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Abu Bakr Zoud
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Level one level haymond humbly letter of the mean of salatu salam ala rasulillah while the adherents of the Mayan are present thanks belongs to Allah subhanaw taala. And may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon the seventh and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we begin first by the name of the solar. There are many names that were mentioned for the soldier. The first is solid field, and that's the common name found in most of them also have the second name for it as found in Sahil Buhari. It is named for lm TA, like that. lm Tara, and this is something very common among the Center for hammer home Allah that they used to call a soldier and they used to name it

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with the beginning words of it. So lm Tara is another name for the song, and the last name and the third, Adam de Kiefer. And it stops right there in an authentic narration that is also mentioned, the soul is made up of 5am and the scholars of the sea and have collectively unanimously agreed that it is a makansutra In other words, it was revealed sort of them it was revealed to him before the others so that was sort of the theme of the sort of volatile field is allows origin teaching us about his power in destroying and abolishing the evil plans of the wrongdoers and of the oppressors that tried to attack the deen of Allah subhanaw taala by attacking its teachings or attacking it

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sanctities its holy places like Morocco will Medina will bait and knock this what the Israelis the Jews are doing right now. This is the theme of the soul and how it also teaches how Allah subhanaw taala alone by himself how he restores honor nobility to his Deen and in other words this forum is is an example of the words of Allah azzawajal ud do nelio through rule of law for him, en la motivo de la cara healthcare through and very famous area in where Omar says the desire the disbelievers, the desire and the wish and they want to extinguish the light of a loss of Hana data to turn off the deen of Allah Xhosa and Alonso and he says, By the amounts before him, only at the beginning of my

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teaching as it's only by their mouth, don't worry, because you know, words can only do so much. Well law home will dim UI and Allah subhanho wa Taala is going to continue and he's going to complete his life until he is light until the last day when okay the healthcare field, even though the disbelievers would dislike this, for this solar solar field is an example of this area that abre and his army 60,000 of them came to destroy the deen of Allah, but they're coming to destroy the house of Allah subhanaw taala and a lot by himself, destroys them and he completes and he continues Deen in his demon is in Arabia until it spreads out in McCain in the entire Saudi of what's the right

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Jani nose now and then the entire Arab peninsula. Add to that Iraq, Iran and the deen of Allah subhanaw taala still spreads until this day. For me this is the theme one of the core lessons of the soul. Now we discussed the relationships between folate and homosassa, which is the saw before sort of the field with sort of the field and then we can start like that to the relationships of anolyte focus on this and you find yet another incredibly related in salt and homosassa Allah subhanho wa Taala he spoke about the loss of the one who gathers and collects the wolf Gemma Mellon.

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And his loss is that he'll be flown in a fire that is sealed in LA mostly by benefit Obama that was his loss. So Littlefield, it speaks about the loss of the one who abused his power and authority, like abraha. One spoke about the loss of Yanni abusing your wealth, and one speaks about the loss of abusing the power and the authority for whom it spoke about the punishment of Allah Subhana Allah in the afterlife. So you saw six as we're dedicated to describe the punishment of Johanna swallowtail feel. It now speaks of the punishment of a law that took place in this life. The third connection you find is that Fullerton whom has a large social says Edna Alayhi Masada. He says he describes the

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fire and he says that it will be sealed upon the disbelievers. And in other words, they're trapped in a cage inside the fire. And they'll be restricted from movement in the fire they sealed inside of it.

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They'll feel we learn in the soul, that the elephant he was restricted from any movement towards the house of Allah subhanaw taala. He knelt down in a place known today as where the Maha sit. Yeah, and in other words, what said between the two so Allah azza wa jal is saying that that Allah is the one who was able to trap and restrict the movement of the elephant. Why will you go as you saw with your own eyes, then he subhanho wa Taala is able to also throw the rebellious into the fire.

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And trapped them inside of it and restrict their movement in where they're not able to move. Just like the restriction of the movement of the elephant for that is very common and very young, it's apparent within the Tucson. Now before we move to the first area, we just need to look at an overview of the three Sol, Sol, Sol, Sol, Sol, Sol homosassa. volatile field just let's have an overview of these three swore to understand. Yeah, and what is the central message behind them all what ties them what flows them all together? My brothers in Islam, for that, and also a lot of social states affect in the insanity hustle that the human being immersed in deep loss. Then the two

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songs that came after solo colossal, which is a woman that will feel a loss of Hannah who Allah explains in depth, what made the human being be immersed in deep loss, what made him in the state of loss for certain homos that came to say, because he insulted the people who was a loser. He mocked the people, and he gave himself superiority of others. Yeah. And he, he becomes like that, because he gathered the wolf, Gemma and Ellen White. And since he had so much wealth and so much money, he saw himself above others. So he began to mock and insult the people and belittle them and humiliate them. And at the bottom of all this, this person had lots of pride and arrogance. That's what he

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had. That's what he had. That's what made him in the state of loss, pride and arrogance, or loss of Hannah Horton and obese Allahu alayhi wa sallam he says in the Hadith, he defines what's arrogance. He says, I'll kibou Babu nursey he said Baba will have to humbleness arrogance. This is what arrogance is defined as rejection of the truth and mockery of the people and insulting the people. Now, whenever you saw cinema obviously says in the Hadith, layered Hello, gentlemen canopy beam is closer but the main cable that the one who had a, an atom's an en suite of arrogance and pride in his heart will be deprived and absolutely will not enter the paradise now, so that was sort of the

