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Abu Abdissalam
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We're talking about purification of the soul. And this word or this phrase in the Arabic language is known as the skia, to nuforce teskey, to nuforce purification of the soul. Now linguistically, the word does gear has two broad meanings. The first of these two meanings is that it means to clean to purify from something that is dirty, that's filthy. So, for example, when a person said, the K to have the soap, what it means that I've cleaned and purified the stove from the dirt that has come on this soap, and the second meaning of this gear or the second root broad meaning from it, is to increase and become more in number. So for example, when you say Zakat, malu it means the wealth has

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increased, the wealth has increased. So, why this is the question why brother good Roz is the word zakka used in the Quran and Sunnah to mean, the obligatory charity?

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Well, I guess,

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because the chi prefers the wealth and increases it. Exactly. Exactly. So we have these two concepts coming in here. On the one hand, you have purification of the wealth, because, for example, we don't know exactly how we're spending the wealth, how we're earning it is it 100% Hara halaal. Of course, we try to get it to be 100% halal, but maybe there is some slip up here and there subconsciously, so Zakah comes and purifies as well. And in the same way we have the, the increase of water prompts that I send them. In Hadith in Bukhari, he said that Zakat never decreases. sadaqa never decreases. In other words, it increases the wealth.

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The word zeca, which is given to the obligatory charity, as we said, it contains both of these meanings. In the same way does gear does gear does get enough food also has these same two meanings implied within who could explain

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why says get a new force? Mohammed, why is it called does get to the force? Well, you could say that, because it purifies the soul from any of the bad elements that are present within the cleansing part, as well as increasing the which is good. So how would we increase the solid in what? In good deeds? Exactly, exactly in good characteristics. So that's good to know force, it has two main meanings associated with it, and the linguistic meaning comes along side the technical meaning, so purification of the soul means to purify the soul with by cleansing and purifying it from diseases and bad characteristics. And then secondly, to increase the soul with good and praiseworthy

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characteristics. And this is exactly what we inshallah intend to discuss in this in this series.

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Now, the scholars have two opinions with regards to purification of the soul to cleanse and purify the soul of these bad habits. Now, one group of scholars, they said that it is necessary, it's worship, it's far dying. In other words, it is obligatory on every individual, to learn all of the diseases of the heart, and all of the bad characteristics of the soul, so that he may purify himself from them or another group of scholars, they said that is actually a communal obligation. I thought calfire to learn these diseases and bad characteristics of the heart, soul and not an individual obligation. Now.

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Let's see how what is the difference between an individual obligation, a first dying, and a communal obligation for

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the individual obligation is blocked for everyone to make it was in the communities with

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obligation. It's

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not a necessity for everyone to make this but some people have to have some people have given me an example.

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If someone dies in like a funeral, generally, yeah.

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Maybe some older people have to be everyone.

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So therefore, this is for

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the fourth factory fire. Exactly. It's a communal obligation. If some people do it, then everybody is free.

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But if nobody does it, everybody

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listening. But as for an individual obligation grace,

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for example, the five prayers in a day Exactly. The harasser must have. So these five prayers of the day they are they are obligatory upon every single individual time. So one can say, or some people are praying, I don't need to pray. Okay, so everybody has to do that. So if a sufficient number of people learn about these diseases, along with the causes and cures, then this would relieve the whole oma. So this is a second opinion. Now, both groups of scholars, they agreed that whoever has one of these bad characteristics in his soul, or disease in his heart, then it is obligatory upon him to learn about that particular disease, to learn about that particular disease and how to rid

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himself of it. And then he has to apply the remedy that he has learned to cure his disease. Okay, so very, very quick summary. Here. We have, the scholars have two opinions. One group of scholars said you have to learn every single disease and every single person has to know it. Why, because it's obligatory to keep away from them. Another group of scholars said Now, some people must learn all of the diseases.

