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Karim Abuzaid
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and context of the Islam culture, including the creation of the Muslim community, the split of the Maquis period, and the importance of learning the Prophet sallua. They also discuss the importance of learning the messenger sallali wa sallam and the use of "well" in the message of Islam. The segment also touches on the development of the culture of monk ship and the importance of brothers and sisters in Islam. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a book and a joke made by a guest named Mr. Mike. The segment also touches on the coronavirus pandemic and the guidance for graduates who have COVID-19.
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In Al Hamdulillah mahamadou who wanna stay you know who wanna start from when we learn human sharara fusina woman sejati Amina Maria de la hora de la

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Lin feller, her the Allah will shadow Allah Allah Allah Allahu Allahu Allah, wa shadow Anna Mohammedan Abu rasuluh Allahumma salli ala Muhammad wa, ala Muhammad, ganas, Allah tala Ibrahim

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Ibrahim naka hamidah Majeed Allahumma barik Allah Muhammad wa ala Muhammad

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Allah Ibrahim ali ali Ibrahim Naka honeydew Majeed, my dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam As salam o Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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I'm your host, Kareem Abu Zaid and I welcome you once again to another session, the live broadcast and today inshallah, we have the biography of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which we agreed to call it. No your messenger.

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No your messenger. That is the series, which we'll talk about later. No your messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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brothers and sisters in Islam. In the previous episode, we talked about an introduction and we addressed the answer to the question, why the Sierra? Why the Sierra of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is important for us as Muslims. And inshallah I'm going to walk you through, just to catch up, because today inshallah we want to study chapter one, which is from the birth of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So, we agreed that we divided the Sierra WAP of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam into 63 years. This is how long the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam left look here that we are going to have the professor sell them 63 years. And we divided this into

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two main parts, the 40 years, the before Prophethood, we know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam received the revelation at the age of 40.

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So, we divided his biography into two halves, one half is before and one half is after. So, the half before is the 40 years right here, the half after is the 23 years.

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Then, regarding the the first half, which is the 40, the 40 years, we divided it into three main stages or phases, whatever word you want to use here, his birth and childhood, his youth, which really the longest period in our life of a person, almost from the age of puberty, which is could be 12 and earlier, and it could be pushed back to 15. all the way until the age of 14, that is what we call youth. Then, after that, his

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you His revelation, the time before the revelation, we, we kind of stopped at the youth at the age of 35 and inshallah we'll we'll get more details on this as we go. Evening. lakita so this is regarding his

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Bre Prophethood or before Prophethood stage, his birth and his childhood, until the age of puberty from the age of puberty until the time when he started secluding himself from the society and, and he had the first encounter with with gibreel Allah He As salam. Now, once it comes to the 23 years, which is really this is

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The time that we must all know, we divided it into two halves as well 13 years in Mecca, when he was calling his people to Islam. And

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you know, unfortunately, this does not

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go well. And then he had to find another place for the oma. And where he established the Muslim community, the first Muslim community in Medina, and that took 10 years. So this is the mucky and also we split the mucky I'm, again, I'm reviewing all of this from last time, and building up to the time when we need need to go now. We divided this the Maquis period into three years in secret, and another seven years in public, and another three years, Bree hegira, we're the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam started looking for a place for the Muslim community to get together and start

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spreading Islam around the globe. Now, once it comes to the madonie, we also divided into three phases or stages,

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establishing the Muslim state, the Muslim community that took six years, until the the truce of the idea or the Battle of the trench, and then that through social phobia, which is the second phase, which is the phase of peace, and then the final phase, which is the conquest of Makkah and the universality of Islam that the Prophet started actually sending his own messengers across the globe inshallah, and we cannot cover that, but here is what we covered last lecture.

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Again, this is all revision, if you if you want to go back to know your messenger, part one and inshallah, you will see that I talked in detail about all these things. We mentioned that there are seven reasons a Muslim must know about this era of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and these seven reasons are right here, right here.

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Number one, you will be questioned about him salallahu alayhi wasallam in the grave.

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Remember, we talked about that, that when they carry us and bury us, we're going to be asked three questions. What is the third question is about, about your messenger? Do you know your messenger? What do you know about the man who was sent to you look at Reason number two, we are commanded to love him. And again, I when I talked about this, I said there are two types of love, built in love, which we call fit three. It's part of you that like that love that you have for your children.