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nomos. And that was a loss. Allah azza wa jal is explaining what made the human being fall in loss. swallowtail feel was an example of a person in history that had lots of love, and lots of power, lots of authority, that was a bra. And he used all of that, to abuse he abused it all by mocking the Arabs. So him and his plan and trying to come into Mecca and destroy the Kaaba, that, that he's mocking the Arabs, he was insulting the Arabs, he was jealous from them. They were he was if European he wasn't even an Arab himself. But at the bottom of it abraha was a man of pride and arrogance. So Allah subhanho wa Taala, destroys him. And you can see that Salatin also says the

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human being is in loss. sutan homas has said the thing that made him a loss was his pride and arrogance, and him seeing himself over others. So Littlefield gave us a perfect example of that, and a man in history that had lots of pride and arrogance, and what Allah azzawajal did to him, and in the Hadith, and maybe some alojado syllabuses. carnamah can imagine how heavy this hadith is, to the point where a lot of said, and Kibriya or either one of our motto is Eddie Fernandez and EDA, a person to law surgeon said the words are too big The matter is big, that a lot took it upon himself to see these words. He said that pride is my cloak. And Kibriya Are there any pride is my upper

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garment, while Obama and my strength and honor and power is my lower government and whosoever strives and competes with me for all destroy him come to and we take from this hadith bytes apparent meaning any we don't delve into the aspect of how is this is upper government and lower government? Because this is from the attributes of Allah subhanaw taala we certainly don't believe his upper government and lower government is like the governments of the human beings. Lisa can be cliche, but we take it in it's apparent as it is. So Allah subhanho wa Taala destroys a bar, because he was a man that tried to compete and strive with a loss of Anahata in pride and arrogance. And you look at

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the situation. Yeah. And he who was he up against a bar. He wanted to destroy the cover, who were the people around the Kaaba polish. Now, what was their religion? Islam? Oh, cheeky, cheeky leaky pipe is key question abraha. What was his religion?

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Catholic he was a Christian. He was no strong. Which ones was being a Catholic being a Christian, or being a polytheist worshipping any idols, which ones was motioning for sure. So now the question is, why did a month destroy abre? Who's a Christian who's a million times better than al machete keen? Because at least his religion has got something to do with the sky. It came down from

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Evans it came down from a law, there was a profit involved in it. It's a million times better than what corporations are upon. So why does the law social destroy abre? And he saves polish. Why? Because at the bottom of it, a bar was a man of pride and arrogance. At the time kurage didn't have this, you can understand how severe is one terrible sin means even even if there are others worse than you in religion, this one terrible sin, pride and arrogance, Allah Zoysia does not like it at all. This is an attribute of a law when one wants to have some of these. And the reason I send them says even if he's in it in your heart, you meet along the Day of Judgment, and in your heart. And

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and wait, what's an X ray, though? Those are the paradise a shot. They caused no entry because you had something which was a quality of Allah subhanho wa Taala This is why my associate destroys a bar before even Yeah, and determines the punishment away from coercion. And that's only in this life, the punishment came and in the hereafter loomba xanthophyll Obama,

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Obama no longer mocha and we gave that description of the fire a lot of zojila specifically in the poll and says in the hall, a booster query. He doesn't like those with pride and arrogance. When they'll be so long Why don't you send them in the Hadith? He says what's the solution that if a lot there's a like arrogance, what does he love? And that is our solemn says in the Hadith. In Allah tala O'Hara, LA, Yanni very rare that a hadith begins like this. And nobody saw Selim comes out to the Sahaba any system Listen, Allah has revealed to me until Alberto

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Babu kumada, that you better Humble yourself, you better lawyer self before most of handle data so that one another so that you don't rebel against one another. In other words, arrogance and pride will make you rebel against one another, just like boys, that just like you had pride and arrogance, and he begins to rebel against boys and against the sanctity of a loss of Hannah data against the Kaaba itself. Now there's no more time on earth for him. Allah subhanho wa Taala destroys

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me this is what arrogance is. And the other part of it was

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Baba will have rejection of truth. These are two parts. The now we understood, don't mock the people be humble towards the creation of a lot. The other part of arrogance is rejecting the truth. Also be careful of that. A lot of times people fall in that you wouldn't realize at the end that you gained arrogance out of it, but that's exactly what it is. When someone advises you on something and gives you an advice and warns you about something you're doing that wrong accepted. And don't justify it and don't try to come out of it. Well, it's not the case actually. I'm not doing that I'm doing this, but this makes you arrogant and nice. And the reason I seldom mentioned the rejection of truth

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before mocking the people in other words this is this will make you an arrogant even more than you mocking the people would make you an arrogant ya know, you gotta you gotta pinpoint on this point, the mood, the mood Sana Allah you sent me came to the mood and you know what destroyed them. At the end. He said to them the reason no sakurako I gave you advice when I can let a Buddha nalsa him he didn't like those who gave advice. You rejected those who call the to a law, you are rejected those who advised you and as a result they got destroyed. Why? Because rejecting the advice makes you an arrogant person, oppose them full of pride. And now there's enough reason for you to be destroyed by

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Allah subhanho wa Taala in the mood when he became arrogant, Allah destroys him with a mosquito that comes into his ear up his nose and it just stays in there until he dies. If you're around when he became arrogant, and he said to the people on our bukem olana This is when he said this. I am your word Yahuwah he didn't even say another buco full stop. That would have been bad enough. But he added to it Alanna, I am the award the most high end it's like you're saying and I know you have a load. But I'm I'm higher than that. Lord. What kind of arrogance is that? As soon as he became a man of arrogance loss origin destroys him straightaway with a bit of water that went inside of him and

