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The APAP-ADAD and the Alaiha weekend have a variety of core elements that are central to their themes. The speakers discuss the "medestream" elements of the events, including the "medestream" of giving, the "medestream" of purifying oneself, and the "medestream" of feeling better through giving. They also touch on the "medestream" of pleasing oneself through giving and the "medestream" of feeling better through giving. The importance of giving in order to achieve success is emphasized, and the "medestream" of pleasing oneself through giving is emphasized.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim hamdulillah al amin are salatu salam ala rasulillah Juana de osaki as Marian or prison thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon his servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So follows my dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam salaam aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.

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Shama to Allah will conclude the Sultan, Allah Al today and next week we will start with sort of Aloha. As for now, last week, we discussed the ashpole, we discussed the nashbar, which is the most evil the most wretched one. And Allah azzawajal told us about who he is Olivia COVID, about the one, the one who lied against In other words, live against the law against the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam against the poor and against the promise of Allah subhanho wa Taala that a few give, I'll give you back, he just denied all of it, and he didn't give anything. So therefore he was known as an ash plot in the Torah, and Amazonian told us that his final abode would be now on top of

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VA, which is a sparking fire that he will be entered into on the Day of Judgment. So now monzo agenda will tell us and this is the conclusion of the pseudo opposite turn Lashkar, which is

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the most pious sola Zoysia Lee says, What say you should never have, and the most faithful and artha not saying at all, in other words, the most faithful and Matata is someone with doublet. But Alaska is the one who has the most and the highest Duckworth a lot of socialists saying about him was solution number one, he'll be kept away from it from the from the fire, and he kept the be kept away from the fire. Now the word was they had never heard. The word Jennifer means to be on the side

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doesn't know means to be taken to the site does need which is the root words of what's the usual means to be taken extremely far, far, far to the site. In other words, what say you should know how Latika would mean that Allah azza wa jal would move such a person which is the most fearful he'll move in far away from the Hellfire and place him on the far side where it is totally, totally safe. So the most righteous will soon be turned away from it from the fire, the morphus Ceylon, they say that an ad and all these ads that are going to come that these are referring to the greatest companion, probably Allahu Allah and who and because they came down after he freed Belen obioma

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hotel and who will explain that story very soon. But now and we'll see whether it is exclusive only to over cut on the lawn, or whether is it yonni everyone else is included in these air. Now there's something really beautiful, very amazing here that we need to explain and we need to understand now before this, as I was saying

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before it allows or shall he says lay your snare hair in Lashkar layers, Lucha Lashkar notice the wording, he said no one will burn in the fire except an ash pot except the most evil. But look how he said it. He said no one will burn in the fire, except the most evil and who will be saved from the fire Alaska. But when he spoke about Alaska, he didn't say lair yuja Naboo, her illa natco He didn't say no one will be saved from it, except the most people. So he said he just said what's unusual number one, the most people will be saved. Right? He didn't say no one except the most people will be saved. He said the most faithful will be saved. As for the evil, he said the most

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evil will be burning in it. And you know by saying it this way in the Quran was saying

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that the most people will be saved. It implies that they that they they're not the only ones that will be saved from the fire. People who have less than the most Aqua will also be saved from the fire. So it's a mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala that he didn't keep the style and the style of the language and say, let's use your natural hair in the car. Because if he said that he had never had a lotta, then that would have meant that unless you have the highest form of taqwa, then you will not be saved from the fire. But when you say say you should never have a car, it would mean that the most people will be saved, and including people that are less Jani than the most.

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So now the question is how do you become a person of any the most stuck? Well how do you become someone and then Allah azza wa jal, he says Allah Vu t mela who yet the second now the question is how would you become of such a people that have the highest taqwa was Genesis Allah the man who yetta Zakat, the one who gives his wealth to increase in purifying himself the one who gives his wealth so that he can purify and clean himself. Now in the previous sola, sola to shrimps, Allah azza wa jal told us about the one who succeeded. He said, A Fleur de zakka told us that the one who succeeds a The one who attains success is the one who purifies himself in this surah Allah is

