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level of metal Haman humbly lay help an item in salatu salam ala rasulillah while it is mine

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all praise and thanks belongs to loss of Hannah died me the peace and blessing of Allah be upon his servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa Salaam as follows my dear respected brothers in Islam, we continue with our series of explaining a thicker, and we began last week with a basic introduction. And we began with the words of Hannah law. And we concluded last week by ending with the meaning of so Pamela, and we discovered that Panama, Yanni a complete the sphere would be so Panama he would be handy. And this is how you always find it in the poem. So Panama really comes on its own. It is always attached with the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala, you'll find

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Subhana Allah will be handy method and in our core Subhana Allah He allows him to handle some of the names of a large social would come with the sphere. And this is the perfect because we have a loss of Hannah data because we said that atmosphere is Tansy who allowed us to have more data. So Panama means I free Allah subhanho wa Taala from all defects and all imperfections and all incompleteness I need you for the loss of Hana data from all this. And once you do that, you declare perfection for law by beginning with this Hamdan saying what Behanding right so this is what

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he means. And that's why we said, if you were to follow this word in the plan, you'll always see it coming after something that was said about Allah Subhana Allah inappropriately, right? Subhana Allah bigger believes that they are massive boon, when I notice a bit humbly, humbly going, oh god, this rock, right? The journey

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of a loved one of them Subhana who, who already so the name of allonzo agenda, this physical suhaila usually comes comes in that meaning. So when one says Subhan Allah He will be handy. He has he and he basically declared the loss of Hannah data free from all imperfections. And he began by praising Allah absorption with unhemmed by saying what Behanding and so commonly they translate Subhana Allah who are there humbly he as glory vitola and I begin with his help I begin by praising him this is only how it's translated in brief five, we continue our study of the sphere, but others in Islam at the sphere

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is is the words that Allah subhanaw taala choose for us to begin masala which is any dry at least if there once he said la haka, Subhana, Allah Mohammed ik automatica Sukhothai Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, it is the words that Omar Xhosa chose for us to worship him Subhana data as we are in our pseudocode and as we are in our core, so how to locate our VM or we have the subu producible manikato then there is a another Vicar suparna Did you have a route well not well, mallacoota Well, Kibriya This is also supposed to be sending little corners to shoot it's just as important as how to line out the most of how to love so how to be an Allah Subhana Allah, Allah is in your suit as well

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for you find that in the most important positions of sonet. Allah Xhosa chose for us to worship him with the word sukanta law with the word suparna law for that for the huge meaning that it carries. Well Yanis will have a line as well some of the LML hammer home Allah mentioned that the word Subhana Allah in all of its forms, yeah, and it's a bit a bit smaller because Allah you some very laughs about Allah Subhana Allah via surah in all of its forms, there is about 92 of them mentioned in the Quran. And the word as sujood or societa, or says you don't, in all of its forms is also found 92 times in the Quran, yani In other words, at the spirit is just as important as a solute,

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then he was given the same number and the same mentioned in the Quran, I can imagine 92 times each mentioned in the Quran. In other words, your suit is just as important as the sphere in your life for a large Zoysia chose for these very important special moments in a person's life. In his little core, as soon as he begins to solid, that he begins with the sphere of learning Subhana data by seeing supervillain at the sphere, my brothers in Islam, yani, some of its benefits and outcomes is that it should humble a person in solid research that loss of Hana data it says how musou Jaden was a battle behandelt A BM or whom less than your own fair he only the one that makes a promise

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And he begins to glorify a lightness. Sousou Subhan. Allah, Allah, this atmosphere it's supposed to result in a person for whom lay a stick the Lord that has given the arrogance is supposed to be demolished and destroyed in a person right, then that the sphere is declaring the perfection of a loss of Hannah doll. And in return, you're declaring that you're still imperfect, but there is still a lot of shortcomings, very imperfect. When you declare the perfection of Allah Zoysia you monitor the the sphere in your life, you monitor its effect in your life, the fact that it begins to reduce from your arrogance, and from the ego and from the boastfulness of a person. Once a person begins to

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become humble with himself in his worship to allow social humble and respectful to others. This means that the Spirit is working in his life, then this is what the effect of the spirit is supposed to be at the spear also young is a reason for why is accepted musala you set up he makes the official Atlas of the US

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military until he gets to the end. And he says wish it was Illuminati Haruna you should be as he or she Kofi me. Can you do Sabir haka Cafiero, one of goroka kathira in the cocoon, Davina basura, was the conclusion of odd like a Musa. Yeah, and he once he mentioned at the spear, and that our purpose in life and my purpose in you giving me Everything is so that I can make plenty of this via too, and I make plenty of Vica gayness about caffeine. When it's cool, I get caffeine. All of this eventually unless I said to Sally to set up before he moves, before he moved from the mountain he was given what he wanted to do. So like a booster smear is a reason for why it is accepted right

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must begin with the sphere of life.