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And the other one is is the game love.

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And for you to gain love for somebody, you must know them, you must know them. You can't just wake up and say I love him, you can you must know what he What is he like in order to develop love for them? brothers and sisters in Islam and this is the reason why. Number three, the Quran it has to do with the Quran. The Quran is a unique scripture. Why? Because the Quran has a context. All the previous books that are are the Injeel, the sons of the Buddha Zaboo. The books which were given to the messengers beforehand, they were revealed all at once at one time, and it's to tattly in its completion, I mean, totally like Musashi Salaam went and got the tower,

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a chalet Salama received the tower one time, but the Quran is different. The Quran is a unique scripture, why? Because it was revealed in those 23 years, the Maquis and the madonie that will be three years. So now for you to understand the context of the verses and the context of the chapters, you must become fully aware of this era of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam it's a source of steadfastness and hope at all times. Allah subhana wa tada told the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam, the stories of the messengers and the prophets before him, and what they went through in order akula Naka soiree came in and they have Rosalie man who said, Be to be here to add, in order to grant you

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steadfastness or messenger of Allah, because that's a source of steadfastness, a source of steadfastness, and hope. And we multiple times we hear the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself saying, Rahim, Allah hoffy moussaka, O dX zamindari cassava. May Allah have mercy on my brother Moosa, he was faced with more harm than this and he was patient. So it's a source of steadfast now for us. When we read about the Sierra and what the prophet went through. Salallahu alaihe salam, it's a source of

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And hope for all of us.

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Number five brothers and sisters in Islam, his Syrah in itself is an evidence for his prophethood. And I quoted the statement which was made by a famous scholar called Mohammed and husband zaharie. A variety that he said if there is a miracle, which established the prophethood of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam is his biography. And I just needless to say here that imagine when he faced the table for the first time, and he asked them what if I tell you that there is an army behind this mountain? What would you tell me? They will say they will never be like, well, we're not gonna be like you. Because mera hidden allocative imagine someone who lives

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around the people for 40 years, and they don't experience him lying for one time. You know, and I and Hari, Java de la Juana, when he had the first experience with Jabra elite serum, and like I mentioned last time, brothers and sisters in Islam, that the the culture of prophethood and messengers and books in the Arabia was

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absent since the time of Israel and Brahim Allium, Salam. So but the culture of jinn was was the popular one. That people were very much aware of the jinn and the procession and all of that, and the connection with the jinn but angels and all of that they weren't. They were misinformed and they didn't have and that is why a lot of time Allah asked them to ask the people of the book to find out about the process of Revelation and all of that. When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam returned from the mountain, he said to her deja lohana I'm afraid this is a genie, but she affirmed him she assured him that jinn do not come to people like you because of your character. You're a little bit

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different. Number six brothers and sisters in Islam.

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The seal of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is a blueprint for the oma until the day of judgment. Why? Because remember this, the 23 years, the evolution of the Muslim community, went through stages from one man, one preacher, one man calling to Islam, Rasulullah, sallAllahu, wasallam, individual communities, communities of individuals selected secret, then public, only a few believe persecution.

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Hate, I call it a stage of a carrot and stick. And then later on, it's not working, let's find another place, then they found another place now they kept being attacked, better offered. Zap, then they would establish, establish them and Earth, then let's make peace between you and Subhana. Allah during the time of peace, a lot of people came into Islam and the disbelievers broke the the terms of the peace, the truce of the idea, then the conquest of Macedonia. So you can tell that Islam went from one person to a community to so right now it became like a blueprint. All what you have to do until the Day of Judgment is figure out what which stage are you in, and you need to implement that

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stage. When we spoke about our brothers and sisters in Russia, I'm sorry, in China, the being persecuted, they could adopt the secret stage in Mecca. They could be like the brothers and sisters in Russia during the communist communist stage. They were right now they are allowing the Sufi Muslims which

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level up before Islam was totally banned completely, but now they only allow the Sufi version of Islam and displaces a shared brothers and sisters in Islam is Islam. That our the seal of the prophets of Salaam is a blueprint for the oma until the day of judgment.

