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Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The importance of knowing the meaning of a "so called deathstimate" is discussed, as it is crucial to protect life and preserve it. The need for a deep understanding of what one is doing to avoid becoming screeching into things is emphasized. Personal spraying of Islam is also emphasized, as it is crucial to avoid becoming screeching into things. The importance of regular deeds and staying steady is emphasized, and testing people regularly is emphasized as it is crucial to achieve personal health and success. Finally, the speaker emphasizes the importance of embracing small ways to achieve personal joy and personal pain.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was happy when we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his household, his companions, may Allah subhanho wa Taala bless them, and bless every one of us and grant us every form of goodness. I mean, my beloved brothers and sisters, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to seek something known as personal hajima, which means a good ending. This good ending was referring to being within the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala, of the highest degree when death overtakes a person. So

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it's important for us to look into what is personal hakima and how we can achieve it. So firstly, if we were to look at what is personal heart in mind, and heart demand means the end the finishing, and it does not depict the total end of yourselves and myself or anyone else, but rather, the soul moving from one stage to another. The stage we are in right now, where the soul is in these temporary bodies, is known as the life of this world, and higher to dunya the life within this world, thereafter, the soul will be separated from these temporary bodies, and it will go to Allah subhanho wa Taala, in what is known as Alberta, Alberta, is a place where the souls are kept

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in waiting for the day of judgment. So the waiting period between now and the Day of Judgment for those who have passed away, those souls would actually be in a place known as El Bursa, we have been told very little about it, and we would never be able to elaborate more than what we've been told because it is a matter of the unseen. Remember, my brothers and sisters, anything that has to do with matters of the unseen you and I cannot get them. We cannot come up with any form of suggestions and details. Unless it was through revelation. That was from Allah subhanho wa Taala to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he gave us those details. So no one can see a dream and claim that

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Allah came to him or her today and inform them about details of the bursa. When the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam, who was the most knowledgeable of all of us, has not given us that detail. We need to understand the so the soul right now is on Earth, we feel like this life is full, but it is actually a deception, or I'm having to do in

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a while in

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sirata he and hyah Lucca Lambo, indeed, the life of this world is just but amusement and play. The real life is that of the Hereafter, if only but they knew and they recognized Subhan Allah. So when we are coming to an end of our time that Allah has prescribed on this earth, we need to understand a few things. Number one, when you were born already your date of death was written. So no matter what you will die at a time that Allah has fixed for you, even prior to your date of birth, Subhana Allah, so Allah fix the time nothing is going to change that in law either.

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You have no clue.

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When the prescribed time comes, it will never ever be delayed, that time fixed by Allah. If you know and you understand you will know it will never be delayed neither by a moment this way or be brought forward by a moment that way.

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Allah says big

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fella is stuck through NASA is stuck on the moon. If their time or when they're prescribed the time comes, they will not be delayed even by a moment, nor will they will it be brought forward even by a moment. That's something you need to know. Secondly, it does not mean that because Allah has predestined and determined your date of death that you need to become careless. It does not mean that you need to tell yourself well what's the point of any form of precaution for anything? It's like when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam was asked about the camel

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trust in Allah, should I tie my camel or should I leave it because my trust is very strong. He says, tie your camel and then trust in Allah. So Allah is testing us on this earth, one of the things he wants us to do is preserve and protect life and preserve and protect the America known as this body that He has given you. So you will protect the body to the best of the capacity and capability and understanding that Allah has given you some people will have a different understanding. Yes, nope, no, no problem. You know, sometimes you might think if I drive at 60 kilometres an hour, it is dangerous. And someone else might think if I drive at 100 kilometers an hour, it is still safe.

