just says that you know, your

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people sites do not encompass him. They can't they can't see him.

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Is this in any way related to the word alive?

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Well as again is a label is everything that's unseen. Okay? But this is specific to Allah. Eliza. Okay? Eliza is unbolted for the Alamo, so and I just thinking to myself, would it be appropriate for a ninja Deus Muslim to call himself Abdullah Walton?

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Sure, why not?

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If you're gonna make a series of comic book heroes, you can call one of them on the button. Yeah, sure. And so the believer also knows that

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anything that they can conjure up in their imagination is not a lot. Okay? Because if you can find your mission is limited to if you can conjure it up. It's not what a lot is. It is okay. right because Allah is it is all about and he is beyond our senses is beyond our imaginations. In fact, allows creation is beyond our comprehension. And our imagination law says I have prepared for my believing slaves. What no eye has seen nor ear has heard and has not been conjured up by the imagination of any heart. Talking about gender. And so if we can't even imagine gender, even gender itself is genders beyond genders. That's what the word gender means, by the way, what? Anytime you

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have gene and noon, yeah, it indicates that this thing is hidden. So Jin, Jin is hidden.

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Gender is hidden when a person is insane, but no one known Majnoon right yeah, you know, because this insanity is you can't you can't see it. You can't touch it. Yeah. The baby in the stomach of the mother is called Jenny. Okay.

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Okay, so anything that's, you have that root word indicates that that's something that's hidden. And so Allah azza wa jal himself, right is beyond our senses beyond our comprehension. Also,

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as you mentioned, a lot is apparent in his so Johanna. Also. No, no. Because you get a fist bump.

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That's a different route. There's a different way got Jima nunit. Yeah, but I said the route Okay, apparently I mean, yeah, so not everything that has a demon but that comes from the root of that. And also the meanings of of a Balkan, by the way. Is that a lot as he knows everything, okay? Because he's hidden, but he's present. Right And so, a lot so gel, Allah so button also means present. Because the idea is this that he's hidden, but that doesn't mean that he's hidden and distant. He's hidden and present. Okay. A lot of it is a VA hit. So you there it's it's like a balance of the names of law had means you get this this idea of distance that allows you it is above

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us, that it is

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beyond beyond, right. But then you have a button which indicates intimacy, okay. Oh, President slash intimate.

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So Allah azza wa jal. He's not distant but a lot of Israel is close. He is close from his slaves Eliza Lola catalana in Santa Ana Matsui, Neff so when have you read and sort of stuff Eliza? Yes, we've created mankind and we know what their souls whisper to themselves and we are closer to them than their regular being right and a lot of witches are interchangeable quality of inanimate zero alpha Allah says if you speak a lot Isaiah knows a set he knows that which is whispered or secrets or you know that we just said very, very softly and he knows even what's less than that.

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Yep, like said No, sir, sir. Okay. Like you have two prayers. One is

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Sit on when is the series The whole episode? Oh, right. Okay call the siddur prayer and then jihad is fetch

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ratio because you speak out luck said is you're so quiet like, only you're hearing what you're saying nobody else is hearing. So it's it's very soft, but at the same time a lot as it hears that and he hears a firm in that that which is even more subtle than that what you don't share with anybody maybe what you don't even speak out a lot. So ya know, so a lot of it is it's very, very, very intimate tuned, very in tuned, very aware. I was told recently actually by

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chef, he has a physique and he was just telling me, he's an awesome by the way. Yeah. So he was just telling me that he had a conversation that he had with a priest and that priests had read the Bible. Okay, I saw he had read the Quran. So he read the Quran from cover to cover, like in English or area in English. I don't know. I didn't ask him what language Okay. See, your curiosity is beyond mine.

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He said he read the Koran. It'd be so cool to actually read Arabic. So

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assuming that he read it in English, but okay, the thing that he took away is how knowledgeable allies okay.

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That's the thing he said.

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A lot is so knowledgeable because the reflection was that as in Christianity, God isn't necessarily that knowledgeable.

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And I leave him alone. Adam and Adam, by the way is like the name other than our Amana Rahim if you don't count Solitaire, you know, the best the best made as part of the soda. Yeah. And Adam is the name that was the most okay. And the hold on originally? Yeah, we did it. I believe we did it on him. But I don't want to drag on. Yep. Just because I don't know how much you're going to edit. And I don't want to keep people.

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I don't know how interesting this is for people. But the idea is very interesting people.

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So the idea is, is that we have not done a lolly. Okay, so inshallah we'll get to it. But

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Allah azzawajal just knowing everything. Yeah, not only does he know, what you you say and what you do, he knows what you intend.

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So Eliza just says that's why he can go That's why in a minute might have been Yeah, yeah, the scholars they say a lot hazarded. He knows what has happened and what did happen and what didn't happen. If it happened, how it happened. In the manifestation of what did happen is the best what could have happened?

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Yes, because that's his will. And that's his wisdom. But he knows every other combination that could have been you know, that all alternate realities. Yes. The Infinite multiverse? Yes, exactly. That type of stuff that makes people like, fans so excited. Yeah. When they introduce an alternate ending, right? There's an alternate ending, like, Oh my god, that's so amazing. Allah knows all of the alternate endings to every scenario and how many choices do we make in a single day? in a single moment in a single moment? It's incredible, right? Even our word choices, you just say, Man, I wish I had said this instead of that, it probably would have have caused this reaction. And a lot of nose

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every single it's it's beyond our comprehension.

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This makes me wonder, can one travel to different multi versus you can't once you get to gender, you can do whatever you want. You know, and that's something that I'm sure lots of people talk about, like just simulating different things in the dunya. Yeah, in general, like what would happen if Michael Jordan played LeBron James? Oh, you know, he just stuff like that. But when you get to Jenna, would you care about that? Will you care? When you're introduced? To what No, I see and, and no ear has heard and not been conjured up by the imagination of any soul? Are you even gonna care about what's happened in the dunya? People are like, I want to watch the history of the world. You

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know, yeah, when I get the agenda, I mean, I care about the dunya out all once you get there, let's just get this makes me wonder is it you know, if Allah will create more beings or whatever, you know, beyond our time, would we care to even engaging observe that? Yeah.

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very much smile.

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The last thing that I want to mention is, like I mentioned, these are the humbling names. So these names conjure up in your soul and in your mind, your heart, the notion that you know what, I'm very, very limited. I will never completely be able to wrap my mind around that. Oh, wouldn't an asset and these concepts Yeah, or a VA hidden at a balton just leave it at what it is and just leave it as what it is. And I believe in I mean, I think is one could try to understand it, but don't question it. Right? Exactly. You come to understand it, and again, you can understand it according to your job description.

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Okay, do you see I'm saying like, I need what I need to understand.

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From these names all of these names is in accordance with what will make me fulfill my role of myself to generous Elijah Buddha. This is all supposed to make me a better worshipper. If it's making me a better worshiper great okay? If it's making me make drop if I heard that there are already about you know, apple, the new dean of the United Fuck, like I need to start putting that into my, my my repertoire my daily habit. It's all supposed to make me a better

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worshipper of Eliza. Yep. And remember this whole conversation about the names of Allah we always have to remember in our mind and something that you have to engage with yourself and comment and share because you may have reflections that are even better than anything that we've prepared. But Allah as he says, We need like a smile Krishna Federer who behind us to Him belong the Beautiful Names, call him by them.

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No doubt.

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So, so we end here.

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What's on the line isn't uncommon to either do cyber sim sim concealment