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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of achieving a strong mentality to achieve success in various situations, including mental health issues and financial struggles. They stress the need for individuals to work hard and have a clear mentality to avoid getting caught up in a situation and feeling like they are just getting around. The success of a person depends on their ability to work hard and execute their goals, and the success of a person depends on their mental and operational strength.
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How do you

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in hamdulillah in Amador who want to still you know be he want to still Pharaoh who want to study whenever the lights are on and Florian fusina women see it I'm Elina in omega de la philomel Allah. Blue ferihegy Allah wa Shadwell la Allah, Allah Allah Allahu Allahu la sharee Cara Why should one know Mohammed Abu hora solo? Also hola Ramadan in alameen wa codewords meaning Omar de tenis Aliki in Word jitendra gadjah Giovanni in an hour long we know who are heavy his pseudo Professor Harvey amin and omean whaddon, Sumitomo kuruman olfa. Along with z Hiram edges, they tend to be an animated or asuna manga what he what he said let him also Lila Moses robotic alley while he was happy, while

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Jimmy minister Nabisco nutty box, the sae laomi Dean a my bad

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my bad so we'll see from one FCB topo lightoller phenol may atop the La Jolla Hamas Raja

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said all praises due to a law alone and when we seek aid and assistance and 10 we turn both in repentance and for forgiveness. Trillium, Allah subhanaw taala guys know can mislead and even allow leaves to go astray there is none who can guide and I bet when I sit there is nothing worthy of worship civil law loan and then Mohamed Salah law What are you sending them is both his servant and His Messenger.

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One of the greatest miracles in our history. And the history of this religion

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is the miracle that the Prophet sallallahu it will send them and maybe it will mean the illiterate prophets. The prophets who can neither read nor write was sent to a people in the middle of a desert who are known around the world to be herders of goats and sheep.

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People who are considered to be of the lower ring of world civilizations, lower ring of education have

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Knowledge of power of mites of strength

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and within the generation that the Prophet sallallahu wherever you send them was sent to them in that generation, the very companions the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sent to, would ultimately lead the world. They will ultimately some of them be in charge of empires that rivaled or even surpassed the greatest empires in the history of the world.

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The prophet SAW a lower and he will sell them sometimes would tell people, you will be wearing the bracelets of the emperor of Persia, and people would laugh. They hypocrites would laugh on the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would see things like this. And yet the prophets prophecies became true, the very person he said it to ultimately wore the bracelets of the emperor of Persia. How was it that the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam changed the course of history that these people who were regarded as ignorant, as you know, Bedouins, who are just taking care of sheep and go, that they become rulers of the world, that people from the corners of the world, from the edges of Europe and

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China, were traveling to Muslim countries, Muslim land, so that they could learn, they can learn math and science and geometry and learn these things from Muslims. What changed? What changed was our Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, of course came with the truth. And in that truth, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam modeled behaviors, and characteristics, that when the Sahaba accepted this truth from our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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When he accepted this truth from the only accepted this truth from him, they accepted the manners and the character of our Prophet as well. The Prophet said in the map, worry to live with 10 min muckety muck, he said, I was sent to perfect noble character. So they didn't only take the truth of the revelation from him, but the character that he brought up with that revelation, and when they instituted that character within themselves, it caused them to become leaders around the world. And so we live in a day in an age where we look at Muslims around the world when we think, why are we not the rulers of the world? Why are we not the head of the world? Why are we not ahead of the

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curve? Why is it not that they're coming to our countries to learn from us rather than we are going to their countries, to learn from them.

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It brings you back to this very essential point, we've lost our way from understanding the truth, and the character, the prophet brought alongside that truth. And one of those characteristics that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam placed in their heart was a characteristic of being ambitious, and characteristic of having very high aspirations. The profit plan to this in the hearts of the companions, as he was bringing them the truth, so that when they took the truth from the Prophet Li took this character to and it caused them to change the world.

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The prophet SAW along wherever you send them, I'll give you one example.