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his army. 2 million people died in one day. Same thing as Kuru, when Koran came out, with full of arrogance and pride and war, the best of his clothing and yet he took out his golden treasures and walked it behind him how rajala Coby Uffizi nothing Omar says he came out these people with Xena with his best of clothing, wear whatever what she was wearing whatever jewelry he is wearing, whatever necklace he's wearing, Masha Allah, he came out what happened to him because he was a man of arrogance and pride. right then and there a lot deals with him for herself. Maybe he will be daddy and all the earth opens. He becomes his the earth swallows him, but not only him and his wife

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and his treasure, and he's sinking into the earth until this day, on the day of judgment. He is thrown in the health

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You can see that these people when they develop arrogance and pride, a lot did not delay their punishment to the hereafter. Now He punished them now and in the hereafter. It is followed up with an even greater punishment for we learn from the very beginning and the placement of the slot. arrogance. arrogance is what will destroy a person before you consider someone's religion or not. A lot as origin begins to sola. And I'm thought I gave a lot of book of yours harville field. This is the only place in the world in where a surah begins with Alan Tara. Haven't you seen all Muhammad? sallallahu alayhi wasallam blessing, haven't you seen? How you know dealt with the people of the

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Wouldn't it be some Allahu alayhi wa sallam and I told you last time he was born 5050 approximately 55 days after the incident of the elephant.

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So he didn't actually see anything with his own eyes. So what is meant by Allah absorption seemed a little Salalah Haven't you seen how you know dealt with the people of the elephant? Here?

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loss of Hello data is talking to his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a figurative way? Yeah, and he thought, Oh, this what? They say in the Arabic it's minified and pollute it from the actions of the heart. And you know when someone explains something to you over the phone, and then you say to them Ah, I see what you mean. What do you didn't see? you mean by that? I understand what you're seeing. alum Dada here means? Haven't you heard? Haven't you realized? Haven't you received information about how your Lord dealt with the people of the elephant? And this style? I'm talking farfalla bukoba I was having field the style implies Adagio is amazement within these words. In

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other words, are you saying tofu masala, and everyone else have boyish is hearing. He's saying to them? Are you a beast, and how your Lord dealt with the people of the elephant? Aren't you amazed why it is amazing. Because consider this an army of 60,000 well equipped soldiers, along with Yanni 60,000. This is more than the population of Macau, those who lived in Macau and rounded plus abroad are coming with huge, massive elephants that are able to flatten the entire city of Mecca just with their feet. And all of this and what destroys it by himself without needing anyone's help. For now Allah asks, and you're amazed at how you know dealt with the people of the elephant Allah gave a

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follow up book about seven feet is not a normal event. What happened was a miracle exactly what it was it was a miracle. For a lot of sources and under and within that it implies that our job amazement, Adam tala as well. The word Dharma is a present tense verb present. And we always say that the present tense implies continuity, or this is very important to learn. There's a lesson in this, a lot of Zoysia only seeing

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Yanni, the warning, and the lessons of the soul are continuous. What does that mean? Meaning the warning is for every single, rebellious, arrogant tyrant that lives in every day, time and age and in any nation. It's ongoing, it's continuous. So this is not just a folder that is talking about the oppression of Abraham and his army and what they did and how am I get rid of them? Da, da, da. The lessons inside of the soul are continual. This is a form of that is sending a message and a warning, up until this day, to anyone who wants to oppress others and other nations, by using their military strength is a continuous warning. Yeah, this is warning for people today for oppressive tyrants

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today that want to dominate the people and kill them and oppress them. Same thing, same warning and same lesson is applied for them. Where do we get all this from? From the word data? And it being a present tense as opposed to it being a positive element or can you follow a book? I will defend the word

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Didn't you see how you how you will move down? On what did not say Alhamdulillah Masha Allah book, Allah did not say, didn't you see how what your Lord did with us? I will feed it did not say Didn't you see what your Lord did with him? He said, Do you see how your Lord dealt with it? What's the difference between how and what the difference? My brothers in Islam, Allahu Allah.

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Allah, they say that when you think and ponder over the story of the elephant, and you think of a boy and his army, the first question that comes to your mind is, how was he destroyed? Not what happened to him. The first question is how, how can a man with this much strength and might and power and elephants the Arabs have never seen in their life and 60,000 soldiers? How can you be defeated?

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How can I help and how is it possible? That's the first question that comes to your mind for Allah subhanho wa Taala puts the homeless in it. And he says, didn't you learn and didn't you realize how your Lord dealt with the people of the elephant? And I'm talking follow a book a foreigner, as opposed to Amina amore did not say anabolic a formula book follow book what's the difference between Amal and fed? What do we learn from it? Um, and my brothers and sisters in Islam is a word that is used to refer to an action that requires intention and effort.

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Any action you do, and you have an intention, and you put effort behind it, that's koverman like individualized salami sisters in Naaman, Ahmed, you've been yet not enough. Amen. What do we learn from that? That you're solid? When you pray, you need an intention. And this effort in your solid that's called ramen, noodle solid head of solid and everything else that he intended, as opposed to fed the word fan. It refers to something dumb, that doesn't require an intention, and doesn't require any effort. Where the laws origin says Alan Pollock a fat Father, what is he teaching us in the Word father, it implies that there was no effort, and no pre arranged plan from Allah subhanho

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wa Taala did destroy the people of the elephant, molars or shall destroy them with full effort and full ease. There was no effort on behalf of Allah Zoysia that he went through to destroy the people of the elephant. It was the fan of a law, meaning he destroyed them effortlessly effortlessly, no special arrangements needed. And fan this word implies power. It implies the power and the strength and the mind of a muscle panel that allows or shall uses this word in all the places in the Quran when he speaks about his destruction and how he deals with the rebellious nations. And I thought I gave a follow up book at the Hyatt in novabackup, fire don't limit read and many and