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And with the use of a laws origin, and it must end with the sphere of lawyers who had our data oversteer levy is Miller a person is guaranteed that his that his daughter is accepted. My brothers in Islam at SV also getting at least them gives us so much power, or so much respect and so much honor that we also learn in this universe homosassa derived from a hadith Oh share with you. But we learned that

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at this beer is a reason for why we're supposed to honor and respect each other. The fact that I've heard you make disappear once in your life is enough of a reason that I suppose to honor you and respect you for life. Even if you don't see anything good in a person, but you know that you've heard from him.

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And you know that he's a person that makes Sousou that says Subhana Allah, it's enough it raises you enough of a rank that among the Muslims, you're now supposed to be respected and honored. There is a prophet of the prophets of Allah it is said that it was musala you set up he was stung by an ad closer to lambda. How do you Sorry, he was stung by an N. So he went to the entire colony of ants and he burned them all philosophy out of what Allah revealed to him. Helen unlettered Jani was one ad that stung you, why didn't you go after and kill one? Let the omata know Korean Mina, namely to submit, it was said to him that he destroyed and you killed an entire colony of ads that make the

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spear to a loss of Anahata Anna. In other words, the idea was respect whatever makes the spear to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Even if it was only once in their life, you heard that make the sphere and we were supposed to honor and respect that ad and not trespass our respect with an app, we should we were supposed to leave an ad alone because it makes the spirit of a loss of habitat. Imagine that the human being how much respect and how much honor should be he be given, especially when you know about him that he's a person that makes the sphere, the sphere, how how high you breezes you in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala to the point that now you're supposed to be honored and respected

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and given that kind of dignity. Just because you're a people from from the sphere.

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My brothers in Islam, we also find Gani Don't you dare ever think that you're not capable of a dispute because you only physically are not able to as arose as a result the only in mentioning this, this is actually a principle in all worship.

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The only some people they think you know, they physically unable to perform a worship, physically unable to perform a worship. This is wrong. Rather, everyone is got the physical ability to perform worship and they have the tongue one hamdulillah you can make the

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day or night. You have the body limbs and the power and the ability to wake up at night and pray a funeral car. You have the woman has the ability to grab a job and put it on her hair and walk out. Don't ever say that

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I don't have the physical ability, ability to perform such origin. So what's the problem? The problem is that it's heavy upon the heart. This is where the problem is. And the heart would only begin to enjoy the worship when it recognizes what life's origin is. And the only way for it to recognize a loss of power is through the chronology. So part of what this is why, when there is plenty of thicket in one's life, plenty of disappear in one's life, the heart begins to change, it begins to attract itself to the worship of Allah Subhana Allah, as a result, it becomes very simple and easy upon the limbs. Yeah, this this, this is the meta point that is mentioned. And this is what

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the Likud and its effect would eventually draw of yourself to the worship of Allah subhanaw taala. My brothers in Islam, at the

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end, it is the secret for forgiveness. It is the secret of forgiveness of the sins that he posted accumulates and gathers in his life and maybe sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a hadith he says he came to the Sahaba and he asked him as well how to command x equal to men and for Hassan

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I will help

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you any any one of you unable to gather 1000 has said that in the day or remove and wash away from himself 1000 say yet is anyone able unable to do that for they said the only what is that? What do we do so that we achieved this huge reward from this I said let me said to them yeah, and so para la mia tamagawa tech Cebu Alfa hacer una Alta? How Blanca anfis A Yeah. So para la 100 times would earn a person 1000 has an ad and Yanni in the same region or wipe away from the perfect person 1000. So yet depending on what intention He said, If he said it in the intention of increasing hasard then it gives him 1000 Hazara says it in the intention of cleansing and purifying himself, it would wipe

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away from his account. 1000 say yet, but then shoot this.

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This is the Hadith that says if we say somehow the last 100 times, but another Hadith maybe Salam Alejo, salami says mankad sapan allottee wabi Hamdi you add the word wabi Hamdi meta mala ofera boo boo, one cannot miss lava, the lava hub that if you are to say so Pamela, and I taught the word what this is going to teach you how powerful it is. So how to like Yeah, I do it probably 100 100 times a day, it wipes away the person seemed even if they were to unmount the form of the ocean. Yeah, in other words, now, endless, unlimited number of CR would be wiped away from a person's record, just by adding the word what we have there, to the words of how to look at the sphere. My brothers in

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Islam is also the secret of salvation, being protected and saved in life from calamities and disasters, you'll find that in addition to you know, how to free yourself from the worries and the troubles of the life throughout this we try it in a lot of stories and gives us the story of Uranus either you set up and he says about Uranus, fellow Buddha and no Ganymede and Musa behave if your salary setup hadn't been from those who make the spear can Amina Musa behave? Well the word Muslim also implies that he was consistent upon the spirit and the worship of a lost paradise. So what would have happened, if you lose or you set up was one of those who made the spear have a lot much a

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lot of Zoysia. And he said lollobrigida FIBA me he illumio buffoon. He would have remained in the belly of the whale, until the day of judgment, law visa fee, but he and I only have our food. However, one word saved him towards

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in his life, because he had plenty of it in his life, in the moment of disaster and trial and tribulation, when he reached rock bottom in his life, literally in the bottom of the ocean, in the inner depth of the belly of the whale. But because he was from among and must have been, yani things we're about to change. evangel noodles Allah has set up, he lived with this one word Subhan Allah, and he had the power by the permission of Allah to change his entire life swallowed by by a whale that plunged deep into the ocean that you can imagine this. Imagine that you're standing with your friend on the shore of the beach. All of a sudden oil came and opened his mouth and swallowed a

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friend of yours. And it took off at the world's technology went nowhere is and you won't know you won't have any ability to bring him back. And he doesn't even have any tools have any ability to save himself. That's it on his own. Allahu Allah where he is. That was the case of Yoda sorry, Sarah. Trapped in the belly of the of the of the world ended up there.