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teaching us you want to become a clean and pure person. You want to clean yourself from the inside from the filth and the bad deeds and the habits. How do you do that? You the man who your team Allahu Allah azza wa jal, he says, He says you team Allah who at the second is how you do it by giving this wealth. Now Mr. Xhosa Lee says yet a second, we were expecting and loving your team Allahu Li attacker, this is normal, we were expecting a lot would say the one who gives his wealth, Li attacker, this lamb here would mean so that in order to purify himself, but Allah didn't say Leah, so why don't we see a lamb? And Yanni What does it imply since the lemma the absence of the

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lamb? What does it imply? The lesson is that a lot of zildjian is saying, Give the money give the wealth, you want purify yourself, Allah azza wa jal will purify it. So giving will not purify you. That's why he didn't say Leah doesn't care. Otherwise, the Lamb would have meant do this, and you'll get this. So the absence of the lamb teaches us that the test key or the purification, it doesn't come as a result of you giving you give, and giving will not purify you. In the end, it's a larger version who is doing the purification, it is Allah who's cleaning you from the sins and the bad habits. So yet the SEC, without the lab would be best translated as he gives his wealth your team

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Allah who in hope that he becomes pure, and becomes clean, in hope that allows origin will clean him from the filth inside of him. So here we're learning that we're also learning that the purpose of giving both Saba coffee sebelah is to clean oneself, you know, right, you give a sadhaka you give a gift to the poor, you show goodness to the pole and Allah azza wa jal will be still goodness and he'll show you his mercy. That's by him, purifying you and cleaning it. Now, the other thing in this area, you know, the sutra began, the sutra began with a Mammon APA. As for the one who gave and we set up our meaning he gave a lot as for the one who gave a lot now allows origin, he didn't say, and

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Levy, you are the man who said, I love you, the man who?

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In other words, what a lot is he teaching is he saying, You the man who he gave, but you see doesn't necessarily mean a lot, as for APA, APA meant to give but to give a lot you the means to give, give something. So now mine is teaching us that the condition of purifying yourself isn't to give a lot. It's not to give a lot. Now the condition to purify yourself is to just start giving just give something right. And the previous era was in the previous ad Allah said, Man ARPA, and he left it open, right? He didn't say upon Allah who as for the one who gives his wealth, a lot didn't say this wolf wasn't mentioned. So what do you give? What do you give a lot of if you don't have wealth? You

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know, if you if you don't have wealth, what can you give a lot of In other words, a man appa told us as well, that you can give from your time to Allah subhanho wa Taala, you can give your efforts to Allah zoisite you can give your youth to Allah subhanho wa Taala if you have a lot of money, you can give a lot of that etc. So how about if you don't have a lot of wealth? How about if you are someone that's pull, you know, how can they How can they give a lot, so when allows origin define them apart? He told us that to attain the purification, he said you t mela Who? Why? Because even the poorest person can give something, he can give something. And so yeah, and even to give a date or to

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give half a day as in the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam give half a day you know, Fear Allah and protect yourself from the punishment of Allah, even if it's giving half a day. So when Allah defined the upper, he just said under the u. t. mela, who knew it meant not to give a lot. So Allah

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As Virgil is teaching us, even the poorest person can reach that level of Alaska, he just has to begin to give something. So an attacker is the one who gives, not necessarily a lot, because not many people have a lot, not everybody is rich. So Subhana Allah, when Allah azza wa jal spoke about giving in general, he didn't specify what to give, when you spoke about giving in general, which was for amendment, APA. Right? Apa was meant a lot. He didn't specify what to give you didn't say.

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Why? Because it implied that he didn't only give a lot, not only his wealth, maybe he doesn't have well, so our power apart from his time, apart from his effort that you can give a lot of even if you are poor, but when he defined an app car, he said, You the man who gives something of his wealth, yani, in other words, when Allah says you're the man who he gave us all the chance to reach that level, and upca. So the advice in these areas

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is to give, give, make it a habit that you always give, every time you come to the masjid, drop a few coins in the box, every time you see the needy the pole, every time you see some any charity or organization or fundraiser, that any collect money to feed the poor in the orphanage, give teachers have and get will always get into that habit, you know, because a lot of Zoysia is saying and levy your tea. And your tea is a present tense. And we always say that the present tense implies continuously, right? So something that's happening continual. So give, give, keep, keep cleansing yourself, keep cleansing yourself by giving. And every time you give something, right? When you keep

