Zahir Mahmood – Your Foundation You Reap What You Sow

Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the revelation that Islam sub hang wa taala revealed in the name of the person who created it, which is the only person who has ever said it. The speaker explains that the revelation is based on economics and that sound knowledge is a source of evils. The speaker also discusses the importance of sound knowledge in society and how it can lead to the destruction of children.
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Allah revealed in the Quran ekra a crab is Mirabella, the Hallock read in the name of the one who created so Pamela, our first revelation is ekra. Why did Allah subhanho wa Taala bring the first revelation

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was the was the pillows of Islam,

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salaam, Hajj, had Jerusalem, none of that. The first revelation Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed was a cannabis mirrabooka Lady haluk read in the name of the one who created you.

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People at that time,

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were using other human beings as animals, lower than animals. They were burying their own blood, their own daughters alive. They were at war for each other at time for over a decade. But none of that was mentioned. Alarm mentioned what a crock read.

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Because c

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sound knowledge will eradicate all evils in society

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will uproot all evils in society. And therefore Allah subhanho wa Taala went for the foundation. You give people good knowledge read in the one who created you meaning read that which is pure economics, mira bicolor, the HELOC and that will be a source of eradicating the illness and the sicknesses in society, you will no longer bury your daughters alive, you will no longer abuse your daughter in law, you will no longer disrespect your parents, you will no longer be disobedient to Allah subhanaw taala if your fundamentals is sound knowledge, otherwise, if it does sound knowledge you will be dealing with the symptoms of not having sound knowledge.

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So this was the first revelation.

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And this is why you see look, l knowledge, pure knowledge.

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The first thing when a child is born is what what do they think they say? They give a VAR in one a that the first thing that he hears is La ilaha illAllah the Allies a cabal that come towards success.

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You give the ACA, a comma in the other air

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you know not before now it's changed a bit but before you know what would they endeavour, the first word of the child would be would be Allah or will be La ilaha illa Allah now his mama Papa cartoon, this that, but that was what it used to be. Even even you look at those who have hardly have very little knowledge in those countries that we come from. They still wanted their children to recite the first thing that would come out of their mouth would be kalama, the Shahada La ilaha illa Allah, or the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Why because what you are instilling in that child because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said kulu mo luden you're gonna do Allah, Allah to Islam,

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that every child is born on the fitrah of Islam

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is born on the innate nature of Islam is like a clean slate. And then it is society within packs in the borders, Allah zones. And then the parents,

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the parents, they make him a Jew, they make him a Christian, they make him a medium, they make him something else, they make him an atheist, because the parents have a huge impact on the child. And what is what is the promise of loss of limb telling us that the first murder of that child when that child is pure

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is the parents. If the parents fail of the often that leads to the child failing. You look throughout the Quran, Subhana Allah, look throughout the entire Quran. Literally, every cone that Allah subhanaw taala speaks about that the Navy came to what did they say?

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They said, you know, what we're on is what we've found of forefathers to be on. And therefore, we found our fathers to be mushriks we four of our fathers to bury the daughters alive. Therefore we are doing exactly what we found. Our fathers doing. Literally in every single case, the destruction of the children was because of the hands of the parents.

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Because the parents failed, because there wasn't sound knowledge and there was no Amal if they had any knowledge

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