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ended up in this situation. He didn't even have the means to save himself. And no one obviously possessed any means to save him. So the first thing as he was in the belly of the whale, very famous.

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And he said, Let ilaha illa and subhanak in the consuming of body mean three paths, lead ilaha illa. And there is no Lord worthy of worship except you. In other words, he's he's acknowledging that where I am now. Yeah, I deserve to be where I am, and know a lot. You're the one that makes the rules, and you're the one that makes the decree and you're the one that decides, and you have decided for me that I'm in the belly of the whale lay that old rule belongs to you. Then sapan uk, Suppan again, Yanni, he's declaring the law socialist perfection. And then after this in economy navali me, he acknowledged that he was the one that oppressed himself, and he's the wrong door,

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because he walked off from his people, and he was unable to do so no one ever need a lot of social didn't give him permission to leave his people abandon them and take off. So he acknowledged his sympathy, you're able in the time of difficulty, and in the time of of calamity, able to blame yourself, for the situation that you're in is what you're sorry, you said I did get eventually when he got caught in this calamity. He was very quick to rush and blame himself and put the blame upon himself and see that I'm from among the wrong doors with this kind of combination. That was his salvation, this is what saved him. This kind of money this kind of acknowledgment of universality is

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set up.

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As a result allows origin converted his problem into a solution. The way it was his problem, it became his only solution now back to life. And it was a reason it became like a submarine for him in the depths of the ocean until he delivered him safely to the shore. This is all vnla data possible through his disappear during these days and during his nights and his relationship with Subhana Allah will disappear Allahu subhana wa tada my brothers in Islam that is all alone while he also teaches us that somehow the law he won't be handy or somehow the law the law v him or be handy he is a palm tree in the paradise with each sapan Allahu la v morbihan d it is a tree planted in the

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person in the paradise for the person in the paradise a palm tree to you know yet if you were to actually ponder over this meaning that the more palm trees a person has in the paradise In other words, the more space he has in the paradise than in the palm trees are planted right next to each other. They need space in between each other. As a result, the property grows, the bigger the lab the motor sphere, the bigger the land. So how the law Yani in this whole life if one was to go and plant a palm tree, or let's say move a palm tree from one place to another, it requires effort and time and money

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and requires tools and then it needs maintenance after that one maybe it leaves maybe it doesn't live a long while and then he needs water and he needs a lot of care and number here so Hanna log in as a mobile home they gave you a palm tree not in the studio. In the in the hereafter. You have all these meanings and all these rewards at the you might wander and sit and say school. Yeah, and he somehow Allah He will be handy he wipes Elisa yet subhana wa hill of imobie humbly earns me a upcountry in the paradise ahead if anything. It is teaching us how much Allah subhanho wa Taala honors that the spear from his Southern well how much just the small movement from your tongue that

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is inside your mouth. How much loss aversion values, the movement of your tongue when it is in his worships of I don't know what that was. Honestly, a lot of social values your time your time is expensive. A lot of Zoysia is teaching you how valuable Your time is, is telling you if one day

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I'll meet for you A getting a tree in the paradise. These are incredible readings what we learned from this first and foremost a lot is teaching us how valuable Your time is supposed to be do and how valuable it is to Allah subhanho wa Taala at the sphere

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it's the worship of the people in the paradise in a hadith the individual the love of Allah you know salami says for you to hamona this via camera you util hammoud and novice, Yanni let the people of the paradise you see how like they usually brief today. Enough as you'll have moon enough as you breathe today. Subconsciously you don't intend to breathe you don't sit down and you begin to count inhale and exhale. It comes subconscious that Gani helps your body is trained to work in the paradise at the spear becomes like this. This is the display of the people of the paradise. Yet in other words, effort is required.