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He was traveling once, in a Bedouin man, a man living in the middle of the desert. Saw the Prophet sallallahu what is in traveling, he invited him in, he gave him some food, some drink, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told this Bedouin men, if you ever come to Medina, then asked for me, you took care of me while I'm traveling. If you ever travel and come by Medina, I will take care of you. So this man came to Medina one day, and he asked for the profits a little lower than seven. And the profits in the long run you send him said, damn, send me She asked me for something. He asked me for something. What do you want? So the man said to the Prophet, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, give

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me a sheep. So the Prophet gave him a sheep. And the Prophet said to him, asked me something. The man said, Give me a dog, the dog will protect the sheep. So the prophet or the companions, they gave him a dog. He said, he asked me for something the Prophet kept telling and asked me for something. And the men kept asking for these things like a sheep like a dog like this or that.

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But the prophet kept persisting and asking him finally the man said, I don't know what to ask for. The prophets a little longer, and he said, I'm setting to him. Why could you not be like the old lady from bending through? Like an urge who's been through it? Why can't you be like this old lady from Venezuela?

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Right. The companions are watching this happen. They asked the prophet who is the old lady from Benny in Australia. So now the Prophet tells them a story. It's a story within a story. The Prophet tells them the story of this old lady.

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He tells them that when Benny is eaten the children of his story when they wanted to leave Egypt, after Darwin was persecuting them and oppressing them, they came to leave. But as they tried to leave Egypt, they kept getting lost. You know, they were going around in circles, they tried to leave all of a sudden, it's dark at night, you know, they don't know the way they take the wrong turn, they find themselves right back to where they started. And every time they tried to leave, they ended up in the same situation. Eventually, some of the elders of any Australian, they said, you're not going to be able to leave Egypt. Because when a prophet Yusuf died, a prophet Yusuf was

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the one who brought Benny's right into Egypt. When he died. On his deathbed, he made us promise that if we are going to leave Egypt, we have to take his body with us.

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So Moosa, Allah sent me here's the story from them. It doesn't find where is the body of Prophet Yusuf, we will excavate the body and take the body with us. They said, We don't know. He died a long time ago. Right? But of course, the bodies of the prophets, by the way, did not decomp decomposed. So you know, this is a miracle was given the prophets. So they said, you know, where do we dig it up? He said, they said, We don't know where he's buried. They said the only person who knows where he is buried, is the old lady. This is the Prophet the person the prophets A little while later, his name was referring to the old lady from bunnies, right?

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So most I went to the old lady, he said to the old lady, where is proper use of very let me know so we can take his body and leave Egypt?

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She said, I'm not going to tell you unless you give me what I want.

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Prophet Musa alayhi salam, he said, Okay, what is it that you want?

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She said to the Prophet Musa had a sudden, I want to be an rafiqul. Catherine, Jenna, I want to be your companion in jedna. ie where you are in Jenna, I want to be with you. If you're in the highest part of Jenna, because you're with the prophets, I want to be with you agenda.

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Prophet Musa didn't like this. Because think about the life that he's living. And the torture that Venezuela has faced at the hands of Fidel when he's saying these people, their children was killed by Darwin, you know, they're going to go to Agenda because their child was killed. This lady was thrown into a pot of boiling oil, because she believed in a lot she's gonna go to Agenda for that. You want to go to Agenda just because you have this little piece of information that I don't have.

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So you know, like Cassie said,

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but a lot revealed to Prophet Musa he said, Oh Moosa give you the woman what she's asked for. So Prophet Musa hunters and allies revealed to me you're gonna have what you asked for. So she told them where the body was, and it was beneath a pond, they pumped out the water, they dug out the body of Prophet Yusuf, and they were able to leave Egypt, they found a way to leave. Now the prophet SAW along wherever you send him brings this example for what reason? He brings this example, in order to tell us why can't you be like this woman?