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But they both agreed on what that if you have one of these diseases, you have to learn about it. So if a person who is envious, okay, but he's, he's not, he's not a person, he doesn't get angry, for example, okay, although most of the time person is envious, he gets angry. But let's just assumed there was a person who gets

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he suffers from the disease of envy. He's jealous, okay, but he doesn't get angry. So it's obligatory upon him to learn about envy, and how to remove this disease from his heart. But it's not obligatory upon him to learn about anger, because he doesn't get angry is that clear and vice versa, for those who who who have the opposite.

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Now, all diseases have remedies. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Allah did not send down a disease from the sky, except that he sent with it its cure. So, worshippers of Allah seek medical treatment. So the scholars have said that it is obligatory to seek treatment for the diseases that a person has in his heart. And it is recommended to seek treatment for diseases of the body, if a person can remain patient. Now purification of the soul is important for a number of reasons for a person first and foremost a last minute it took 11 oaths that the person who purifies his soul will be successful and that the one who does not purify his soul he will fail he won't be successful. So

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the first thing I Lost Planet Allah says was Sham see what oh haha by the sun and its brightness. So these are two arcs while kamari is atella so these are this is a third of by the moon as it follows it only the sun one nihari is Allah This is the fourth of and by the day, as it shows up the sun's brightness walidah yaksha and the night when it as it conceals the sun, huh? What samai womma banahaw so these are two models by the heaven and by him who built it by Allah. Okay.

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Well, are they wanna Taha and by the earth and him who spread it? So these are two more, one of suwama Sawalha and by the knifes, in other words, Adam la salatu salam, and some scholars it is a soul and him who perfected him in proportion. So these are 11 out, or last planet it took 11 olds, and then what does he say? called a fella harmans aka wakad habermann Desa indeed, certainly the one who purifies his soul will be successful, and the one who does not purify his soul, then he will not be successful, he will fail the one who corrupts his own self. So now we can see this is a very important point. Allah has taken 11 earth and the scholars have said this is the greatest number of

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votes that las panatela has taken in the Quran, the most number and when Allah subhanaw taala takes an oath already we should be listening to what am I saying? But when Allah is taking one Earth, that we know this is something serious.

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You take an oath upon oath upon oath upon oath 11 times, and then Allah says, and he is successful, if he purifies his soul, and he is corrupt and is corrupt against his soul, then he does not he's not going to be successful. So this shows the importance of this topic. The second thing The second reason why it's important to study this topic is because to purify one soul, and prohibit oneself from wire the following its desires is a precondition for entering paradise. Allah says what

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Have Nakamura be one 100 nafsa Anil, however, for

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the one who feared the station of his Lord, he feared Yama, Yama, he feared the day when he's going to have to answer Allah. And he prohibited his soul. He prohibited his soul from how and what his how his desire, but also how amines wind, okay? Why what's the connection between how between the wind and the desire the connection here comes, because the wind is very ferocious, it can be strong, it can just lift something up and throw it in any direction. And the person has no control over it, this is how this is a person's desires also. So the desires, how is like how have the wind, it just takes so Allah subhanaw taala here is saying, and the one who feared the station of his Lord and

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prohibited his own self,

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from following his Hauer, then for in agenda,

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the agenda is his abode, and Paradise is his abode. So here, clearly we can see this is enough of a reason to purify one soul inshallah, in the after the break, we'll have a look at some more reasons saramonic.

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In the name of Allah, Muslims will be fasting all over the planet Earth, in China, in Russia, in Southeast Asia and Africa, in America, in Europe, in the Middle East, in all parts of the planet, all nations, all races, all people will be fasting in this blessed month.

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Assalamualaikum and welcome back. Before the break, we were talking about the importance of studying this topic of purification of the soul. If we have a brief recap brother cameras on some of the reasons why we should study this topic

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from one stemma that Allah has sworn 11 outs in the Quran regarding and then mentioned that because after the Hammonds aka, after those oaths, shine the importance of pure does that mean?