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Obviously, it's a different understanding, the experts will tell you on this road, you're not supposed to go beyond 120, you might come up and say, Well, I have a vehicle that was now made in 2021. We're sitting here almost February 2021, someone might say I have a vehicle that is that way out dates, or should I say is so much advanced compared to the time when they determined what a safe speed is on these roads, you know, people will come up with all sorts of things. So it's an argument and I agree it is an argument still stick to the limits of Hana law, perhaps a little bit this way, that way. But remember, you need to do what you believe, is very, very safe. Because if you were

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beyond that, perhaps Who knows? It might be in the eyes of Allah considered suicide, because you abandoned all forms of precaution in terms of safety, road safety rules, and you were very, very negligent. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us a deep understanding. So that is the end of this life. Like I said, one the determine the time to because of the time being determined, it does not mean that you become complacent, Allah will hold you responsible. It's like a person committing suicide and saying, I'm going to hang myself, if Allah has written my death, I will die. If he hasn't, I won't. There are people who make similar statements with different wording, perhaps a

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different type of suicide. May Allah subhanahu wa taala grant us a deep understanding, he has given us that understanding. And we need to have a deep understanding of what he requires and wants from us while we are on Earth. My brothers, my sisters, you and I know that at this point in our lives, there has never been such a time as the time was we are going through right now, where

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at any given moment, you can hear of a healthy person just passing away within a few days of falling ill or moments. And this is a prophecy of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. They will be something known as a remote el Fujii death that is going to come towards the end of times where it will be so sudden you see a person today and tomorrow you don't see him. That is a sign of the end of times. And obviously although kiama might be distant in terms of years, it is very, very near in the home era, Oba

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Allah speaks of it when he says they see it very far and we see it very near. Remember, time is a creature of Allah. So for Allah subhanho wa Taala, you must understand that this time is nothing.

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Getting back to what we were saying. So I need to prepare for the day I'm going to go back to Allah, the day that the whole objective of myself being on earth comes to an end. And what was that Allah says, Well, I sent you on earth in order to test you in order that you will go through challenges and difficulty, hardship upon hardship, and I will tell you what to do what not to do, you must pass all those tests one after the other, I will reward you for every test you pass, whether it is a sickness and illness, a failure loss, whether it is loss of produce loss of people, you know, Death of loved ones, your own injury, your health being taken away, your jobs being lost, perhaps so many

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other things uncertainty, insecurity, all of that Allah mentions in the Quran. And Allah says we will test you with all of that that's part of the reason why we created you in order for you to go through those challenges one by one, and then you return to Allah having told Allah subhanho wa Taala I tried my best I did my best you send me challenges upon challenge, challenge upon challenge and I pass these challenges Subhan Allah, may Allah grant us the ability to be strong, steadfast, sobre is something is that is amazing. Two things Sabra and sugar.

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You know the affairs of a true believer are absolutely amazing. When something good happens. He is thankful to Allah, it makes him closer to Allah, it's better for him. When something bad happens to him, according to his own understanding. Then he is patient and it is good for him. He earns a reward from that too. So we are in a way

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When situation we enter reward when good happens because it makes us closer to Allah. That's why we say when goodness comes in your direction, don't ever be from among those who turn away from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So, and when some calamity strikes, we bear patients, and we thank Allah it draws us closer to Allah. So that was also good for us. Now, with all these tests, they will come to an end one day when when you pass away, and that is

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the end, your end, your end for what the end of the period of time wherein the soul was in this temporary body, such a temporary body Subhanallah if I were to chop my own finger off,

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I won't feel what's happening to that finger when it's separated from my body because the soul is with the rest of the body and no longer with that particular finger.

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Subhan Allah, that's the plan of Allah, how it works, Allah alone knows, so how not to be an Anna. So my brothers and sisters in order to have the best ending of your exam, you know, it reminds me of a marathon where you start off and you run steady the best of runners, the best of these long distance runners, they are steady steady throughout the 3000 meters perhaps, and they're going round the track when it comes to the last lap or last two laps, they pick up the pace, they want to end on a very high note and many times the race is one in the last few 100 meters when you find the real runner, overtaking all the others and then they end with that ribbon being cut and the ribbon moving

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from its place and they are so happy and excited. We need to lead our lives similar to that marathon. Keep going even if it's a slow pace keep going Pharaoh Amelie Medina, LA, we're in the best of deeds, those which are done regularly, even if they are less, do them regularly. Keep a steady pace. read Quran every day one page, it's better than reading one juice a day and then leaving it for a whole month.

