Fasting Teaches Patience

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For him and hamdulillah Robin alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah vida le wasapi Mayan or praise and thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon his servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as follows my dear respected brothers in Islam

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This is the first night of the 10 blustered nights of Ramadan. What I wanted to share with you is only something in a few minutes, so don't take too long. And that is the fact that this plus a month shahidullah Melbourne has also been known as shadow sub shadow of the month of patients with aroma mahoma they tied between fasting and patients. This is what I'm going to spend the next few minutes in explaining to you What is the connection between fasting and patience? And what can we learn from this in the days that are to come for us for these last 10 nights of Ramadan? Allah subhanho wa Taala my brothers in Islam he says in the Quran, was dinuba Sabri or sada seek laws help through a

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suburb of salette a suburb here and rural America. Hey, Mama, Mother, you said a Sabra, who was

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a soldier is fasting. Therefore large social is saying was dying, the surgery was so rare. Seek loss, help, seek help for seek help for everything that you're going to do in life, through fasting and through solid through fasting and through solid, therefore will allow him or her mama they said that there is a strong link and a connection between fasting and patience. What's the link between them? Let's see this. My brothers in Islam when we speak about when we speak about patience, patience is three categories. And when we say patience, all of a sudden, most people think about patience as what and if someone swore at you, just be patient and don't swear back. If someone hits

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you Be patient and forgive him. If something happens, have a disaster, just be patient. But this is what we think patience is lacking. Patience is more than that. It's three categories. Number one,

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Mr. homeowner they say a sobre la Tila to remain patient upon the worship of Allah. The you know getting up fulfills your everyday needs patients

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are making mobile every sonnet needs patience if you lose

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and reading Quran throughout Ramadan and before and after Ramadan requires patience, and the effort that you're going to put in these last 10 nights require patience. And I tell you this is the key to a successful leader. Don't coddle patience. Be patient with the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala. In Santa Maria Maria says for a Buddha who was formerly a bear that they worship Him and remain patient over his worship. Don't give up. You see the biggest calamity today when people lose their Deen is summarized in one word he gave up. That's the biggest calamity he gave up.

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Brother had a past that he made the Toba one hamdulillah he joined the congregation and he began to pray and steadfast upon the correct path. He went to how she came back a few years later, he's gone. He's gone. You don't see him anymore.

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No, nothing in his life no more solid, why? He wasn't patient. He wasn't patient was probably a bear that he is. And this is the first category of patients and it's the greatest of categories to remain patient over the worship of Allah by you. How do we connect this to fasting because fasting, it's a worship fasting from first year to sunset is a worship. So you're supposed to remain patient upon this worship by that's the first category and we linked it with fasting. The second category of patients in rural America hammer home Allah they see a sobu Arnold Garcia to remain patient when it comes to evil temptations and desires and sins. Yanni. Jonas wants you to commit the sin.

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Of course according to the second category of patience, it means to be patient and don't do the same. delay the same. The you've had a long day. And then football you want to take the cigarette you know people have this urge that by school time they need the cigarette, the patient, delay delay the same Be patient.

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Someone is allowed socialists tested him with her arm in his home in the middle of the

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by himself, be patient, be patient from the Sims keep away from them that requires patience. But how does this tie in with Ramadan? in Ramadan, some things that are highlighted become hot, and you're supposed to remain patient because if you do them into sin, like eating and drinking and engage you again engaging in sexual activity with one's wife, for even these are things that are permissible, they can they become harm upon a fasting person during the day of Ramadan. So the second category which is being patient from the sin, meaning these things will tempt you during the day, you keep away from them, you keep away from them either. Now, we have seen so far that patient fasting has

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entered in the two meanings of patients. And that is that you be patient over the worship of Allah by fasting and your patient away from the sim and that is by not committing these things during the day. And the last category of patients alone available hammer home Allah they say, well who was sobre Allah, UK dairy lair, one other a few Sevilla. It is to be patient over the difficulties and hardships and worries and stress and whatever it is of life, the difficulties of life, you lost the job you lost the business you lost when you lost the child you lost whatever it is, you remain patient over these things, any harm, any difficulty that occurs, you're supposed to be patient and

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seek a loss reward. What will help you stay patient is that you're seeking a loss or reward by your bed. How does this tie in with the fasting beautiful

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mahoma mother they say that the hunger that one feels during the day, that's a difficulty and thirst that one feels during the days a difficulty for that hunger and that thirst a person is given rewarded for his given reward for Allah Subhana Allah mentions this in the Quran. When he spoke about those who go out few severely nephew he had in FISA vilella. He said that he can be anomalously boom vomit, when, when a muscle tone feasability law at the end he said Illa Allah,