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the other thing with the word foreigner is that in Arabic, it's actually a comprehensive word. many words go under the meaning of Father, for example, Hanukkah, you know, on the day of the elephant, when a law destroyed them, he did a lot of things. A lot created those unique birds that the Arabs never saw before or after he created birds. He created those stone that came from jahannam so that it can be thrown on the people of the elephant. Allah azza wa jal, he also outsell he sent the birds, Allah azza wa jal, he also, yeah, and he, he he did many things, Java and so on. All of what Allah azzawajal did, is under the word farm, so Allah so Genesis, and I'm talking foreigner, and

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this is from the eloquence of the Dharma uses one word, and it refers to many things that happen. And I'm told I gave a foreigner, a booger, because having failed, he said, Oh bouquet, or bouquet means your Lord. He did not say

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he didn't say and I'm talking for follow law who was having feet, even that would sound stronger. But he said, Rob Booker, why did he say a book? two things. Number one, seeing your book implies a favor from Allah subhanho wa Taala, upon the people of you know why, because the word Allah is the proper name for the one who we worship. But when we refer to to Allah, with the name of Bob, then this indicates to the fact that he's Bob, meaning he's the master of Bob means the master. And if he's the Master, what does it make you and I, it makes us the slave. That's the other side. That's the other side of the equation if he's the master or the slave, therefore, you have to become a

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dutiful slave to a law. So what's being said, is that the destruction of a brother's army was done by a book that was done by your Lord and a dog a follow up book, the destruction of a bow was done by your Lord. It was a favor from a law upon polish. So now be a dutiful slave to Allah subhanho wa Taala and in the surah Gani this in the suit, Allah azzawajal is reminding polish, I did a favor for you. And in return, I want from you people polish, I want your gratitude. I want gratitude from you. And what does one more one gratitude from them? How does he want gratitude from them? In the next was sort of, he says fairly abou odd that the word odd becomes again, Bob Burns and bait, become

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grateful to a law and worship the Lord of this house that the same house that he is, he saved and he protected from a bow harness army. But that's the first thing the word or book implies that this was a favor from Allah upon college. And number two, the word book.

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It brings so much comfort and ease to the heart of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the believers and even in our times as well. It brings so much comfort and ease to us, allows only saying to the Prophet sighs I love doing you see how your Lord, your Lord, the Abrahamic sama

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He'll send you any any. I'm on your side. You're full of laws and laws and your enemy is my enemy. I can destroy Quraysh just like I destroyed those in the past. For the Word of God big Jani. It's comforting the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and it's reassuring him and supporting him alone. He's saying, I'm a book, I'm your Lord, and I'm on your side. So don't be affected by the plans, and the insult and the mockery koresh is doing towards you and against you. And like a facade or a book of heaven feel interesting of having feet of heaven feel the people of the elephant, we can also translate that as the companions of the elephant. Let me explain to you this. You see,

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first and foremost, we don't know how many elephants there was. Remember, I told you last week, different iterations, some third one, some said 379 13 1000. It really doesn't matter. Because when Allah azza wa jal spoke about the elephant, he actually in the Quran didn't speak about the elephant. He spoke about the people of the elephant, of having feet, generally speaking about the army human beings, he wasn't concerned or anything concerned about the elephant itself. So that's number one.

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The surah is directing our attention to the people of the elephant, not the elephant itself. He said, okay, follow us had the word us hab is a plural. So number one, we learned that the enemy

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was a lot they were planning because hab is a plural. So they were large in number they were 60,000. In some of the narrations. The word of hobbit comes from the word for him. This is the lesson he comes from the word soy, with the word slide, is a title given to the one who befriends a person that is above him in status and rank. And what does this mean? You know, the companions of masala What are they called?

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for heaven? Why were they given that title? Because they befriended someone higher than them in rank and position, which was who the whistleblower is. And the reason I sell them is not COBOL so heavy. It's not COBOL so heavy. Why? Because if he's global, so happy, then that means someone else's higher above him of the human beings in rank, and that's impossible. So So how about quotes habit, because they befriended someone that's higher than them. When a man's origin says, as having been, you know what that implies, that implies the elephant is an animal. And it was above them in rank and position that they given the title of us haberfield Yanni. Now, what do you learn from this? You

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learn from this that the elephant itself, in the sight of Allah had a higher rank and position than the 60,000 of the army 60,000 of the soldiers, for he called them the companions of the elephant? They're the Friends of the elephant, the elephant, some of them will. That's true. That's true. Why is it true? Because the elephant didn't approach the cabin. He did not approach the cabin. He had more knowledge and he feels more more than a brother and his army. And every time he was directed towards the cabin, he'd refuse and if he was directed to other than the direction of the cabin, he'd get up and run. For so Pamela, the elephant itself, implemented the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu

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alayhi wasallam that's narrated by Evan Massoud la tollemache. Lucan, female certain Holic had an elephant that is a non intellectual beam he implemented the hadith of masala mean when the researcher says there is no obedience to create a beam if it involves the disobedience of the Creator Himself. So yeah, initial power by referring to them as having feed by referring to the people's hybrid feed as opposed to Jason feed or something else. This is a law humiliating them. And this implies that they are worse than the animal as they lack the understanding and the intellect and so Pamela well as origin says who they can and I'm even home Oban. These people can have they

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like animals. And then he says but who mobile rather they worse than that. At least the animal had some fear over law. These people had nothing at all. And until I gave a follow up book, I was hiding feet and Amir al Qaeda home feet of lead.

