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The transcript describes a series of soothing soiled soakes, including a rainy weekend, a storm, and a stormy weekend. The speakers discuss the meaning behind these soiled soakes, including a rainy weekend, a storm, and a stormy weekend. They also mention the importance of practicing soakings and practicing soakings for a long period of time.

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ceremony Curatola. There are many Sooners that our beloved Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam used to focus on when it would rain. Perhaps we know some of these Sooners but many of these Sooners have become mature and forgotten. Like what do we say when we hear the thunder? Many people don't know this. I see no one has been listening to the Ask the brothers what is the Sunnah and many of them don't know Subhan Allah and the Sunnah is very easy all of them are very easy to memorize and shovel ton and very short to us and we can make it very easy as soon as that we can do and I will put the link for all of these Sooners in the description box below inshallah Tada. So the first thing is

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What did he say? He said it was salam. When he used to see the rain when he started raining. He would say something very easy. One word Rama. That is mercy. The rain is a mercy from Allah subhana wa Tada. And then the second third sunnah is there the DUA is that he used to make it set out to us. So he would say and the scholars differentiated between these two Some said that one he would make when just for normal rain, and the other one he would make when there was heavy rain at the harmful rain that could cause floods and what have you. So when we will see rain in general he would say Allahumma Ceiba Nafion Oh Allah make it a beneficial rain beneficial raincloud that way they will

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benefit from and when it was the rain that could be harmful and causing floods or what have you. He would say Allahumma Hawa Lena. Well, I ate it. When the man came to the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam and he was given the whole base and make dua. He said that the rain has come down too much and it's flooding and it's causing harm to our crops into our livestock. He said Allahumma howardena Would I need it? Oh Allah make it go around us meaning to the pastures into the valleys or what have you, but don't make it come down upon us. The fourth sunnah is that he would take off part of his clothes and he Salatu was Salam let the rain come down directly upon him. That's why many of our

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scholars when we'd be walking with him, it starts to rain they will take off their turbans or take off their hats. They let the rain the rain hit them directly. When the Sahaba who are walking with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam asked him yeah, we're so low Why did you do this? Why did you take off this part of your clothes to the rain could hit you directly. He said because the rain is heavy through Europe B. He said because the rain has just it just come down from its throne from its Lord. The fifth sunnah is to make dua, the prophet Allah is allowed to a Salam. He said that during the month or during the reign that to do as Mr Zhao that the DUA will be answered by ALLAH SubhanA wa

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Tada. And a lot of times we complain about rain, especially those of us who live in countries where it's raining all of the time. But hem de la is actually a blessing in disguise because the derives Mr. Javits answered, during the time a mother during the time of rain, the six sunnah is what we see when we hear the thunder. And there's many Hadith that have been narrated with the scholars talking about the authenticity of these Hadith, that they're actually not authentic. However, it's been confirmed that Abdullah Abu Zubaydah will be Allah one Houma used to say when he would hear the thunder Subhan Allah the use of Bihar to be handy, well, Mela, if you're doing a fever, it is

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actually part of the verse and sort of derive the chapter about under Chapter 13 Verse 13, when he adds the front of it Subhan Allah the Subhana Allah the Glorified is He you submit to be handy that thunderclaps out of his praise when Mala ecotour min. Ki Fateh and the angels out of his all at all from Allah subhanho wa Taala Abdullah has managed to say to his companions, that it's a while ah, at the level of the standard clapping it's a severe and stern warning to the dwellers of the earth, and hamdulillah these are six very easy Sooners that we can act upon, and easy to ask that we can memorize the weekend so implement these every time it rains in shallow Tada.