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giving, so you can lose the love of this wolf that we have. And also at the same time, teach your children to give you know, every, every time you get something,

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every time you get them something, let them give from it, right. Because nowadays, especially children, they get too many toys, too many toys, too many plays too many entertainment and so on. So what usually happens is that the young, even if some kids were to come over your house, and then they're playing with your children's toys and fights will happen, and this is mine, and he took my toy. And so that is greed in itself. So you have to start teaching your children to give. And if they learn greed, now they will never ever be able to let go of it. So yeah, you know, you might think your kid is someone good because he comes with me to the masjid, and so on. But in this sort

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of the key is giving in order to be a good person. Alonzo is only saying to give in order to reach the level of Alaska, what is your teaching is teaching to give. So teach your children to give and teach them to give each other you can just start off with that between themselves, let them give each other then give their neighbor, give their friends and give the people at school or whatever it is, but to have this habit, because if they don't get rid of greed from a young age, later on, it'll be very, very difficult. And so how am I recall on this story, one of my my teachers in this country, of course, he works in a school, and the only part of his job is to interview students. And

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so he told me a story of this of this student. She came he interviewed her at the end of the interview, he's got a job now of lollies, so he said to her, he had pick one. Anyway, she took one and she said I don't like this lolly. But she said I took it so I can give it to my sister, right? In other words, any Look at this, the way the parents have raised this child is that she's already thinking about someone else before herself. So if she doesn't like it, she wouldn't say I don't want it. She's been raised up into saying so take it and give it to your child to give it to you to your sister. So she took it. And that was it. But anyway, this is what the interesting part is that

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she said to the she said to the teacher, she said to him, can I have another one? So he said to her Yeah, you can have another one. So she took another one. And then he said, Why did you ask for another one if you don't like it? She said because I have another sister that if I gave it to one she'll get jealous from the other little problem or fight will happen in the house. But anyway, so Pamela, what what I learned from this was that any, this is what you need to instill in your children. Not that they only think about themselves, that's great. She doesn't like it, but she's saying give it I'll give it to my sister and then have another one so they can't find on it. And

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this is Yanni so Pamela bliss parents and a bliss child that they told them you need to give and not to learn this greed and this, it needs to start with you at a young age and you need to teach the children at that young age. So your need and also teach them to give them what they love because Allah azza wa jal he says lentinan will

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be metal a boat, that he will never attain this bill the taqwa that that the piety unless

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Give from what you love. You know, if a child doesn't love, he'll give it he doesn't care. It doesn't like it anyway. But that's not what we're teaching, you got to teach him to give from what he loves. Right? Otherwise later on, it's going to be very difficult. So perhaps something like as an encouragement to the child, you buy a gift, you say, we're going to this person's house, whatever and give, I want you to give them that gift, and teach him that if you give him a lot, he'll give us something better. Right? encourage him that way. That way, he'll ask What do you mean, he said, Don't worry, amongst promises that he'll give us something even better than this gift, we're going

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to give your friend and this way only bit by bit. You teach them to give and to let go of this attitude and this quality of greed. So then Alonzo shall he says, One man and woman who one man I had in India who I met in 2000.

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Now a lot of Xhosa told us about someone that gave Olivia t mela who had to second he gave to clean himself. And no one had with him any favor, for which a reward is expected in return for Marissa had an Ender human Namath intuition. So he didn't give today back someone for a favor they did for him. You know, for example, if someone wants to invite you, then and he fed you, you'll feel obliged that I have to invite him and feed him back. Right. Or someone for example, say you're going to someone someone's house, and then you feel obliged, though, we should get him something we haven't been there for a long time, before they speak something bad about us or something like this. So let's get

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something so you didn't give them out of love, or you didn't invite him out of love to for the meal you gave and you fit them so you cannot hear the negative afterwards. So this sorta is teaching us that such a person he gave for the purpose of yet that's what Marissa had in, in the home environment in Russia. In lava, I was European Allah, the only reason he gave so that he purifies himself and so that he can seek Allah zones pleasure, and there is really no one that he wants to pay back anyway. So we're being taught that you shouldn't give because you feel what will be said after if you don't give, you're only giving our European Allah only for Allah subhanho wa Taala sake

