What is Sincerity & What is Showing off

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Allah subhanaw taala he says and Latina who masala tea himself who Allah Vina whom euro. Now when he described the solid of the moon effort, he said number one say whom they are careless to the masala where they pray when they pray and the other thing is a levena whom you are all but it comes to the solid they assured the Select of the one the only the good deeds they do they want them to be seen by others, only there's no loss and masala How do you know that you've done something sincerely for Allah Subhana Allah sake, you know that the fact that you only when you pray, or when you do something that is good, you do it, seeking Allah Subhana Allah is pleasure and his reward.

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If that's the intention, then that is sincerity. And what is the proof of that? The proof of that is that when you do a deed and you wish that no one saw you, that's a good sign that this deed has been made sincerely for almost

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a year and levina home Yola, every year showing off his ship, and the vehcile Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he says, shall I not inform you of the hidden ship? He said earlier showing off, when there is our send them then gave an example to the Sahaba to explain to them what that means. She will understand the incredible example of a saucer and he gives, he said,

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this hidden ship, which is earlier among you, he said a shield poofy comb mean the BB Naaman that this form of ship which is showing off and doing the deeds so you can seek the praise and the recognition of others.

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He said this kind of * is more hidden than a and that is calling. He didn't say it is like an ad that's calling. He said it is more hidden than the calling of an ad. I think you know, if you're sitting here now, well, there's an app that's crawling next to you. Do you realize you didn't realize you weren't you can't even see it. When

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in the hearts it is much more hidden and smaller than that Yani crawling edge Panama and maybe something Mohali he'll send them Yanni he informed the Sahaba and he said to them, shall I not teach you have words? Where if you were to see them, it would clean you from the inside from the major ship and the minor ship? They said Bella Rasul Allah, what are these words? For he said to them say

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Allahumma inni Allahu began oshika Beco Alam was stone fuuka, Lima Allah Allah, He says, say Allah, I seek refuge in You, that I commit should with you, while I am aware of it, and I seek your forgiveness of the ship that I fall in that I am not aware of. Anyone who says this declare this do I believe the law hit Allah by the permission of life it comes sincerely from his heart, and he says it and he continuously says it in his salata, wherever he is, that would carry him from any ship that is in his heart, including this minor ship that was almost answered and described is more hidden than the crawling at your concern. Whether you have this or not see this door with the left

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there is no concern that you should have Allah Khomeini our will become a Chico alum, a stone feudal kalama Allah, Allah Madhava must be memorized and teach it to those who you know and who you don't know. Allah subhanaw taala. He says, you know, I'm Salatin, sanghoon and Latina whom your Lavina whom you

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would react. What would also bring away and react from your life is to have some salt in your house. If you have some salt in your house, and then you pray.

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If you follow it to the gym or in public, and the people see you then there's nothing to worry about. Landon does not have any solid in his house at all. His house is dead. No solid was solid in your house. It will bring so much goodness in your house in marble and maybe Solomonic yourself. You said in the house. I'll mention this howdy for you. But before what there was a story that a chef Schumpeter barnala once he mentioned to us in Medina, he said, he said that there was a man that came to humans. And he said to him, he complained to him of problems he had in the house. He said, Well, are you sure? My kids? I don't know what's wrong with him. Now my headache 24 seven. My wife

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as well. So much problems between me and her. I can't get along with her. She doesn't get along with me. I don't know what's in the house. Or maybe

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is it hazard? I don't know what's in the house. He just seems to be there's no Balak in this house. Jani I'd rather be outside than inside. For you sit through Makita do you pray at home? He said to him pray one. He said there are solid soon anything I hope you agree with that. I hope he said what's that he didn't even know what what the world's first chef began to teach him any there's something called a no F and there's something called Sonic

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awaited the prayers that are prayed before and after the obligatory prayers, something called solid water law and maybe some eliassen and he says, I will tell

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the people of it a few as affiliate yourself to the plan and you love the poor and then you're supposed to be praying and like you said, these are Heidi and he said to improve something in your house. Landon abbyson Allahu Allah your seldom said in the Hadith for in Milan La Jolla, Milan. La Hui min sala de Beatty hora de la So Jen would make for a person from his solid in his house goodness. And he said how you run? What do we always say about hold on when it comes in knuckle on this that we're on it? Yeah. And an abundant amount of Goodness, goodness that cannot be Yanni limited or counted. For this man. He went

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a few weeks he went by went by and he came back to share. And he said to him Allah, I prayed my prints were any. My third one hamdulillah. Now I have some sort of solid in my house, where the problems have disappeared from my house. He said to the children now have settled down in my wife and I get along and certain things when hamdulillah I feel as though and Barack has been replaced in in house. So the Hadeeth and the reason the lohana your son, he says that a mom would make for your ultimate goodness in your house when you pray in your house. had never ever cooked salad from your house, not only to bring the goodness but with it would also save you from the quality of hypocrisy.

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Less than a hypocrite is the one who shows off when he prays. And the one who shows off when he prays he can do that. For the hypocrite doesn't pro he wants recognition from the people for in his house, there is absolutely no solid in his house. To save yourself from hypocrisy. With added benefits of not pre in your house at least selected within one mark at least added this is the best of a solid after the obligatory prayers. Look at the reward what these voluntary prayers give. Imagine the reward of the obligatory prayers themselves.