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Israel has long claimed to be a safe haven for the Jewish people. An assertion that has been widely affirmed by Israeli officials for decades, as well as by key legislation and policy, allowing Jews all over the world to settle within its borders.

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But according to one of Britain's well known Jewish figures, far from providing the safety and security he claims, Israel since its inception has brought little more than bloodshed after bloodshed for the Jewish people. at hand and back, an Orthodox Jewish rabbi said, speaking to Anadolu Agency in an interview today, where is the most dangerous place for Jewish people go all around the world, all the world, you will come to one point, the middle of the world, the State of Israel, that is the most dangerous place for Jewish people sent the rabbi who has lived for decades in the UK, which he suggested was much safer for Jews in Israel. Orthodox Jews have been one of the

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strongest non Muslim voices against Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories, as they have repeatedly expressed their wishes for the peaceful dismantlement of the State of Israel. Members of the anti Zionist Neturei Karta or guardians of the city movement have been vocal participants of massive pro Palestinian demonstrations in London,

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during the interview back, asserted that Zionism was in total opposition with the Jewish faith, saying that Orthodox Jews were against the foundation of Israel from the very emergence of the idea of Zionism,

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elaborating back said Zionism was not only non religious, but also a rebellion against God, as it sought to create a land for Jewish people despite Jewish belief that they are in exile by God. He said the State of Israel is a rebellion against God and will not succeed. They will come to an end sooner or later, but they will come to an end setback, adding that in its 75 years of existence, Israel has failed to achieve peace. He said, How many countries have been established in the 75 years 5060 Many countries everybody has peace.

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The only place where there is no peace for a single day. That is the state of Israel he sat

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back also highlighted the historical role of Muslims in saving Jews, stating that we face persecution in many parts of the world and Muslims saved us throughout history. They provided us with an ideal place to live. Anyone who knows little about history knows that Jews lived a wonderful life in Islamic countries. He argued that accusations of Muslims wanting to exterminate all Jews and throw them into the sea are baseless and deny the allegations of anti semitism against Muslims. He said that despite 75 years of killing, meaning in Israel, still Jews live in Muslim world peacefully. Take the example in Morocco, in Tunisia, in Algeria, in Iran, in Turkey, in Yemen,

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everywhere. There are large Jewish communities and they have a beautiful life there he emphasized. Beck went on to criticize Israel's Prime Minister for his role in the genocide.

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Back said he did not see Benjamin Netanyahu as a Jew, a person who can justify genocide, a person who can commit genocide, I can't count him as a Jew, people who justify genocide, they are more Nazis than Jews. Beck added that he considers Netanyahu was the prime minister of rebellious people, people who are rebelling against God he is the head of them, he said.

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Regarding the recent events in Palestine, Beck emphasized that the conflict did not start with the hammer attack, but rather began on May the 15th 1948.

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They want to cover up their killings, the genocide with more genocide with more killings, he said, he called on world leaders to understand that helping Israel is not in favor for the Jewish people.

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Back reiterated that according to Orthodox Jewish belief, Jews are not permitted to rule even one inch of land.

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He also said that they didn't support a two state solution. When we are speaking about the end of the State of Israel, this means from the river to the sea, Palestine should be free, should go back to the Palestinians back set. He added that this did not mean that Jews must be killed or expelled, but that they could continue to live their lives as Jews do in all other Muslim countries. Noting that he had previously visited Palestine, including the Gaza Strip and met with Palestinian leaders back said that they conveyed directly that they had no problem with Jews for being Jewish. But their problem was with the occupiers.