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only to clean yourself. That's all you want from giving. This is the attitude that Allah is teaching us. So the meaning of the air and there was not a single person that had a blessing for him a name or a gift that should be paid back. And another meaning of this a a woman that I had in the home intimate into says beautiful meaning as well. Another meaning of it is and how can there be anyone who will pay him back for what he gave the some of the meaning? What may have been in the home in Namath in Tuesday? In other words, how can they be anyone that will pay him back for what he gave? In other words, you know, when you give, no one can really pay you back. Because no one knows how

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hard it was for you to give you any perhaps maybe you gave $5 fee civilian and maybe someone else gave you $100 right as a gift. Maybe for him that 100 is was so easy, you know, he's got so much money that 100 is like he doesn't even think of it. But for you to give that $5 maybe there was so much effort behind it maybe you don't have enough work or stable work in and have money and for you to bring out $5 with huge effort. So Allah azza wa jal is saying what merely I had in the home inanimate in touch that so really no one can pay him back. Even if I saw you give $5 see Sevilla and I gave you 100 Oh, you got 500 later on. That doesn't mean you are paid back for that, because no

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one can pay you except Allah subhanho wa Taala because no one knows the circumstances that you went through to give that so one of the meanings was that I had an endowment net worth into that meaning that as much as you give as much as people give you give less, they give more. No one would actually know what kind of efforts you went through to give. So that means Yeah, and he he gave and the only he wanted his reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala. But at least some of them have a serum they mentioned reasons why this ayah came down. And they mentioned the story of the lair of the Allahu Allah and one of the Allahu anhu freeing him. So let me just share with you the story so we can link

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it to the air and how Allah azza wa jal defends over and over the long run when responding. So So the story is that omiya of an Aleph who was from the machine he, of course bln was a slave with omega from the machine from college. So every day omega he would bring out bill and OB Allahu taala. And who when the sun is right at the in the middle when it's really hot when it's scorching, and he will push him to the floor on his back the earth on his back. And then he'll order for a huge for a supplier who's drunk that it's been brought, and he placed it on the chest of being

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Napoli Allahu anhu and he leaves him like this and you keep telling him Let us no hacker the hacker. mutata Torabi, Mohammed, he'll say, Look, you're going to remain like this. You're going to remain like this until you die. Or until you disbelieve in Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So beloved would say I hadn't I had it saved the one the one in other words referring to a large budget. So one day the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he came past bln. And he saw him being tortured like this, and also masala and told him, I had a new geek. In other words, this I heard that you're calling he'll save you, he'll protect you and he'll save you. So then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam when terrible bucklebury Allahu anhu. And he said to him in Babylon, you have the villa that bill and is being tortured for the sake of Allah Xhosa.

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So he said, I knew it was homeless, I seldom wanted. So I went to omega Aleph. And I said to him a letter tequila, if you haven't miskeen Don't you feel aligned with this poor person, this Myskina that you'll put torturing like this. Then he responded to tobacco. And he said to him, and to upset the hoof I'm presuming matter. He said, You're the one that corrupted him. You're the one that brought this idea of Islam to him. So now save him from what you see him of punishment and torture going through upon him. So mcrobbie Allahu anhu. He did so and he purchased, BelAir will be a long one with a few golden coins. And he freed him out of a hole for Allah subhanho wa Taala. Sick, and I

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will walk around the Allahu anhu. He had already freed before the land, six slaves. This is only at the beginning of Islam. Upon entering Islam, he already freed six slaves and the land was the seventh one before

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migration. So the cofell fell operation this the point here, they said that abubaker he only freed him because because of a only because of a fever that Bilal had done to overcome now he's paying him back. That's why he freed him. So then a lot has been revealed the one that I had in the home in Yarmouth, Indonesia, in leptin, our European Allah, Allah came down, reveals a ad, in defense of over karate alone, saying, responding to the machete Kima he didn't free. He didn't freebie land, because banana had done a favor. Now he's paying him back. He only freed him. What Marissa had an endowment narrative to say he didn't expect anyone and he didn't want reward from anyone. He only