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Didn't he make their plot and their plan? go into great waste? Didn't he make their plan fail elimination? Okay, don't feel totally alone. This is the second question in the solo. With the repetition of this question style. It adds suspense and curiosity increases the listeners attention. Allah azza wa jal is saying, didn't you realize and you're amazed at how your Lord dealt with the people of the elephant? Didn't you see how he made the plan fail. Yani the listener now is asking what happened? What's going on? You know, the repetition of the question increases suspense, Jani. In other words, let's say I came to you and I said to you, I said to you, brothers, did you see what

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happened outside? Did you see how the accident happened? I'm going to stop asking Tell us what happened. You know, you

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become curious if you're not quick and give us the news for most of Anahata Allah He builds this suspense in the Curiosity at the beginning of the surah. And I'm talking for for a lot of eukaryotes having feed animals al Qaeda. What's going on the people on it? Oh,

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you become very interested at this point. A lot of xojo he says Allah Miyan Let's speak about the creation. The word usually comes from the word Jana. Jana means to take something and convert it into something else to transform something. That's Jana Yama. xojo. He says it many times in the Quran, Allah Masha Allah obAmE header, what does that mean? Meaning a more took the land. And he made it into a comfortable place so that we can walk on and build on that's what Jana ninjalah to take something, molded shape, do whatever, transform it and make it into a whole new product that john Alonzo was releasing in the idea. He took the cane, he took the cake, and he transformed that

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into puglian. Now let's understand what that is. Okay, first, the word Kate, came in Arabic. It means that evil plan that plan secretly, if you have an evil plan against someone, and you plan it secretly between you and a few people, against someone else, that in Arabic is called gate. Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran fakie dolakha. Qaeda, when he described the plot and the plan of the brothers of use of Allah, you send them towards use of he called it a Kade. Why? Because when the brothers came together, they secretly planned among each other, how are we going to get rid of Yusuf Ali? He said, If it was called acade, Allah azza wa jal, he says, In the Qaeda shape on cannibal

00:31:44 --> 00:32:09

Eva, when he referred to the plot and the plan of the show born, he called it again, why? Because the shippon doesn't come to you and say, 123, I'm gonna do to you, and then he comes and doesn't, he hides it away from you. And when the point comes, he traps you, and he brings into it for that is called a gate. Now, this is the thing, you need to pay attention. And I'm expecting you to already have asked this question in your mind before I answer. Let me give you this question. You're supposed to be thinking now.

00:32:11 --> 00:32:35

How does the laws origin? Call the plan? abraha? What was the plan of abre? What was his intention to destroy the carbon? How does Omar cola acade when a K means to plan something secretly was the plan abraha secret was a publicized people knew about it. police knew about it. before he even reached there, the word went around. And he made his intention very, very clean. Now.

00:32:36 --> 00:32:55

Some have a lot of losses, or he'll calls it gate. And with him calling at gate we learned something that some of the intentions were apparent and publicized and many other filthy evil intentions were hidden. And were made the secret. Yeah. And what does that mean, about

00:32:57 --> 00:33:37

the intention that he made apparent is that he's going to destroy the Kaaba, because his church was vandalized, and someone relieved himself in it. Because Because of that, so I'm going to take vengeance for the humiliation and mockery and vandalism of my church, that he made secret that he made apparent. But look how many things he kept between him and himself and his army. These were things that were secret, therefore, this is why I'm more calls than a case. Number one, he kept within himself, that there was a political game behind this. That was part of his intention, a political game. And what does that mean? He wanted to direct the attention of the Arabs from Morocco

00:33:37 --> 00:34:16

overwaitea. Man, he wants the people to come to him. And as a result, he wants to dominate the Arabian region. That was part of his plan. He never made that clear. The other thing is for economical gain. Part of his secret plan was that he wanted to direct all business and trade from Mecca until it reaches Yemen. And therefore there's an economical game for the city of Yemen. And number three, he hid inside of himself. The jealousy had towards the Arabs. We said about housing Ethiopian, he wasn't an Arab. He wasn't, he was jealous and he was envious of the Arabs and how people honor them, and how people respected them. And he couldn't understand how the people go from

00:34:16 --> 00:34:48

all around the world to a place in the desert, that is 5060 degrees in heat around the Kaaba, what are they doing that he couldn't stand it and there was jealousy, he hid that he's going to destroy the Kaaba because of jealousy had in his heart for loss of data. And he says about the disbelievers but better till bah bah Amina for him. What am I talking about? When he speaks about the disbelievers? He says, hatred has already become apparent on the amounts. They spoke about it. What matters

00:34:49 --> 00:34:59

and what their hearts conceal is way greater than what they utter from their mouth. And this is exactly what Obama was for most of our data codes indicate. And this is not something

00:35:00 --> 00:35:13

Even Nowadays, most countries, when they go to war with other nations, they don't publicize their full intentions. They keep most of it hidden. Ghana, for example, in the Americans when they entered Iraq in 2003.

00:35:15 --> 00:35:57

They just said, We're going there to destroy any we're going there to destroy dictatorship, and restore peace and get rid of the corrupt leaders. And we're going there to destroy the W M. D, the weapons of mass destruction. And they never said that they're going there to steal the oil of the Muslims. Well, they never said that they're there to destroy Islam and the Muslims. Well, they never said that they are there to create protection for Israel. They never said all that, Cade, they kept all that hidden. And they made it apparent what they said, which later on became exposed, or any of it became it became exposed. So that's gate to make some evil intentions are apparent, and hide many

00:35:57 --> 00:36:49

other evil intentions. So Allah subhanho wa Taala. He says about abre he says he took the cake. He took the evil plan, and willingly transform it into the child's good. This is a game for a boy and his army. But what did Allah make of it? He made it into Dublin, Dublin Yani he wasted it for them, it went into a failed mission. A law says he made it fee the fee probably. This is different to saying illa puglian. He said fee. Now remember when we spoke about internal external a fee hosel. And we said fee me The human being is immersed deep into herself. When a man says he took the evil plan, and he made it into taglib meaning feet deep inside, deep, severe loss. A massive failed plan.