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Allah, Allah azza wa jal he spoke about people that were engaged in his worship. And he said along this worship, any vomit they experience any any thirst they experience vomit on water, and any difficulty any hardship they experienced during the worship. While I am Muslim, Alma masala and any hunger they experience what happens cootie Bella whom br Milan saw the social registers and records that as a good deed for you, show Subhanallah he This is why fasting was referred to as patience because it fits in all these three categories. But you know, we need to understand and I conclude with this, either now we understand that the greatest thing we need in our life is patience. You all

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agree with this? You will you agree with me that we need patience sort of the last of in the Quran, it began with the word alasa What does it mean

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any brief translation time and also on one of the opinions it refers to Yanni everyone's acid is different from the day you live until the day you die that you also he's got also you have also everyone's got a Yasser

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What's the last word of the surah Illallah, Muhammad Hassan has also been happier to even allow so needs to be full of sovereign. That's the connection between the beginning and the end of the soul. And if you're also if your life is not full of silver, in the insert, and

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the human being is a loss, you lose yourself, faith and we agree that we need silver. Now let me conclude with you by what do I share with you that you can continuously make that is from the Quran and since it's from the planets the best of luck, and voila, he This is a dry, that if it remains the only frequent on your tongue Bismillah heated Allah azza wa jal grants you the soul, what is this door? This is the door of the righteous and the water to pour into it. So you can just imagine how many of the righteous made this thought. This is a lot of social teaching us to see a banner it comes in a story or banner a thrill Alena sabalan with a bit of demand on Santa Ana amin cafe de

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la now

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we're concluding I'm just going to share what the meaning of this door is. Open.

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We are asking our our Lord and Allahu alayhi wa sallam he says in the

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hadith of Sire, anyone who asks

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Six law threw his name out three times the DA is accepted. Yeah. And anyone who says you're up, you're up, you're up three times ilustracje Bella,

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immediately would answer his door.

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And if you notice something, that all the drama of the Quran began with

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a banner, high blood, I mean, as well as Sheena, or Bemis can tune into the Yeti, or ban our Taco Bell.

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Right? It all begins with Rob.

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Rob Bell, fiddly while you led, and so on a banner, Africa,

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Sub Saharan Africa, this is a bottle. If I was to open the bottle, and pour what's in it, that this actually is called Africa. It's called Africa. And it only occurs when you're pouring something not when you're throwing something down. It's got to be a fluid. So afraid. We're asking our law pour upon us. Then if you were standing in front of me, and I opened this and I poured it on top of you what happens? It will completely drench you.

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Every inch of your body is going to be completely drenched with water. So look at this eloquent, why are we saying Oh our Lord, pour upon us drench us

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afraid, Alena, Alena upon us. And if something is coming upon you, meaning it's coming from above. So we're asking Allah to give us something special from above? What are we asking for? Africa in a sovereign, a sovereign is patience in all of its categories. Why? Because it came with a 10 win at the end. So and if a word comes with a 10 win at the end, its scope opens up, it's not limited to one thing. So this refers to the three categories of solid, like inaccurate to fuel, that when there's a turn when it implies vastness in meaning it opens up. So every kind of server now you know what this means, if allows origin was to pour upon your server from above, you just imagine it's

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water coming above and it's coming on you. Meaning you want somebody

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to come on your hands. So Allah give me a sample in my hands, that I keep away from the harm that the hand commits, and drench me with sober that it covers my mouth and my tongue, so that I can have patience to not say that which displeases Allah subhanho wa Taala and give me a solid in my eyes, so that I only see what pleases you and I keep away from that which displeases you, and give me a sovereign in my ears, so that I only hear what pleases you and I keep away from that which displeases you and give me a sovereign in my feet so that I walk to what pleases you which is Alma surgeon to come and pray a congregation, Gemma muslimeen this is this requires so but it's not easy

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to come every day and pray. Right. And so but also to keep you away from doing the harm with your feet and suffer with your private path, that you only use it in that which is pleasing to Allah Xhosa and you keep away from that which displeases Allah. We need somebody even in that we need some for how beautiful is this? A comprehensive of the Quran, we're asking Allah azza wa jal to pour upon us from above. Yani, we're acknowledging our weak and weak position. We're acknowledging that we are nothing without a large social granting of sovereign and granting us the patience and the help and the power and the ability to worship him subhanho wa Taala and abstaining keep away from that which

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displeases him, this is a do I hold on to the lay data, continuously ask Allah azza wa jal and say oh, banner Africa, Allah, you know, so boron, whatever phenol muslimeen and understand that you're fasting is teaching you

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exactly what fasting is doing. It is teaching you

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we understand we understand that patient fasting, it this is what it's teaching us at the end of the month. This is a 30 day training, of how to keep yourself patient when it's upon the worship of Allah, how to keep yourself patient away from the sin and how to keep yourself patient when you face the difficulties in life. And that is Yanni assimilated in the example of one going through hunger and thirst and so on. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us patients, we ask him subhanho wa Taala to bless our days and our nights. We asked him subhanho wa Taala to accept our fasting and also that didn't only medical powder it was all along with cinnamon Bella Garden of Eden Mohammed

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while he was off the edge marine