The Real Reason for why Rain is sent down

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What's the reason for why rain comes down? A lot, so it makes it very simple in the choir. He says, Well, I noticed a call more or

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What I know is the power. Getting the meaning here is and Allah azza wa jal had revealed to me that this is sort of the gym, how to suit the gym begin

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was the beginning of silicon chip.

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Who here told him that a lot has revealed to me that illusion heard the plan? Then you go one whole page, the next page, there is the lowest level with duck deer. Yani what's assumed in this is that we're over here in a, a low is the home of Allah.

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And Allah also revealed to me that if the people were to walk on a straight path, if they were to commit themselves to an East the karma is Stockholm, Wallah. Political. What this is the economy. What does it mean? We're hit by Mahalo for the month, the Greek Professor woman theory. He said Alister karma, he La la la la, la is the problem is to commit yourself upon the words law in the law, which means what does that mean?

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Does anyone know what a lemon law means?

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Now, a lot of people get it wrong. How do we get this wrong when it's our beginning of our deal? Let in a law means lerma Abu Dhabi Hakan Illallah, this is what it is, which means there is nothing worthy of worship, except Allah subhanho wa Taala. That means there are loads there are knows how many people have claimed to the Lord's fit out from above the list. Right and going down. People have assumed logic for themselves. People should diagnose people or should HR

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people or should other creation, people should cows, people worship rocks, police. This is what they used to do. In their travels when they used to go they used to pick up the Lord put him on the back of a cowboy go along when the Lord became everything flowing off. And then it became me. And then on the way back. If he's dead, I'll pick him up. If he's not there. Don't take another stone and laugh at the people who come this is your Lord.

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Rama means there are loads. There are loads besides a lot of surgeon who many people have claimed that. But we say Allah Buddha, there is no law worthy of worship, except Allah subhanho wa Taala let the law doesn't mean there is no creator of the law.

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This is how sex became deviated. When they said it means there is no creed about a lot. If that was the case, then at least they let him know more recently that in Milan, because they all affirmed the fact that a lot greater than a PC so collected enough You created me from five

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Quraysh when asked mahalo calm, he loves to do creative do they love they would say a lot. So when you when you when you interpret, let alone as new creed about a law, this is the biggest devious. You've made every Muslim like that, that can lay that in the law, meaning no Lord worthy of worship except Allah. So that entails that every worship you do is directed solely to a laceration, a select Only for love and nothing else. Your cm is only for Allah no one else. And then now is what is the karma means going back to the origin. He said what

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if they committed themselves to a law and walk on that path? What would have been the result that

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we would have sent upon them water rain from the sky in abundance had to come in abundance. And then even then if a large portion was to send that rain down, after we have committed these there are a lot of Zoysia he said Lina 15 on fee and even that rain that a lot would send it would be a test for us. Are we going to thank him for it or not have a lot of yelling even if you commit to this department and we did all the reasons for why range would come down read will come down because the lead in abundance but it will come down once again. So we'll walk and test us are we going to be carried away with this now? finally read you know people now a big thing for people from the Muslim

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community are calling for selecting Mr. Scott fair enough. Shouldn't shouldn't matter. We've sold a lot of it yourself. What happens when the rain comes down?

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What happens then? See how people easily and quickly forget, people forget about the damn levels doesn't matter because if they're full of 80%, no one cares anymore. Everyone, everything is readily available, rain comes down and stops the restaurant and no one nothing to care about nothing to worry about, get removed all these emergency catastrophic levels of cause that the people forget. A lot of Zoysia is telling you, when the rain and the water comes down, the purpose is Lena fino who will be in the

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field so we can test them, who's going to set thank this big blessing of Allah that's described as move alika and he's going to turn away and just say I'm going to take advantage of it. And what should we let him just move on to have a lot. So that's one of the reasons to bring down water from the sky. What I know stuck on water