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wanted his reward from his Lord from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so a lot of Zoysia Lee says, woman earlier had an endowment. That was the reason of why the ad came down. And then allows urgencies in the next few hours European Allah. So now going back to the to the idea of the as in where a lot of Xhosa is teaching us about the upcard, the one who gives you as well, so you can purify himself. He says, in our grbl Allah

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that He gives only to seek the face of his Lord, meaning the pleasure of his Lord, the Most High, you know, by mentioning and honor, the most time we're being taught to humble and lower ourselves. So now, you know, the one has a lot of wealth. He thinks he's high, he thinks he has authority and he thinks he's running the he's controlling everything. So once they understand that a lot is an Allah, he automatically becomes the lowest he automatically loads himself. This is why Allah mentioned his name and as opposed to all the other names. And this ayah teaches us that all we want and all we want and all we need from Allah subhanho wa Taala is that he's pleased with us in lab de

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la ours European Allah, the word if the lot It means to seek and demand to demand something right, like for example that he has, right? That means I want something to seek something to demand something. Also, the word comes from the word buggy. buggy means to rebel like losses in Namibia comala unphysical, that when you rebuild the only causing problems to yourself. So a lot of basically, it means to rebuild to cross the limit. So Rohit Brahim Allah, he combines these two. And he says that it means that you're seeking something so so badly that you cross all the limits in trying to get it. That's what it means.

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What is the thing that you're desperately trying to get? Was your A B, right? What is your a be the face of your Lord? In other words, the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And what does this word what is your A B version? What does it imply? You know, it's it's taught better and so the use of Allah Xhosa Li says, Luna como module abiko in the store in solid usofa largely says that the brothers of use of Allah is set up.

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They said, Let's go kill yourself and

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If we kill him, Yakubu nakoma become your father's face. Now we'll turn to you, your father will stop looking at you. In other words, if we kill yourself, then your father will look at you with love and affection, you'll attain that attention that love and respect from your dad once again. So that's what the word worship implies love and affection. And so these give us in charity, those that give you the man who all they want from this is what she or be they want the love and the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala towards them. And a lot of social concludes the sutra is saying, What are so favourable even Cassiopeia we allow to Allah and he says, the one who acquires these characteristics

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of the man who giving his wealth and for a lot of social sake,

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then this person, less Sophie Oba, he will truly soon be pleased and content. Now, you know, this world is all about being happy.

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Why do people run off the money, they run off the money for happiness, for the pleasure for the happiness that they'll attain. And this happiness will be in the house they buy in the car, they buy, in the clothes, they get away in the phone, they buy whatever it is, a lot of Xhosa is saying,

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develop this attitude and attain these qualities in these characteristics of upca by giving your wealth only for a lot of soldiers sake. And I'll give you that which you are running for when I so failed, but I'll give you that which you are running for which is happiness. So why is teaching us we're not really running after the money. We're running after happiness. That's what we're running after. And you want to be happy, and you think money will get you the happiness. So online is teaching us something more. He's saying you do this be from those and upca. And I'll give you that which you are running for. And that is the happiness one so failed about. The other thing is that

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Allah said when less available, this Lamb of inconceivable him online, he says it's an oath. It's an oath. In other words, I swear to it, am I saying I swear to it, that he will soon very, very soon will be very pleased with what we give him of reward on the Day of Judgment. And what's the benefit of swearing? What's the benefit of someone saying one lie? You only say one lie to make yourself more believable? Right? You might have said something to someone, they didn't believe you. So you say well, I did this, so you can be more believable. Why does allows origin sway? Why is he saying well, so failed about? Allah is saying believe it, you know, you will be happy, I'm telling you, I

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swear to it, you will be happy. So it's like, you're saying to yourself, I think I'm running after money. And I think it's gonna make me pretty happy. But a mine is saying I'm telling you, I swear to it. I will give you the happiness just be of these people who you know who give, but the whole idea you're living in life to attain the happiness and you're running after the wolf because of the happiness? Am I saying gift from it? And I'll give you that happiness. It's not linked with money. It's linked with giving the money and that's where the happiness will come from. So So Panama Montessori shall he swearing to that so he can be more believable so that when the Chopin comes and

