Abu Abdissalam – One Organ That Can Mess Up Your Fast

Abu Abdissalam
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the inner meaning of fasting, including the belief that it is not just to leave food and drink, but also to feel the p-point of hunger. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of fasting to achieve the spiritual goals of achieving a connection with Allah and helping people with certain diseases. The speaker also mentions the use of the "backbiting, speaking about others" method to remove evil tendencies.
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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen well sadly what was certainly more alarming boy for off metallic oil amin while early he was off the edge mine salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said whoever does not giving whoever does not give up lying and evil deeds, and speaking bad words to others than Allah subhanaw taala is not in need of his leaving food and drink. In other words, the Allies not need of his fasting. And this hadith is reported by Bacardi. This is a really important Hadith it shows us that the purpose of fasting is not just to kind of leave food and drink to fill the pangs of hunger. That is not just the purpose of fasting In fact, the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam in this hadith is explained to us that if you don't give up, you know lying if you don't give up speaking bad words, if you don't give up backbiting if

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you don't give up causing trouble between people know Mima and all of these things, if you don't do that, then Allah subhana wa eila you know, he's not in need of you're just giving up food and drink just for the sake of you know, just for the sake of feeling the pangs of hunger. So it is quite important that we really think about the inner spiritual meaning of fasting. Now a beautiful statement of one of the early Muslim scholars he said that look in during fasting what ends up happening is that you know, you're you are Lost Planet Allah has made haram for us certain things that are normally halal. So food, drink marital relations, these are normally held on during the

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day, and during the night of course, but during the day, they are normally held around the year. However, when you're fasting, these things become Haram in Ramadan. So imagine if Allah subhanaw taala has made certain things which are normally Hello, he's made them haraam. How about those things that Allah subhanaw taala has always made haram? How about those things which Allah subhanaw taala has always made hard on such as backbiting, such as slander, such as lying, and things like this. So it really gives us an understanding of, you know, what is the real purpose of fasting, it's not just to leave a bunch of, you know, things like leaving our desires of food or drink or marital

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relations. That's not the purpose of fasting. The purpose of fasting is so that we get a connection with Allah is that we are obeying Allah subhanaw taala we are obeying our Creator. And furthermore, it is also about you know, just really feeling that using this Ramadan to kind of get closer to Allah subhanaw taala and increasing taqwa. And we mentioned a few days ago in the eye of the Quran, where Allah subhanaw taala says quotevalet Kumasi amo comma katiba Allah Latina Min publikum la la Koo takoda Allah has prescribed fasting for you. Like he prescribed it for those before you so that you may achieve taqwa. So this is the reason for fasting so that you may achieve what taqwa piety.

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So what you find is many people, they might be fasting from food and drink and marital relations, but they're not fasting from lying. They're not fasting from you know, backbiting, speaking about others, behind you know, in a way that they dislike the prophets lie Selim, he asked the Sahaba he said, Do you know what is backbiting? They said a lion is messenger sly seldom know best. Then he replied that the crooked a haka be my Accra mentioning your brother in a way that he dislikes. And of course this applies to, you know, brothers and sisters, of course in Islam. So when a person back bites, when a person speaks about his fellow Muslim in a way that he dislikes, then he is actually

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incurring a great sin, a great sin, and that sin is magnified in the month of Ramadan. So we should use the Ramadan to try and, you know, remove these evil habits of backbiting of slander, of you know, lying and all of these diseases of the tongue. In fact, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam when he went up to the Mirage when he went up to the seven to the heavens, and then he also was shown the Hellfire and he saw people that had copper fingernails now want you to really think about this for a second, just imagine this, people with copper fingernails scratching their faces on their chests. And he asked, you know, who are these people? Oh jabril and it was set to the prophet SAW

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Selim. These are the people who used to take the honor of their fellow Muslims. So Panama take the honor of the fellow

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Muslims, this is a major sin in Islam to backbite to speak ill of your fellow Muslims. So brothers and sisters use this month, use this month to get, you know used to your tongue speaking only good things. Now it is true that sometimes we joke around we mess around, that's fine as long as the other people understand it, and they accept it and they don't consider it as backbiting. But if you say something bad about another Muslim, and he doesn't consider this to be good, then it falls under Riba or backbiting, as the Prophet slicin said, Vic ruka Harker, be mentioning your brother in a way that he dislikes, we also know that the Prophet sighs

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he wants

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heard, I shot on the love on her saying that, you know, it is sufficient for you to know that Sophia is such and such and she made an indication indicating that Sophia, not the Allahu anhu is short. Now based on this the Prophet sallallahu Sallam He replied, he said, You have said a word that if it could be mixed with the waters, then it would contaminate it, meaning the seas and the oceans and all of this, if that one word can be mixed with the waters of the sea, right, with the waters of all of the oceans, then this one word would contaminate it. So brothers and sisters, let us really take this month to rectify our affairs, especially when it comes to the matter, matters of the tongue. I

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asked our last pilot that I like to make as people who mentioned Allah subhanaw taala a lot who do a lot of liquor and that Allah subhanaw taala cures us of all the diseases of the tongue, whether that be backbiting whether it be slander, whether it be lying, all of these evil diseases, or sallallahu wasallam or Baraka Island Nabina Muhammad Ali, he was supposed to be mine. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Abu Abdissalam Live from Makkah – This ONE organ can mess up your fast without you even realising

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