Abu Bakr Zoud – Does worship require physical or spiritual strength?

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of having a continuous worship, rather than just physical strength. He gives an example of a 80-year-old man who had a 15-year-old son's worship, but the son's strength did not require it. The speaker advises against injecting power into one's heart and mind, rather than just physical strength.
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back and you're supposed to seek a lot of help that you continue in his worship. This keeps a person humble. It keeps us humble. It keeps us to, to our own level of conscience, that we're not able to worship Allah azza wa jal, unless he gives us the strength and the ability to do so, then the worship, and to remain continuous upon worship really has nothing to do with physical strength, has nothing to do with physical strength. And I'll give you an example. If we had an 80 year old, and a 20 year old, sometimes you have this, the 80 year old is worshiping, he might must have prayed the night prayer. He's fasting that day, he's upon his Asgard, Allahu Akbar, things are going good. The

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20 year old, he's not fasting that day. Barely, he's praying his Ferrari up. He didn't pray the night he slept the entire night, what happened? Then he suddenly the 20 year old had more body strength and physical strength than eight year old. But the thing is, and even even so the case, if you have 220 year olds, one of them is worshiping and upon worship, and the other one has nothing to do with worship. Even the difference was spiritual strength. The difference was spiritual strength, the worship, it doesn't require strength of the body. It doesn't.

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Worship requires strength of the heart of the mind of the soul. And this is why no one can inject. No one can inject power in your heart, in your mind in your soul, other than Allah subhanho wa Taala your physical body, anyone can inject it with anything. steroids, gh, whatever it is people that inject in their body to grow stronger. But that does that will help you worship Allah. Does it help the people? Well, it doesn't. It doesn't matter what helps you worship Allah is the spiritual strength. And you can only seek this from Allah because it's in the hands of Allah and no one can give it but Allah subhanho wa Taala even when you make these kind of Aloma IE Allah, the creator

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Creek, Creek abetik, when you see this kind of, you're asking a lot, so I shall give you the strength. Worship is not about the physical strength. And what proves the what proves this is that

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there are many of them, it will earn was sooner that deal with the physical issue. So if someone is sick, no problem, sit down and pray. If someone is sick and he come fast, no problems fast other days, whatever it is, Islam came to accommodate for every physical situation. If you're sick, if you're disabled, if you cannot stand if you have back problems, no problem, this is no problem. And it was never Salalah alayhi wa sallam directors how to deal with this, sit down, lie down, make will do it this way at their mama no problems in them other spiritual strength This is where you are. No one can give you this but Allah subhanahu wa tada for this is advice of Rasulullah saw send them to

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For one of the means in how you're going to seek laws help upon continuous worship of him is by asking him subhanho wa Taala to make the worship easy upon you.

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