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That the one who purifies the soul? successfully, exactly, and then what God

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does, exactly which means

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and one who hasn't been he's destroyed and destroyed. Exactly. And another reason, literally, is a purification of the soul.

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Because every every Muslim has to provide his soul when he's doing is a condition for what is entering for entering the paradise gender. Exactly. Allah says, In the Quran, Allah says, what a man and half a Nakamura be one enough sir Anil, however, in our agenda here. As for the one who feared the station with his Lord and prohibited his own self from Howard from desires, then Jana is his above is his resting place. There's another reason the third reason why it's important to study this topic of death get to know foods is because it is important to actually take control of the soul. And the soul or the nuts is like a riding beast is like a horse, a wild animal, wild horse. If a

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person runs away from it and doesn't train it, then the beast will be in control, and he will refuse to obey Him. So if a person wants to go from A to B using this beast, he will never take control of it. You'll never be able to control this beast, but in this in controversially, if the person takes control of the animal trains the animal and then this animal will know who is boss, he will know who it should obey and it will do exactly what is what it is commanded to do. And exactly the same is the soul. If a person is negligent towards the end does not train it, but he just follows the knifes follows the enough whatever the soul desires, he wants this he wants that he follows it immediately.

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Then he'll become a slave of his soul and the soul will become his master. And when the time for prayer comes, he will feel lazy and the soul will refuse to obey Him. And when it is time to fast or give charity the soul will refuse to do so. If however he controls and trains his soul and refuses to obey every women demand of the soul. Then he'll be in control of the soul and this will lead him to paradise.

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So when he wishes to do any act of worship, he will order the soul and immediately the soul will just simply obey. And with practice and peers perseverance, this will eventually become the norm just like the writing beast. And so this is why it's very important to purify one soul and learn about the various diseases of the heart. So that person can cure himself of those diseases that have affected him and God himself against potential diseases that he has not yet been subjected to. In the same way, it's important to note about good characteristics of the soul. So we talk about the bad characteristics to remove them from our soul, but also the good characteristics of the soul, so

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that the person can strive to attain these characteristics, and then work towards keeping them. Okay, Let's now move on to the traps of shaytaan. Okay, because one of the points of old he said, what we did, they had to me as well. Assia things are known by their opposite. So when we know evil, we come to No, good. Okay, so when once we understand evil, then we come to no good. You know, many, many people say that, why, should ask, why has Allah created evil? For what purpose? Why has Allah created evil? That's actually a very good question. And a lot of non Muslims in particular, they asked this question because they say, If Allah is so merciful, and he's so perfect, and and so on,

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and so forth, and why did a Lost Planet Allah create evil? Well, the answer is, it's also very simple. Because if there was no evil, then how would we know the good, okay? When you when you have light, if you have light, and it's continually light, you'll never know darkness, you'll never appreciate the light even. But when you switch off the light, then you appreciate what you appreciate the light, because there is no light in the darkness. So that's why what what did they say to me, as far as I mentioned, that things are known by the opposite. But why did a Lost Planet Allah create evil? The reason is simple. If there was,

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if there was no evil on Earth, then there would be no test. Okay, Allah says in the Quran, who led helical Mota while Hayato Diablo accom. And you can ask him Allah, he's the one who created death and life to test which of you is best in conduct. So if we were if there was no evil on Earth, we would be just like the angels. Okay, and Allah Spano, tala already has created he had already created the angels to obey him without choice, in other words, without any evil at all, but he wanted to create the human race, and allows them to have the choice of obeying Him or disobeying him. And furthermore, if there is no evil on the earth, there would be a lot of good, a lot of good