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Where when she had the opportunity to ask, What did she asked for? she asked for the best possible thing to ask for, I want to be in genda. Not only do I want to be agenda, I want to be in the highest level agenda. I want to be with the prophets in the messengers. And this is the profit from the Longwear. And he was teaching his companions, a concept, which is what have higher ambitions have higher goals have higher aspirations. You're asking me for a sheep. You're asking me for a dog? Why don't you ask me for something more important? Why don't you have greater priorities and greater goals in your life? This is the essence of what the prophet was teaching his companions that we need

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to aspire to achieve the highest, the prophet sum along well do you send them in a hadith about Ani, and there might be weakness in this heavy, but he's in the law you have more washwater head Allah loves the highest of affairs and the most noble of it, meaning Allah loves the peak of the issue. If somebody is involved in an issue of business, that person should be trying to achieve the highest levels of business, the loftiest levels of business. If you intend charity, you should intend to do the best type of charity, the greatest type of charity that you can do. And if a person intentionally Bad's up, then they should be striving to

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To achieve the best levels of data, you should be worshiping a lot trying to connect to a less kind of data at a very deep level. Whatever affair we want to do, whatever it is we're seeking to do, the Muslim should have the mindset of trying to achieve the highest pinnacle of that affair to aim to be the greatest in that issue that they are doing. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the lie your your Humayun amore wash offer? Well, crow Safa. Allah loves the highest of the fears, and its most noble, and he hates for the lowest of it. He hates when a person is aiming for the lowest of issues, that you know, they're in school, they're like, I'm just, I'm aiming to just barely pass

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the test. I'm not aiming to ace the test, I'm not aiming to be the best in my class, I'm aiming to just barely get through it. Most of the love isn't like this, when you were just scraping to get by, we should have higher ambitions, higher goals for 71 higher odds raised towards what is best, maybe you're not going to achieve what's best. Maybe you're going to be aiming to be the best in your class, and you're not going to achieve it. That's okay. Because you aim for it. You strived for it, you tried for it. That's what I was telling you to do. First w one highrock race towards goodness, I eat, try as hard as you can strive as hard as you can. Sometimes you're going to fall short.

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Sometimes you're going to make mistakes, sometimes you're going to sin, we're human beings, yes. But the person should be striving and have the mentality of striving towards what is best. The mentality of striving to achieve what is best. The poet said, you know, very famous words of poetry. What may Italian, sir, oh, the javadi is the daddy, but you know, funny. He said whoever is terrified or afraid of climbing the mountains, they will live forever in their life within the holes of the ground. Right? Like, if you're afraid of climbing the mountain, you're gonna be stuck in the ground stuck in the holes of the ground. Right? Most people are in that state of fear. They're afraid of

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taking the step forward. They're afraid of even having a goal to begin with. What's my goal, that fear of failure. And that fear of trying and not succeeding paralyzes people, you know, the person doesn't want to try to be the best in their class, they don't want to try on the test, because they're afraid they're going to try and not do well. And so the poet says, If you always do this, you'll live the rest of your life in the holes on the ground. But if you try to climb, you might slide down, you might not make on your first try, you might have to try many, many times. But eventually, if you keep trying, you'll get to the top of the mountain.

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And this is why I am not going to lie to Allah. And he said, Well, America, Coloma and na Hana to drink the raw. He said the intellectuals of every almost every nation have concluded that that's comfort is not achieved by the means of comfort. What does that mean? That means if you want comfort in your life, what's comfort in your life, you might think about comfort and say comfort would be if I have a really big house, I have a really comfy couch, I have a PlayStation five, I have all the games that I want. And I could just sit on my couch and play PlayStation or go out and have a pool in my house and I could relax in my pool to you that might mean comfort, right? Okay, can you

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achieve that comfort by being comfortable? Can you achieve that level of comfort by sitting on your couch?