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Fulfill your Salah every single day, do some sooner, do some as car write down what you want to do what you have to do on a daily basis because I promise you, my brothers, my sisters, a day will come when you will go and I will go on that day. I want a lot to be pleased with me. So if I want hurstville hakima i need to do regular deeds. I need to make sure that my compulsary deeds I do them and don't fall prey for those who are trying to contaminate the mind by finding fault in the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam trying to find fault actually and trying to find faults in the Quran and in Revelation and this and that and sometimes Hadith some of the Hadith are fabricated, some of them

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are authentic. And sometimes people come to us with a mixture and try to confuse us. They want to make us lose our faith when we don't realize at times due to weakness that ultimately we are going to go back to he who made us and all that Islam teaches us is to worship the one who made you and none other than that. So if you want hurstville hakima you make sure you never worship anyone besides Allah. Muhammad Allah usually Kabila he Shay and

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whoever passes away without having associated partners with Allah or they sought forgiveness for the Association of partner of partnership with Allah and after that they never ever associated partnership with Allah, they will energen they will enter Paradise. Allah says the whole aim is to worship Allah alone. And then you need to understand every act of worship. Number one, it's intended only for Allah number two, it should be from that which was taught by the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Many times we become very encouraged by that which was not done by the prophet Mohammed Salah Salaam, in terms of acts of worship, because people are doing it. And so we

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feel energized. People tell you, let's do this. And you know, it's a bidder. It's an innovation and people are energized towards innovation, but they are not energized towards that which is simple, but it was done by the prophets of Salaam it was taught by him, he did not miss it at times and so on. You know why shapen encourages you to do that, and does not encourage you to do this. You see the difference? So panela people say, why is it that we are so energized when it comes to adultery and haram? And we are so you know, for example, we feel so lazy when it comes to halaal. It's because shaytan is beautifying one thing and he's not beautifying the other in fact he's trying to

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make it ugly. So the same applies to Suna and be that that which is taught by the prophets of Salaam in terms of acts of worship, and that which is not taught, what is taught. We feel lazy to do it we feel You know what, it's something that's so simple, so easy. I need to do something more complicated. While law he complicated or not, the sooner is what you should be doing and not that

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Which is innovation, no matter how satisfying it might make you feel because it is a false sense of satisfaction. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us. So while we worship Allah alone in preparation for personal hajima, to prepare for personal hajima, you need to make sure you're following the sooner the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam will recognize us in the hereafter based on how much we followed him. And based on how much we adopted what he taught, we want to be part of his own man and his nation, we want to achieve the intercession that he will have on that particular day. But there will come a time when or there is a place upon the household meaning the pond, the special

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pond with water that never depletes. And if anyone drinks from it, they will never feel thirsty, again, known as how alkota alcocer is that pond, the prophet SAW Selim says, I will be waiting for you not on that how. And you know what I will recognize you from the places that you washed five times a day, when making you do sometimes it's less than five, because you may hold your will do for more than one prayer, but that which you washed for will do. Then there will be people who will be taken away from me. And I will say, Oh Allah, this is from me from my alma. And he will say, you don't know what they did after you, they turned away from your teachings and your son, etc, etc.