00:36:49 --> 00:37:36

Jani thelia surrounds it from all sides. Their plan failed literally from every single direction. Their plan was immersed in failure. You look up this birds failed. You look left and right. You can't run away birds all over the place feet of leave alone literally crushed and destroyed the evil intention. And worse, it actually worked against them. So now you're on the show, Pamela it's one thing to fail. It's one thing to fail, but it's a whole nother thing to fail and feel pain and suffering as a result of your failure that is doubly now how was their plan painfully shattered? How did a loss aversion really really bring that evil plan of theirs and really immersive into failure?

00:37:36 --> 00:38:23

Look how number one he let them prepare ablow they prepared money, Wolf, as they prepare the massive army got elephants from from where from from Ethiopia elephants. Then they began to travel from Yemen. They took off from Yemen cameras in kilometres and kilometres and they fought the Arab tribes that wanted to stop them. Then they keep on going until they reach a bar if they meet a man called a blowhard, remember. And then he he's a guide into market. And then he takes them all the way until he reaches where he reaches Jani. We said the monomers and then abbiamo polyp story. They may call it they tell him of his intentions, and then they move forward. They keep moving forward until they

00:38:23 --> 00:39:05

reach where they sit. And then what happened right then and there more destroys them. Isn't that a painful failure? Allah azzawajal could have stopped their plan from Yemen, on what could have stopped them from even leaving Yemen, how many things could have been lost? Oh, but Allah let it go. He let it go all the way to the last point. And then he destroyed them right then and there. That kind of failure is a million times worse than if Allah had stopped them in Yemen. So Pamela, for lm et al Qaeda, home theater, bleen. Anything give an example of your imagine someone had a dog, And he puts him on a leash of one meter. This dog knows he can go anyway. But then imagine I gave him a

00:39:05 --> 00:39:39

leash of 500 meters, where he runs and he runs and he runs, he thinks he's free. What happens at the end of 500 meters, the choke and the pull back on him is much more painful than if you just stayed in one meter of leash. You got a philosopher Anahata he says he made their plan into probably Yani, he let him go to the last second they literally saw the cover. But then Allah azza wa jal destroyed their plant. That's probably the other thing is their mission was to destroy the cover. And they weren't successful in that. That's to number three.

00:39:40 --> 00:40:00

After the punishment of a muzzle panatela was sent down the garba and polish, it actually increased in honor and nobility. And people respected that place and respected the Arabs more than they did before this entire event. For so Pamela Yeah, and of course, were given much more respect and they were looked up

00:40:00 --> 00:40:23

Even more. And in the people, the people that Arabs used to say, I have a law called the law who I know what gets a home owner, when you can imagine how your plan works against you. But the Arabs at the end, they would say about kadesh these are the people have alone, a low fort on their behalf, and Allah Zoysia and save them and protected them from the enemy. The Evil One is

00:40:24 --> 00:41:04

an add to that, that yoke upon us army, they didn't just fail and turn and go back to Yemen, that would have been at least any better for themselves. But on Mars, or * destroyed each and every single one of them right then and there with a few stones that came from birds. And that's it can usually add a defeated army, whoever remains they pack up and they go back to the country. But he did didn't happen. They were destroyed right then and there. This is all in the meaning of feet of lead. He took that evil plan, and this is exactly what he made out of it. It actually worked against them. Now the last three is the actual punishment itself. What Allah Allah him

00:41:05 --> 00:41:12

and he sent upon them, birds, flocks upon flocks upon flocks, what else Allah Allah him,

00:41:13 --> 00:41:14

he sent upon

00:41:15 --> 00:41:59

a lot of social did not say what Auto Center La La did not say he sent upon it. He said he sent upon them. What does that mean? What's implied in the word is that the punishment came down on the people not on the elephant. The elephant wasn't destroyed. The elephant managed to walk out and leave the entire city untouched unharmed by the punishment of law, laws or shall he says he served upon them, the only the human beings with a word Allah Allah him comes from the word Allah wahana comes from an Aloo. Yani superiority, dominance authority from above. And every time Allah azzawajal speaks about the punishment that he sends, he uses the word Allah. He says for all sudden, he said, the word

00:41:59 --> 00:42:39

Allah it implies that Allah had the authority. He had the dominance Allah He was above everything, right? And here literally the birds came from above fatahna ra Bev and there are there been Shadow Moses, what else Allah Allah him for urine, as opposed to poo, Allah says play on a urine implies different kinds of birds. And if this wasn't one kind of bird, this was many hundreds, millions of kinds of birds all different gathered, as armies of Allah subhanaw taala to come and fulfill one mission to destroy a Buddha and his army, also by Iran, because it has a ton when at the end, see that by Iran then when at the end, that implies we always say what does it imply?

