How exactly does a calamity increase our faith and obedience to Allah ﷻ?

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How does a calamity increase our faith in Allah zosia listen very carefully. Allah subhanho wa Taala he said, what a mela Menon and Zeb all do have that now what are done Allahu Allah Zulu or sala de la hora solo one as the home Illa. Eman And what does Lima Allah subhanho wa Taala describe the companions as the feast or calamity and how this calamity increased them in even large Zoysia he said well Ummah Allah, Allah me known as up when the believers the companions, as they were in Medina, they saw a Lazarus, which is the army of disbelievers that came from Mecca when the believers saw them, and these disbelievers are coming from Mecca, the fight the believers, no doubt

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this is a calamity. This is a hardship. This is a difficulty an intense difficulty. Their life is at risk now.

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When the believers saw that, they looked at each other and they said hey the man word and Allahu wa solo or sada Allahu Allah sola. They said, look at that, this is exactly what Allah and His Messenger promised us. This is what they promised us, Allah what well, Yanni, where did Allah promise this in solothurn bacala. Allah Zoysia he said, I'm her septum and the whole region, while ma de como la Vina Holloman publican, Mr. toolbar sir or Barbara was zero had a hula Rasulullah levina Manu ma who medanos rula Allah in nanosolar, Allahu Karim, Allah Xu Zhen promised He promised the companions this calamity. When he said, Did you assume Did you people assume that you would

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enter the paradise without facing the same as are those who came before you of poverty and illness and hardship and difficulty? And they were shaken to the core to the point until they went to the messengers and they said to them,

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when is the victory of Allah coming?

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So the idea is we're gonna Mahara solo, this is what Allah and His Messenger promised us was how the Allahu Allah solo and Allah and His Messenger spoke the truth. Look, Allah told us that he will test us and now look at the disbelieving army. Look at them, they are approaching us now. This is what they promised us. Then Allah azza wa jal, he said, one as the home ill he man and what a sliema and this entire calamity of the disbelievers coming towards the believers for war and a fight and a battle. This calamity only increased the companions IE men and it increased them in a man in faith in Allah azza wa jal how, because this is what Allah promised. And now the promise is being

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fulfilled, it's coming to truth. It's B it's it's being true right now. So that increase them in email. This is how a calamity increases a believer in email. And this belief in email. And this increase in Eman leads to what the slimmer, the slimmer submission, and they've increased them in submission in obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So instead of losing their Deen because of the calamity, they increased in their worship and obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala because of the calamity, like about their obedience to Allah increased because of the calamity, the man in Allah increased because of the calamity, not because of the calamity itself. But because the promise of

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Allah came true before their eyes and the solid. A lot of promise the calamity, now we saw the calamity. Our amen increased Allahu Akbar. And so my brothers and sisters in Islam, when you are afflicted with a calamity, say see Sabah, Allah wa Rasulo, Allah and His Messenger spoke the truth because didn't Allah say in the Quran, while in the blue and nickel, we are going to test you with something little fishy in in a hole with anxiety fi as you are poverty knocks in middle and when loss of wealth could be that you lose your job, your business your income. When oximeter unwired well amphis a loss of amphis people a loss of people, your loved ones begin

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Dubai all around you Your friends are buying Hello promise this Allah promise this Nazi middle umwhile he will enforce your thammarat Allah so he'll promise this. So when you lose a loved one, when you lose wealth, when you are tested with fi when you're tested with your health,

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how does this increase in demand? Because now you are seeing with your own eyes, a loss promise being fulfilled. So you sit down and you say sobre la hora sola didn't also the masala Allah Allah who are seldom saying

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I shouldn't do Bella, an MBA from an unfulfilled lengthen, that the most people that are tested other profits and then those similar to the prophets concerning the Eman And then Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, you have to look up tele Rasool Allah has a BDD that a person will be tested according to how strong his he man and his Deen is. If there is strength in his email and firmness in his email, his test is going to be stronger. And if his email is weak, his calamity and his test and his hardships would be easier upon him.

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So part a lot that that's what also the loss of Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, so when you see a calamity and a test coming towards you, it increases your Eman because you are seeing a loss promise and they're missing your son Lola while he was a Lim's promise being fulfilled long. And if you see their promise being fulfilled, that increases your email your love for Allah, your trust and faith in Allah has sosial it increases it and that increases you in return, your submission and your obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala