Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #180 – They Are Influenced by Orientalist Scholarship

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the multiple levels of pride and confusion surrounding the Koran and the Hadith. They argue that people are not aware of the Koran and are just trying to figure out what to say. The speaker also discusses the method for preserving the Koran and the importance of the Koran's teachings.
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People who say they only follow the Koran and not the Hadith are kidding themselves. They're kidding themselves on multiple levels one because they don't realize how they've been influenced by Orientalist scholarship okay Orientalist scholarship of Islam when they first encountered Islam, they automatically assumed right from the beginning that the Hadith were just not even worth listening to just a bunch of stories whisper down the lane oral tradition, not reliable, right? Only very recently have they started to figure out what we've known for 1400 years that we have an extremely rigorous in fact unprecedented methodology and discipline that's dedicated to sorting out

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the authentic hadith from the inauthentic Hadith. Okay, so that's one level on which they're kidding themselves. A second level is that I've never met anybody who claimed to follow the Koran that really knew the Koran very well. And one would assume that if you're going to say that you know what, I'm going to just leave the Hadith I'm not going to listen to the Hadith, I'm only going to listen to the Koran and obey the Quran, you better behalf of the Koran, you better know the Koran in and out like the back of your hand. And really what I found is the opposite of people who claim to only follow the Koran, they know the Koran so poorly, really what it is, is that they want something

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that can become an empty signifier for whatever they want to read on to it, right. They want to be able to follow some things and not other things and the things they don't want to follow. They're very explicit in the Hadith, and they're maybe not so explicit in the Koran. And so now they're able to load into the Koran, whatever meanings they already want to load into it. So that's another level in which you're kidding yourself. And the third level, there's probably more than three. The third level of where you're kidding yourself is that the method for preserving the Koran is the exact same as the methods preserving the Hadith. You can't choose one and not the other literally the same.

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There's a couple of differences when it comes to the level of strictness when it comes to accepting narrators and how many had the bear witness within the chain of narration and things like that, and the the date of edweena was the compilation when it was first written down, but when it comes to the snad, the idea of oral transmission from SO and SO to SO and SO to SO and SO it's the exact same the preserving the exact same way. The fourth thing The fourth thing is that Allah says to follow the Hadith in the Quran. I'm sorry, there's nowhere else to turn right? He says in Surah haShoah Matt attack Morozova Kulu right whatever the prophesy said, I'm gives you then take it, someone's gonna

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say no, it's just about jihad on this. I don't know. He said it right. Alebrije be removal of whatever the cause was a sub right, we say in Arabic is that what matters is the general wording of it, and not the specific occasion that that caused the revelation. Yes, it's talking in a certain context about a specific thing. But Allah Spano, Donna could have used very specific language in that area. And he didn't, he was very general language, right? It's like, you come to me, and you're saying, well, we've got a itas coming up. Should I make sweets? Should I make baklava? And I say you should make baklava every day.

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Right? I responded to your specific question with a general response. Right? And by the way, baklava is my favorite so you know, it's a true story. So yeah, so Allah says in the Quran right there, whatever the prophesy is, I don't use you take fifth thing and I'll end here because we keep going all day is that there's things that Allah subhanaw taala orders you to do in the Quran that there's no way you know how to do them except by the Hadith, right? Mala yo, Tim illogical Ellerbee. He was very solid talebi poet says when you're talking about things, if Allah subhanaw taala is going to command you with something, he's going to hold you accountable for the fulfillment of that thing,

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then it would be unjust of Allah subhanaw taala to not give you the guidance for how to do that thing, or to leave that guidance somewhere and then to let it get lost in history and these sorts of things. Right? Allah isn't playing around and you shouldn't play around either.

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