Mufti Menk – I’ll beat you up, haven’t you seen my six-pack

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a situation where a person named Shaytan is losing his temper and becomes angry. He claims to have shaped the other person and is being criticized for his actions. The conversation then shifts to discussing the potential consequences of Shaytan losing his temper and becoming angry, and the potential consequences of his actions.
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Many of us

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lose our temper in Ramadan.

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Especially when the fast is long.

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And it's probably the last third of the match. And I say the match. I mean, you know, your 90 minutes, it's almost the end of his excitement, Mashallah. And you're almost there. And suddenly something happens and you just lose it. What happened? Shaitan shaitan? Made you get angry. He wants to spoil your fast, you might argue, but where is shaytan? He's supposed to be tied up?

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Well, there are so many explanations of that either you become a little devil.

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Or the major Shayateen are locked up, but the little ones are causing all the disaster. That's also an explanation.

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You see, may Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us all shaytans effect already from wherever he is tied up may be impacting on you. Who knows? Nowadays.

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We probably are connected to each other, but I'm not even there. But I can have an impact on you through what? Maybe through the internet. I'm not saying shaytan uses the net. But he appears on it. I promise you he does.

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May Allah Almighty protect us all? So the Hadith says

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when you're fasting, you don't swear you don't commit immortality. You don't do any of these things. And if someone comes and swears you, what are you supposed to say? You're supposed to not even respond to them in a negative way. You just say in the sign. You know what I'm fasting. That should switch the debate of someone swears you you know, for example, road rage happens a lot.

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And this guy rolls down his window and start swearing and you swear back and whatever you just thumbs up. That's why fasting roll.

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So what if it looks like you've lost the debate? It's okay in the eyes of Allah. I want it I was fasting. I'm not going to spoil my fast. They're going to think you're a little bit crazy. But you're not. You're a stronger person. Lisa Shadi to be Surah RT in NEMA Shadi to levy M Liko NAFSA. Who in Delgado

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strong person is not he who out wrestles the other pump you up my brother, a beat you up, watch out, don't see six pack.

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Trust me some of the guys with six packs have been beaten up by people with one big family pack.

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It doesn't mean you have muscles so you can out wrestle. Some of the guys are big, they might not be that muscular, but they might push you down you will be surprised when Allah grant us is a truly powerful person is he who can control his temper. That's why when you are a top wrestler or a top fighter, a lot of the times the trainer's will say you need a lot of patience because you can beat up someone so badly. If you lose your cool just become. So you find the black belt and the guys who are top notch they're calm. You might swear him he'll smile at you. Swear him again. He'll smile at you touch him he'll just say hey, leaving leave me alone. Touch him again. He'd say Hey, leave me

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Third time he might say listen, this is a last warning. He's giving you so much time why? Because he knows he can throttle you in a few seconds. And then when you cross the line he just in two seconds you're on the ground with a broken jaw broken you don't know what happened but brother you kept on going and kept on going and kept on going and you just got to to me but the good point was the level of tolerance was very high, very, very high. We are taught that when that is happening in Ramadan, especially when someone provokes you walk away from the provocation walk away from it

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