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Number seven and the last brothers and sisters in Islam is knowing the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will get you to know the companions because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not do the work on his own. Rather, he was assisted and helped and aided by the companions of the prophets of Salaam. And this will give you the interaction between the prophets of Salaam and his companions and so forth. And that shows you the caliber of the companions and that's why we have a special class called the rightly guided, which I think we eat on Thursday nights, I believe in sha Allah.

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So I know this is boring for some of you because this is all review, imagine review. Here's what we're gonna study today in sha Allah. And allow me to rush through some of the details here which we covered last lecture. I'm not gonna wait here, but this is what we want to study today. We covered all of this. That's what I explained. So now we want to study the 40 years, and the 40 years begins with his childhood, first phase or first day stage, his childhood

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We divided his childhood into three chapters. Earth is in dire need for the messenger. Earth was ready for the messenger. That's chapter one. And this is what we want to cover today. And then they use the elephant and then he found you an orphan, and he took care of you. So let's address the first chapter today. Chapter One, Earth is in dire need for the Messenger of Allah sallallahu aleyhi. He was early he was alone.

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Earth is in dire need. That's the chapter we want to cover today. Brothers and sisters in Islam, a hadith which is used by a Muslim

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in Allaha, Nevada Illa Illa el de Nakata, whom,

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Allah who whom, wha Gemma whom

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Illa de Kaya, Minelli. Kita I guess you're looking at the meanings in English. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, Verily, Allah looked towards the people of Earth, the people of the world will be the people of the earth, the people of the world, and he showed hatred

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for them.

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Whether they are Arabs, or non Arabs, accept some remnants

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from the people of the book,

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and then the prophets of Allah Subhana Allah Allah said to the Prophet what, then Allah said, Allah subhana wa tada said, this hadith brothers, as a matter in which he the narrator of this Hadith, this hadith part of it is

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kolomna be part of it. The first piece which in Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah v fermata, humara, Bahama Gemma whom this statement is made by the prophet sallallahu Sallam the rest of the Hadith is Pudsey. Allah is the one who spoke, then I sent you,

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then I sent you. Now is the question, why did Allah or what is the wisdom? That's the way that we ask a question regarding the actions of Allah subhana wa Taala. What is the wisdom Allah subhana wa Taala showed hatred towards the people in earth? We're going to find out right here. Why? Because of this shit, because they are worshipping idols.

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Because they were worshipping idols. Because the TiVo started worshipping idols. Imagine brothers and sisters in Islam, if there is no monotheism and Earth, Allah who will resent the people in earth, Allah is not gonna like the people in earth.

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But in the past, pay attention to this. Allah would send another messenger,

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Allah would send another messenger but now What about now? What about now? If we do not do the work?

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If Muslims do not do the work of Allah,

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brothers and sisters in Islam,

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then Allah will replace us and send another generation who will do it. That's the issue. But Allah presented the people of Earth at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam just right before He sent His messenger. Why? Because the sheikh

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in this hadith Allah subhana wa Taala divided the people into three types

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if you look at this Howdy, there are three types of people are up. None, Arabs,

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Arabs, none Arabs and people have the book.

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Allah The Prophet said what Allah looked into the table and earth found a pattern and he showed resentment, hatred towards them except Illa.

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Allah Bahama Gemma whom Arabs and non Arabs accept some few from the people of the book.

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And that exception applies to the rest of the table as well. So let's deal with the Arabs. What happened to the Arabs.

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The Arabs used to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala according to the Milla of Abraham and is married, and his name was Sarah, for years. They used to perform had john O'Mara for years. The Arab they used to follow the religion of Abraham and his mind

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for years until this man showed up, his name is Amber agnolo. Hi, Al Jose,

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who convinced the Arabs to worship idols. He was the dean out for righteousness, charity, reverence, care for the religion

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He was like a, an imam of the harem. He was granted unreserved love and obedience

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by his tribesmen.

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He took a trip to Syria

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and he saw that people were worshipping idols there. He brought them back he brought some idols back and he convinced the Arabs to worship idols and he is the one who changed the religion of the Arabs.

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Look at the his punishment brothers and sisters in Islam

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fee Salima Muslim, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I saw Imran Allah Hi, and Jose imagine this. I saw a low high yield Jose in the hill fire, dragging his intestines, dragging his intestines, his inside.

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It's a very humiliating manner. Why? Because he was the first to change the religion of his mouth. And he was the first to introduce superstitions to the Arabs. Regarding the animal our woman says in the wording of this hadith a woman say

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he would say this animal is for the idols don't slaughter it. Masha Allah Allah human behavior. I think what I said about what I was hearing when a ham when I can alladhina caforio Parana Allahu katiba, what acaba whom la lune. So this is the Arabs were done with the Arabs. Now, there were any exceptions of the Arabs? Yes, any remnants, by the way, that remnants, which in the Hadith applies to the evil of the book applies to some of the Arabs and applies to some of the non Arabs and I will give you evidence, they took Nam IGNOU fail the father of siete siete

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now for the brothers and the sisters who take this class, I want you to mention their stories, mentioned a little bit about those two of my I'm not a fan of the Prophet Abu Dhabi refinery. They never worship idols, they always worship Allah Subhana Allah, according to the mela of Abraham and Ismail Isla de como Salam. So some few individuals, remnants from the Arab stills,

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duck sticked, to the religion of Israel and Iran, but the majority of the people unfortunately went astray. For you. Let's move to the non Arabs will take the force the virgins for example. What was the religion of the burgeons worshipping the fire? mentioned a name from the remnants of the non Arabs sell man the Virgin, the journey of Solomon. That's a choice. By the way, if you want to do sell, man, that's fine. If you want to do side by side of nominal, fine, that's fine. Those two I want those two for the brothers who are doing the assignment. You have a choice between doing Sandman and fantasy story of the story or the story of zaytoven. Amber Ebner, no fail, one of the

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two the father of side

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sell man is known as item number is also known and available. Mon cradle moda he used to, to be the savior of the little girls, he would go to the father who's about to bury his little girl alive, and he would say, I'll take care of her for you. Please don't kill her. That is his title. For this, his brothers and sisters in Islam, the non Arabs sell man, for example, was an Arab who was led to Islam. But Subhanallah the story of Solomon cannot service cannot serve the third which is the People of the Book. Because Solomon ended up meeting with individuals from the people of the book. And those people weren't of heat. They never worshiped the religion of the store the religion of

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Jesus, which is the Pauline theology, I call it, and we're gonna come to this in sha Allah, but let's talk about the people of the book, what happened to them?

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But that we asked the same question that people have the book The Christians and as an example, who changed the monotheistic religion of Jesus, you need to understand this. Jesus came with the message which is what La ilaha illAllah SR Rasulullah that's the message exactly though, Heed

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my call to Llama Llama, Mata Nui, and Abdullah. That's what he said. I will say for you, who changed his religion, a man by the name of Paul, who never met Jesus. Sal Mandel. faricy mentioned four of them four of those remnants.

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They were abundant the religion of Jesus and his journey. These four, were on the monotheistic path of Prophet Jesus peace be upon him. To the extent that the last advice sell man to try his best to migrate to the Arabian Peninsula, where there is a town with a lot of boundaries, that is where the profit will migrate to, can you get more precise, this is all mentioned. And then and then the New Testament. This is what he told his followers that time will come. But Paul, change the religion brothers and sisters in Islam. Basically, what happened to the religion of Jesus. And this is important to mention here for the brothers and sisters who are living in the West in particular to

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give Dawa, that

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you get the message that the teachers of the true message message of Jesus in Palestine, in Jerusalem, the disciples, teaching monotheism, and you got Paul running away to Cyprus and to Italy. And he introduced a new version of Christianity, the atonement, the crucifixion, the Son of God, and all that stuff. And he started promoting that theology. So he is promoting a theology in Europe and new Christianity in Europe. And that's what they want to do to Islam, by the way, they want a new version in Islam. They want a new Islam. And and there is that true Islam and that they call it Wahhabi Islam, and then our Salafi Islam or whatever they want to call it. So yeah, they have that

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version, they want to create another version, you know, so what they want to create, but it's not gonna work with Islam, something about Islam is not gonna work. So imagine 300 years passed by 318 years to be accurate, passed by, to the extent that the Pauline, the followers of the Pauline theology, which is the distorted Christianity, and the followers of the true message of Jesus started facing, one started fighting, and all of them were under the Roman Empire.

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So the Emperor did not like that, that his citizens are fighting. He said, I gotta do something about it. So he gathered them in a place called nicea, nicea and Turkey. In nicea, he had the scorners brothers and sisters in Islam of from both. It's very similar now to Shay Islam and Sunni Islam, you know, sometimes they go into fights. So they are in the same place. So he got the scholars meeting in Nigeria, and he said, Listen, I want one brand of Christianity, one brand only, no other brand Subhana Allah, the Emperor, because of his mother, who was a follower of the Pauline theology that distorted Christianity, he was more into the distorted version of Christianity. So

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they adopted the distorted version of Christianity. And he said, this is the message of Jesus, which we're gonna promote in the Roman Empire, no other message done. And they started persecuting and burning the books. And this is why the culture of monk ship developed. Because those people who are in Tao hate, like your age, they couldn't take that. And so they said to them, if you're going to stay amongst us, you cannot talk about our idols or if you if you study the story of the boy and the king, remember the boy who guided the boy to Islam, a hideout monk, who wasn't an eight who told him that this is wrong,

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a shared brothers and sisters in Islam That's for you to understand that Paul managed to change the religion of Krishna of the Christians. And this is the religion that is followed right now. He is the last slide brothers and sisters in Islam, which establishes the fact that Earth was ready for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam to come down, and to be sent to cleanse the world from

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idol worshipping. I always love those two verses in sort of a room and please go and read them carefully. You know, read them carefully those two verses and Sora to room so panela verse number 40 and 41

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look at this brothers and sisters in Islam. Look at this.

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A lovely lady Hello kakum. from Morocco come from Miami to come from yo he come look at this for Allah is the one who created you,

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then who provides for you give you a risk, then he will cause you to die.

00:29:44 --> 00:29:54

And he will raise you up again in the Day of Judgment. Look at these for no other can do those four. Look at the question now. So this is lordship we call this lordship

00:29:55 --> 00:29:59

alameen Shoraka egomania

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In the coming, Cherie, any of the partners you associate with a law can do any of these for?

00:30:08 --> 00:30:11

The answer is no. Then we say well, so the Hon.

00:30:15 --> 00:30:16

Yoshi Koon

00:30:17 --> 00:30:30

he's above Glorified and Exalted is He He's above that evil they associate with him. Look at 41 brothers and sisters in Islam verhaal fossa do feel very,

00:30:31 --> 00:30:34

very Bhima casa, but I mean,

00:30:35 --> 00:30:39

evil. Listen, evil begins with

00:30:41 --> 00:30:43

injustice begins with sheer.

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if you cannot be fair and just

00:30:52 --> 00:31:04

that you give the worship to the one who deserves to the one who deserves to be worshipped, the one who created provides

00:31:05 --> 00:31:15

give you a life and he will cause you to die and will give you a life again, if you don't do that, then you're going to be unjust with everyone else would yourself with your family with your kids.

00:31:17 --> 00:31:31

That's it. That's the foundation for injustice and that's why this verse is a key brothers and sisters in Islam, the hidden facade will very well bar and that's what's happening in earth. Now Evil has appeared on land and

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sea because of compromising the basic the foundation that the entry which is the heat, when you compromise the heat, then it's over brothers and sisters in Islam. So Earth is ready now for the birth of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. So this is chapter one inshallah chapter two. We're going to be talking about insha Allah the birth of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi early he was a lamb

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which was the year of the elephant inshallah brothers and sisters in Islam I leave you at peace now, but I just want to let you know that tonight inshallah eight o'clock Denver time, which is 10 o'clock Eastern Standard, nine o'clock Central and

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seven o'clock Pacific, myself and Yasha Evans Yoshida Evans will come live to answer your questions inshallah. I don't know if you have questions or not, but I'm ready to answer your questions. Insha Allah, if you have any questions related to the subject, but we're going to talk myself and brother Lucia Evans about the Coronavirus and about the conditions of the Muslims now inshallah brothers and sisters in Islam please please, please subscribe to our new YouTube channel now, which is the straight path? This is the link right here maybe brother is married can post it online. Please post it brother smile. Also the

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breviary your questions for myself and for brother Lucia Evans insha Allah. Also I just want to let you know that in sha Allah, we're working on a platform in order to broadcast from my own channel in order to have all my lectures in my own channel and my own

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website Kadima. bouzy.com. So remember that ww karimova.com and keep following us in sha Allah, Allah He dialer Karim opposite.com so the brother is asking

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brother is asking, let me see here if we can answer his question.

