From the names of the Paradise, Dar As-Salaam

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When Allah Xhosa described the paradise for us, he said level devil set me up him. The paradise has been described in the Quran by Allah absorption he referred to it as devil Salim a lot of social he said Allahu yet the rule 11 there is a lot of social he invites His servants to doubt a seller that will sell him meaning the Abode the residence, the residing place of Assam. Now, what exactly is a seller a lot of social only from the names of the Paradise is dealt with seller, a seller is commonly translated as peace. And one of the names of Allah is a seller, you know, seller, mineral Mohammed is one of the names of Allah What does a seller mean? a seller means that when we're

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referring to a last name, it means the one who is free from all imperfections. This is what a salon means. So the paradise has been called Del Sol M. It's called data set. And because it is free from all difficulties and hardships, that's a life of the paradise you cannot expect this on Earth. This is called Delta shot was better we live in the Paradise is called Delta system that was set up meaning the life in where it's free from all suffering, free from complications, free from trials, free from how chips free absolutely free from all this happening in the Hadith in Sahih al Bukhari Allahu anhu he narrates, he says, that enemies of Allah, Allah, Us and Them said, unity munadi. On

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the day of judgment, a person will call out, it will call out to the people inside the paradise. He'll say to them in the locker room and

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a couple other they're

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a polar we'll call out and he will say, oh people of the paradise you shall reside in abide in here, and you will remain healthy and you'll never ever ever fall ill about it. Imagine the idea of knowing that you will never ever fall you. And then these calls continue. Then a call up with an angel would say what inilah come and die Oh, fella.

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And that you the residents, the people that are residing in the paradise, you will live and you will never ever, ever die and die Oh, Fernando to

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come and we're in the local mentorship booth.

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And you always remain young at a young age, and you'll never ever become old or in an untenable fella. Above that, and you'll remain in continuous bliss and in happiness and in blessings. And you will never ever experience misery whatsoever Allahu Akbar. Imagine the believer when he first hears these words, as he is in the paradise for things that are the biggest problems and sufferings in our life. And that is to fall ill and death and becoming old and always being miserable. So if this hadith mentions that these are the qualities of the people in the paradise, then no doubt these are things that will suffering this worldly life, or this is why it was known as delta shock loss

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aversion. He tests a lot in this life through these tests.