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Today to make it disappear, you train yourself on it today. And then the people of the paradise acquire this naturally acquire this naturally it comes out from them naturally, just like the breeze. This is the atmosphere of the people of the paradise. And

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every time the people of the paradise request something, every time they want something, the way they request for it is with the word so pelicula morbihan Vic, right. Yet he has mentioned a lot so gently he says in Surah tonos Tao our home fear that the people in the paradise that were home, when they request something, when they want something, how do they request and go for it? Darwin fear Subhan Allah subhana wa Han what, to whom he has Allah. So then we would mentioned that once the the item is brought to them, they say set up they make set out to those who bring them whatever item they wanted, food item, drink item, whatever it is, that one particular home

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once they finished what they requested, what else to do that well, Anil hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen and how are we going to get to it and we'll explain that later on. But this is the sphere, this is the call for anything that a person desires and requests in the paradise when the Buddha is served

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when he fell in the love of Allah Subhana data and when he tasted the beauty of these words, the crolla he engaged in disappear from sunrise to sunset. This we have a lot of social from sunrise to sunset, a lot of social reason for that and he made the mountains and the birds make the spear with him. Yeah he there are a women who are playing right yeah, she had a will be a will be a Sabir Lima.

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There who the other you said he used to leave his house from the morning, early morning sunrise used to go to the mountains. And he used to begin to make the speech of Allah Subhana Dada up until the sunset, when he began, the mountains would repeat this beer with him. And the birds would hear him and they would make disappear with him. And so long as he's making this beer, the mountains and the birds are making this beer with him. Once he stops, they stop as all can In other words, into your your gifts in your blessings in the mercy given to you is according to how much the spirit you make your life. You make the sphere of love, the doors open, you stop the door stop. And this is with

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everyone according to the sphere is according to the law. So it gives them all the other you said I'm using. At the time the animal festival they mentioned he was 31 years old. He was a prophet. A lot of social gave him a civil war. And he was the reason for the victory of

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a large social media warrior on the battlefield. And he made him an example in a role model in worship

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and praised the night prayer and the first thing of their O'Donoghue, Sarah, and he said they were the best. And a lot of soil gave him power to sleep with all these women in one night. All of these alpha gifts The Lord gave him because of the smear became Jani one in his life. At the sphere, he realized and he recognized the value of the sphere. And he made the sphere Allah azza wa jal as a result, gave him all these incredible benefits and gifts, because he understood the importance of the spear in his life. Similarly, Zachary Allah, he said, when he was given the good news that Yeah, is on his way. He's been asking a lot of social for many years to bless him with a child philosophy

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and eventually gave him Yeah, he's set up in a short order. Smooth. Linda Shalom and Pablo, Samir.

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Any coming from the word Hi, alive, Zachary Ali Salaam situation was a dead situation. He is old, and his wife is barren. He is on his day and he is coming close to his death. Dead situation. There's nothing that can come out from this situation. But by definition of a loss of how the data

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allows it to happen. And it blesses him with a child is smooth. Meaning from this situation, a child with the name of living come to life, something that is impossible, something possible would come out of an impossible situation. So when this happened, he asked our Lord give me a sign that I know that he is on his way to Laos origin.

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He said to him, Allah to collimate NASA falletta laserline so that you will be able to speak to the people for three nights, and the other is for three days the only three days and three nights disabled from speech. People will take their set out while a call you won't be able to respond. A tongue would be disabled from speech, people would ask you a question you will not be able to ask

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But we've got Rebecca Cathedral there. Tom won't be disabled from the gridlines have had a bad day then the person cannot live a day we have the Grosvenor house Xhosa. solarz origin, allows his tongue to make liquor of Allah during these three days in way his tongue is disabled from all speech, except from Nicola. So when it comes out to these people, he sipto Haley, and Sabir bukata noir Shia, he came out rushing these people, and he cannot talk to them. So he began our highly he instructed to them with his head with an instrument with something. And sorbitol. Keep on making this we have a lot bukata noir Shia, make the spear have a lot in the mornings in the afternoon,

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keep going, don't stop. Why was this the first thing he said to them before anything. Then he realized what the spear did in his life. It made the impossible possible. So he wants to teach the people the power of the spear. So he walks out and in any means he tells us a bit over cluttered last year, the mentor you make it this be a part of your life, you will see the benefits that you get from behind it. And the gifts and the mercy and the blessings that allows origin opens to such a person. This is the atmosphere. So we need to understand my brothers in Islam.

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You need to make up the spirit properly and correctly. There are ways in how to make gronk disappear.

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This is by just you know

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parroting words out not understanding what you're saying, not pondering over the meaning of the light data and what we're what we wanted to achieve is understanding some things of the meanings of atmosphere, right. So, incorrect manner is just to repeat this word and having no idea what the meanings are behind it even though it is rewarding.

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they said that it is not a condition

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Yani to intend that this be any let's say someone was in his car, someone driving or someone walking, you know, or someone watching something and he's making some hellos, rather was 100% was not concentrating, making this vehicle that is rewarding for him. That it's not a condition that you focus on you sit down and make it the sphere. But for maximum result with the sphere, one needs to ponder, one needs to focus one needs to intended the sphere and make it disappear properly. Let the sphere when it comes from the heart. This is the first and foremost part in where the speaker is supposed to come from from before the tone. This is why we call him in on

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the heart and the tongue. This is the first stages and levels of the spear. Second, the thicker of a law from the heart. Third is the vicar of Allah done only by the tongue. You see they are the stages of of the chrome isoproterenol limit, they said the first stage is the koala through the heart and the tongue. That's the first stage and the best. Second is the Chroma from the heart. And the third stage is Victrola II by the tongue itself, you can understand how much importance The heart is given when you're making the correlation that at this beer is supposed to connect you directly to a loss origin. My role is in islamically always supposed to be connected to a lot of soil. Everything

