Nadim Bashir – Khatira – Physical Purification #1 Nails

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The human nature of cutting nails is discussed, including pubic hair, armpits, trimming, and cutting of nails. The use of hand and foot is crucial for avoiding damage to fabric. The benefits of nail cutting during fasting, including rewarded rewards for cutting nails, are also discussed, along with the history of "we" cutting nails on Friday and the potential reward for cutting nails on Friday. The speakers emphasize the importance of clean nails and avoiding clipping nails on long nails.
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Today you shall begin with a hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam which is found in Bukhari and Muslim which means that it is a multifocal a hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says that there are five things that are part of fitrah there are five things that are part of the innate human nature of ours the way Allah created us, the very first thing is the removal of pubic hair number two, circumcision, number three, removing of the armpit hair number four, trimming the moustache hair, and number five, cutting of the nails. Today Shall I want to quickly go over some things regarding cutting of the nails? First of all, is that we learned from

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another Hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which is found in most of the Ahmed Nero narrated by unnecessarily Allahu Taala and that where the prophet saw some he talks about these five things, and then he also provided a certain timeframe that what is the timeframe within these things should be cut and these things should be clean. And he mentioned in that hadith Alehissalaam, that it is a is 40 days, so meaning that the nails at the bare Amin at the bare minimum should be cut within 40 days, the the the pubic hair, the armpit hair, these are things that should be removed within 40 days. However, what our alumni have also taught us is that especially when it comes to the

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nails, because these things did grow faster than other things, that when it comes to our nails, we should be cutting our nails more often. There are some people whose nails they grow very slow. In that case you can wait a little longer if your nails they grow quicker than in that case you cut them more often. Now what we also learn is that this question many times comes up is is there a certain method or is it a certain sequence that we learn from the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because if you even just simply just even Google cutting nails, you find so many different methods and many people are saying this is from the Sunnah and that is from the Sunnah.

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First of all what we learned from eyeshadow the Allahu Taala Aha, that Allah can Rasulullah he said, Allahu alayhi wa sallam. This is a Hadith found in nessa E. Kana Rasulullah sallallahu I know some of you hate both TM one. He used to like to start from the right side with VDI yet didn't you hate Bucha? Yeah, I'm on. Both rewires are found in SAE where the prophet saw some he would start from the right and she was she was a fee. You have to mourn for who he was not only what are our god he did providing us some he would like to start from the right side when it came to seeking the Hara. Now quickly here, let me make this make this distinction here. Someone may be thinking in their

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mind, if I go to the restroom, and I'm seeking Tahara do I use it with it? Do I do that with with my right hand? No, we're talking about it when you go to the restroom. When you have to remove a necklace, then you use the left hand. But if you're you if you're in the process of seeking Tahara for example you're making well do you start from the right side, this is what the proper this is what she meant that there probably is some he will start from the right side. Likewise, when you're cutting our nails, that means that the automat have said that you start from the right hand and then you go to the left hand. If I'm cutting the nails on my toes, the toes then I start with the right

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foot and then I go to the left foot he she also says out of the hola on her feet a hoodie he what to not only he even when he would wear his sandals in his shoes. So when we're leaving to go back home, when we take the shoes off the shelf, we put first which which foot, the right foot and then the left foot and Subhanallah just a quick tangent over here I remember Subhanallah is mentioned about a scholar, that one time someone wanted to observe the scholar that what would he do when he left the Masjid. So he put the shoes of the scholar right outside the masjid, to observe what he would do because on one hand when you leave the masjid, you leave the masjid with the left foot. But when you

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have to right where the shoes, it is the the right foot, he wants to see what he does. So behind the scholar was smart, what he did was that he put his left foot out, but he put it on the shoe not inside the shoe on the shoe, then his right foot into the shoe and then his left foot into the shoe. Both scenarios are fulfilled. So these are just Sooners of the problems some that we have to understand and we have to teach our children so feet per hoodie he went to not only he what rogering even when Rasulullah son would comb his hair, he will start on the right side and then he will go to the left side. So this is what we learned from our mother instead of the hola Juan Hi now, in this

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there are many speculations and many different theories and opinions. And this is where we find Imam nawawi Rahmatullah Ali, he mentioned in his own explanation in the shadow of Sahih Muslim, he gives his own opinion exactly how it is cut. He basically mentioned that you start from here you go from here from from the from the index finger to the middle finger to the ring finger to the pinky

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to the to the to the thumb. And then the same thing on the left hand. This is the his opinion. You we find also like in the subcontinent countries, many of us we've been taught as growing up that you start from the pinky and you go all the way here to the index finger and then you go here to the left hand and you start with the pinky you go this way, and then you do the left some and then the right thumb. Once again, this is like for example, the opinion of Imam Ghazali Rahmatullah Allah. So whether it is the opinion of Imam no matter whether it is the opinion of Imam Ghazali Rahmatullah Ali This is there a personal opinion about the matter? Do we find anything in the hadith of Roswaal

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Salam, and what kind of sequence he used? Absolutely not. So if you choose to just do the right hand first and then the left hand, you are fulfilling the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam now the next thing that many people do also ask is that if I cut my nails do I have to make will do again no you don't have to make will do again. It does not break your will do. Even some people have asked before that what if I'm in the state of Geneva mean that I require a whistle in order for example, price a lot and so forth? And I'm not able to cut my nails and then later on, I cut my nails do I have do I require another Vasa later on? No, you do not require another whistle.