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These were the champions of Buddha, the champions of that which was innovation, and they enjoyed it, they loved it. They taught it, they preached it and promoted it. Let's not be from among those, no matter how simple the sooner is, and the sooner will always be easy and simple, be quenched by it be satisfied by it in a way that it does not lead you to what shaytan wants you to go into. And that is the innovation. My beloved brothers and sisters prepare for the day you're going to meet with Allah subhanho wa Taala by doing what

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by ensuring you have not wrong the fellow human beings so if you want additional Hardyman, develop your character, your conduct, speak to people well be charitable, help people a lot. When you give out lots of charity, there will be lots of Baraka in your life blessings in your life, even though your life may be short because it might have been destined that you might die at an early age but the beauty is when Allah is pleased with you, no matter what the figure of your age was. So if you died at 30 5060 or 100, for as long as Allah is pleased with you, that was a good day. Beautiful death personal hajima hurstville hakima is when Allah is pleased with you at the point of your

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death, that is known as personal karma. At times, you might die in a car crash but Allah is pleased with you so panela

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but if you are dying while committing a sin, then that is known as Sunil hajima it's the opposite of personal hatena it is a bad ending. Imagine while you're committing a sin you're dying. May Allah protect us the prophets of Salaam used to say Allahu wa jal Hira Yamuna our hero ha ha Kira Medina, Kawashima ha, Oh Allah make the best of our days on earth the last days and make the best of our deeds here on Earth, the last of our deeds and the best of our days. From all the days may be the day that we meet you. Oh Allah, the day that we see you. Subhana Allah Armenia Bellamy, so my brothers and sisters, we've touched a little bit about personal hajima or on personal hakima, the

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issue of predestiny a good death, the fact that if you die in the obedience of Allah when Allah is pleased with you, Alhamdulillah it's a good death. If you die while seeking forgiveness, and you had sought the forgiveness and you changed your life. It's a good death. These are reminders from Allah. Imagine people around us are dying, and we still don't take heed our eye on

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whom you stand on Effie Cooney, Martin, O'Meara, Jane,

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do they not see that we test them once or twice every year? They are tested with major tests. And these tests include everything, whether it's war, whether it's death, whether it's other challenges, or sickness or whatever else it may be. Allah says we test them once or twice every year and they are still not repenting to Allah, they are still not turning away, meaning from shavon and coming towards Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Allah says, Why not? In another place? Allah Subhana Allah Allah says, Allah Mira,

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tiene albana caso humming up Allah

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Subhana Allah Do they not see that we come to the earth and we are minimizing it from around them? We are making it smaller and smaller Subhan Allah there are many meanings of that. But one of it is a reminder for us to turn to Allah subhanahu wa Tada. That's the lesson when Allah is making things smaller and smaller. So May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness and ease. May Allah open our doors

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May Allah subhanahu wa taala forgive us and grant us personal hajima another way of achieving personal katima over and above, developing your character, being charitable, don't wrong, anyone at all. Don't wrong people when you have been unjust, you cannot have a good death. When you have been a tyrant, you will not have a good day. Take a look at the tyrants around you, when you have usurped the wealth of people, when you have been an ugly individual to others, when you have served the cause of corruption and chaos and bribery and whatever else you can never have a good death. SubhanAllah when you have stolen from people, when you have eaten the rights of others, you can

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never have a good death, even though you might die on your bed at home. SubhanAllah

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it's not a good death, when the light is displeased with you. And when all of the people around you are happy that you've gone. That's not a good death. SubhanAllah imagine people are happy. I remember a time when we were talking about someone and the people. Some people were saying, well this guy died. Oh wow, Good riddance. Imagine what a statement and someone said he should have died five years ago man. May Allah forgive us live your life in such a way that people around you appreciate your goodness, appreciate what you've done. The service for the dean the service for the community, the own mother people you promoted adjust cause and you stood for something that was fair

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and balanced, then you will be granted a good death. And finally and ultimately my brothers and sisters keep asking Allah for personal Hatem. Allahumma inni Allah Gosnell katima Oh Allah I asked you a good ending. Oh Allah I asked you for a good death. Allahumma barik leeville motiva FEMA Battle Mode, Oh Allah grant me blessings in death, meaning give me a blessed death and give me blessings even beyond death. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the ability to take heed aku Kali hada wa sallahu wa Sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad

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