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Brothers and sisters, every last one of us without exception carries within us the desire rather than need

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to feel heard.

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And that is why we are naturally drawn closer to people whom we feel are truly listening to us. Because by that listening we know we feel they truly care.

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And we also cannot help it. But feel ourselves emotionally distancing, drifting from those that are supposed to be close to us that are supposed to be caring about us. May be family members may be siblings, maybe parents, but you feel like they're not really trying to take the time to hear you to listen to you to understand you. This is all normal.

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Because when that doesn't happen, we all feel alone. We feel like we're on an island we're isolated in our thoughts in our concerns. That is the human nature upon which Allah created us. Now with keeping that nature of ours in mind, now, celebrate appreciate, take in the fact that Allah then to establish our relationship with Him, informs us that of his perfect names and beautiful divine names is as Semir he is the one that is the All Hearing. He is the one that is always listening subhanho wa Taala by that inviting you

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to have unique recognition of him and to have intimate conversations with him. And to know that even when you are not he hears even your thoughts, and he even hears the thoughts and the whispers of those who may not wish well for you.

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This is so reassuring.

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You know when Musa and Harun alayhi wa sallam were sent to confront the tyrant Pharaoh. They said, Oh Allah nanana Hafele. And you have rota Alena Yabba we are afraid that he is going to just quickly take us out not even hear us out just immediately your fruit right away. Not even give us a chance to make our case I will and Yatta law or to abuse us in some way.

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Allah azza wa jal responded in the next day saying, I said to them, Go to proceed. Just go in there. Nina Akuma. I am with the two of you. As smarter, we're out. I hear everything that's going on. And I see everything that's happening.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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even went on to tell the Sahaba to inculcate in them that your Lord is near. And that is why you don't need to shout when you're speaking to him. One time when they were on a journey, they were raising their voices in the vicar of Allah praising God celebrating making dua. And so he said to them are verbal and physical, take it easy on yourselves don't overexert yourself, for a Nicoleta Runa, Assam, Assam nawala Eva, you're not calling upon someone who's deaf. You're not calling upon someone whose absence in now who said me Arun Corrib. He is someone that hears it all. Semir from the Faculty of seminar of hearing right, he hears all and he is most near, Well, who am I coming? He

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is with you. You need to be sure of that he's selling them.

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Even if there's millions of people, like happens every year, for instance, on the plains of Ottawa, crowding together, not in a room but filling the space between mountains, and all of them are calling upon Allah with different volumes and in different languages, and at the exact same time. No two voices are confused by him. No voice is drowned out by another or others.

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This is also why, when the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam was approached by a woman in his house complaining of some domestic abuse that was occurring to her. I Isha his wife who lives with him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam she said Alhamdulillah he levy was the same rule as what Praise be to Allah who's hearing accounts for every last voice.

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She was in the corner of my room, I was saying about the Allahu anha.

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For a while, I lay about all the Hadith here, and I can't make

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out everything she's saying, I'm hearing half of what she's telling him. I couldn't hear every word she said. And then suddenly what happens? Allah sends down a sutra about this woman. And that sort of takes off. It launches the very first words in the Surah are called semi Allah. Allah has hurt Kol allottee to je de Luca Fiza Jia, the statements of the one that came protesting to you arguing with you about her husband, with a sticky in Allah and referring her complaint ultimately to Allah azza wa jal subhanho wa taala.

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You know, there is nothing more therapeutic than that. Sometimes people speak to friends or relatives or speak to therapists who are professionally trained in this, but there's nothing more therapeutic than being able to speak to Allah. Because you know, many times when we speak to people they can't understand what we're saying. Or I can't even find the courage to say it.

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But with SMA are them all hearing the always listening Allah that's never the case. Even what you don't know how to put into words, even what you don't even know you're feeling because you're so flooded.

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He knows it. He understands and hears the voices of your heart. And this is why you know when Imam Shafi Rahim Allah Allah, Allah have mercy on him. One time a woman said to him, Allah you Shafiq

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she intended May Allah give you she felt health out of your illness, but she miss pronounced it she said you speak not yesh, fique yesh v means give you she fat give you a cure you speak means as Allah Anka Shiva May Allah distance from you the cure, it's the exact opposite meaning.

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So a chef very in a very respectful, polite way light hearted way he said, hola homophobia palpi hala Villa Sania, oh Allah except what her heart is saying not what her tongue is saying. You know what she means? Oh Allah. This is a Samir subhanho wa taala.

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And this is also why in the story of of unis Allah He said on prophet Jonah, he said what Allah azza wa jal said to us, Fernandez will follow Matt unis called out in the darkness is layers of darkness in the belly of the whale within the darkness of the ocean, perhaps it was nighttime as well the darkness of the night only Allah knows how many layers of darkness he was buried under. Allah says he called out to us we heard him he called out to us in the darkness is and la isla halen Subhanak que ni couldn't do enough Valley mean and he said what did he say? He said glorified U R O Allah

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known as worthy of worship with you glorified you are Oh Allah, I was wrong. I messed up.

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The next I goes on to say festa Jebin Allahu so we rescued him. We responded to him when at Jaina and rescued him in El hum from the distress worker Valley Kanoon. Jeanne meaning and in this same exact way we rescue every believer.

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But what did he ask for? He didn't ask for anything.

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He said, None is worthy of worship, but you glorified You are I was a wrongdoer. So We answered, we responded to his request. Where was the request? It wasn't in his words. It was within

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his praise of Allah. Allah understood what he meant by that. Allah understood beyond the words, even though hearing those words in the darkness is wonderful enough, is incredible enough. And this brings us uncovers for us the second meaning of a Semir. Allah being the All Hearing does not just mean he hears the sound meaning the volume not like the waves of sound that people are making. It means necessarily that he's responding to these people.

