Is it not Immoral and Vulgar for a Muslim to have more than One Wife?

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Aleena Asks Dr Zakir


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elianna non Muslim by qualification teacher, thank you very much for very interesting lecture. I have one question. I find it immoral and vulgar for a Muslim to have more than one wife. What do you think about this? Actually, I know the roots of this, but I want to know your opinion about this. And I think if our religions Christianity and Islam unites, I think that Muslims should have one way. Sister, that's a very good question. Very common question, very important question. She asked that she thinks according to her, it is immoral for a Muslim to have more than one wife. And she's requesting me that if Christians and Muslims unite on this point, it will be very good not for him

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to do but we unite on what is the truth, not what is also Quran. Sister is the only religious scripture on the face of the earth, which says Mary only one. There is no scripture on the face of the earth. We read the Bible you read the Rama and you read the mama three, the VEDA. No scripture except the Quran says marry only one. If you read the Hindu scriptures. If you read the Hindu scriptures, Rahman, the father of Shri Ram, King dashrath, he had more than one wife. If you read Marmara, she Christian, how many wife he had for 10,000. He had 16,001 and any advice?

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If you read the Bible, if you read the Bible, Solomon had 700 wives. According to the Bible, Abraham had three wives. So according to the Bible, according to Judaism and Christianity, a man can have as many wives as he pleases for 510 1000 no upper limit. Islam has put an upper limit. Koran says in Surah Nisa, chapter number four, verse number three, married women have a choice in twos, threes, or fours. But if you can't do justice, marry only one. So according to Islam,

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according to Christianity, you can marry as many wives as you wish, one 510 20,000 10,000 no upper limit, Islam says married choice in twos threes or fours. But if you can't do justice marry only one. So Islam says you can marry more than one only if you can do justice, otherwise, you can't. And even if you can do justice maximum for now let's analyze what Quran says Koran says in Surah Nisa, chapter four, verse 129. It is difficult to be just between your wives, therefore do not turn away from them altogether. So many people have a misconception that in Islam, it is compulsory to have four wives. It's not compulsory to marry more than one My sister is optional, it's mobile.

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But if you marry more than one wife, and if you can't do justice, then you had problems. Now let us understand what are the logical reasons sister? I'll give you the logical reasons. And then if you want again, counter question, the logical reason why Islam gives permission for some people to have more than one wife. Now, by nature, if you analyze male and female born in equal proportion, but you ask any pediatrician, any medical doctor of the children, he will tell you that the female child can fight the germs and the diseases much better than the male child. So there are more male children dying as compared to female children. As life goes on, there is that due to cigarette smoking, that

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due to various other diseases, that due to alcoholism, that due to war, due to accidents, there are more males dying as compared to female. Today in the verses to analyze, there are more females in the world. As compared to males, there are more women as compared to men accepting to third world countries like India, where I come from the female population is less than the male population. It is because of female feticide and female infanticide if you stop this evil practice of female fetuses and female infanticide, even in India, the population of the females will outnumber the male population. Today a founder statistics in New York alone, there are more than 1 million females more

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than males. In USA alone, there are 7.8 million females more than males. In Germany alone, there are 5 million females more than males. in UK alone, there are formula females more than males. In Russia alone, there are 9 million females more than milk. And God alone knows how many millions of females are more than males throughout the world. Suppose I agree with you hypothetically, that one mentioned married only one woman. And if my sister happens to live in America, and if the market is saturated, or if your sisters live in America, and if the market is saturated, every man found a woman for himself. Yet there will be 7.8 million females who will not find life partners. The only

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option remaining for these 7.8 million females is that they either marry a man who already has a wife or become public property. People will say public property. Zakat is such a harsh word. It is the most sophisticated well I can use. I can't do the better word than that. You either marry a man who already has a wife

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become public property, there is no third option. So now if we analyze in USA, according to American statistics, a common American on average has eight different sexual partners before you settle down with one. That means some may have to some f 10, some f 28 different sexual partners before you settle down with one. And you can have as many mysteries as you want 110 20 no problem. But legal wise more than one, it doesn't go down the throat.

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And you ask any modest woman, if a woman becomes the second legal wife of a man, she gets respect, she gets honor, she gets the rights. If you become a mistress, there's no honor. There are no rights. She's degraded. So Islam has the solution to the problems of humankind today, there are more women in the world than the men. According to me, Islam has permitted some men to have more than one wife so that the woman can live modestly. Otherwise, it's not possible. I do agree with your sister. I do agree with your sister that a woman would not like to share a husband. I agree with you that a woman would not like to share a husband. But no woman under normal circumstances would like a

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husband to marry one more woman. But the Islamic Sharia says let a small loss take place to prevent a big loss. A good Muslim, a good Muslim woman who knows the world scenario, she would not mind taking a small loss that is sharing her husband to prevent a big loss that is making a system becoming public property.

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We haven't. Yeah, I said immoral because if a woman has more than one man, she's a bad woman. But if a man has more than one woman, he's okay. It's okay. Yeah. That's a very good question. Sister. That was the question that if a man has more than one woman is a good man know, if a man has more than one wife, no problem. But if you have more than one woman every man

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like in America, one man has got for Mr. Family test and mistress even in India, he's a bad man. But if he has a legal wife, if he does nikka if he marries, or gives a do, right, give us mare equal time equal justice. There is a good man. But now the counter question Why can't a woman or more than one husband correct? Is that a question?

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is a question that why can't a woman I'm thinking that in case if female population increases and male population decreases. So females can have two or three husbands or somebody would question your hypothetical question. But Almighty God who's our Creator, he knows better than you and me. He's our Creator. And the reason

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because God has made the woman a stronger sex. She is medically more stronger than the man. You know that I'm a medical doctor sister. Medically, a woman can live for longer than a man. We think the managed on physically managed wrong, but medically the woman is stronger. She lives longer longevity. The average span of a woman is few years more than a man their lead that's in the pediatric age group. And regarding your main question, that Islam allows polygyny, Amanda more than one wife, but does not allow polyandry. That is a woman there are more than one husband. Why? The reason is that if a man has more than one wife, and if a child is born, you can easily identify who

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is the father who is the mother. But if a woman has more than one husband, and if the child is born, you can identify the mother or the father.

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So if you go to admit your child in the school, what is the name of the Father, you may have to give two names.

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Now we know that medical science advanced by dna genetic coding, we can come to know who the father but that is now not in the past. Islam is there since time immemorial. And this is not the only reason. Furthermore, there are various other reason, man is biologically more sexual as compared to the woman. Thirdly, a man can do the role of multiple husbands as compared to women doing the role of multiple wives because she undergoes menstrual cycle, there are various psychological changes, which it would be difficult for her to do the role of multiple wives. And furthermore, today science tells us that if a man has more than one sexual partner, and if they're loyal to them, like if a man

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has more than one wife, more than one sexual partner, and if all of them are faithful to each other, the man does not. Neither the woman develop any sexual attachment disease, but if a woman has more than one sexual partner, if she has more than one has been, then the sexually transmitted diseases will emerge. She will have the disease and she'll retransmitted back to the husband. So even medically, it is not good for a woman to have more than one sexual partner. Hope that answers the question.