00:42:40 --> 00:43:23

A Tavi, it implies greatness. In other words, now fire on means, allows origin sent upon them, many different kinds of birds, many different kinds of birds, but an empire and also it implies emphasis. Yani blazor shall sit upon them birds, can you believe birds, birds, harmless birds that don't even really harm anyone? And this is one of my favorite moments to highlight the word fire on birds. Danny this is this is the punishment of a much something harmless came and destroyed them. Jani you better be serious with a loss of habitat or moho destroy you in whatever you want. A small stone that comes from the sky will destroy you. The way a lot of Zoysia wills are on. Well, you know so

00:43:23 --> 00:44:03

Pamela birds, they're a powerful army. Birds are a powerful army. When Allah subhanaw taala spoke about the army of Sulaiman alehissalaam. Who was the army of Solomon, what was it made up of Moses? Well, her Sheila, Lisa Yvan Illumina Jeannie will insert a formula zone so the man army was made up of Jin Jin and it was made up of an inch human beings and it was made up of a slew of birds now of the three which is the most powerful and human woman in sort of the birds asked which one was the proof whatever you're going to mention bring the proof

00:44:04 --> 00:44:07

hmm the bird why the bird

00:44:10 --> 00:44:11

Haha, bye.

00:44:14 --> 00:44:27

By the agenda, they had power on that but a powerful in an army and in military strength. It's the bird Why? Because so a man Alayhi Salam from his entire army. Who does he check up on? What the Kaaba

00:44:30 --> 00:44:59

law soldier later on? He says, as Sulaiman Allah, you said, I was marching forth. He had his army behind him. Hundreds and 1000s of armies behind him from the men on the Legion on birds. When he stops and he in camps. He went, he didn't check up on the humans. He didn't check up on him. He went straight to the birds with a cover plate and he began to look through each one every single one of them and he said Mariela hood was the hood. He knew him by his name. He knew which one was missing, and he quickly spotted him.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:38

In other words, he only did that, because that's the most important of his army. So he checked up on it first. Well, you know, we've had a lot even in today's day, it is known that the one who dominates the airspace is always victorious, even military tactic, the one who dominates the airspace is always victorious. And this is why when a war begins, the first target before anything of Warplanes, how are we going to get the warplanes down? How should we destroy the war planes because they do a lot of damage at the end of the day. And this is why, Danny during the Six Day War of the Arab countries against the Israeli army, you know, this was almost 20 years ago, many years

00:45:38 --> 00:46:25

ago, but any the Six Day War, they call it between the Arab countries and the Israeli army. You know, what the Israeli army did first? How many living? Yeah, they weren't even a lot in comparison to the Arab countries, Yemen, where Libya, Egypt, Saudi, everyone said their armies, you know how they want the what the Israeli army did is they took off from their base with their war planes. And they went and they destroyed 452 Arab war planes. And they destroyed 370 war planes even before they left the ground. House. That's it. They destroyed all the war planes before they even were able to house he dominated their space and they they were victorious in the Six Day War it just finished six

00:46:25 --> 00:46:26

days and it was over.

00:46:28 --> 00:47:12

By Ilan above the bird is always powerful army. Also the Empire on almost a baby. A baby means in flux flux upon flocks. Yummy this word it teaches us something with these birds harmless, or with a wild birds like a Falcon and eagles and hawks and so on. Are they these birds were harmless. You know what the word about Bill gives it to us. There are no abedeen it means birds that travel together. And it is known even to this day. wild birds don't fly with each other. You'll never see Jani a flock of Eagles flying next to each other. Well, they'll eat each other. That doesn't happen. In here. It's the harmless birds, the domestic birds, the tame birds, you see them flying next to

00:47:12 --> 00:47:24

each other, you might see hundreds and hundreds of them together and flying the pigeons together and flying for a baby. It implies that these birds were harmless while you're on a baby.

00:47:25 --> 00:48:07

Good morning upon groups from all different directions, which ultimately confused are behind his army. They just waited for the punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Even nowadays, when war planes come in, they use the same tactic. A group comes in, they do their job they leave, and another group flies in, does its job and they leave and they travel together somehow the only one that really ponders and reflects over the lessons of this law. Allah Xhosa, he's given us a key of victory. He's given us the procedures in the method of victory. Wb himplasia. What the menziesii taught me him comes from the word Mommy, mommy. It means when you shoot an arrow to a specific target. So the word

00:48:07 --> 00:48:43

Tommy him implies that the birds as they flew the stone, they had a specific target each and every single person of the 60,000 were targeted. And the meme is a present tense verb. In other words, continuous shooting of stars of stones. It was just raining stones from the sky. Panama told me him told me him and Allah did not say told me where it shoots it. He said it shoots them. And what does that mean? Again? It means that the punishment of a mark came down upon the people not upon the elephants. Tommy him with what Java with students.

00:48:44 --> 00:49:32

The translate the the fear, as well. Hello malossi these stones were the size of a lentil seed. And each bird it carried three stones, one in its beak, and one in each foot on each call the main the main sushi sushi stones from sushi. Now there's a few interpretations to that. Number one sushi, it means these stones were from jahannam itself. A name for Jana is sushi. So stones came from there were carried. And it was though that the claws and the beaks were fireproof, and it went and he threw them upon a bar and he's army. Number two says he means clay that is burned by the sun, clay that is burned mechanically that's baked by the sun. And in other words, what does that mean? Tough,

00:49:32 --> 00:49:59

solid, rigid stones. They were the size of a lentil seed. Right? So that's the second interpretation for sushi. And the last one is, as Allah azzawajal says in sort of the ambia yo monopoly summit, a couple you see a little cuckoo sigil also means that the stone is written upon it. And there is an equation that mentions that each stone the bird carried had the name of its target the name of the victim, it's going to fall on