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Or is the only way for you to achieve that level of comfort by being uncomfortable by studying. And that's uncomfortable by trying hard at work. And that's uncomfortable by trying and taking risks in your life and risks in business. And that's uncomfortable. So you have to take risks, and you have to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation in order to find comfort. But if a person says I'm going to sit on my couch all day, and this is how I'm going to achieve comfort, what's going to happen, your bills are going to pile up, you're gonna run out of money, you're gonna be kicked out of your house kicked off of your couch having no possessions because comfort is not achieved through

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comfort. If you want comfort, it's achieved through efforts risk through hard work. And so he said, women are ordinary tokoname whoever wants luxury has to abandon luxury.

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And in the array and this is the reality and the greatest luxury and the greatest comfort is what it's not your PlayStation, it's not your couch, it's not your pool. It's Jenna. And to achieve that luxury, and to achieve that comfort, you have to be uncomfortable. You have to you know, instead of spending time doing things that might you might find pleasurable, you need to give up things you need to fast you need to do it better.

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Though you need to prioritize your slowdown, right? So by being uncomfortable, you're going to get the greatest level of comfort, which is Jenna and Shawn law. And he says that, indeed with difficult circumstances, and by carrying heavy burdens, comes the achievement of matters that the average person wants. The average person wants the big house, how does it come? It comes with heavy work, heavy burdens, striving to achieve things that the person wants. And so this is the reality, somebody wants to achieve something great in their life, they have to strive for it, they have to fight for it, they have to have great ambitions and great goals. You look at all these companies,

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and the people found in these companies like Amazon, or Microsoft or Apple, and most of these companies began in a garage somewhere. It's not by accident, the person often needs to struggle to attain the goals that they aspire to look at, you know, the author of Harry Potter, she was a homeless person, and had to keep struggling and striving to achieve her goal. Look at KFC, you know, fried chicken, the colonel the very famous story about him, but he had his recipe. And he went to, to I believe 2000 stores to thousand restaurants, saying I have this recipe, let's go into business together. And he got rejected 2000 times. And he was over 60 years old and he was doing this. Like

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he was near the end of his life. He could have just given up but he didn't give up. And then he became, of course incredibly successful. And so our Prophet salallahu earnings and always strong strove to teach us to have great ambitions in our life. The prophets in the long run he was sent him said, We either said to Milan and Jenna first and all those LLM in agenda. He said if you ask a lot for Jenna, you're gonna make you're gonna ask a lot for some for something and ask a lot for agenda. The Prophet said, ask Allah for those in Allah and she will dose the highest level of genda if you're gonna ask for agenda you don't ask for Omar let me be the last person in although when we get

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the last level of Jenna know when you're asking for Jenna the Prophet is teaching you when you ask for agenda you asked for the highest possible level of Jenna I you aim for the highest possible level this is the mentality of the believer This is the the mentality of the one who believes when a loss of handled tada described the believers very badly right Mandela veniam Shona out of the home and away the hapa one giant wanna follow Salam Allah that is describing the servants of the Most Merciful. And he mentioned a number of their descriptions until the very end he says that they make dua and they ask a lot what what john cellfina email of the of the servants of the Most Merciful is

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they asked a lot me cuz leaders have them something because the mentality of the believer is all a lot. Don't make me just a good person. Make me the leader amongst the good people. I want to be a leader in this regard. I want to be at the highest level of what I'm trying to achieve in my life. And this is why you know, there's so many different examples but I'm going to hop over the long line he said I despise Amen. And the Lacroix Nara Raja Sabha, I hate seeing someone who has no aim no purpose. I want to go farther saying this. They said Oh, mean unlimited D and E while I'm while I'm Emily dunia the person that has nothing in their dunya or in their Deen in their religion, they're

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not really doing much in their, in their, in their dunya. And you know, their livelihood and their business and they're, they're not really doing much. How much is this is the person I looked down upon. They're not using the gifts that Allah gave them. And the great one of the greatest gifts that Allah gave us the fact that you can breathe, you're alive. Allah gave me that gift, you need to use it. So

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you know, this is the person that I looked down upon.