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whispers to you, and says, hold on, don't give because you have this and this and this to pay? Am I saying I won't lie, I swear to it, I'll give you more. So in other words, he took the oath so you can have more belief and you can be more encouraged in the promise of Allah azza wa jal, that that happiness will come towards you. How just by being from Alaska, how do you be from Alaska and loving the man who you give this wealth? Why Leah Tezuka, yet a second, so that you may purify yourself, don't give it in response to someone else that has given or done a favor to you. That's elected by our European allies. And although many scholars and as we said we'll mention this, they said that

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these are in reference to the greatest companion overcome Obi Allahu anhu. And they even proved they said, Why are we saying this is our work because of the word and the most pious and they said of course, the most pious often also masala means Oh bla bla bla No, but I mean, Cofield Rahim, Allah He says that since the as a general since the is a general and they apply to everyone who adapts these qualities of the mela who yet zeca Mallya has an endowment narrative, elliptical, Allah, since the language was left open, it didn't specify anyone. That means everyone is given the chance to reach this level of unadkat. Now to conclude, how we always conclude, mentioning the beginning of

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the surah and how it relates to the ending of the solar. This is something beautiful. It's mentioned in Moscow at Seton mauboy I translated so let me just read it. He said that this sort of sort of delayed, it began with the knight. It began with the dark as it covers one lady, they OSHA they

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It is stated the day as it brightens when the head is that agenda. So this the beginning of the solar implied basically two colors at dark lane color. And in the house, which is a bright color, then allows origin divided the people's efforts into two and Ashkar and an app called the most evil and the most pious.

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So now please understand this. So the one who was overwhelmed with darkness, the one who was overwhelmed with lane, understand this is figure figure of speech, the one who was overwhelmed with darkness of sins, and light against the large version and turned away. He's an ashbaugh, and he'll receive not on telephone, the end of the solo and the one who was overwhelmed with the hell with brightness, by giving his wealth to the man who, for the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala, so that he may attain and cleanse himself and so that he may attain the pleasure of Allah. He's an actor, and he'll receive less alfalfa he'll receive that reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala. On the

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day of judgment for Subhana Allah It began with Elaine and he told us people that Jani described as a lane they ending with B now on this came at the end, and it began with unhealed for people that brighten themselves by giving their wealth then they will receive less Sophia robot which is at the end and that is the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We come to the conclusion of the surah inshallah Tada, next week, we begin with sudo bohat very interesting surah from Surah two onwards, this is what is known as casado Mufasa so that if you know, the Quran is divided into categories, and the last category is cold and Mufasa. And that Mufasa sun which begins from solid path to the

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end of the Quran, is also split into three. And it's split into that Blue Island morpho Sun was open Mufasa and casado Mufasa meaning that why was it called Mufasa Mufasa means something that starts and stops starts and stops so that it was called like that, because the is a short, right you start when he finishes you begin another and finishes very short. So that was divided into three and Sora to baja is the beginning of the last part of the Mufasa in where now each and every single air will teach about something or Mars or shall have given the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And so now every air This is like the last part of it, which is the Facade Facade. This is like a gift from

00:32:37--> 00:33:17

Allah azza wa jal on todo su masala mahalo Salah. And it began with a Buddha with really depressing things and allows origin turns that situation of the Pressman of being depressed into something of being bright. So we know we'll explain this next week. That's sort of what it came down because of Jani, after a long time of revelation being cut on the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for almost six months, nothing was revealed to him. It's a very dark time of his life, and allows origin by revealing this air he brightened up prosumers and sell them to think of this as being something positive. And as we come, like, for example, to sort of in Apollinaire, calcofluor right online

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speaking about something gave rasulillah while this surah was only revealed after Allah had taken something away from Rasul mythos and that was his son, when a lot took the soul. When Allah Allah azza wa jal caused death upon his son, and then he spoke to speaks to him in this law about what he gave him. This is very interesting in the in this end part of his um, the visa letter that will be shipped next week. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us people of the people who benefit from the reminders of the Quran in the holy vertical quarter Allah sallallahu wasallam avec la la Vina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ash marine