00:50:00 --> 00:50:42

Exactly targeted him and hit him. So Pamela, and this youngish Pamela at the beginning of surah. Moses. And I'm Tara Keifa. Did you see how your Lord dealt with the people of, of the elephant. And now it's being answered, this is how we dealt with them with small stones. So Pamela, it's been narrated that the stone, it would enter the skull of one of them, and it would come out the other end. So Panama, and the skin as a result, it would begin to fall off disintegrate, and the limbs would fall up on Mullah Jani you see the size, it begins to drop off like this, this would fall off second world war in that kind of size, until the whole body falls off. There's nothing left and the

00:50:42 --> 00:51:21

die from excruciating pain, or a blah, he survived. He survived all the way until he made it back to Yemen. And that was part of a large socialist plan. Because if none of them survived, and none of them returned to Yemen, normally what happens? The country would be worried. So we'll send the backup to see what's going on with the army. We said for last Zoysia disrupts this backup. People don't even think about that anymore. When they see a boy he's come back Finally, him and the narrations mentioned, he was like a bird the size of a bird. Yeah. And he all his limbs fell. As soon as he got there. His chest split open. His heart came out. And he died like that when the

00:51:21 --> 00:51:37

people saw that. That's it. A whole liver go neither GABA anymore wouldn't even have a plan of that leave. And they walked away. So Pamela, Danny, as we said his gay these evil plan was into the bleed for Jana whom Gaston moku. lost.

00:51:38 --> 00:52:18

Again, yada, yada, who means what did we say, allow me to take something and transform it and make it into something else allows origin he said he transformed him anything humans, they had a body intact, what happened to their body, he transformed them and he made them into something similar to us when McCool should pay now the word house, it means a wind that blows away crumpled up leaves, you know sometimes the only I can alter because of the leaves fall from the tree. And then all you need is one strong wind that will bolt all the way from the path. That is what else is cool means something that's chewed up.

00:52:19 --> 00:53:02

It's the most specific something chewed up, grinded inside the intestines digested and then coming out from the other end. Yeah, and he wastes literal waste, filth and rubbish. Jalan calcium mcode so what this means below animal mahoma law said that when the stone entered the skull and came out the other end, literally literally what happened to them is that the insides disintegrated and they became Jani they became like the skin of a weak green. Or last time I told you think of the peanut, you know when you roast it before you eat it. You peel the skin you go like that. That skin there is aspirin, cool. Jani The inside is gone. And how slim but cool. And you see that the skin of the

00:53:02 --> 00:53:49

peanut. If you were to put it here and go, it flies away. Aloha Goslin McCool Subhana, Allah, Gaston macoun. And one of the other interpretations for this is that when the birds drop the stones, the elephants began to trude they began to step up and crush on the army with their feet, you're an elephant is gonna step on you with its foot, what's gonna happen, you become pounded and flooded, you're reduced to something so weak, which is like the skin of the wheat grain, that the even the wind can blow your way. That's another meaning of Gaussian code. Just final comments. Why did Allah Zoysia do that? Why did he do that? Why did he destroy a baja and save Polish? Why the answer is the

00:53:49 --> 00:53:49


00:53:50 --> 00:54:38

Or does that mean? That means he did so to make Polish feel secure, lead Africa, which means he did so so that he can give peace, safety and security to Quraysh from the oppressive army of Freetown, from the oppressive army of Abuja, and the enemy's army with him, but that's the connection and these tools or yearning some of the Sahaba of the Ummah Juan omotola Mufasa when they consider these two soul, one soul, that's how so tight knit and close related they are with each other, that when they used to pray with the swap for Jana Gosling McCool the elf one soul, they wouldn't stop Subhanallah because of the intricate and close meaning between them both two more comments, one, the

00:54:38 --> 00:54:48

beginning of the surah with the ending of the soul, how does that relate? At the beginning of the soul of my brothers and sisters in Islam? Allah azza wa jal gives a boy and his army a huge description.

00:54:49 --> 00:55:00

Phil, what's a massive description of luggages have been feeling depicts power, strength, my head, these people the army of our

00:55:00 --> 00:55:44

From a logbook the beginning at the end of the solar, they are weak, aka they can't even control themselves in front of a wind that would blow them away. Giada home gas feels good at the end, I'll swim good depicts weakness, powerlessness, you know, hopelessness from the saw began with something huge. And at the end there, they just became aspirin. Good, something that's true, and came out from the other end. So Pamela, one final comment my brothers and sisters in Islam have a lot. Even though this sorta is about the protection of a law's house, a prediction of the garba. Allah did not mention anything about the cabin. There's not a single word about the car or the house of Allah.

00:55:45 --> 00:56:27

Rather, he says, and I'm talking for Allah buka. There is a mention of the lord of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I mentioned of Allah and Allah azzawajal. In this law, he only shows his defense and support an aid to the messengers on the llamada center. We were expecting that in solid field, at least there's a mention of the cover. But that didn't happen. Why? Because it's going to happen in the solar that is After finally Abu Zubaydah and by Bayt now the mention of the word elbaite comes last oil didn't mention it in the SWOT, because he doesn't want to think about the house now. Think about the fever I gave you think about me being your Lord, and me being worthy of

00:56:27 --> 00:57:06

being worshipped and you're supposed to be the dutiful slave. Now in the next saw, because I did this for you. I want from you now, look at discover, and yeah, Buddha has a bit now. Now, after you've acknowledged the fever, you've learned of the fever of a law. Now you're ready to heed the instruction of a law, Talia Buddha birth and baby and let the apana home in Georgia. What a minor home man hope with this we conclude and we finish soon at the field Fullerton field. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept from us. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to make his people of the people that benefit from the reminders of the Quran and the Sunnah of us almost Isola in Julio Veliko cada Rani,

00:57:06 --> 00:57:11

also La Silla Marbella, Canada Catalan Amina Mohammed, Wanda and he also be as my in

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