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around you remind you of what this beer what it means shake it allow yourself to be happy. subparallel nav is somewhat below. Everything makes the sphere in other words, a lot of social gave us tools to help us continue in his sphere. Everything that you see should remind you of at the sphere. You know, when you have an appointment with someone, and you forgot about it, and you see him two days later, in an instant, you'll remember that he had an appointment two days ago, sorry, forgive me. You will remember when you see something, prevent the loss or shall give you the entire universe. No matter where you go. you're traveling by land, you're traveling by sea, you're

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traveling by plane every single second that moment in your life. Something around he is making the spear to Allah, something around he is reminding you to remain connected with Allah through the woods at the sphere for large social gathering. What do we mean by atmosphere? And how you're supposed to bring it out from the heart and contemplate and ponder over a lot of socialism?

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Yeah, see? So, levy holla as well as your color in tune between Obama and footsy him

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on social.

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Yeah. And he ascribed at the sphere with embryonic development and the you know, yonny Subhan. Allah when your wife first gives birth, and she carries this little tiny, this tiny thing in her hand, the child a llama block, this is your chocolate. What's this? And what am I going to do with this alone and are we going to breastfeed him and we're going to take care of him. After one he he's gonna double the size. After two years he's gonna tripling the size after five years is going to be half your length. After a few years. A lot of you might be even greater than you in length.

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This how to love these these meanings that sapan a lot of social considers it and ascribe is this kind of development to the word soup had a lovely Hello

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cola this doesn't happen accepting human beings and in animals in the integration of a lot of social you will not expect the animal to go to the kayak and buy a car with them and if someone's house is full but this is a little car, take care of it breastfeed it and so on it will grow grow grow beef the lamb till it reaches full size over them depending if it's a male or female get the opposite gender for it, put them both in the garage and they'll produce care Mashallah, other cows, that doesn't happen. It doesn't happen in cars and and other things that we know. It happens in the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala had these this these benefits This is beyond miracles. guarantee

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your child alone when you see is a is a reason for why you're supposed to continue to disappear and not finish from it. Not disconnect from this view. The fact that you see a child of yours, the fact that you see a tree, a tree growing or a plant growing or something that is Galliani, so power law, baloney theory, sometimes you sit down and you watch documentaries watch documentaries of animals, and how they reproduce and how long it goes from something so tiny like this into a huge whale, Yanni so Panama all of these are in the meanings of sapan and Livia holla

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colada, all of those words from the animals and the insects in the trees and the human beings that allow them whatever else that allows origin is created impairs only men to be taller, and anything that the earth produces as well is the reason for the severe one being unforeseen and within yourself there's a lot of reasons to make the sphere within yourself getting my brothers and is there a bacteria bacteria a virus? Yeah, and it's smaller than 200 nanograms Jani Jani it means telescope, it needs microscopes, to zoom deeply into to look one tiny thing, it will shut down your entire body shut down the entire body is able to do so by definition of a love woman. Unfortunately,

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there are signs inside of us that allow soldiers continues on a daily basis to protect you from the sink, and the all around the environment. You take some kind of virus and bacteria inside hollows it'll bring you down to your teeth, your feet, your knees, you're able to move after this allows you and protect you from all of this fates a reason for the spear warming, unforeseen warming, lay on the moon, and so many other wonders that happen on Earth, that we have no idea that that they also deserve for us when we see to meet the spirit of Allah subhanho wa salam wa alayhi wa sallam he says in the Hadith, we're coming to the end, famous Hadith calamata the Javi fatality Allah He said that

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there are two phrases that are very light on the tongue. Coffee fatality Allah Allah said, Habiba 1011 they are beloved to the Most Merciful tequila 10 if

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at the beginning of the Hadith when he said it's light on the tongue, he brought the the opposite to light. Opposite the light is something heavy, for it is heavy on the scale. Sakina attorney Phil Misa Subhana, Allah Subhana Allah and Avi Sharif is having a look at the introduction of the introduction is to build suspense and excitement. Can you Madame coffee for daddy Elisa Habib attorney, tequila daddy visa, all of this is to build suspense and excitement, gannets as though Allah tell us what it is. What is it? What are these words from? Allah Allah your Salaam teaches us? Subhana Allah subhanaw taala and as a mother notice something else in the Hadith

00:33:51--> 00:34:27

Habiba daddy Illa Allah watchmen nope Habiba daddy law, or any other name of allah have even had a lot of white man the name of Allah name was mentioned in the Hadith. Why? Because the Hadith is teaching us about the incredible mercy of a loss origin. So loss origin used his name for a few words. So panelo byham de su Panama. Javi. Very light on the tongue. Look at the look at the journey. The reward of Luca gave tequila Danny filmyzilla. Huge on the scale.

00:34:28--> 00:34:37

And the problem on the Day of Judgment, when you see the scale is how are you going to fill the scale in some durations that would allow you set up a lot of storage and showed him the scale.