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Another question that also comes up is that during fasting, what do I do? Can I you know if I cut my nails? Is it Is there something wrong with that? And there is nothing wrong in cutting your nails while you are fasting? There's also one other quick question that comes up often is yes.

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Is it a sunnah? Is it a sunnah to cut your nails on Friday? This is a question that comes up often. And what we learned from the hadith of Rasulullah saw Salam is there is no particular reward for cutting your nails on Friday. Now many of the ornament of the past what they will do is that in order to prepare for the day of Friday, they will take a bath because we learned that this was a sunnah of the Prophet SAW Selim, he will take a bath and by the way, by when it comes to taking a bath, I remember when we were studying this in our in our classes of Hadith, a long time ago, in the time of the Prophet SAW Selim, he did make hosel required to on the day of Friday, but you have to

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understand that what was the context, the context was that the Sahaba, they used to be working really hard in the fields and so forth. And then when the Advan of Joomla will take place, and because the second version of Joomla never existed at the time of the province, I'll send them the second event or the two editions of Joomla. That system was implemented and it was first put in place by Australian I found with the Allah one, so it never happened in the time of the Prophet. It never happened at the time of obika. It never happened the time of Oman, it happened the time off, or it's man, even a fan. Now. So when you had only one event in the town, that Prophet SAW Salem and

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you hear the event for Juma and people would rush to the masjid from their work. Then there was you know, of course, because of the body odor and so forth. There was a stench that will take place at the masjid, this is why Rasool wa sallam he did mandate and he did say to the Sahaba, you must take a shower before coming for salted Juma however, the later on because of this, the lemma and there were many a hadith that mentioned that it is rather a sunnah to fast on the day to take a shower on the day of Friday, and because of something like this, that you take a shower you become clean. This is why many of the orlimar later on, they suggested that you should also then cut your nails and

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become completely clean on the day of Friday. And hence you know, growing up you know, we always learned this that you you cut your nose on the day of Friday, but is there any kind of Hadith that states that there is a specific reward for it? Absolutely not. And you know, subhanAllah you will even find, you know, people who make up a hadith and the attribute that to the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, if you if you cut your nails on Wednesday, then this happens, this benefit or this reward if you fat if you cut your nails on Thursday, then this is you know, you get this kind of reward and this kind of benefit we don't find anything like that from the sunnah or from the CEDAW

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of Rasulullah sallallahu it was sent up. Finally, one last thing that also a question that that is often asked. First of all, we should always keep our nails clean, we should always try to make to make sure that our nails are are cut. But what happens is that if a person's nails are quite big, and something gets stuck inside of those nails, like for example you're working with something you're working with, let's just say if you're working with doh or flour or even glue or something like that, or even a lot of times we're painting inside our homes and the pain gets within our nails and our skin. That water when we're making will do the water has to get to that skin. If we find out

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that there's something there that is blocking the water to get to the skin underneath the nails. Then in that case, dolomite they say that if you find out later on, even after solid then you remove that make your will do again and make your solid again. Now at the same time I don't want to make it difficult that you're sitting inside your bathroom

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If you're sitting in the middle area and you're going like this and you're trying to make sure means is that don't keep your nose too big that it will prevent the water from getting to the skin that is the point I'm trying to make. So shall we keep these things in mind? And once again if we even cut the nails according to the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Selim even cutting nails becomes an Ariba yes

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nail polish

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darkness I was asking about nail polish. So in that case, first of all is that what we learned from our Alma is that if a woman is going through her menstrual cycle and they are not required to, to make to praise a lot and so forth, in that case, if they put nail polish on and that time is fine because they're not praying slot, but if a woman is praying slot to begin with that he should not put nail polish on now. You know a long time ago you will see a lot of of course this was a general trend that only the women were wearing their Polish but today you find Subhanallah you find men, you find many yes you find men who are wearing up nail polish. And a lot of times it's black, they're

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wearing black nail polish. And first of all, they shouldn't be wearing nail polish at all. Not at all. And subhanAllah you know when you talk about nails, there are some times this is something we gotta teach our women also that sometimes they would add you know they will put on nails that you know when we would just talking about hosel and Janaza and so forth. There are times when women are brought in and their nails are so big that they cannot even be cut and sometimes you know some funeral homes what they do is that they started putting their hands they put the hands of the deceased or the nails and acid in order to remove that. Of course this something that I don't ever

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recommend because even the people who are giving the whistle even sometimes the acid can get onto their skin which can which can hurt them also. So that's why a lot of the Allamah they say that you just you try to cut it as much as you can. And then you leave it but nail polish stay away from it because you are preventing the water from getting to the nails. So that's why you keep you stay away from the nail polish. And also you know a lot of the women if they want to wear those long nails, but as long as they're clip off nails, you know they can be clipped off and then you can make will do fine. But otherwise if there are nails that are permanent and long and this is why you know

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Subhanallah you see people they have long nails, this is not from the fitrah of a Muslim so we try to keep these things clean inshallah this is who we are as Muslims. I ask Allah subhana wa Taala to make us clean on the outside make us clean on the inside immutable Alameen Docomo located Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh in

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swallow water he wants to label this NEMA

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in Medina you know no one wants to

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do Nia

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on to

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my other movie now.

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What levena You do? Meanie know what it means to be a while at MCC that several phone calls.

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