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would be removed. Okay, so for example, if everybody was good, and everybody was practicing, if you like, then there would be no such thing called our asking, calling other people to Islam. Okay, so therefore, how would Allah distinguish between the slaves of Allah subhanaw taala? Because some people, they go out of their way to give dour and this is a noble thing. But if everybody's good, who do you give down to? In the same way, that would never be any martyrs? Okay, Shahada, as we know, the Shahada, their sins are forgiven, before the first drop of blood

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touches the floor touches the ground, the modules, okay, the ones who die for the sake of a Lost Planet, Allah. Now, if this is the case, if everybody was good, if everybody there was no evil forces, then who would want to jihad against how would you do jihad? You wouldn't and therefore there would be no Shahada. So there's a reason for this. Now, let's have a look at more examples. I'm sure you can think of other examples of where if there was no evil, then some good would be lost. Grace? Do you have any anything like this?

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I guess you could say if there wasn't

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a thief. And we know when to stop that. Stop that. Exactly. Very good. That's well thought I mean, for example, if there's no thief, then who's going to stop the thief and obviously to stop the thief is, is a good deed is a reward double action.

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In the same way, for example, there's a test of the test against following the desires. Okay, if if there was no for example, there's people listening to music.

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You change the channel, then there's music on the channel, for example. Now this is a test against a person's soul. Am I going to change the channel and listen to the music or am I going to go outside and hang around with those people is a test if there's no evil, there would be no test. So these are some of the wisdoms of why

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Last time that Allah created evil, now, we should therefore be aware of the traps of shavonne. We have to be aware of the evil to avoid it. Now it believes on shaitan. He has many ways of trapping a person to follow his desires. And we have to know these traps. And it's very important. This is very, very pertinent to purification of the soul. Because if we know, there's a trapdoor in front of us, then what's the logical thing we will do? Step aside? Step aside, step aside. Exactly. Should you walk away in a similar manner? Okay, I always use this example. In a similar manner. If we were in a house, mela protectors, and a fire came.

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And there was a fire in another room, the door was totally closed, and there was a fire in outside the door.

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Okay, and you can see the signs of this fire. Perhaps you could see some smoke coming under the door, perhaps you get closer to the door, it gets hotter. And then on top of that someone trustworthy who you trust, told you that there's a fire behind this door.

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Okay, would you open the door and go into the fire? Absolutely not.

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The first thing you do is look for another Escape Rope route. And especially if somebody has told you there's actually a ladder by the window. So all you have to do is step out the window and climb down the ladder. And that's your safety.

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The logical thing would be to follow the instructions to do that. Well, this life is like that. We have the fire of the era, which is just beyond this life, the fire of the alpha.

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And also we've seen the signs of that. And we have someone trust with the signs in nakara and we have somebody trustworthy, who is more trustworthy than I mean.

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The truth, the trustworthy one, the truthful one Rasulullah sallallahu. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has informed us of these of this fire, and also he's informed us of the escape route, how to get to paradise how to avoid this Hellfire, and we know this and we all believe in the Quran, and we believe in the prophets lie Selim and that he is truthful. So why is it that when we know that for example, music is haram, many people Muslims, listen to music. Why is it that when we know Okay, that intoxicant is haram? Many Muslims, they fall into drinking alcohol or taking marijuana or whatever else, intoxication. Why is it when people who are Muslims, they know that these things are

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haram they fall into this it is a weakness of Eman and it is a short sightedness. It is one of a number of things either he doesn't really believe the person who's come into the room and told him that there's a fire outside. But I don't think there's any Muslim who doesn't believe the prophet SAW ISIS

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or he has a short memory.

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He has a short memory. He forgets that Oh yes. I've just been warned about the fire. He forgets and this is the state of many Muslims today. So we have to know that shaytaan Emily's has been doing this from the beginning of time until until now and therefore we should know the traps of abilities. And inshallah in the next episode, we'll look at these traps so we can avoid those traps, was Salatu was salam o barik. ala nabina Muhammad, Allah Allah He was a pH minus Sarah Molly Kumara to LA he will barakato

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