00:34:38--> 00:34:59

And he he felt unconscious? And then he got up. And then he was asked why did you fall unconscious? He says supercritical. buhoma Diablo who's going to fill this up? From Nola Xhosa. Lisa today whoo Daddy, sir. If I was to be pleased with the server, half the date he gives him solokha I will fill the scale for

00:35:00--> 00:35:00


00:35:01--> 00:35:26

was to be pleased with the server half of it would be enough to fill the scale. Imagine then you said to Panama, you're behind the suppiler line of aim, which is much more beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala then these are words that a lot of social himself loves. So it's a reason to earn a lot of love, if one allows love as a result, he earned a lot of pleasure, the scale is full. So Pamela who will be handling some how to log in

00:35:27--> 00:35:53

for let's discuss very quickly, the best times for this be one of the best times for this be there are moments in where a dispute is obligatory and that is in your Roku and in your sujood these are times in where at the speed is obligatory shoot at the spirit was made obligatory in your life, at least for a few moments. Gani teaching you the importance letter, there is nothing that becomes obligatory or policy except that it is important.

00:35:54--> 00:36:37

And then, generally, during the day, and during the night, in all times atmosphere is recommended, but most specifically, Yanni, a lot of Zoysia, he says, Yeah, you have Levine, amylose, Guru la the current kathira. Then he says, What's up bihu bukata na sila saburo, bukata na sila make the spear bukata was in the early morning and in the early afternoon in the early morning and in the afternoon. These are times of the Spear of a Lost Planet Allah, Allah azza wa jal, he says for Subhana Allah Hina too soon, when the afternoon comes, and you approach the afternoon and you live to see the afternoon. So I've had a lot during this time for so called ally Ada to suit huayna to

00:36:37--> 00:37:03

stay home. And when you wake up in the morning, as well, what is recommended is to make a disappear during this time, was a bit humble a bigger bill, Archie when it came out, as well again telling us in the early morning and in the early afternoon bonacci. You will it was a big deal because well in other I had a couple of poor shamcey about rulerships meaning before the rise of the sun, which is in the early morning, woke up

00:37:04--> 00:37:39

and before the sunset, in other words in the afternoon as well. Would there would you settle in as a hotmail developer who is a bit mushy when he showed up? morning and afternoon was a courier a ceramicist? Oh hi, Lehman's a bit of a glutton washy so if you were to follow them, you will find that atmosphere was mostly ascribed to the time of the early morning and Yanni kind of the early afternoon in some areas as well. Late afternoon. You have other at URI that would mention at this VFS a bit worried Bella's to shoot it down mushroom, invalid mushroom

00:37:41--> 00:38:10

bukata na sila bastiani it Bella Lucia newsroom. The government mushroom is what it Bella newsroom is just before they know it barrel mushroom is when the when the stars go away and they start disappearing before freshers fair in a time of a soul as well. That is a moment and a time recommended to make a display of Allah subhanho wa Taala data and leave us alone while he was alive. He says in the Hadoop mongkol hanaa used to be widely known CPU This is why this is very important. It's part of girdle so that when

00:38:11--> 00:39:00

we ever says India have goals over time and as garima said, he says sapan Allah He will be humbly 100 times we already understood the benefit of that it wipes away 1000 a year 2000 has been added to this as well. Children have eaten Avi and maybe some llamada salami says let me get the normal pm. They have Bala min Avi, illogical oh god I miss level, Jose de la Dolly that no one would come up the Day of Judgment better than him. Danny Colossi already reached and he earned top position among men, humanity reached top position among humanity with the word Superman like you have your hand in. And the only person that is going to be better than him on the Day of Judgment is someone that said,

00:39:00--> 00:39:43

like him, or said it a bit more than him as the only person that would be better than him on the Day of Judgment. He says, you know, with your family, not with the people of the among the humanity lumea Do we have a measure? Avi, there is absolutely nothing better for you to present before a loss of habitat. And no one would be better than this person in the sight of Allah Zoysia than someone who said super analog from his heart, and then it came on his tongue and he needed part of his life can I mean and Moosa behaved like Yunus Allah He said, and he committed to severe throughout his life until he met Allah subhanho wa Taala. The best form of this we

00:39:44--> 00:39:46

were concluding with this hadith Joy

00:39:48--> 00:39:59

Joy area binter Harris of the allamani she was one of the wives of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He married her and he after the Battle of benylin was stolen.

