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Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of love in religion and how it can lead to negative emotions. They explain that while there may be a point in time where one loves something and is punished by the person they love, it is important to avoid harming their ego or causing negative emotions. The speaker also mentions a legislation that will never be denied and encourages people to love their loved ones and not the person they love.
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He says, and how often is it that the servant of Allah SWT, the servant prefers that which

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she loves and desires over that which prefers that which she loves and desires or that which

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his elder desires or his Amir or his sheikh or his you know his scholar his teacher or

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his family upon what Allah SWT loves.

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So this individual does not prefer or does not prefer the love of Allah SWT over all

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other beloved things and it is not the determining factor that which determines or the Hakimah

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is the judge that love of Allah is not served as the judge for him or that which is the

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primary factor in influencing him from Amir the leader or what leads him in making his

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So basically he's saying here in the Sunnah of Allah SWT for the individual that this

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is their affair that he will make this person this love the things that they love other

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than Allah be their source of worry and their source of disturbance and that which they

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loat over because once they love it he says so they will not really arrive upon anything

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or benefit from it except that what will come out of it is worry and hardship and disturbance

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basically that which you love other than Allah and prefer over Allah SWT's love will be your

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source of worry and your source of disturbance because Allah SWT will not allow true happiness

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and true love and contentment except through obedience to him and it makes sense when one

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obeys Allah SWT this is what Allah is pleased with and if one loves something over or along

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with Allah SWT this could be borderline polytheism it could be borderline shirk because if your

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love for other than Allah is manifest through your actions you will have a certain connection

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to it that will eventually be much more intimate than your connection with Allah SWT that is

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the essence of shirk that is the essence of polytheism and that is what Allah does not

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forgive if one dies upon it when one loves a prophet more than Allah you know they call

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on that prophet or they ask that prophet for certain benefits in this life because they

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believe that the prophet has godlike powers well from that is to love that prophet to

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the degree of saying that he's God or even preferring that prophet or any form of creation

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other than God Allah punishes the individual that ultimately has that belief and that's

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why in the law I love him and he forgives for anything other than that that is the essence

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of polytheism to love something other than or more than Allah SWT that is why when one

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voluntarily leaves off the worship of Allah the love of Allah from which actions emanate

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should emanate one will be punished in this life or in the next and from that punishment

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is for you to worry and to loathe and to be disturbed and harmed by that thing source

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of your love and he says jaza Allah wa ala ithali hawahu wa hawaa ma yu'azlimuhu minal

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khalki wa yuhibuhu ala ma habatulayta ala he says this is the reward for the individual

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that prefers and loves that over the love of Allah SWT by preferring his desires or the

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desires of that which he makes great so for instance in Christianity for example one may

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take their priest or they may take a passage in the Bible of what Jesus loves and they

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believe that Jesus is Allah Jesus is God and it may be the fact of calling on other than

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Jesus not saying the name of Jesus believing in your heart that he is God there's a slight

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difference you know we as Muslims we believe in Jesus and we love Jesus but we don't worship

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him we love Jesus because Allah loves Jesus we love Jesus because Allah gave him the message

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but what is contradictory to our love of Jesus is to love him by saying that he is God loving

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him thinking that he is God believing in our heart that he is God is in actuality contradictory

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to true love of Jesus and we will talk about that inshallah ta'ala but here Allah SWT is saying

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that is what Allah SWT will make the life of the individual that loves his desires or the

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desires of whoever he makes great a source of their sadness and worry and he says

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I'm in a hook or you him or that which is the preferring that over the love of Allah

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Subhanahu wa ta'ala and going on to continue he says what color what color call the law

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who is the wajal qada and let you do what I would follow and the man I have a shape and

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see what who are the baby and that's a beautiful statement he says and Allah SWT is

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legislated a legislation that will never be denied or never be avoided or or or resisted

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that whoever loves a thing they will be punished by that thing and subhan Allah

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some attribute it to the Prophet SAW Allah will not show if it's a so he hadith or not

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let me have to learn that whatever one loves they will be punished by that thing that they love

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because if you love something dearly and that thing is harmed or you love someone dearly

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more than Allah SWT and they express their disgust for you or their displeasure for you

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your heart is broken your heart is broken because you love them so much you don't want to displease

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them you love your desires so much you don't want to displease your desires or go against them

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if your desires contradict what Allah loves if whatever you love contradict what Allah

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SWT loves you are eventually or directly or even indirectly punished by it because that is your

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ultimate source of allegiance because when you love something you have an allegiance to it and

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that's exactly what is meant here so that's the first sign of istikham et al qalb is to love

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Allah SWT more than we love anything else may Allah SWT make us those of those that love Allah

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love him more than anything else in this life and let everything be subservient to that love

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barakahu la feequm as-salamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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