Abu Bakr Zoud – The 10 nights of Dhul Hijjah are just as important as the days

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a social setting where people can pray at night and receive a rewarded reward for their behavior. The setting is a social setting where people can sleep at night and receive a rewarded reward for their behavior. The setting is a social setting where people can sleep at night and receive a rewarded reward for their behavior.
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See the 10 days of Patricia. It doesn't mean that we show concern in the days that we do neglect the lights. We don't neglect the nights. The nights are just as important as the days. Allah azza wa jal when he made took an oath in Nepal and he took an oath by the nights of the 10 days of the Asia. He said what was when officially when a L in Azure? I swear by the Knights of the 10 days of the Kisha for the Knights the night pray is something important. Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, of bowtell sana development for the Oba surah to lay the best pray after the obligatory prayer is the mic pray? That's the best pray. You don't know the sun Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said about

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supernatural vision. What did they say about supernatural fashion? He said that he hated minute Do you all know this having it that the total god of sooner confession is much more rewarding than this entire world and what's on it and in this have even the bizarre salami saying the best voluntary pray

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after the obligatory prayer is the my prayer. Yanni My prayer is more rewarding than the reward of pseudoknot officials. Even how much reward is involved in this

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huge kind of reward their nature that there's something of the night in where you get up and you pray.

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And the first obligatory prayer upon us homosassa was the night pray with a lot of social setting amin Laila illa karela

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come in late at night prayer was obligated before so not to bother will also none of that was there was only the night prayer and how much of the arrival you think and that is one and a half pages. Well, our social setting could be late in the Lila, pray the entire night except the bit of it. I want you to have one and a half pages of the calamity. Yanni solothurn Allah consumption from saltan Muslim militant but it's fine to pray the entire life with one

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with one surah it's fine. Mohammed of minimum, Allah.

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Allah he met me a Kudu after Cebu one

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he repeated that the entire night. Whenever you summon Allah who I know he was in

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my bed one area he repeated that the entire night. Whenever you summon Allah, Allah you are selling when a third of the night used to go past. He himself used to wake up the people used to go around the Medina seldom used to delegate tasks to companions. Someone's responsible to cleaning the masjid someone's responsible guarding his Medina. But when it came to Waking the people up at night and took it himself. When the third of the night would pass by you would wake up and you say yeah, you had nurse of gorilla Oh people wake up and make mention of Allah Jetta. Rajiv at the hour has come. That's about the hour has arrived. Jan mo Toby Murphy mood and Mt which is delta it's coming in

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soon. And chat and multi v Murphy hit repeated again. As leucine close this is the alarm. Get up in worship Allah so shall during this time, Allah so shall he says one minute late for

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hope. And I think you might see it's difficult. I want to sleep. I'm tired. Sleep is closing my eyes. I can't keep awake.

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You know what that means? One of the meanings that

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they say

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remove sleep from your eyes with

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photography. You only start reading open reading about the paradise a little bit and your eyes wake up reading out the fire. Do you believe it? Your eyes would wake up a little bit more reading about the greatness of Allah social

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reading about the greatness of Allah you'll find the hottest wakes up all of a sudden a bit. Sleep is gone. And you will find yourself a week sleep goes. Now if you let the luck of voluntary act for you. The only one that's going to benefit from it. From our social he says as a yerba ethical bukem a common Mahmoud Gani on the day of judgment when everyone's resurrected. There are people that are gathered on one side and those who prayed at night are gathered there are elite group on another side altogether. Allah azza wa jal he says in the Quran, will Lavina be tuna lira be him sujet and Wakayama and those who spend the night europei him for the Lord, that I want you to understand these

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words. Will Lavina be doing your be him. Those who pray it might not be him for the Lord. Can you sense the Can you sense the love in this air? Yanni? Most people I tell you, most people, if a goal was to call the boyfriend at night and say let's meet up, sleep is gone.

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And there's no worry about school anymore might go in his pajamas and run out. That's how people that's how people out. The believer when he gets up at night and think you know who you're getting up for Lila beat him for the Lord and they he loves Omar solution. He can't wait to stand before a lot of social and pre something like ad for law social, for this is the kind of understanding we're supposed to have.

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