00:40:00--> 00:40:45

mauricia in where there was a world in the story of the war is a longer story. But he got married eventually from there so Pamela she was a reason for why her entire tribe accepted Islam. This is why I showed the alarm on her. She used to say Jani I used to be jealous of your idea. But then, when I recognized her virtue, and because of her entire tribe became Jani accepted Islam, she began to soften towards her in other words, with jealousy Jani disappeared altogether because of that kind of Jani relationship joining a holding a loved one in a heartbeat so you can understand who she was and maybe some alarm Walia Salim he reported that he came out from his house in the morning to lead

00:40:45--> 00:41:30

selected visit. So he prints all that information among the Sahaba finished and he walked back into his house, which really will be a loved one was sitting fee masala, like in a in an inner apartment inside the house. at UCLA law, she was making Vicar of Allahu making Vicar of Allah subhana wa jeulia probably a loved one. So let me salon salon left. Generally this was homosassa lamudi, after selected confession, cheat with the Sahaba that he would get up, go to his house. He would ask his family if there's any food he'd eat. If there's no food, he is fasting and he walks up. Then he spends the entire day in the masjid. Walking out seeing the face of the people visiting someone sick

00:41:30--> 00:41:32

visiting someone anyway things happen during the day.

00:41:35--> 00:41:43

Up until the dawn period up until a wall just before he walked back in his house today when is

00:41:45--> 00:42:10

when it's almost five o'clock when labor is when overclocked almost seven hours he walked back in his house was radio ob Aloma lezana love you masala she was still sitting in the same position making Vicar seven hours of the cube. This is what you a little bit of love on house for newbies, a lot of you are similar. You said and

00:42:13--> 00:42:45

he said, Are you still in the same position? I left you, Gary who is asking that because he's amazed. Are you still sitting in the same position that I left you? So she said now? Yes. frenemies Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he said to her, I recited four phrases. And I repeated them three times. Yeah. And in one minute, two minutes, we had seven hours of Vicar. I need advocate that would take almost approximately one minute not even

00:42:47--> 00:43:03

if it was to be weighed, with everything that you said from the morning, up until now, if it was to be weighed with seven hours of vigor. What are you said in one minute would outweigh what you said? What what? If you can imagine

00:43:04--> 00:43:07

the excitement of a Sahaba the excitement of your

00:43:09--> 00:43:17

journey The first thing we learn from this hadith before we share what the words are, is, firstly, during this time fishing,

00:43:18--> 00:43:22

a person owns the reward of adhesion. In other words,

00:43:23--> 00:43:40

he said this record in less than a minute earns you the reward of a genre and it also earns you the reward of seven hours of the lender This was seven hours of liquor. What is this? Jani liquor there are different durations to it. I know

00:43:42--> 00:44:15

the different durations one of them and the most common and the famous that we know is so how to Lahore become the other the hunted. RFC was in a township telematic society absolute authentic beef delay counting Muslim Subhana Allah He will be handy he added. So Panama he bought FC so Panama he Xena tauschii sapan en la he de de Cali Mati repeating the word Subhana Allah before every phrase Subhana Allah He will be handy. Okay, so how long have you been upset? Subhana Allah

00:44:17--> 00:44:44

subhana wa hamideh that can you imagine? What kind of figures is three times repeated? Any time during the day over morning? This is why someone would never know him. Oh, no, they please this hadith and this thicket in the girl so why let me interview him he said. I said after I left the house when did he leave the house in the morning during that time, for they included the undoubted goddess of who it is.

00:44:45--> 00:44:59

And it's general as well now lights open during the day and during the night anytime you say it. This is the blizzard reward of a Subhana Allah you're somebody other than hunting. You're seeing somehow Allah who will be humbly equal to the creation of a law a law already from the various

00:45:00--> 00:45:34

Beginning of what kinda disappear is that equal to the creation of a long journey journey This includes even the grains of sand, how many of them is there on the wall and it includes all the creation of mankind from Adam Allah is set up up until the last person that lives and with every single one of us there's two angels wilder than America in the heavens, who 70,000 angels and beetle mammal every day and come up and never return to it when you see some kind of a light or become the other the hunted meaning you're seeing it for every single creation of a law

00:45:35--> 00:45:46

how much how much is this a lot? What about something that unlimited number infinity will never be able to calculate. And it just gets better. So Panama he

00:45:47--> 00:45:48

seems to Panama

00:45:49--> 00:46:17

meaning I make the spear in the amount that earns me or Player A lot of surgeons pleasure is earned with one plus v imagine into now you've already began in your Singapore law. I make this beer in the amount of what you have created. And I make this be in the amount of earning your pleasure already by the second phrase a person as a lot of solutions pleasure. So how to lower the hem the other company What about FC

00:46:18--> 00:47:05

sapan en la he Xena Tadashi and I say su para la equal to the weight of the throne of Allah absorption. The you know that the only flown The only throne that is bigger than the kingdom is the throne of a loss of habitat. Every other King on Earth. His throne is always smaller than what he owns. Always smaller than his kingdom. But Allah subhanho wa Taala his house, the house the throne of Allah itself is bigger than everything that allows are created besides it. So how long to for now, I wish means a roof because it is the roof of creation. All the creation of a lung is under what was known I'll announce your store Allah Subhana Allah is above the throat fat Yachty Subhan

00:47:05--> 00:47:34

Allah Subhana Allah He will become the other hunters have had a lot of RFC sapan Allah is in addition to you need to understand the weight of the fruit of a large Zoysia should enter today now you you're sitting in the masjid maybe you look at yourself or Mashallah might feel some pride some arrogance these people if you don't think this is eventually mankind enough's would bring it bring you to that. So compare now your size and yourself to this room as measured