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What SME means segment here means I hear and respond both of them. That's why for instance, you find in the Quran, Ibrahim alayhi salam saying in a very intimate dua Alhamdulillah he loves the were heavily al Kibar Praise be to Allah Who granted me despite my old age, is married

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and is happy. Then he said, What? In rugby Sammy, Oh, my Lord hears what he's talking about what the response that Allah gave him, Allah hears every supplication meaning and he responds to it.

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This is also why when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say in his own dua, or odo became in Dubai in LA, you smart, I seek refuge with You, oh Allah.

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From a DUA, supplication that is not heard. What does it mean it's not heard?

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It means it is not responded to, that's what's meant. Likewise, you know, in your Salah, pay attention to this because it's a daily practice of a Muslim. This is a treasure at your fingertips or at the tip of your tongue. If you were to internalize it, when you say send me Allah holy man Hamidah Allah has heard the one who praises him. What does that mean? He heard the sound No, because Allah hears the sound of those who don't praise him as well. He hears it all. But it means Allah responds to the one that praises him.

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And this is why we are praising him right after that you're invited to praise Allah by saying or bene when I can handle our Lord belongs to us all praise so that we may be responded to it's almost like this physical Salah is built in a way to alert us to just how amazing just how awesome we are to be in awe. That's where the word awesome comes from, to filled with all of Allah azza wa jal to realize how hearing he is how responsive he is also how near he is and that is why after you praise Him because He hears and responds those who praise then you realize how near so you become near you go into jute, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said of caribou Maya Kunal abdomen Ravi,

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well who was Sajid the closest a servant is to his Lord is when he's prostrating. So increase in your supplication when you're prostrating. You see the logical connection there, the very obvious link at our fingertips. And this is also why you find over and over again in the Quran. Those two names of Allah paired at the end of those ads. In Nara be Sami on Karim, my Lord is all hearing all near all hearing all near because of the meanings implied by him hearing it all is that he responds to it he interacts with it. He is capable to to address it. janela Janelle who subhanho wa Taala Akula Holly has our start from the holly welcome.

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Al hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam ala millinery Avada shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa Hola, Shadi kala were shadow anna Muhammad and Abdullah who whenever you who are solo

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I pray that these few short words brothers and sisters have given a bit more life to your hearts by getting to know Allah a little better. That is why he revealed not one name not 10 but 99. These names point to each other and they complete the image of Allah azza wa jal if you will, the image of God in your heart, so that you can become that version of human excellence for which you are nominated. You know,

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to illustrate this point, this is not just about making more do I hope you're going to do that have more intimate conversations with Allah. This is not just about

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you, adding value to your salah the next time you say something, Allah halimun Hamid, I hope that invigoration in that phrase has been effected. But there's one more element here. And let me start it by mentioning that the amount of non hubbub or the Allahu Anh as he was walking with a group of men during his term as the head of state as the ruler of the OMA and elderly woman stopped him in the middle of the street. And so he walked over and he stopped. What else la la hora sahaya. The chroniclers record for us they capture for us that he sort of lowered his head to give her his full attention. In an age when we are inundated with interruptions, right? Look at what Armand is doing.

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He lowers his head to give her his full attention. His eyes are not wandering, he's not distracted. He's listening so carefully.

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And she spends a long time sharing with him whatever she wanted to share. And then she finally walks away. A man comes up to Omar and says, Yeah, I mean in habits study, Jen and mean Quraysh. Allah has allowed us you kept honorable men from kurage from Mecca, standing there off to the side. Because of this elderly woman, this random old lady so I'm gonna say to him wait, like what is the matter with you tend to remain happy. Do you have any idea who this woman is?

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This is the woman about which Allah said God sent me Allah who called allottee to J De Luca Feasel. Jia, Allah has heard the complaints of the woman who came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam same woman. This is how we live into that Oliver this is her her name was holed up into Taliban of the Allahu Ana. He said and wallah he, if she were to

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keep me here, I would not go anywhere. And nothing would separate us except a Salah for also Lee had from Algeria, that I will have to pray and come right back to her and listen to her until she was the first of the two of us and separate the first of the two of us to depart. What did Ahmed understand about the Allahu Anh? It's not just this woman, but the incident of this woman. And her resurfacing in front of him reminded him that Allah loves

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that you become of course on the very limited human level, but you become reflective of that beautiful quality of is that you become someone that seeks to hear out the needs of others, for what seeks to serve the needs of others, that becomes a better listener like your Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, to children to our kids, may Allah forgive us and help us all, to become better at not flushing out or blocking out and becoming numb to the cries of the oppressed all around the world. Allah wants you to be that Allah has elected you as a candidate to be a listener for his sick. And he is a semi who's always listening. He did not give human beings the faculty of hearing.

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The way he gave it to other creatures, just sort of like to alert them from danger and to hear out their prey and go get it and sort of hear out their babies and sustain life and reproduce. That's not it. Allah gave you that quality, which in reality is the quality of his in its most perfect form, to reflect His light in the world.

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To be a reflection of that divine perfection in our very imperfect natures as best as we can. That's what Erma understood, that's what we need to understand. May Allah azza wa jal guide us and guide with us, make us better listeners make us better instruments and vehicles for the good that he intends for this world. So I know what to Allah, may Allah azza wa jal cure are sick and have mercy on our deceased and in particular our martyrs in this day and age.