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Okay, let me do that.

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Okay, let me do that.

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So he's saying of man is asking what time is it? What time is it here in Denver off man? It is. 604 myself and brother.

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Yoshi Evans. Okay, here is the announcement right here. Maybe we need to post that for you. Here in Sharla here, right here. Right here.

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Please join Karima was a tonight at 10 o'clock and eight o'clock. We're gonna have our guest brother Lucia Evans. You can view us on Facebook, mm Kareem opposite or YouTube the straight path. inshallah if you want to do this in sha Allah Bismillah he, Tyler, if you have questions, brothers, please ask us these questions in sha Allah. So let me see here. So hopefully you see that now. This is what we have tonight. A very good event for you in sha Allah join us in sha Allah. Allah He tile

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We have brother sharjeel I have applied for the higher objective aim score but I would like to apply for all the four of them. Is this as possible? Yes brother sharjeel Yes, just

00:35:15 --> 00:35:24

brother is married we'll take a note now and hopefully brother his smile will be in touch with you the evening layer he dialer

00:35:26 --> 00:35:55

you can apply for the four classes in Sharla. So remember, in sha Allah you can apply for the four classes. And again brothers and sisters in Islam A lot of you have been asking Is it free? Yes, it is free we're not charging any money. But we will come donations because we're going to be spending some money to build that new platform where YouTube cannot take us out or anybody we're trying to build a YouTube platform to broadcast and to have all my

00:35:56 --> 00:36:04

lectures on my Karima budget.com so we contracted some people and inshallah we're working on this maybe later on

00:36:06 --> 00:36:12

yes, you can apply for for all or for one or two or three or four it's up to you insha Allah

00:36:14 --> 00:36:16

from last session assisted asked ruling

00:36:17 --> 00:36:23

inshallah we can answer this tonight. Straight Path please. Tonight in sha Allah

00:36:24 --> 00:36:30

Okay, a ma'am Karim. How do we get the presentation files?

00:36:31 --> 00:36:36

What actually working on a book in Sharla for both Sierra and right belief series

00:36:37 --> 00:36:48

and higher aims three books actually inshallah. So hang in there inshallah we we should be able to share this with you in the future inshallah. Any other question here. Okay.

00:36:50 --> 00:36:58

Our de la la casa Mata Mata la he Baraka to memorium Karima How do you get Oh, we answered that already. The street path

00:37:00 --> 00:37:12

last session assistant as ruling for making over the socks old mess, okay. I kind of told you that in sha Allah that will answer this tonight with brother You shall be in the law he Tyler

00:37:13 --> 00:37:29

the right belief series. Also we're producing a book for you inshallah, hopefully, authoring a book inshallah hopefully it will be ready sometime soon. Almost. So Maya I have registered for one of your online courses. What are the assessment if any,

00:37:30 --> 00:37:32

just write down

00:37:34 --> 00:37:43

your previous education and from the homework, which we give online. Like today I given you an assignment

00:37:44 --> 00:38:10

to write the story of Solomon or the story of Zeta Phi. I will know whether you are up to speed for these classes, or do you need to take some entry classes in sha Allah? Would you please answer my question? Okay. What was your question? I didn't see a question. Is it about Sofia or the You are the one who asked about Sofia de la Mancha

00:38:12 --> 00:38:15

Abu Abdullah brother Abdullah Yusuf

00:38:17 --> 00:38:19

watching from UK

00:38:20 --> 00:38:27

didar Can you tell me what's your question? I mean, if you want me to answer it, now I will answer it. But just tell me what is the question because

00:38:28 --> 00:38:36

you know if you can be on the live show later on, that's fine. I'll answer it for you right now. inshallah. I'll address that question. Right now inshallah.