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And this is why it's incredibly important for us. Also to have friends in our lives that motivate us towards doing better. And to have people surrounded in your life for motivating you to worship a lot more friends in your life are motivating you to do better in your classwork, friends in your life better motivating you to have higher objectives and higher goals in your life. I look at this example of a book recently called the Obama the prophet SAW along where it was said I'm said to him, said to the companions, he said that there will be different doors agenda.

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He said so there will be a door of sauna. Now the sauna

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and the people who do excellent in their slot out

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be called to enter agenda from the door of sada. And he said, and there will be a door of jihad. And those who are excellent in this regard will be called from it. And there will be a door of sadaqa of giving. And those who give sadaqa will be called from the door of Southern pub, and there will be a door called the door of a young, and those who fast often will be called from the door for again. So there's all these doors of genda. And when you think about this, how do you know sometimes we hear this? How do we start to think to ourselves, you know, maybe I keep up with my slotta, maybe I can get called from that door. We can maybe if I fast a little bit more throughout the year, not just a

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normal one. Maybe I can get in from that door of fascinate, right? We think like this, what is unwelcome? So these are the alarm, I'm thinking the Prophet is telling him this, you know, saying this to the companions? How is his mind operating? What is his mentality? He thinks to himself, the first question he asked the Prophet, or messenger of Allah, is it possible that someone can be called from every single door, found the Day of Judgment, every door agenda will be saying, Oh, so and so come in. And the profits a little lower, and you send him said, Now we're doing took on a minimum? But obviously, yes, and I hope that you are going to be one of those people, that you are

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going to be called from every single door. So I welcome your mentality is, I don't just want to be qualified to enter from the door of slap and then I'll be like, I'm done. I did my job. I can enter agenda. No, no, he says, I want to qualify from every single door. I want to be able to enter data from every single door. That's the mentality of the believer, the mentality of wanting to achieve the greatest levels in our relationship with a lot of interesting data. And even in our worldly affairs. fairphone only had a list of money when it comes to throw in our offer. No hold off.

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smilla hamdulillah Sato cinemavilla, rasulillah, who Allah Allah, he was so happy. Oh, Manuela Bashar Assad recently, Emily, Emily, San Diego La Jolla before I conclude, you know, this topic of having great aspirations is related to another topic that's also really important, which is a topic of

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the concept of being self reliance, of being independent, and wanting to take care of yourself.

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You know, there's a lot of people who because they don't have great ambitions, they're okay with just

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living off of other people, not taking care of themselves, not striving to, you know, work and set to pay their own bills and to take care of themselves. And this is something important because this mentality is not a good mentality to have. The prophets will allow and listen and when some of the first Muslims were accepting a snap from the city of yesterday, which would become Medina, and they came to the prophet and they said, what are we giving you VR for? Are you why what are we accepting? What is this now essentially, what is what is this now what are we accepting? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Now he's he's mentioning to them, the pillars understand the most important parts of

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this now, this is what you're accepting, right? Number one, you worship a lot alone. You don't associate anything in the worship with a lot, right? You don't worship anything other than a muscavado. Number two, you bracelet out. Now, at this point in time Zika was not revealed, had was not revealed. So these things were not mentioned. Right? fasting, Ramadan was not revealed. So I only mentioned worshiping a lot alone.

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Praying, and he mentioned obeying a line is messenger. And then he softly said, Why lattice NASA shape? And then you don't ask people for anything.

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And they said, The The Prophet said this softly because he felt it might be too much to ask of them.

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And so these few so have a handful of Sahaba, who accepted Islam at the hands of the Prophet, they took a pledge. They're not going to ask people for stuff. And they took this so seriously so seriously, that you know how radical the lone man who narrated his head he said if one of them was was on the camel,

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and the width of the camel fell out of his hands, he wouldn't ask somebody walking. Hey, can you pick that up for me? Even though it's very easy for the person walking to pick it up? He would stop his camel dismount, pick it up himself, get back on the camel, even though that would take you probably, you know, five minutes to do that. Whereas the other person could just pick it up in like 10 seconds. Why would they do that? They didn't want to violate the idea of asking people. They took it to heart to that extent, because they didn't want to rely on other people.

