How Is Sickness A Blessing

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There was a companion His name is Abu Abdullah chef. He men shut down the nose. They both went to visit a man that was sick. They entered upon him and they said to him, Kay Foss, but how are you this morning my brother, you are sick. You know what he responded and he said, he said to them a spa to Fini AMA. He said I'm waking up this morning, and I am immersed in an abundance of blessings. Allahu Akbar wa Hallel Morrow buena Amma is sickness a blessing. What is this companion talking about?

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Of course it's a blessing. Of course sickness is a blessing because it purifies your sins. It elevates your rank with Allah. When Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa salam says, perhaps the servant has a rank and a level in the Paradise he will never ever reached with your solid with his fasting and with your sadhaka he will only get there through a calamity Allah inflicts upon him. Allahu Akbar, so if his companion is aware of this matter, that is how Alhamdulillah he'll have been al Amin cures depression, anxiety and distress. It forces you to think of the good and this is why in Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, even in bad times, he would say Alhamdulillah Allah Callaghan. Oh

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praise and thanks belongs to Allah in every situation I'm in