00:38:37 --> 00:38:42

If you just type in your question, please. So I know what question we're talking about.

00:38:44 --> 00:38:44


00:38:46 --> 00:38:55

other than we'll wait for you in sha Allah, Abdullah and sha Allah. Abdullah Yusuf watching from okay. The government passed a bill

00:38:59 --> 00:39:32

which everyone can see the brother He is Salam. aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Can Can you hold on one second, please? Can you hold on one second, the government passed that bill in which every so let me just put this on line here. The government passed a bill which is every one in the US will get 2400 and kids will get 500. Are we allowed to keep this money because we didn't work for it? Yeah, it's fine. That's between you and the government. If you I think the only people who are entitled that people who pay taxes, the people who file for taxes, so literally you work for it.

00:39:36 --> 00:39:36

Insha Allah.

00:39:38 --> 00:39:38


00:39:40 --> 00:39:44

Okay, brother. Go ahead. Oh, my brother who called in Sharla. Go ahead. What is your question?

00:39:51 --> 00:39:52

I was

00:39:53 --> 00:39:59

I was calling because the other day. I made a joke about your son from California, Mr. Mike.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:09

And now to do this kind of jokes, and then I have a second question also a joke a joke um I thought what are you joking about?

00:40:10 --> 00:40:21

I said is your son from California because I know your son is mad so I said is your son from California? Oh, it's okay. No problem inshallah I'm old enough to be a father. I

00:40:27 --> 00:40:35

am old enough and I'm okay. I'm a grandfather anyways, so you're okay, inshallah I have grandchildren. So you're okay. Go ahead.

00:40:38 --> 00:40:42

Okay, my other question is, I saw shake

00:40:43 --> 00:40:44

making a

00:40:46 --> 00:40:50

few days ago and he was saying, Thank you Corona, because

00:40:52 --> 00:41:01

people are not going to nightclubs. Thank you Coronavirus because of ease. Thank you Corona. Is that something we are supposed to? Thank for?

00:41:02 --> 00:41:28

Let me just get brother did are busy before I answer your question. I want to know about the Janna job. I don't know what that means. janaza about our prophets Allah Salam I don't understand that your question still I would love to answer your question. But please, can you spell it out in a better way? So our brother Abdul Rahman is asking regarding people raising Corona

00:41:30 --> 00:41:33

for you know, stopping

00:41:35 --> 00:41:50

the evil acts by the people. I wouldn't do that. Brother, man. You know, this is in a way like I said, Allah subhana wa tada sins this reflection or calamity

00:41:52 --> 00:42:31

for us to be afraid of to be concerned about, but not to in a way to show any pleasure regarding some of the positive things which may bring like the hottie bees point pointing to Yeah, these are positive things. There is no question about it, but I shouldn't be happy about it because there are a lot of negative things. What about Corona banning us from observing salah and the machine? Should we say things? No, we shouldn't. What about Corona, stopping us from visiting one another? What about Karuna stopping us from shaking hands you know when you shake hands with another Muslim your sins come down with that handshake.

00:42:33 --> 00:42:37

Again, that's not a way to go about it inshallah.

00:42:38 --> 00:42:44

Okay, do we send the assignment questions, your email account? that email will you receive the

00:42:46 --> 00:43:08

our admin sent you an email confirming your enrollment? That's where you communicate your assignment to insha Allah and that is where you're going to receive regular emails in sha Allah Todd. Okay, like I said the either janessa I don't know what janeshia is, you mean the jenessa of the Prophet about the Prophet janeshia What is that? I don't I don't understand.

00:43:10 --> 00:43:19

Okay, on Miriam jello, where do we send the assignment? Also, what is the time frame to turn in the assignment before the next week? Like,

00:43:20 --> 00:43:31

every Sunday we have no your messenger class before the next class that is when you do insha Allah, Allah fisheries changes Allah Allah May Allah reward you I wish

00:43:33 --> 00:44:04

that Jana Jaya prayer before burial, the general ledger the jenessa Braille before berrio Okay, what do you want to know about it? How it sprayed? Okay. janaza prayer for kuch Bharat Allahu Akbar unicycle Fatiha after the first Akira you recited the shahidullah Brahimi the final part of the Tasha had after the second tequila, then the third tequila you make dua for the deceased of the Muslims and the fourth Akira you make dua for the

00:44:06 --> 00:44:15

deceased in your family in particular, okay, so this is how the genocide is observed.