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Does this mean we're never allowed to ask other people for anything ever? No, it's not what it means. And sometimes, you know, sometimes we have situations in our life, we need help. Sometimes we have situations in our in our life, we need support. Sometimes, you know, we might be going through a financial issue, we don't have any money. We need somebody to help us. We Yeah, you can ask in that situation. Sometimes you might have mental health issues, and you need some support. You need somebody to talk to absolutely you can ask him those issues, you can ask for help. But this is about a mentality. So I'll give you an example. Have you ever came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and

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he asked a prophet for money. So the Prophet gave him some money.

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He left, he came back, same day, he asked the Prophet for money, Prophet gave him some money, he left came back in the same day, he asked the Prophet for money. At this point, the prophet stopped. Why? The first two times the Prophet probably thought, you know, the man needs help. He needs support, no problem, you need support, you need help, you're asking for money, I'll give you money. When the man kept coming back and asking for money over and over. The Prophet understood, he doesn't need help. He just wants free money. He just wants money without working for it. Right? So the Prophet said to him, yeah, came

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He said, in

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hubiera, he's about you know, wealth is delightful thing. Very, you know, sweet and attractive thing, but doesn't like money, right? Everybody likes to see money. You know, money is a very sweet, sweet and attractive thing. But if you were to work for it, whoever takes it with dignity in yourself, or you work for it, you earn it.

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A lot will give them Baraka in their money. And whoever takes money without Is it enough. So without this, you know, dignity in their self, they're begging for it, even though they're capable of working. You know, they're stealing it, even though they're capable of getting it from Hillel. The person takes it without dignity of yourself alone will not give them their money. Right? So there's no problem with asking for money, even persons in need. Because when the Prophet thought he's asking because he's in need the propagation, no problem. There's no problem with asking people for help when you need help. The problem is having a mentality of not wanting to do anything yourself, of

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being lazy, of not being ambitious, of being content with living off of other people and taking other people's resources. That's when the problem is that no, no, no, you need to take money with Isaiah to neffs with dignity of yourself working hard to earn it, inshallah, when you do this, then Allah subhanaw taala gives you but he gives you blessings in your money, your dollar, you might only have $5 and he has $10. But if you have broken your $5, it might last you far longer than the $10 he has, he has $10 all of a sudden, you know there's an expense that comes out of nowhere he has to give up that money. Right? So But okay, and our money is so important that we attain this by having

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self respect by working as hard as we can, being ambitious and doing this for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and if we do this, we will find success like ours have found in their life in their life where they went from, you know, being people in the desert, taking care of goats and sheep and became the leaders of the world We ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us success in all of our fears in the long meta because he also known how to be a good idea and also to add a username of schema and almost Sunday we'll send him on a CD and I want to you know, have you been a Mohammed amongst Liliana Mohammed in Morocco turkey around mostly Allah urodynamic walkscore salviati hero banner

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salatu salam and he made he lay on the deen well, Allah Diaz Have you are you being applied in while matrimony ya know, and I better learn Swahili along with enter the NFU Mako. Amina had the Manila Horta while many love Raja while adding them

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What are more even later when I moved to New la feta? Well, I had to meet how I did dunya will ask you to hear like everyone else.

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And that will tell us sometime you don't want to go and hammer I mean, as long as understand one must be mean. Why only before they can kennametal help the dean along happy reading and Eamon was in Oviedo. lovina What kind of heat in a coup for one for su colossian Jana Mina Rashid Dean in Elia. Moreover, gladly anyway to the paragraph

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to the cardones homeschool life go to Moscow vida Nami has come with a different why equitable law we Anna let's start on the left in the center.