Rush to fulfilling Allah’s command

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Philosophy healing is a saying was said to rush, the matters of worship were supposed to rush towards doing them. And we're learning this now in Ramadan. You see in Ramadan, as soon as the event is called for select and then goes off Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Each and every single one of us rushes to break is fast. And it's gonna, you're gonna connect that to a worship, because breaking your fast is a worship, and you're supposed to do it at the very beginning of the other. This is why the one who breaks his fast at the very beginning of the other earns much more reward than a person who wants to delay braking is fast, another five or 10 minutes thinking that if I delay it for

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another 510 minutes, and I, you know, go humble, and I keep myself a little bit style for the sake of alarm, it won't have I'll get extra reward wrong, you do not get extra reward for delaying the breaking of your fast. The maximum reward earned is when you break your fast on time, exactly on time. Why?

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Because once again, it's a worship. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that our attitudes for worship should be or stereo rush. So the one who broke is fast on time, the greatest reward because he fulfilled a last command. The second Allah azzawajal commanded it. So you understand what the word was said to implies. And what kind of attitude is supposed to instill within us concerning laws, commandments and obligations rushed to them.