00:44:17 --> 00:44:46

Okay, and my job is asking a Salaam Alaikum How are you? Did you mean the life tonight? Yes, the life tonight has stem Eastern Yes. Yes in my job. Yes. 10 Pittsburgh time Yes, please. Yes, inshallah. Me and Yoshi Evans will come back to answer the questions and talk about the COVID-19 in Sharla on moriyama, saying Imam Karim, you mentioned on the first class about the danger of Islamic philosophy. What advice can you give to Muslim college youth who are studying

00:44:47 --> 00:44:52

sociology. It's very dangerous. It's very dangerous.

00:44:54 --> 00:44:59

You know, it's good to study it. If you have your first

00:45:00 --> 00:45:49

believes you're right believes that the danger of studying these that our youth are not will grounded in their own beliefs and they go and they study this you're getting that it's okay for me to explore what the people are doing now because I'm firm on my beliefs but you go there with a shaky with a shaky belief system Muslim belief system very dangerous very dangerous. Okay. Dad is asking who leads the man the man the regular email Imam or a family member as well it's recommended that before the janazah that the family stands and free that he sees from the the

00:45:51 --> 00:45:58

the debt light data clear that if you know of anybody

00:45:59 --> 00:46:08

have the disease owes money to anybody. We are his family. I'm going to take care of it provided that you establish an evidence for

00:46:09 --> 00:46:19

the that evening light on so brother is made is reminding you again 10 o'clock eastern eight o'clock didn't work. Seven o'clock Central.

00:46:21 --> 00:47:05

Seven o'clock Central. No, seven o'clock. Pacific. Nine o'clock Central. Okay, I got it right. I will Vishal is asking halia Juju and Toki melosa salata, Juma Phil bait to feed una vida de la la dee da, La La he had Eb da woman after we had laser in the hoopoe, another one a Santa who de Lune fee her avid, avid illuma FEMA cannon Marlin Wolfie locked in Marlin. If you cannot go to the masjid to suddenly feed at cavora I'm assuming that you don't know English. And that's why you wrote in Arabi. I answered you in Arabi. And I answered this question multiple times in English regarding playing Juma at home with the family.

00:47:06 --> 00:47:16

Thank you, who leads the janaza prayer of our Prophet who led the janaza prayer of our Prophet

00:47:17 --> 00:47:18

who led it

00:47:19 --> 00:47:42

led the janazah they there is no mention of janessa on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. There is no mention of janessa on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam there was a barrier. There was a barrier by far Fatima Ibrahim. Is it blood donation haram it's it's permissible. permissible it's okay to donate money to

00:47:44 --> 00:47:59

the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam there is no mention Ismail eight o'clock in sha Allah tonight evening there he tired Okay guys, I gotta save my energy for tonight. So don't don't don't consume me now.

00:48:00 --> 00:48:16

So I think I answered all the questions inshallah Jazakallah here brother de dar insha Allah jazak Allahu Allah Mohammed Judah just posted a big question, man. I mean want to take off here man, I heard from another shape in a class that a woman who has her head iya

00:48:18 --> 00:48:41

her Jani Ida is allowed to touch the Quran because she has no control over the period and preventing her from touching it may stop her from reading the Quran. After her period finishes the teaching of the Quran she is Islamic Studies teacher, but if she is in a state of Jenna, because of * then she brother in general inshallah

00:48:43 --> 00:48:47

if you can shorten your question Judah and brothers male Can you please

00:48:49 --> 00:49:31

take that question for the next period. inshallah. I want to take an hour and a half break guys, so I'm ready for tonight. Insha Allah with the OSHA in general, as I answered this question before, brother, Mohammed Buddha that it is permissible for an Islamic Studies teacher to teach the Quran and to hold the Quran because she's teaching it insha Allah, but it's highly recommended to be to read from a medium like a phone, like a tablet, not the most of itself. inshallah. jazza como la hora, I leave you at peace, and please don't miss our show with Lucia Evans at 10 o'clock maybe later Allah Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Lecture 2 – Earth is in dire need for a messenger

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