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How the Quran Corrected the Bible

Adnan Rashid


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The Quran mentions similar stories that are found in the Bible, but it does not repeat the mistakes. Now it is impossible for Muhammad peace be upon him to be an archaeologist, to be a historian, to be a linguist potlucks alongs, in order to know the stories that are that have only come to light in the 19th century, I'll give you one quick example how I know the author of the Quran, knew what was in the Bible, and he knew the errors, the mistakes of the Bible, which are not put down in the Quran, the story of Joseph in chapter 12, it makes a distinction between the king of Egypt in the time of Joseph, which was the Old Kingdom, and the king of Egypt at the time of Moses. Amazingly,

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the Quranic text makes a distinction between the two kings when it comes to their titles, amazingly shocking, surprising. And I will give you the details very quickly right now. And this is to prove that the author of the Quran knew exactly what was in the Bible and what was in accurate, historically, and this was an inaccuracy in the text of the Bible, the king at the time of Joseph, which was the Old Kingdom nearly 19th century BC, or the 20th century BC, whenever Joseph lived whatever chronology you may choose to follow, but that was definitely the Old Kingdom, at that time that tidal Pharaoh was not used for the kings of Egypt. This much is very, very clear, historically,

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an Egyptologist who decipher the Egyptian language, the hieroglyphs, they have made it very clear that there was a family called The Hague sauce. They were governing Egypt at the time, exhaust kings are not known as Pharaohs, they were simply called hung h m F, which literally means Your Majesty, or this is how they were referred to. It was in the time of Moses, later on, somewhere around 14th century BC, or 15th century BC, when the title Pharaoh was used for kings. Now when we go to the text of the Bible, in the book of Genesis, the king of Egypt is called Pharaoh in the time of Abraham, the king of Egypt is called Pharaoh and the time of Joseph, the king of Egypt is called

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Pharaoh in the time of Moses. Amazingly, the Quran does not repeat this historical error, the Quran, referring to the king of Egypt in chapter 12 surah, Yusuf calls him the king, simply the king Moloch. The title Moloch, for the king is there in chapter 12 of the Quran when the story of Joseph is being told. But when we come to Moses, in the Quran, the king suddenly turns into Pharaoh, his title is Farah own the Pharaoh. Now, this is a subtle point in the Quran, but it is an accurate one, the author of the Quran clearly knew that this was an error in the Bible. And only God could know that at that time, because this fact, this very fact, came to light in the 19th century, it was only

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in the 19th century, when

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title before deciphered or decoded

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satisfactorily, and the scholars could read what was written in the temples and they came to realize that the title Pharaoh was not used during the Old Kingdom for the kings. So this is an example as to how we know that the author of the Quran knew well what was in the text of the Bible, and this is why he criticized the corruption of the Bible in chapter two, verse 79, in chapters two and chapter two, verse 79, of the Quran, God Almighty, the author of the Quran, the one who revealed, clearly describes how the Jewish people have corrupted the Scripture. It categorically states and I state, and I will quote audible I mentioned ontology

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for very little vignette to Buddha katavi add him to my apologia haiga Mandela. Yes, pero behave feminine karela goby onto those who write books with their own hands. And then they said these books are all there right? The book actually, they write the book with the hands, and they said this book is from God won't be on to what they are right will be on to what they are. And this refers clearly to the Israelite scribes who were writing the Scripture and changing it as they went along. And they attributed these changes changes, these interpolations these additions in the text to God Almighty, while the original Torah did not have these messages, on it's very categorical about the scribes of

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the Israelites how they are changed the scripture of Moses