Abu Bakr Zoud – Reward Of The Congregational Prayer – 25 or 27?

Abu Bakr Zoud
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You know, when a believer prays solid Alfred in JAMA Allah who would give him for the solid 25 or 27 times, meaning this solid Asia that we prayed, you go home, earning the reward as though you pray that 25 or 27 times you know the Hadith. What what's the right is a 25 or 27?

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Who knows what's what's what's the goal here

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27 But the authentic narration says 25 as well. So what's the difference? This is the difference.

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27 is for the one who caught the solid from the very beginning Allahu Akbar.

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25 is for the one who missed the first pillar and only followed in the second pillar, meaning if the Imam said Allahu Akbar,

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and you came, and you sit Allah hot, but before he has recited al Fatiha, which is the second pillar in our solid, then you earn 27 If you came in as you sing Alhamdulillah Allah 25 shifting income shifting the competition that Allah so we can put between the believers compare this to someone praying at home here that he missed out on, on everything.

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Will Imam Buhari Rahim Allah once he got caught up in his house where he missed the solid? So he went from Masjid to Masjid everyone had prayed. Eventually he went back home and he preached Salah Tunisia 27 times one was for his fourth and the rest were no effing for him, didn't want to miss out on the road.

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This is a matter that all Sahaba would so apologies This is my life. And he lives in the masjid who every Salat in the masjid don't think of this as something simple. And Allah Allah we got time will pray at night. Pray at home I can't be bothered No.

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Couldn't be some Allahu Allah your Salam said Allah we are Allah Munna Murphy him Allah. I don't know.

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If the people if only they knew the reward, not only the reward, but the protection and the goodness that would come from praying and Asia and officiant in Al masjid, they would have come crawling. Imagine that. You know what this means? You see, look, you know, at a time when people are dead tired, absolutely tired, finished. A long day of work came back and children and nannies very tired.

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So tired.

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The hadith is acknowledging the tired state of the believer that even if you cannot walk on your legs come crawling.

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come crawling. Then there is so much goodness for you here you have no clue about Allah who will give you

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and it'll you'll see it in your day and in your night.

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So don't make this a light matter. And I am encouraging you to select the gem Allah and this will give you protection Manila

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