00:47:35--> 00:48:22

by compare this budget to Grenada itself nothing. Compare the suburb of green acre to new cell phones, absolutely nothing can be New South Wales to Australia, nothing compare Australia to the world. But nothing compare the entire globe to the first heaven what nothing It comes like Yanni, the world the earth, in comparison to one sky to one heaven is like a ring in the desert. Imagine it then your wife, you're going on a trip and she lost her ring, hello, somehow gone, where are we going to go and get it it is insignificant In other words, and then the first ever in comparison to the second is like a ring thrown in the middle of the desert. And all of this, as huge as it is by

00:48:22--> 00:48:58

now you've recognized how small you are. You've not even adult that he's seen all of this in comparison to the guru see the footstool of a loss of data is like a ring thrown in the desert. Will call see in comparison to allow is also like a ring thrown in the desert. imagined in the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala super super super love beings love why well when we get to the meat the word love like about exactly discover what it means. And what does it mean that our social is great, but were with the words panela or behind the other the hunka Subhana Allah Subhana Allah

00:49:00--> 00:49:12

Subhana Allah meter that galavanting and I made this via of Allah equal to Yanni the count of his words, Allahu Akbar, it

00:49:13--> 00:49:18

man loves origin, he says to us, when we're under Matthew on dementia, Jonathan

00:49:20--> 00:49:24

embodies about manaphy that kennametal law

00:49:25--> 00:49:28

Have you ever seen? So Pamela, he

00:49:29--> 00:49:44

medanta cadmatic I say Subhana Allah, equal to the number of the words of Allah? What are the words of Allah in solid Look, when Allah tells us, if all the trees on earth were to be made writing pencils,

00:49:45--> 00:49:53

and all the oceans on earth or to be made ink, so you get the tree, you dip it into the ocean and you begin to write the words of a lot.

00:49:54--> 00:49:59

The oceans would finish and the trees would finish they would get shorter. Use a loved one.

00:50:00--> 00:50:33

Imagine a tree by the time you get it, that's a lifetime for it to get short, a lifespan it'll take for it to get shot, all of them would finish and the oceans would finish, man nothing of that caliber to love. And the words of a lot of the names of a lot would not finish. When you say suppiler like me, they're, they're killing it. You're making this be to something that you won't even be able to write, during your entire life. If you were to write 24 seven and have no break, long walk about all of this in this one special wicked Subhana Allah who will be handing

00:50:35--> 00:51:17

over the civilizations Allah Subhana Allah He will be handy. He had other hunters to Panama a lot of sense of how a lot is in adoption. So Panama he needed that Cali Mati will end at the same time we have any we conclude with these two Hadith? You know, there was a message that like an image or WhatsApp image we sent around about the best form of the sphere. And we said that this is equal to the sphere of day and night. hadith of Abu Mammon, Bear, he literally a loved one was making disappear from the soil and walked upon him and he said to him, shall I teach you all the vicar? That if you were to say, it would give you reward, and it would be much better in reward than making

00:51:17--> 00:52:02

liquor have a lot of day and night? The crew can learn later now. So he said to him, say, and humbly lay under the humping and hamdulillah yada mahana Alhamdulillah he will Mr. Khalid Alhamdulillah he, other than math is similar to methanol, and hungry Lego other than Masaki table 100 in a gala, Saki double, and hamdu lillahi other the Galicia hamdu lillahi Milla Milla condition, then he said to him at the end was so Panama he missed the horn and also replaced the word and humbly left with the word sapan. a lot. In other words, this Greek thicket as well by saying Subhana Allah, Allah Subhan Allah and Allah Subhana law he added a method similar to methylone sapan Amalia other than Allah Subhana

00:52:02--> 00:52:36

Allah He will ma or Allah Subhana Allah He under the conditions of Hanoi, you will appreciate the seven phrases. These relate to Anna if one was to see them once they are more rewarding for him than making Vicar of Allah they might play it for only this they could we reserved that to a lamp or share it with a ham because fundamentally It comes with my brothers in Islam at the end and Avi Salalah alayhi wa sallam he says that if a people were together, and at the end of the gathering, they said somehow, like a lava morbihan dig

00:52:37--> 00:52:37


00:52:39--> 00:53:21

A stone Fukuoka dualboot a lake in Warfield Allah who maquette a female Lisi he that if one was to say this at the end of any gathering, except that Allah Subhana horadada would forgive a person for the shortcomings and the errors and the wrong that happened during that gathering. That by Did someone use was by accident, you did something wrong, you said something wrong. All of it is cleaned, cleansed for the entire gathering. If just one person says, well, it has meaning and if one person wants to say it, it's enough for everyone else for Jani Mozilla to lie so had our data we learned from this Hadith, that the more filler, the forgiveness of a loss aversion is throughout the

00:53:21--> 00:53:32

sphere, we conclude somehow that love them over having a shadow Layla Helen a stone suka La Casa La Casa La vida con la Vina Mohammed le he or Sophie as many