How will a Person who is Cremated be Asked Questions in the Grave as he does not have a Grave

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The next question is come on the Facebook again by sudden, Eric is a non Muslim? And he says that if a person is cremated, then how will he be questioned about the question asked in the grave as he does not have a grave?

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That's a very good question. And many people are confused. That because the truth of the solar system, that after you die requestion in your grave, and there's also mentioned of the other the punishment in the grave. And it also says that the people are buried that question, you have to understand that what this hadith means, when Prophet said that after you're buried, it means that because today we know that most of the human within the world they are buried. The Christians, the Muslims, majority of the human in the world today, if you do a third way, they are buried, less people are cremated, some are given to the vultures, when the statement is made, it is mainly

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meaning after you die will be questioned.

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If you're married, it's in the claim, if not wherever you are, that doesn't mean that if you're not married, you will not be questioned. There are chances that maybe wild animals may kill you, and you don't get married. There are chances you will down there that money only Question no. Because for questioning to things that require the soul in the body, the body, if you realize even when you are buried, it gets disintegrated.

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It gets merged into the earth.

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So the main concept is that if Allah can resurrect you on the Day of Judgment, why can't he yet whether you have a body or not, whether they are buried or whether they have drowned, whether they are cremated, like and yet if he wants to give you pain wants to give you punishment, as Allah says that in the Quran in surah, a insan chapter number 75 was number three, that

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if those people who think that Allah cannot respect them on the Day of Judgment, how can Allah re assemble our board on the day of judgment? So Allah says, tell them that Allah can not only reassembles the bones, he can reconstruct in perfect order the very tip of your fingers talking about fingerprints, unlike and even get your fingerprints which is not even identical in a million people.

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So when you can resurrect on the DR judgment, why can you do in the grave. So it is basically telling you that after you die, whether you are in the grave whether you are gone with their cremated, they will be a minor question and answer session. They will be some punishment. They may be some rewards. But the final recompense have a lesson for him. Ron chapter was 185 is the final recompense as on the Day of Judgment. Hope that answers the question.