Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 03 – L043A

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Kareem amudha for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim for Bashar Assad re we're silly emri why Washington rock data melissani Kahoot Callie of banana Ziegler in my

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lesson number 43. So earlier in Ron is number 33 to 44.

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in Indeed, Allah, Allah is Stouffer he chose Adam Adam war and New Haven new war and other family, Ibrahima of Ibrahim wa and

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family in Ronda of inborn either upon an iron amine, the world's the return children for to her, some of it men from bothering others will Allahu and Allah semir on always on hearing our Lehman always on knowing

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is when call it she said Emma to woman wife, a minor of inborn for a B Oh my rub in me indeed I never too I dedicated lucker for you, ma whichever fee is in botany my abdomen more than one fried photocopiable so you accept mainly from me. In Africa, indeed you and you alone as Samir the always on hearing and Arlene the always annoying fellow. So when what

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she delivered her corner, she said, Robbie, oh my rub in me indeed I walk up to her, I delivered her own sir, a female will law who and Allah, Allah who is most knowing Bhima with whatever what art she delivered, when a sir and he is not a deco, the male can own sir, like the female were in me and indeed I submit to her, I named her Maria Maria Maria were in me and indeed I worried to her, I seek refuge for her beaker with you work and the reactor her her children, men from a shaytani the shaitan of regime the first

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photo of Brenda her. So he accepted her Rob boo her her robe with a Boolean with an acceptance has an in good well and and better her. He made her goal. No baton a growing has done good work and got further her. He placed her under guardianship zekeriya of Zakaria,

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Coloma whenever the Horner he entered or lay her upon her zecharia Zakaria and he said on

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the prayer arch or the prayer chamber

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wotja he found

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in the her with her His provision, order. He said Yeah. Oh, Maria. Maria, I know from where Lucky for you. Hi there, this corner. She said who it men from indie near Allah He Allah. In Indeed, Allah Allah years ago, he provides man whoever, Yeshua who he will be lady without his serving any measure, any account

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hoonah Lika there and then there are

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he invoked he called zecharia Zakaria for who? His

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father? He said, Robbie, O'Meara Have you grant Lee for me, men from loduca near you, the return of spring, by ear button, pure, good in liquor, indeed you semir always on hearing a drop of the prayers fanedit who, so it called him and Monica to the angels were Hawa while he caught the moon, one who stands for one who is standing, you suddenly he prays fee in

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the prayer chamber. And that Indeed, Allah Allah, you musharaka he gives you good news via here with your hair. Massage the one confirming because he Metin with a word men from Allah He Allah wa and say you then a leader well and hustler one chased

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what and Libyan a prophet men from a slowly hain those were righteous corner he said, Robbie, oh my rough and now from where? How your Kunal? He will be Lee for me when I'm on a boy. A son. What? Wine but in fact, better honey, it reached me. I'll cumaru the old age or Marathi and my wife are one who is very color. He said gallica likewise. Allahu Allah. Yes, I do. He does. Ma whatever your shampoo he will either he said Robbie, O'Meara a journal you make Li for me, then assign corner he said, I took your sign and learn that not to Kadima you shall speak a NASA to the people selasa three a yummy days in there except bronzer, by gesture, by sign was good. And you remember you mentioned

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Rebecca, your rug Kathy are on much worse and sub B you glorify better or she in the evenings when it girl and in the early mornings. What? And when? Allah? It said, Amanda eeka to the angels. Yeah. Oh, Maria Moo. Maryam in Indeed, Allah, Allah is still effective. He chose you. Wa and for her Rocky. He completely purified you.

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Well and is l'affaire key he chose you are the upon Missa tee women ally the mean of the worlds? Yeah. Oh, Maria move Miriam. Aku. T. You constantly obey. lira Viki for Europe. What and, Judy, you do such the you prostrate work Hurry, and you do recall you bow down? Morrow with a rocky rain. Those who bow down those who do ruku vaniqa that men from amber he special news. A lady of the unseen no he we reveal it. We inspire it

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in a car to you. Warmer and not go into you were late they him with them. is when you'll owner they cast a Columbia home their fans. A new home. Which of them your kulu he will be guardian. He will take care. Maria Maria. Maria, warmer and not Quinta, you were led by him with them. If when you left us alone, they dispute with each other.

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That's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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Due to the

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loss me on

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Nina down to la cama de la Tony mahapatra.

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me in

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the semi Oh Na de

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la Ba

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ba ba ba

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ba ba ba

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nice to

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is for

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Maria Mohan

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Shu Korea yeah massage

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min en la he was a

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Mina la lot he was a

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was born Kovach, Becca Kathy

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was born until

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I mean

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he wants to do

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he wanna

Al-Imran 33-44 Translation

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